tagNovels and NovellasParkers Progress Ch. 01

Parkers Progress Ch. 01


This is a "Brooke"story. I have followed the spambot's plot outline very loosely indeed. Caution: contains violence.


"So you've come to talk about the Prius again? You've got the money?"

"Not quite. I was thinking maybe paying a little less."

"Mmm, that's quite a big discount," the woman said.

"Come back this evening, and we'll go for a test drive and see if we can do something with the price. I could arrange some special financing. Depends how keen you are and how flexible you are prepared to be."

"Oh, I'll do anything."

"Good. Have a nice shower before and wear this. Just this. It should fit you. And heels."

She handed Parker a white cotton summer dress.

It was a short walk to Parker's house and when she got in she stripped off and slipped into the dress. It was indeed a good fit, but the cotton was thin. Parker's trimmed black bush was quite evident. So were her large dark areolae. She might as well go out naked. That thought was all it took to make her long nipples stiffen and try to burst through the thin fabric. Parker was due to return to the dealership at seven pm. The sun would be low enough that it would be directly behind her, and half the town would realise that she was not a natural blond. Those that didn't know already of course. Marcia Collins, at the Toyota dealership was married to a veritable hunk. Surely she wasn't going to try it on with Parker. Parker pinched her nipples and felt her pussy start to moisten. With a shrug, the dress slipped to the ground. Parker sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the telephone. As she waited for an answer she slipped the handle of a hairbrush into her slick, tight teenage vagina.

"Stacey? It's Parker. Fuck, that's good. Are you busy? No? I have a job for you. Yes I can come now. OH FUCK, I'M COMING RIGHT NOW."

She dropped the hand piece and pushed the brush handle in as hard as she could, withdrew, then thrust again and again. The hard point bruised her cervix. The pain was exquisite. Parker lay back, spent for now. She withdrew the hairbrush and licked off her sticky smelly cum.

Should she shower? No. Stacey might not have much time and the little bitch could lick Parker clean. She grabbed yesterday's string bikini from the chair, plus a tiny pink side-tie beach skirt. Anticipating pain, Parker helped herself to some of her mother's Dilaudid from the medicine cabinet. Then she rushed downstairs and jumped onto her mountain bike. The two mile ride would take five minutes and display Parker's golden body to all and sundry. She loved being watched. The combination of wolf whistles, anticipation and the hard narrow saddle brought Parker to her fifth orgasm of the day. She knew that she was heading for double figures.

Parker stopped in front of Belinda's Beauty Bunker and slid off the slippery saddle on to slightly wobbly legs. Parker reached under her barely there skirt and pulled the tie strings of her bikini bottom and then laid the sodden garment over the bike's handlebars, to dry in the midday sun.

Parker strode into the salon, hoping to outrage some senior citizens. It was dead. The aircon was on way too high, which hardened Parker's nipples from rubber to iron. Her stiff little clitoris retreated back under its hood. Shy Stacey was doing her nails and Mrs Carter, the eponymous Belinda, was idly watching Jerry Springer. Parker went onto the offensive.

"Hi, Mrs Carter. Stacey told me that she's never done a full body wax and that she had to practice on a volunteer first. Well here I am."

Belinda turned to face the girl and took in her ripe, tanned teenage body. Her ripe, naked teenage body. Parker had even removed her sneakers. Without saying a word Belinda walked to the door, put up the closed sign and pulled down the blinds. Stacy stared, slack jawed. She had, of course seen Parker naked an awful lot, but her friend's brazenness still shocked her.

Belinda walked into the back of the salon, where the waxing was done.

"Better shower." she drawled, "Wax ain't gonna stick to sweaty skin and you smell like Monterey fish market. Stacey, get her a towel. No, this one ain't gonna want a robe. Then get the wax on to melt. Yep, hard and soft. No girl, twice as much as that."

Parker hopped onto the couch and put her feet in the stirrups.

"Now Stacey," Belinda explained, "We normally try to make the client as comfortable as possible and only expose a bit of skin at a time. Full body waxes are for hookers, and tramps like Parker here. Have you ever touched a woman's genitalia, child?"

"Nnnno Ma'am," gulped Stacey.

Parker snorted.

Belinda had Stacey run her hands up Parker's legs, tickling the slight stubble.

"OK, soft wax first, on her legs and arms. Lay the strips on quick and pull off quick. It's easier for two to do it. I'll do left and you do right."

Parker had a small towel in her mouth and bit down hard. Her clit had peeped out from under its hood again.

"Well done. Now hard wax for the armpits. This hurts."

Parker's muffled squeals seemed to confirm the fact.

"Right, roll over Blondie and we'll do your back. Let's get rid of that little welcome mat."

Parker was not surprised to have her buttocks parted and for two fingers to be inserted into her vagina.

