tagErotic CouplingsPark Life Ch. 2

Park Life Ch. 2


Chanel had for the first time in ages been out all night, to the fullest enjoying her encounters as a hunter, finding and capturing her prey. She sat in the back seat of the cab, remembering the stunned and easily conquered young men that she had met, enjoying to see in their eyes the reactions to her newly embraced fashion. The dress, the blouse, the shoes, they all gave a image of a sexual creature, and that was the new Chanel that had risen. It was who she was, a woman with great needs of sexual pleasure combined with the warmth of safety in her position of being in control. That was what she wanted, that was what she needed, that was what she had begun making sure she got.

She fixed her clothes that was clinging to her slender body, to her amazement enjoying her own touch as her hands were sliding along the length of her legs. The gentle touch, the gorgeous sight of her elegant hands on her thighs, it all had a strange effect on her. It was as if her body was reacting to the touch of someone else, every cell remembering the events of the night, and she looked out the window with a smile on her face. At that moment, the entire engineered pile of metal the driver would call a cab came to a full stop after furiously shaking for a brief moment. She was thrown forward into the protective glass that was standing like a transparent wall between her and the cabby, and came to her senses in a split second.

There they were, in the middle of the park, in a dead cab. It had taken it's last sip of gasoline and then halted in its tracks, and it wouldn't budge regardless the amount of cursing that was emitting from the drivers seat. It took a few moments before they both understood what the situation meant, and she got out without saying a word while the cabby grabbed the microphone and called the central for help. She wanted home, but she was without transportation in a dark and silent park. Looking around, she noticed a faint light coming from a place down the road, and she started walking towards it.

Her steps were confident, though had she begun to consider the statistics of violence against woman walking alone in the park, she might have acted differently. Yet her thoughts never crossed into those paths, she wasn't to be a victim or someone's prey, it was the complete opposite. Each step closer meant an increase in the passion that was starting to become apparent in her lustful body, and she started hearing sounds which formed into music and laughter. It seemed that she had come to a small amusement area of the park, and people were dancing to the low music from a violin and a harpsichord. Chanel looked around, and without her noticing the effect the music had on her, the need for physical pleasure started nagging her in the back of her head.

The hunter's instinct came to life, and her eyes started wandering from side to side, where she found an appealing and promising prey in the shadows underneath a tree. She moved gracefully and instinctively towards the lonely young man who was resting at the root of the tree. He sat down with his legs crossed, leaning towards the tree and with his eyes closed as if he was trying to shut out the rest of the world. Chanel was silent in her steps as she moved towards him. No one noticed her as she moved through the shadows, and that made her slit wet. As she took the last step, which placed her feet on either side of the sitting young man, she lifted her short skirt and pushed her hips against his head. Her swift move fixed his head between her thighs and the tree.

"Eat me."

Her voice was harsh, demanding, overwhelming even to her own ears, and the surprise must have been absolutely shocking to the man, but Chanel had no time to wait for a tongue on her clit, so she grabbed his dark hair with her left hand and pulled him closer. The satisfaction of feeling him licking her was true joy, and she moaned out as she met his tongue with her moving hips. She felt the rush of power going through her body as the scent of her pussy filled his nostrils and invaded his being with commands to please her.

For a long time she stood standing along the length of the tree, feeling his tongue explore her soft wet sex, each passing move over her clit causing a shiver in her body. He wasn't that talented, but his eagerness made up for that, and Chanel enjoyed her superiority. The situation was perfect, so close to the unknowing people on the other side of the tree and large bushes. She felt his hands sliding up and down her legs, and gave him further instructions that reacted in a surprised mumbling into her crotch.

"Take out your cock and jerk off. Do it now."

She noticed the hesitation although her body was flaming with heat, and managed to whisper once more while forcefully pushing his head closer to the tree.

"Do it, jerk off and come at my feet."

She was pleased as she felt his right hand move away from her leg and moments later hear the silent sound of him unzipping his pants. His tongue was still remarkably whipping around in her tight box, but it wasn't making her feel the intensity that she wanted. He just wasn't good enough, so she kneeled into his lap and grabbed his hair in her hands while pushing her breasts against his face. She was not more than a few inches away from his hard cock, and she felt his hand against her pussy as he kept masturbating. She wanted him inside of her tight walls and lowered herself, until she felt his cock head against her entrance. She sat still while listening to the silence around them, and the choked mumbles and moans between her breasts before she let his hard cock slide into her. She began to ride him and felt him grow harder and thicker inside her cunt.

"Tell me when you are about to come."

Her words were meant to be a way to secure herself that he would not come inside of her, but it made him moan loudly into her full bosom. She knew that he wouldn't last long enough for her to reach the orgasm she needed, and stood up. Looking down into his pleading eyes she leaned forward and took his throbbing member in her hand. Just the mere touch made him close his eyes and let out a long, low moan, but she held him still until he opened his eyes again. At that time she started to slowly stroke him, only to stop each time he closed his eyes and continue as he opened them again. She dipped her fingers inside her soaking wet pussy, and placed them against his lips, and he took them in and sucked them while she kept stroking him when his eyes were open.

