Part of the Plan


Standing close to one was also the most noticeable trio in the entire room. Three college-girls dressed for clubbing were trying not to gawk at a lithe brunette wearing nothing but a leather harness made out of straps dancing in one of the cages. There were quite a few giggles but they were all blushing and not looking away. Buffy noticed they were attracting a fair amount of attention but few of those looks were hostile. Still, she wondered why those three were here.

A tug on the leash and they were moving forward, straight to the bar where Restrainer ordered a drink. But nothing for Buffy who started to feel like all the eyes in the place were focussing on her, judging her, looking for faults and clues she wasn't supposed to be there.

It was silly, naturally. The women present were dressed in all manner of ways, although the colors black and red did predominate. There were exceptions of course, like the woman dressed in a pink bodysuit that covered her head to toe with only a few holes for her eyes and mouth. And most people weren't even looking at them, they were looking at the various performances or just talking.

Pulling Buffy closer, Restrainer whispered, "Anything?"

"No, Ma'am," escaped her before she knew it.

Restrainer didn't miss a beat. "Then carry my drink to the table, time to mingle." With that she slackened the leash and made her way to one of the booths. Quickly grabbing the drink, Buffy followed and placed it before Restrainer after she took a seat.

After that she just stood there, unsure of what to do now. Restrainer had taken a seat but there was no room for her to do so too. 'Should I just stand here?' Restrainer wasn't giving her any clues and was only occupied with her drink.

Inspiration hit her as she glanced at the open space in this booth where a nude woman was kneeling on the cool plastic. She wore, if it could be called that, a rope that was looped and knotted to ensnare her body. Her pale skin was red where the rope dug into her flesh but every tug from the one that had tied her up elicited gasps filled with pleasure.

Buffy knelt besides Restrainer, still keeping her head down but her ears open. She had given up hope to find anything with her eyes and nose.

Barely had she begun or she was interrupted by Restrainer. She cupped the back of Buffy's head and tangled her fingers in her brown mane. Gently pressing her forehead into Restrainer's thigh she began to massage her.

Before Buffy knew it she was purring contentedly, butting the latex-encased leg in sync with Restrainer's hand. The hand didn't stop petting her, it only deviated sometimes to stroke the back of her ear eliciting a shiver of desire every time.

'I should be looking for clues, keep my senses open,' she vaguely considered as she felt the thong begin to stick to her wet sex. 'But Ma'am is talking to someone already, she'll get the info we need,' Buffy assured herself. It never even occurred to her to listen in, Restrainer hadn't said she should.

Without warning the hand stilled and steadily pulled her head back until Buffy was looking at the ceiling. "She does look great," she heard Ma'am say. "Just look at that physique, such pliant strength." Buffy bit her lower lip to stay silent. The praise felt so good, like fingers tweaking her nipples. Arching her back she placed her hands flat on the floor just beside her ankles so she could show off her muscles better, earn that praise. The fact that this pushed her tits out and put some delectable pressure on her clit was just a bonus.

She started when a hand, smaller than Restrainer's, was laid on her stomach. Buffy's muscles rippled under the appendage and this time Buffy did listen to what the woman was saying.

"A good specimen," were her words. The hand traveled downward slipping underneath the shorts and thong but Buffy staid still. Ma'am obviously was okay with this and that was all that really mattered. A single digit slid in just a little and Buffy had to struggle to keep herself from thrusting her hips forward. She didn't want to get them kicked out of the club. And Ma'am wanted to display her, which meant keeping still.

The hand was removed and Buffy could tell the woman was standing up. Restrainer's conversational partner murmured something but since it wasn't about Ma'am's pet, Buffy wasn't really interested in what she was saying. "You look thirsty and Jayden here was nice enough to invite us upstairs so why don't you finish off my drink," she said as she let go of Buffy's hair.

Tilting her head forward she saw Ma'am holding the drink in front of her. She started to remove her hand from the ground but was stopped by Restrainer. "Open up," she chided and Buffy did. There wasn't all that much left but she actually liked the taste of it. 'It was very nice of her to give me some.'

The glass empty, Ma'am got up and only now did Buffy see who Jayden was. She had boots like Restrainer was wearing, a green teddy with lace and a mask to cover the area around her eyes. She was a petite Asian that strode into the crowd as if she knew they would get out of her way. And they did open a path for her that Restrainer took advantage of as well.

Standing up smoothly Buffy followed, her eyes once again firmly resting on Ma'am's backside. It quickly became clear that they were going to the stairs and that meant the private rooms. The feral superhero began to feel curious on what Ma'am and the other woman had talked about but Buffy was confident Restrainer was on to something.

The woman, Jayden, opened the third door they passed and entered. Only when the door was opened did Buffy begin to hear the murmur of someone talking from inside. 'Excellent soundproofing,' was her idle thought. She was still considering focussing her hearing so she could hear the words when Restrainer entered, leading Buffy inside.

The voice had clued her in that the room was occupied and after seeing the various activities going on downstairs Buffy thought she was ready for anything. She thought wrong.