"Mmmm, nice hairless asshole and tight cunt."

Parker spat out the towel.

"Oh, yes, that's so good."

"Right, on your back again slut. Feet back in the stirrups. Stacey, clippers."

Stacey used the electric clippers to trim Parker's bush to a quarter of an inch of black stubble. Then she applied the hot, hard wax to the whole of Parker's vulva and pubic mound.

"Now it needs to cool a bit. Grab the edges with your right hand. I'll do the other side. Put your left index and middle fingers into her cunt. Now finger fuck her hard. Rub her clit with your thumb."


"Oh, you Catholic girls. Frig the little harlot. That's better."

Stacey blushed furiously, but obeyed.

Parker's hips were starting to buck.

"Oh yes, Stace. Harder. Ram them in harder. Oh my God, here it comes. Yes, yes, yes."

"Now, pull!" shouted Belinda.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, that hurts. I'm coming again."

Seven orgasms for the day.

Belinda grabbed Stacey's wrist hard enough to make the girl wince, pulled the two fingers up to her nose, sniffed, then wrapped her ruby lips around the fingers and sucked.

"Oh yeah, ambrosia. If ever you want to sell it Parker, just let me know. No climbing into perverts' cars. All indoor work."

"No, I'm fine just now Mrs Carter, but thanks for the offer."

Parker was on her feet admiring her hairless body in the mirror. She touched her hood lightly. God it was so sensitive. And her mound felt so smooth. She should have got the courage up to do this years ago."

Soon Parker was fully dressed, as long as a tiny pink beach skirt and bikini top counts as dressed.

"I'm gonna close for the afternoon," drawled Belinda, "We ain't got no bookings. Heard a rumour that you've fingered little Stacey loads of times. Mind if I have a feel?"

Parker was feeling a bit woozy from the painkillers and more disinhibited than usual.

Stacey was standing with her mouth open, barely breathing. Parker kissed her hard, pushing her back against the wall. Stacey barely weighed 90 pounds and could not resist Parker anyway. Parker had said she loved her. Parker took thirty seconds to strip her little lover naked.

She stood back to admire her friend, then stood forward again to tuck Stacey's hands behind her back. Stacey was really quite gorgeous. Five foot tall, slightly built, with shoulder length, wavy blond hair, green eyes, tiny breasts and slim hips. She had a small blond bush and lightly tanned freckly skin. No tan lines. Parker had Stacey join her as often as possible in Parker's yard, sunbathing in the nude. Parker knew that her neighbour videoed them. Stacey had yet to find out.

Nineteen years old like Parker, Stacey looked barely over fifteen. She had never experienced dick. Parker had popped Stacey's cherry with a strap on. She had thought that their liaisons were more secret than they clearly were. Stacey was not as innocent as she seemed, but was feeling uncomfortable. She was also turned on by the depravity of her predicament. She was slightly ashamed that she let Parker dominate her, but God it turned her on.

"Get your feet in the stirrups. NOW!" Parker barked.

Stacey meekly obeyed. Belinda had unzipped her uniform and her humungous titties were trying to escape. She licked from Stacey's left foot all the way up to her hips.

"Delicious. So smooth. Love the freckles."

Parker asked to do the clipping and assist with the waxing. Stacey's pale bush had never hidden her innermost sex that well.

"Think you can hold all four strips?" Belinda asked.

"Oh, yes," breathed Parker as Mrs Carter went down on Stacey.

"You come like a good girl," Parker instructed her.

Parker ripped too early and Stacey screamed. Belinda inadvertently bit down on Stacey's clit. The girl screamed again and came hard. Then lay there panting. Parker had no trouble with orgasm number eight, using two of her own fingers. When Stacey stood up the other two women shared a guilty glance. They were thinking the same thing. Stacey now looked way, way below consensual age. Parker couldn't wait to show her off.

"If you'd like to let yourself out Parker, the door will lock behind you. There's no charge."

"Why thank you Ma'am. Stacey you be a good little girl and do exactly what Mrs Carter tells you. You are to refuse her nothing. Understand?"

Parker swayed slightly as she left the salon. Shit. The Dilaudid were hitting hard. Where the fuck was the bottom half of her bikini? On a park bench across the road, a wino was sniffing a small piece of pink fabric. He smirked and waved it at Parker. No way was she going to retrieve it. Gingerly she mounted the bike and gasped as her slick labia made direct contact with the hot pink leather. It was going to be a long ride.

Parker did manage to get home, despite nearly causing two accidents. It was more comfortable to cycle with her fanny just off the seat, giving numerous drivers a perfect view of her bald cunt lips. She skidded onto the drive and crashed into an ornamental oleander, as orgasm number nine struck home.

Parker giggled, "That bush has to go. Where's the wax?"

