tagExhibitionist & VoyeurParking Lot Show

Parking Lot Show


I left work, but I didn't head home. It had been a long, rough day, but it was about to get a lot better. I had a date. Sort of.

I drove to the nearby park'n'ride lot, where he was waiting. He'd called nearly half an hour earlier to let me know he was there; I took that to mean he was looking forward to our encounter. We'd gotten together several times in the past, but usually in hotel rooms. This was the first variation from that pattern. An exciting variation. The park'n'ride was usually busy, and was within sight of the highway. Anyone might see us, despite the tint on his SUV windows.

That, of course, was why I was doing this, along with the fact that I'd never fucked in a vehicle. While my high school classmates had been busy losing their virginities in the back seats of cars, I'd been shut in my room with a notebook. I'd missed out on one of the most pervasive American teen experiences, but I was about to make up for that now. The thought that someone might see me doing it just made it more exciting.

He was parked exactly where he'd said he would be, in the farthest corner of the lot. There were cars all around him; I had to park a few spots away. But there weren't any people visible, to my relief. The threat of being caught was exciting. I didn't actually want to be caught, though.

I parked a couple spots away from him and walked over to his SUV. He unlocked the door to let me climb in. "Long time no see," he said. "How have you been?"

"I've been good." I settled into the passenger seat and closed the door. "How about you?"

"Busy. You know how it is."


We made small talk for a little while, catching up on each other's lives in the few months since the last time we'd been together. Then he leaned over and kissed me.

The sweet peck on the lips rapidly grew more intense. His hands cupped my face as his tongue teased mine. I made little noises of approval and ran my hand along his thigh, resisting the temptation to touch the cock that bulged at the front of his jeans.

Continuing to kiss me, he slid one hand under the back of my shirt. The touch of his hand against my bare skin made me shiver. Slowly he moved his hand toward my front, stopping when he almost, but not quite, touched my breast.

I squirmed. I wanted him to touch me. He teased me by moving his hand a centimeter or two closer, then pulling it back. Finally, he broke the kiss and said, "Let's get into the back. It's a little more comfortable there."

We jumped out of the SUV and opened the back doors. A car stopped behind us, but the occupants didn't seem to notice anything unusual. It reminded me, though, how possible it was that someone might catch us. The thought aroused me. I scrambled into the back seat, and had my blouse half unbuttoned by the time he closed his door. "In a hurry?" he asked.

"I haven't seen you in months, and I'm horny," I said.

"Mmm, good, because so am I." He pulled me against him and started kissing me again.

He finished the job of unbuttoning my blouse, and rolled one nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I moaned into his mouth and ran my hand along the waistband of his jeans.

Again he broke the kiss, and pulled off his shirt. His chest was hard and muscular; I ran my hand over it and savored the feeling.

He bent to suck my nipple. "Oh, god," I said softly. It had been far too long since anyone had done that. I responded by running my hand down his torso to his waist, but I hesitated at undoing his jeans.

"Don't stop," he whispered before taking my other nipple in his mouth.

Clumsily, I unfastened his belt and jeans. Without stopping his sucking, he helped me push his clothes down so his cock was finally free of its constraints. It had been so long since I'd seen him, I'd forgotten how big he was. I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked him as he alternated between my nipples.

He rubbed my pants-covered pussy and said, "Do you want to suck me?"


"Then do it."

He knelt on the seat, positioning his cock so I could get my mouth on it. Just as I licked the precum from the tip, I heard voices beside the SUV. From the corner of my eye, I saw three men standing nearby, close enough that they could see in through the windows if they looked.

"Don't worry," he said. "The windows are tinted. They can't see us."

"I hope not." Though part of me wished they could. I shoved that part down into the deep, dark recesses of my mind where it belonged, and went back to sucking his cock.

While I sucked, I fondled his balls. He moaned. "Yeah, baby. Suck my cock. You're so good at this!"

I licked up and down his shaft, then down to his balls. Gently I took one ball, then the other, into my mouth. "Good girl," he said. "Lick my balls. Make me come."

Stroking his cock, I sucked his balls until he said, "I'm coming!"

Quickly I put my mouth over his cock again, just in time to catch the first eruption of cum. He let out a long groan as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed it down. "That was fantastic!" he said. "Now it's your turn."

Somehow, despite the confines of his back seat, I managed to wiggle out of my pants and thong. As I did, I glanced out the window. The men were still there; in fact, they'd moved closer to the SUV. Had they heard my partner when he came? The thought made my pussy tingle.

He pushed me back on the seat and bent his head to my pussy. The first time I'd ever been with him, all he'd done to me was oral; it had been the first time anyone had done oral on me, and even though I'd had it from other men since, he was still the best. He sucked my clit between his lips and I cried out, then clapped my hand over my mouth. Just because it excited me to know that there were people nearby didn't mean I really wanted them to hear me.

From my position, I couldn't see the men, but I suspected at least one of them had looked at the SUV when I'd shouted. I would have to concentrate on keeping quiet. Which wasn't easy as my friend nibbled my clit, then plunged his tongue into my wet pussy.

For a couple minutes, he went back and forth between my clit and my opening until finally I came, my mouth open wide in a soundless scream. He grinned and before my orgasm had completely stopped, thrust his long, thick cock inside me.

I hadn't had sex in a while, and for a second the penetration hurt. But I was so wet that the pleasure took over almost immediately, and I whimpered softly as he thrust back and forth. "You like it when I fuck you, don't you?" he whispered.


"I like it too. Your pussy's so tight and wet. It tasted so yummy, too. I wish I could fuck your sweet ass, but there isn't enough room in here for it to be comfortable for you."

"Next time," I gasped.


A shadow fell over us, and I looked up at the window in time to see what might have been a person's head moving away. "Someone's watching," I said.

"I think so." He thrust harder. "Does that bother you?"


"Does it excite you?"


To prove my point, my pussy clenched around his cock. "You're going to come, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes. Keep fucking me!"

"I'm not stopping. But if they're watching, give them something to watch. I don't want you to be quiet when you come."

I wasn't sure I dared to make any noise. Then again, if one or more of the men had looked in the window, they already knew what we were doing in here. Why not make some noise about it? Especially since my friend's cock was hitting exactly the right spot. Especially since the orgasm that was building felt like it was going to be a hard one. Especially since... "Oh, fuck!"

"Are you coming, baby?"

"Yes! I'm coming! Fuck me!"

He fucked me even harder until my orgasm faded, then pulled out so I could once again catch his cum in my mouth. "They're right outside," he whispered as he positioned himself to angle his cock between my lips. "One of them's rubbing himself. I think they liked what they heard. Fuck!"

He shot again into my mouth. I gulped it down, and he moved off me so I could put my clothes back on. It wasn't as easy as it had been to take them off, but with a little help from him I managed.

Once I was dressed again, he kissed me deeply and held me. I glanced out the window to see that the men were still nearby. They seemed to have returned to their conversation, but one or another of them occasionally glanced at the SUV as my friend and I cuddled and chatted for a few minutes. Finally I said, "This was incredible. Thank you. I wish I could stay, but I have to get home."

"So do I," he said. "I have to pick up my puppy from doggy day care."

I laughed. "I'm sure she'll be happy to see you."

"Of course she will." He kissed me again. "We'll have to do this again soon. Or maybe even some outdoor fucking."


"Talk to you soon, baby."

I got out of the SUV. To get to my car, I had to walk past the men, who watched me without a word. I didn't acknowledge them when I passed them, but before I got into my car, I turned to them and said, "Hope you enjoyed the show." Then I got into my car and drove away.

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