The room didn't hold any elaborate torture devices. There were a few manacles on one wall, three chairs standing against another and the last piece of furniture was a wooden chest. None of it was being used by the duo that had caught Buffy's full attention.

They were standing in the middle of the room and it was immediately clear which of them carried the whip, figuratively speaking. She looked to be in her thirties with messy blond hair and gray eyes. The dom was wearing something that looked like a bathing suit except for the single strap that ran down her cleavage, fully exposing pendulous breasts. But she only caught Buffy's attention peripherally.

What she couldn't look away from was the girl, standing like a statue facing the wall next to the door. Completely nude, except for a black collar with metal studs, and with her hairless body she looked like she had just graduated high school. Her brownish hair was done up in two bushy pigtails. Her breasts were small, smaller even than Buffy's, capped with large aureoles and nipples. Her looks however, were not what captivated Buffy.

It was the look in her eyes. The dom, who had been standing beside her whispering in her ear, had turned her head when the door opened. The girl hadn't even blinked. Glazed eyes stared firmly into infinity as if her mind was on a vacation. Buffy could see and smell the girl's arousal, yet her breathing was even and calm.

On auto-pilot the feral closed the door behind her and knelt besides Restrainer. She didn't take her eyes off the girl, not even when the older woman blocked her view for a second as she welcomed Jayden.

Utterly fascinated by the girl, Buffy didn't really catch much of the conversation between the three. She caught the name of the woman, apparently it was the owner Miss Golden. There was also something about Ma'am being interested in the mental aspect of something or other.

She began paying attention to the conversation again when Miss Golden stepped back towards the girl. "Of course this is voluntary, part of Elly's fantasy." The woman addressed the girl now, "Tell Rachel if I can make you do anything you don't want to?"

"You cannot make me do anything against my will," Elly responded dreamily.

"Hmm, exactly. So what are we doing here?"

The girl sighed, as if recalling some fond memory. "I am remembering one of your first lessons, because it is one of the most important ones."

Miss Golden smiled at Restrainer now. "And what lesson is so important?"

"That the more aroused I become, the more obedient I am. The more obedient I become, the more aroused I am." Her eyes fluttered after saying that and the scent of her arousal became even more pungent. Yet Elly didn't move a muscle.

"Want to give it a try?" Miss Golden asked innocuously. This finally broke the spell. Buffy's eyes flew away from the girl to look at Miss Golden and from there they shot further to the right until they rested on Restrainer.

She was just in time to see the look of surprise flit across the forcefield-projector's face. A surprise that looked like panic to Buffy, a look that reminded her that this wasn't real. That they were just acting a part.

In the instant Buffy remembered that Restrainer schooled her features again, acting like she was unsure. "I wouldn't know where to start."

The woman's face turned mischievous as she beckoned Restrainer to come over. "Then come over here and I'll give you a few tips." Her gaze turned to Buffy. "My first tip is that it works better if she doesn't hear my tips."

Buffy couldn't see Restrainer's face, not that she was really looking as occupied as she was with her inner struggle. It felt so natural to just be, instead of act, submissive. Her concentration kept wavering as she fought against the complacent trust she now found herself having for Restrainer. It didn't help that she was aroused and had the girl's 'lesson' still ghosting through her mind.

So she didn't really react when Restrainer turned her head to address her. "Be a good girl and don't eavesdrop. Just take of your thong and focus on playing with yourself." Having said those words, Restrainer strode towards Miss Golden.

The feral gaped at the words, not believing Restrainer would order something so lewd. Then she thought better. They were pretending to be a couple who did sex games like this, so she had to play along.

Her eyes naturally drifted back to Elly, she couldn't help it. Buffy felt like she was studying a work of art. A statue that evoked a feeling in her that was both exciting and confusing.

With a snap she tore off her flimsy underwear before dropping it on the floor. A part of her cringed thinking on how she would look once they left the room and went back into the crowd.

'They will all see what an obedient pet I am.' Buffy didn't know where that thought came from but the wave of arousal it caused made her forget that she was just playing. 'The more aroused I become, the more obedient I am,' she dimly recalled as the first finger snaked through the laces of her shorts and into her snatch.

'Funny how the voice doesn't really sound like me,' she considered just before her thumb brushed her little bundle of nerves. Further thoughts were impossible as her mind fell apart in another wave of pleasure. There was a calmness to that pleasure, like she was waiting. And she kept waiting, focussed completely on the task at hand. Round and round, in and out. Her universe diminished to those simple movements and the delight they brought her.

A familiar voice cut through the lust-filled haze, "you can stop doing that." Blinking sluggishly her hand stopped. Equally slow her eyes began the journey towards the source of the voice, which was about an inch away from her right ear.

"Keep your eyes on Elly, focus all your attention on them." Buffy's hand was still tangled limply in the laces of her shorts but she made no move to pull them away or resume her earlier activity. She was much too busy focussing on Elly. She did finally connect the voice to Ma'am, but that just reassured her. She knew she could trust her and that she was supposed to follow her lead. Everything was alright.

