tagGay MalePark Cruising Ch. 01

Park Cruising Ch. 01


I was just 18 when we moved to the suburbs from a large city, and thought my life as I knew it was over. We moved to a nice home, but there were not a lot of neighbors or kids around me to play with.

Well after the winter broke and spring set in I set out to explore the area around our house. There was a lake not to far, a railroad track that you could walk, and a park that was narrow but miles long.

One day I started to walk along the railroad tracks toward town when I needed to pee. I looked over toward the park and saw a comfort station, I then walked down to the bathroom and entered the small brick building that looked like it used to be someone's home years ago and converted to a restroom.

On entering the restroom I saw the three sinks along one wall and the four urinals that went all the way to the floor, and opposite the sinks where 4 stalls that did not have doors on them.

As I walked up to the urinal, I saw a man with sunglasses on sitting in the stall which is right next to the urinal and looked to be in his early 20's. I did my business and was walking out the door when I heard the guy in the stall say " Can I see, Can I see", not thinking, I said "see what", He said "your cock", I freaked and ran out and back to the tracks and kept running till I couldn't run anymore.

As I walked to town I kept hearing those words ringing in my head, and wondered what would have happened had he caught me, or if I just stayed on my own to see what he would have done.

After leaving town walking back toward my house I had to pass by the restroom again and couldn't help but to go back in to see if that same guy was there, he wasn't and no one else was either, so I just headed back home.

After getting home and going to my room, I couldn't help to think of another guy wanting to see my cock and found myself getting hard thinking about it, and before I knew it I was jacking off now wishing I had stayed.

Well after getting home from school the next day and doing my chores I headed down for the railroad tracks that of course took me toward the park and the restroom.

As I approached the restroom I saw several vehicles parked in front and in the big circle drive. My heart was pounding as I walked up to the door and entered thinking what if there was more than one guy, what happens if the same guy was there, would he know why I was back? I went in and the stalls where all filled with men, who looked to be in their 30's or 40's, so of course me being 5'10, and 135 pounds and shoulder length blond hair, I got their attention. I then walked up to the urinal and tried to pee, but couldn't. I then heard someone in one of the stalls cough, as I looked over I saw that he was jacking his cock off, I looked back at the wall real fast, but found myself looking back at the guy in the stall who was still jacking away, but I can guess the other two must have figured what I was looking at and why, and didn't even, ok yes I did notice that I was getting hard too.

The next thing I knew the other two were playing with their cocks, and couldn't help to keep looking at all three who of course knew I was interested, I just didn't know what I was so interested in. I mean here I am a guy just coming into my high sex drive and should be hunting down all the cute girls and trying to have sex, but here I am standing in a restroom with three men who where looking at me as if I was the girl that was being hunted for sex.

With all of this going through my head I hadn't even noticed that one of the men was now standing at the urinal next to me. I looked down just as he reached over and grabbed my cock under my balls encompassing both my balls and cock, which was hard as a rock.

Before I knew it I was facing him and he lowered his mouth and engulfed my cock. My eyes went wide as I looked down and another man having my cock in his mouth and seeing two others now standing up getting a better view of our sex act in a pubic restroom. I knew it must have only been 30 seconds before my balls emptied out in this guys mouth who swallowed every drop of my cum. At this point after my knees stopped shaking and my orgasms had subsided and I realized that I just came in a guys mouth with two other guys watching in a place where anyone could have come in at any time, I pulled my sopping wet and deflating cock from his mouth and zipped up my pants and left as fast as I could walk, not saying even as much as a thank you, but the walk home and my thoughts of how great that felt, I knew I was in for one hell of a lot of great times in the park, and a lot more sex with men........to be continued, If you want me too.

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by Anonymous11/07/17

Please more!

This story made me cum so much! I love going to the local cruising woods or park to suck some nice cock the thrill of a complete stranger unloading in my mouth in public is amazing doesn't get any bettermore...

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by Anonymous06/20/17


Why did not you kneel and suck some of those juicy cocks? waste ur time

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