She was too dopy to climb upstairs to bed and just flopped naked onto a sun lounger. She was asleep in seconds, on her back tanning the new piece of white skin on her mound. Only half the yard was visible from her neighbour's attic room, much to his regret and he had two video cameras set up permanently. One was fixed and was triggered by an infrared motion detector. The other was on a powered tripod and could be remotely operated. Parker had broken in to Mr. Frazer's house and knew exactly how much of her yard was visible to him. She was careful to organise her antics accordingly.

Parker awoke at about half past five to the sound of her father talking on the telephone. He was standing on the balcony of his bedroom, where he had a clear view of his naked daughter. The tenting of his shorts indicated that he was enjoying the view. Parker waved, then got up and put herself underneath the outside shower. The cold water against her hot, brown skin made her jump and squeal. It also hardened her nipples beyond their near permanent state of erection. She washed slowly, turning to display her nubile form to both of her observers. The shower was right in centre frame for the dirty man next door. Parker could almost feel the lens focussing tightly onto her boobs and pussy. There was a small bottle of shower gel, hanging from the shower tap and Parker lathered her breasts and private parts languidly, before rinsing off, squeezing her hair hard and shaking her body, causing her tits to jiggle. She grabbed a small towel and dabbed at her skin, but the hot dry breeze, blowing in from the desert was already drying her quickly.

Parker sauntered into the house, grabbing a bottle of Coke from the fridge as she passed. The Dilaudid was wearing off but her mouth was still dry. For a depraved slut, Parker had a conservative drug intake. She in fact became intoxicated quickly and disliked the feeling of loss of control. Whilst she was prepared to let people do all sorts to her, Parker preferred to be aware of what was happening.

Her father by contrast had a heavy coke habit. Parker jumped when she walked into the bedroom and found him sitting on her bed.

"Hi, Honey. Love the bald bippy. Can't remember the last time it looked like that. I thought I might do a couple of lines off of it."

He winked lasciviously.

"Sure. But you're not going anywhere near my muffin with a razor blade."

Parker was a spoilt little bitch, but lacked her father's sociopathic tendencies. And she was scared of him. She did not enjoy his sexual advances, or his use of her as "corporate entertainment". But he knew how to make her come and being used was a massive turn on. She positioned herself on the bed, flat on her back, and kept perfectly still, as her father sprinkled cocaine in her belly button and on her pubic mound. Parker fixed on a spot on the ceiling and waited for him to be done. Her mind went peacefully blank.

"Jesus Christ," She screamed, as he entered her dry vagina, uninvited and unwelcome. He held her arms down and leered down at the defenceless teen. She was too shocked to fight. Her cunt was on fire and it took five thrusts before she could produce a little lubrication. How ironic, she thought, to have spent the whole day as wet as a fish's wet bits and now being dry fucked on her own bed. She started to cry, which just made the man thrust harder. Surely it must have been hurting his dick? He came quickly. Parker did not get her tenth orgasm of the day, but dutifully licked the softening organ clean.

"I have some clients coming round this evening. We'll probably play some poker after. Be nice to them sugar," he said, feigning affection.

As he left the room Parker quickly became moist, as the flight or fight reflex dimmed, replaced by the humiliation of being treated like a sex-toy. She teetered on the tightrope between self-loathing and excitement. Excitement won as usual, but not overwhelmingly. Parker's long neglected conscience was stirring, albeit slowly.

Another shower. Parker hated walking around with semen dripping down her thighs. She took the shower wand, turned the water on full blast and rammed the stainless steel shaft up her vagina, partly to purge the jism and partly to punish herself. She certainly achieved the latter and quickly removed the invading object and fell to her knees clutching her tummy, as the pelvic cramp reached its peak, then gradually subsided.

Parker stood up and did it again, with the water at a mere trickle. The unyielding warm steel implement made an excellent dildo and Parker came slowly and gently.

Parker dried and brushed her long honey coloured hair and pulled it into a tight pony tail, then picked a pair of strappy shoes, with six inch heels and slipped into the thin, white cotton dress. The contrast of the white cotton against her deep brown skin looked good and the heels merely accentuated her shapely legs. She turned and looked over her shoulder. Even indoors, it was obvious that Parker was nude beneath the flimsy fabric and her bubble butt stretched it nicely. She applied make up lightly and picked a tiny white leather Louis Vuitton handbag.

Parker tottered downstairs and passed her mother as she came in the front door. "Who's farted?" Parker muttered under her breath, as her mother's nose wrinkled.

"Good evening Parker. I thought your father had brought another hooker home, for a moment. Off to work? Bit early for the kerb-crawlers."

Parker said nothing and did not even shut the door behind her. It was hard to know some days, which parent she hated the most.

Parker was not comfortable in high heels and was glad that the side walk was well maintained. Her butt wiggled more than she would have liked and without thinking she clutched the handbag to her chest.

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