tagFetishPark Life

Park Life


Alan parked his car in the suburban side street behind the park, hidden from the main road. He walked through the gate and followed the path towards the group of buildings in the far corner.

The park was busy on this warm, weekday afternoon. A couple of attractive young mothers in short skirts were sitting chatting on the grass, their children playing around them. He stared appreciatively as he strolled by and was rewarded by a glimpse of white panty beneath a short denim skirt. He spent the rest of his walk in a fantasy, dreaming of the young woman raising her skirt and pulling down her warm, white cotton panties before sliding them up his own legs until they softly caressed his balls.

Reaching the toilets he glanced round but nobody was watching him. Once inside, he found both cubicles free and moved gratefully to the far one. After locking the door he first checked on the state of the holes. He had not been to these particular toilets for a considerable time and he knew from years of experience that holes can be blocked and remade many times.

There was a small hole in the door which gave a good general view of the Men's Toilet, particularly of the urinals. The partition to his right, which separated him from the other cubicle, had three small spyholes in different positions plus a much larger round hole at about waist height.

To his left the wall was part of the original structure dating from the 1950s, built from white glazed bricks. The mortar between the bricks showed evidence of a constant battle from when the toilets were new, busy fingers digging the mortar out and officialdom replacing it, the cycle repeating endlessly. Alan found two gaps which gave a view straight through the wall into another cubicle. This was identical in size, shape and layout to the one he was in, the only difference being that it was situated within the women's section of the toilets.

He then checked the view through his two spyholes into the Ladies. One was at chest height and in the middle of the wall, it gave a good overall view. The second was more awkward to use, he had to crouch or kneel because the hole had been made level with the top of the lavatory bowl.

The inside of the door was covered with written and drawn graffiti, some obviously recent, others very old and overwritten many times. There was enough light from the small window high up at the back of the cubicle for Alan to be able to examine and read all of the offerings. Most were crude in all senses and of no interest but his attention was caught by a well crafted drawing. It showed two young men, both naked except for stockings, suspenders and lacy panties. Both sported extremely long erect cocks and one was sucking the other whilst being wanked in turn. Alan felt his cock stir as he viewed the picture and, slipping his tracksuit bottoms down his legs, he sat down again.

The sight of his own tight, shiny red satin panties and black holdup stockings caused his erection to stiffen further and, pulling his cock straight up so that the top poked above the waistband of the panties, he started to slowly draw his foreskin back and forth.

The noise of the outer door to the Gents opening brought Alan back from a reverie of cocks and lingerie. He looked through the hole in the door to see an elderly man walk to the urinal and start to piss. He was about to sit back in disappointment when he heard the door open again. A young man of about 18 or 19, looking like a student in jeans and t-shirt, entered and took a place next to the old man at the urinals. Something about the young man made Alan continue to watch. The old man went through an elaborate ritual of shaking and buttoning before leaving.

Alan's instincts were justified - as soon as the outer door closed the young man turned round, away from the urinal and directly facing his peephole. His stiff cock was poking out of the fly of his jeans and he was rubbing it in an obvious way, hoping for an audience. After a few moments he stepped away from the urinal and Alan heard him enter the next cubicle and lock the door. He peered quickly through one of the spyholes in time to see the young man undo his belt, drop his jeans and turn his stiff cock towards him. Alan slid two fingers through the big, round hole.

As he withdrew his fingers the young, hard cock followed. It really was a lovely specimen, quite long and thin and uncircumcised. He ran the tips of his fingers along its length slowly and as lightly and as softly as he could. He thrilled at the incredible smoothness and softness of the skin, at the heat and at the way it twitched and responded to his touch. As he began to move the foreskin back and forth with his finger and thumb, the cock stiffened even more and he felt its owner push himself hard against the wall to get as much cock through as he could. While still slowly wanking the beautiful cock, Alan slid his panties down his thighs, releasing his own cock. He then wanked both cocks in a slow rhythm, one in each hand, and, noticing a stream of precome spilling from the other, started to rub the two ends together.