"You fucking tease." he whispered when she withdrew her fingers from his mouth, to give him more of the sweet taste of her pussy, but his cursing had no place in her world, so she stood up and watched his confused being.

"You wanna come, then you better hurry, because in ten seconds, I'm gonna scream."

No sooner than her voice had reached his ears was his hand stroking his cock. He was stroking it quickly while his hand reached underneath his balls. He was an ass-person, who needed to be teased in the ass to come hard, but she did not do anything about it. She started to whisper.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six..."

She didn't need to scream, the young man did it for her. He was twitching like a fish on dry land as his body was thrown into an orgasmic storm, and Chanel watch him ejaculate a small amount of cum which kept sticking to his hand. She turned around, leaving him there to his fate, and fought her own sense of disappointment as she continued to search for that worthy prey.

Walking down a dark pathway she came to the other side of the crowded area, and watched from underneath a tree to see if she could find someone that could take care of the heat between her legs. She found what she was looking for when she saw the hot dog vendor. He was taking a break, which suited her perfectly, and she walked over to him full of confidence and sat down next to him. The startled look in his face was charming in her eyes, and without saying a word she leaned forward and kissed his chin while caressing his chest with her right hand. It didn't take long before she moved her hand down to his pants, and cupped her hand on his bulging crotch. The zipper wasn't an obstacle, it was simply a gate to be opened and his cock came out. She grabbed it and began caressing it in the same movement, and blew in his face while she continued to slowly pump him to a harder shape. He was trying to say something, that much she could see, but his voice wouldn't carry the few inches that was between them. She looked down to see his fairly small cock, understanding that it wouldn't be the one that would please her pussy, but she was not going to leave it without giving him what he needed. Her hand kept sliding up and down, but she could see that it was hurting him a little bit, and looking down she saw that the head was completely dry.

"This will make it all much better."

She saw his surprised look as she took the bottle of ketchup and started pouring the red fluid over his cock. Her hand kept sliding which started to make a low but noticeable smacking sound. He was panting as if he had been running a marathon, and Chanel loved to hear him enjoy her this much. Her hand held his shaft in a tight grip while she continued to motivate his panting, and in such a caring way offering him to get a reward for his sales position. He took his hat and placed it in his mouth, and she moved down to his cock and started to lick his smooth cock head. The sensation of a rather spicy ketchup made her hungry, and she licked the top with great satisfaction to both of them.

"Tell me when you are about to come."

She watched him nod in reply. He was becoming harder and harder, but still remained the rather small size he was. Chanel felt that the situation wasn't bringing her much more than a strong taste of ketchup and a great risk of being noticed, so she started masturbating him rapidly, pumping his hard cock like crazy, and his body reacted to her demanding eagerness. In no time his body was showing all the signals before coming, and she took a tight grip around his cock head and stroke the top slowly up and down as she heard him grunt with his hat in his mouth. The cum started oozing out, making a small white dot in the red sauce.

"That's it, come for me, let it all out."

She knew that most men wanted to hear the woman say something nasty as they were about to come, and this man was no exception. Her warm feminine voice made the white dot grow larger and larger at the top of his cock. Slowly milking out all of his cum she continued to whisper to him with her delightful voice.

"Good boy, let me have all of your cum. It's all mine, and you are going to give me every drop of it. That's it, good boy, don't stop yet."

His body was twitching except his cock which stood straight and still in her tight grip. From being absolutely tense to becoming absolutely relaxed took less than a second. It was as if life itself left his body for a moment only to return as he gave out a long sigh.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm a naughty little angel." Chanel replied.

She watched him fall asleep on the bench, wondering what he would be thinking when he woke up, with his white pants smeared with ketchup around his crotch. As much as she felt sorry for him, she placed his coat over his legs to cover the disaster area.

Chanel was now burning inside, a sweet passionate fire that could devour her if left unattended, and she let her eyes wander. There was only one lonely man that she could see, and she moved towards him. As she came closer she noticed that he didn't turn his head towards her, even though her steps were making sounds. She let her fingers slide between her pussylips, and as soon as she came close enough, she placed her fingers against his lips.

"Don't say a word."

Her free hand freed his soft manhood and started stroking it. The reaction was immediate and he grew long and hard in her hand. Finally a cock that could take her places. She turned around with her back against him, and sat down in his lap, letting the cock tease her clit for a while before guiding it right and sitting down. She felt the wonderful sensation of being completely filled, but even better, the hands of this silent man on her left nipple and clit. She began riding him hard as he continued to please her with his hands and fingers. That's when she noticed the white cane leaning against the bench. He was blind. She stopped for a moment, as if his lack of sight made him less of a man, but his fingers told a different story.

"Go on, your pussy is perfect around my cock. Your juices tasted so salty and good. Come on my lady, ride my cock."

She began to realize that the lack of sight had forced him to learn to "see" with his hands, and he certainly knew how to do that. She felt herself rushing towards orgasm at great speed, and she welcomed the sensation she was feeling.

"Oh dear God."

She felt dizzy but didn't want to stop for a moment. Even the fraction of a second that she had to stop to change direction along his long, hard cock was to much, and she moaned in disappointment each time she felt his cock motionless inside her, moaning even louder when she felt it moving. She leaned back against his chest, and felt her legs shake. She couldn't fuck him as she wanted, her body wouldn't follow the orders her brain was sending out, but his fingers didn't stop, and it felt safe to sit in his lap with his hard cock to the hilt in her pussy. She felt like a grateful instrument in the talented hands of a virtuous and with him at the depth of her pussy, she finally felt the waves come over her. The remarkable blind man took her legs in his hands and lifted them up which made her slide even deeper down on his shaft, and holding her legs with one of his hands he started spanking her pussy with the other. She started howling like a wolf in the night as the received the pleasures of the stranger of her choice.

"That's it, suck my cock with your pussy. Grasp it with your tight cunt."

She felt her muscles contracting around his shaft, feeling his thick cock and full veins causing ripples throughout her entire body. She wanted to reach down and feel the weight of his balls, but her arms felt heavy as lead. She stayed still while his fingers poked and pinched her nipple and clit, and as her strength started returning to her senses, she realized that she would never think of a blind man as a handicapped man again. She moved a little, causing him to slide out of her, but only to be met by her hands. Her right hand wrapped itself around his wet shaft while her left reached even further down and poked his ass. She heard his voice break as he realized what her left hand was doing, but to her satisfaction the only word he could utter was a long, almost regretful "Nooooo......" as her hands kept up their intense play. Her body had him pinned down on the bench as his body started to shiver, and she leaned against his shoulder as she knew that it was time.

"That's it, just give in and let it out."

She heard him grunt beneath her and looked down as she held his hard cock between her legs, pointing it up. Her hand looks so naughty sliding up and down the entire length of his wet shaft, and she didn't want to stop. It was making her warm inside and remarkably greedy as she felt his member pulsate in her hand.

"Do you feel how hot my pussy is, how your balls are getting wet from my juices?"

She heard him hold his breath, knowing he was at the verge of coming, and she welcomed it by keeping up her long strokes. Strings of cum flew out into the night and landed on the pathway before them. She kept stroking as he blew out his cum before them, teasing his ass and cock with her hands in order to pump him dry. She had kept looking at the tip of his cock, looking as his white creme left his body in a powerful ejaculation, and as his orgasm ended, she stood up and licked the cum off her fingers while she walked away. They didn't exchange any words. She heard him speak as he realized that she was gone, but she didn't listen. Her body was satisfied, that was all she needed to know.

The air was cold in the lungs when she inhaled, but it was invigorating. After walking a few minutes she found a man standing next to a car waiting. He looked her up and down as she walked closer, and like a true gentleman he asked.

"Can I be of assistance?"

"Yes you can," she replied, "you can drive me."

"Sorry, but I'm waiting for a friend, but I can drive you once my friend is here?"

Chanel was silent, which apparently made him nervous.

"I would love to drive you, but I've made a promise."

She didn't say a word while she let him gaze at her, and as their eyes met, she turned around, let her hands caress her hips and walked away.

"Your loss."

She knew her hips and high ass were rolling, and she could feel his eyes stuck to her body like glue. It was only a matter of time before he would tell her to wait, but she kept walking until she would hear the words. She shook her head a bit which caused her hair to move gracefully over her shoulders and the night was hers completely.


She had once more been victorious as the man had surrendered to her will and body, and she turned around to look at him. She saw that there wouldn't be any resistance to her will, and she walked back and waited for him to open up the door. Nervously he rushed around the car and opened, and she got in, sitting down in the leather seat and feeling as if it was her throne from where she would rule his world while he took her home. As soon as he had sat down in the drivers seat, she said without looking at him.

"Take it out, I know you want to."

No sooner than she had said it, there it was. He looked pleading at her, she knew he was, but she kept her eyes forward and told him to drive. He was an uncertain driver, at least in the state of mind he was in, but Chanel had no reason to touch him, please him or in any other way be physical with him. Her victory was already a fact before she had got into his car, and he would have to realize the defeat in his solitude later once her charm had lost his grip of his cock controlled world. As the car came closer to her neighborhood, she told him to stop near a light-post. He wouldn't be able to follow her from there, and she got out. She turned to him, and showed off the top of her full bosom and pouty lips.

"Stroke it, I know you want to. Stroke it without shame. Close your eyes and imagine that you feel my lips wrapped around your cock and my rapid tongue circling the head so perfectly."

He started jerking off behind the wheel, and she stood watching for a while until he closed his eyes, when she moved away into the shadows. She stood still in a spot where she knew he couldn't see her, and smiled as the faint memory of her perfume were driving him wild in the light of the single light-post. Minutes pasts, and she wasn't sure if he came or not, but she watched him drive off, and when she no longer could see the taillights, she began walking. It was about a mile home, but it was nothing. Her feet felt weightless as she floated home on her own memories from the night. It wasn't long before she would come out on the street and see the house. Would the lights in the windows be on or not? The night was coming to an end, the sun would soon rise to a new day, but Chanel would spend most of it sleeping, she hoped, because she was tired from her escapades.

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