Alan realised that he was in danger of coming far too soon if he continued with this, so he gave his own cock a vicious squeeze at the root. This brought a sharp pain and tears to his eyes but softened his cock and sent his orgasm away for the time being. Sinking quickly to his knees he gently licked the mixed fluids from the end of his beautiful plaything before putting it in his mouth and beginning to gently suck. He heard a gasp from next door. After no more than a dozen bobs of his head he felt the cock begin to jerk and the first squirt of hot come entered his mouth. He quickly pulled it out and pointed it at his chest and watched in excitement as the young man's hot load splashed and trickled over his belly and cock and ran down through his pubic hair to his balls. He put the still pulsing cock back into his mouth and licked and sucked once more, enjoying the last sensations and thoroughly cleaning it before it was pulled from his mouth and back through the hole. As he pulled his panties back up, trapping the load of warm, sticky come in with his cock and balls, he heard the cistern flush and the door open in quick succession.

His playmate had been selfish, not returning any of Alan's caresses, but he wasn't bothered. From past experience he could expect more adventures before his day was over.

Over the next half an hour little happened but for one frustrating episode with a timid looking man in the next cubicle. The stranger was obviously turned on by Alan's stockings, panties and stiff cock, wanking himself hard and fast as he stared through the hole, but wouldn't either play with Alan nor let him do the wanking for him. Accepting the situation, Alan enjoyed putting on a show, sliding his panties up and down over his stiff cock and bending over so the panties stretched tight over his arse.

Eventually he heard a groan and another hurried exit.

He had been disappointed up to now with his other neighbouring cubicle. He had heard women enter three or four times but none had come into the cubicle next to his. Now, however, he heard voices as more than one woman came into the toilets then the sound of someone entering next door. Quickly, he looked through the upper spyhole. He had a glimpse of a woman in her late twenties with short brown hair as she closed the door and turned. Her head then disappeared downwards and Alan followed, down to his lower spyhole. He could see a shortish, flared skirt bunched around the woman's waist. Below that, on the seat, was golden thigh with short downy hair then, slipped down to just above the knees, a white cotton thong. There came the sound of peeing then tearing and scrubbing noises as the woman cleaned herself. Finally, the reward, a quick sight of pubic hair and pussy as the woman stood and drew her thong up snugly.

Again, Alan had to squeeze himself hard to regain control.

The park was obviously becoming busier. In rapid succession Alan got to see two more women go through the same routine as before and a lad bring a porno magazine into the adjacent stall and wank over it. The boy didn't notice the holes and Alan enjoyed very much watching him play with himself until a gob of come exploded from his stiff little cock. The sight brought back many memories from his own youth.

Next, another woman. This one in her teens and, to Alan's delight, she did not sit down but chose to 'hover' over the toilet. This meant that he could, by contorting himself, look upwards through the lower gap in the brickwork and get a good view of her pussy as the fountain of pee spurted from it.

Most fell into the toilet but Alan found it beautiful and very arousing to watch as some of the golden liquid flowed down her thighs. She didn't wipe, either, pulling her flower print briefs and jeans straight up onto her wet legs and pussy. Alan would have given a lot to bury his face in those damp knickers.

He was still down at the lower hole, half crouching, half kneeling, his panties round his ankles and his cock in his hand when he heard a tapping noise. Jumping up in confusion, he realised that not only had someone come into the next cubicle while he was watching the woman but they had been watching him in turn. He could see an eye at the big hole. A streak of fear shot through him and hurriedly he pulled up his panties and started to pull up his tracksuit bottoms. A loud whisper came through the hole 'No, don't do that, your cock looks wonderful in those pretty undies!'

His fear was quickly forgotten and the tracksuit bottoms were down again. Alan once more put on his display, his cock quickly regaining its stiffness after his fright.

This time, the two fingers came through for Alan. He quickly slid his panties down his thighs and pushed his cock through the hole. A moment's suspense then he felt it taken and squeezed by an unseen hand. His cock was pulled hard to bring it all through the hole, then the foreskin pushed right back for a long moment, perhaps it was being admired. Then a delicious wanking, the pace and grip just right.

Alan was beginning to think that he would have to withdraw, or else come very soon, when his cock was released. After a moment he drew it back through and, realising that he knew nothing of who was on the other side, put his eye to the hole. The first surprise was that his companion was completely naked but for shoes, a pile of clothes sitting on the cistern. Next, the man was big and very hairy. Finally, his cock more than matched the rest of him. It wasn't particularly long, but it was thick. It was the thickest Alan had ever seen, and he had seen a few. The hairy man had it grasped in a great paw of a hand and slowly wanked it for Alan's benefit. 'How do you like that, then?' came the loud whisper.

Alan's response was to put two fingers through. He couldn't wait to get hold of that monster. He saw the hot red end at the hole, but that was it. It wouldn't fit, the hole wasn't big enough! He stuck his tongue through and began to lap at the end, it was all he could do.

'I'm going to come and join you in there.'

Alan's natural caution, since sharing a cubicle was very dangerous, lost out to lust. 'OK, be quick!'

The next door opened, Alan unlocked his and the man slipped in, carrying his bundle of clothes. Alan quickly sat down and the man stepped forward. Inwardly sighing with delight, he lifted the great cock and started to wank it. He ran his tongue round and round the circumcised end then tried to get it into his mouth. The end went in, like a giant plum, but no more would follow. Breathing erratically through his nose, Alan sucked and licked for all his worth, his hands gently lifting and caressing the heavy sac then moving round to grasp the muscular arse cheeks. He was ecstatic with lust.

'Woa! you'll have me over too soon! Besides, I want to have a good look at those panties and stockings.'

Quickly, they changed places. Alan stood proudly before his new lover, cock stuck out hot and hard from the sexy, shiny satin panties, the black holdups gripping his thighs, his balls sticky and wet from the earlier load of stranger's come. The man traced the lacy legholes of the panties round and round with one finger. He lifted the waistband of the panties up high so that all of Alan's cock was inside and his balls were tightly encased in the soft satin then started to lick along the length through the cloth, stroking his hands up and down the stockings and onto his pantied arse cheeks. Alan began to gasp as the sensations built higher and higher.

They both froze as they heard the next cubicle open and close. Alan quickly peered through the hole.

It was the student type from earlier, back again and proudly displaying a new, stiff erection. What it was to be young!

Alan whispered an explanation to his companion. They could both see the young man's eye at the hole, looking at them both. 'Let's give him something to watch!'

They ran through a routine for their audience, in turn taking each others cock into their mouths and then wanking them together right in front of the hole, giving a real closeup view. After a few minutes watching the performance the young man took his eye away and slid his own hot, wet cock through.

The three soft, round ends rubbed together stickily as each leaked precum. Two hands stroked in turn at three cocks. Alan began to think that they may all end it there in a huge mutual outpouring of come, he knew his own balls were twitching and his orgasm imminent. Maybe the young man sensed this because he withdrew his cock once more and pushed two fingers through. Realising that the fat juicy member Alan was still caressing wouldn't fit through the hole, he slid his own hot, engorged and sticky member back again. He sighed as he felt it enveloped by a soft mouth, the tongue flicking over his peehole. As Alan pushed against the wall, sliding his cock as far into the welcoming mouth as possible, he could feel the backs of his legs and arse still being softly caressed. Then his panties were slid all the way down and two powerful hands separated the cheeks of his arse.

As the big man gently grasped his sticky balls from behind and then slid a lively tongue into his arsehole, Alan's world exploded. He heard a gurgling sound as he pumped the whole afternoon's giant load of come into the young man's mouth, his balls pulled up rock hard and his arsehole biting at the tongue inside. All went black for a moment. Before he had even begun to recover, however, he felt a new and delicious sensation. The big man had quickly stood and was pumping hot come from his massive cock and balls straight up Alan's back. He could feel each spurt land between his shoulder blades and slide slowly down, down his back then following his arsecrack, running down his stockings and dripping into the panties round his ankles.

As Alan leaned against the wall, shaking and recovering, the man told him to lift his feet. Alan did so as the man removed the panties and used them to mop up the come from Alan's back. He then used the now thoroughly wet panties to wipe his own huge cock, before holding them for Alan to step back into and then pulling them back up tight.

They both then became aware of the young man's cock, sticking through forlornly and forgotten. The man began to stroke it and, grabbing the waistband of Alan's panties, moved him to just the right position so that, after a moment's wanking, he was able to direct yet another hot, sticky jet of come into the front of Alan's panties. Letting go of the next door cock, he softly massaged the new load into Alan's panties, cock and balls.


Driving home, Alan kept the car windows closed in spite of the heat. The smell arising from his body and panties, through his clothes, was intoxicating. His cock, though red and sore, stirred again. He would have to go straight to the shower before his wife could smell him but the panties would be saved. He would seal them in a freezer bag until he wanted to wear them again, still wet with the mingled come of three men.

It had been an excellent session. He resolved to return to the park as soon as he could. He would go on a shopping trip before then, though. He loved to wear soft pretty lingerie and it was obvious that many men liked to see a hard, hot masculine cock in such feminine frills. Alan loved to play with men who wore panties too, but didn't often get the chance. He resolved to take some extra undies with him on his next trip to the park and see if he could make some converts.

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