"Good girl," she praised eliciting a pleased feeling from Buffy. "You can't keep your eyes of her, you are fascinated by her, by what she is." The feral superhero would have cried out her agreement if she wasn't so busy staring at the girl. "She is standing there firm, unmoving, ready to obey. Can't look away, just look at her without moving, muscles relaxed and ready for any command. Unblinking, unfazed, no distracting thoughts to diminish your complete focus. That complete focus Elly has as a hypnotized pet," Restrainer concluded.

"She breathes like a hypnotized pet." Buffy's attention shifted slightly to check the rise and fall of the girl's chest. "A breath in, then a breath out. Steady and calm, in and out. Breathe in and out. You breathe in and then out." Buffy found herself following suit, the rhythm of her breath in sync with the girl's. "You breathe in like Elly, you breathe out like a hypnotized pet. Breathe like a hypnotized pet."

"I breathe like a hypnotized pet," Buffy dully agreed.

"You're focussed on Elly," Ma'am pressed. "Looking at everything she has on display, drinking it in. You can't look away, you are too fascinated by what she is."

"A hypnotized pet," Buffy supplied.

"Yes, she's following orders like a hypnotized pet. You're focussing on Elly because you are following orders." Ma'am's own voice now became husky.

Buffy felt a little confused. "Like...a hypnotized pet?"

"Exactly like a hypnotized pet," Ma'am agreed. "You breathe like a hypnotized pet, you follow orders like a hypnotized pet. What is hypnotized pet's lesson for today?"

"The more aroused I become, the more obedient I am. The more obedient I become, the more aroused I am," the animalistic heroine droned. "I am aroused," she continued, grasping for the logic behind the lesson. "I am obedient." Buffy blinked owlishly, unsure of what came next. Her mind didn't have much attention to spare since she had to focus it all on hypnotized pet.

"You've learned a lesson that is important for hypnotized pets," Ma'am helped.

It got even harder to think. "I...hypnotized pet?"

"Yes, just like Elly. Look at her, how obedient she is. How much she enjoys being this way. Burn the image into your mind and repeat after me, 'I am just like Elly, Elly is a hypnotized pet'. And every time you say it, Elly's image gets clearer in your mind. And the clearer it gets, the less you need to see her. The less your eyes can see her, the clearer the image in your mind becomes. The clearer the image, the more those tired eyes can rest a little, droop just a bit more, because the image is that clearer in your mind."

Her eyes were getting tired, so tired. It got harder to see Elly, but that wasn't a problem because she could see hypnotized pet in her mind. 'I am just like Elly,' flitted through her mind. 'Hypnotized and ready to obey.' Her eyes saw nothing, her mind was filled with Elly. 'And Elly is a hypnotized pet. Her mind empty, ready to be filled by Ma'am's commands.' Her mind was empty.


The world returned to Animes with the metallic click of the leash being detached from her collar. Blinking she took in her surroundings, 'our apartment, but how? Weren't we in the club...' Her eyes widened further and further as she finally recalled what had happened in the club.

She couldn't believe her own memories. It wasn't just how she had acted, it was how she had felt doing those things. The memories became disjointed as they reached that 'private room'. No more than flashes coupled with a feeling of arousal.

"I think we have a lead, but we are going to have to go back tomorrow night to investigate it," Rachel interrupted her thoughts. Animes just stared at her for a moment, her mind still reeling from the images it was being bombarded with. Her arms twitched as she felt the impulse to place them behind her back, her knees felt a similar impulse to bend. And the image of what that would look like excited her. It was only know that she discovered she wasn't wearing underwear and that her pussy was bare to all.

"A clue?" Animes managed to croak out.

Rachel nodded. "Yes, you saw that medallion Miss Golden was wearing. A black-and-white spiral coupled with her obsession for hypnosis are definite signs she is either an associate of Mesmeri or a minion."

Animes felt even more ashamed. She hadn't noticed any medallion, even now when she went over her memories of the woman she couldn't recall her wearing something like that. "Why wait until tomorrow night?"

Restrainer frowned. "Because we got invited by Miss Golden to meet some of her like-minded friends. Who knows, Mesmeri might be among them."

'Like-minded friends? But that would mean pretending to be Rachel's pet again.' Animes licked her suddenly dry lips, her breathing picked up speed. "That-That's unnecessary. We know Mesmeri is linked to the club so we can just bust in and..."

"No," Rachel interrupted forcefully. "We don't know where Mesmeri is and that would tip her off that we are on her trail. So we will go undercover again tomorrow."

"Yes, Ma'am," escaped her lips. A shiver went down her spine. It felt good to do as Restrainer said. Her face belatedly heated up as she finally realized what her response had been. "Well, if that's everything I am going to bed because I am bushed. Cya," she rapidly said even as she was already half-running to her room. 'I can't believe I said that. What's wrong with me?'

Once in her room her eyes drifted to the mirror. 'These clothes, it has got to be these clothes.' She wanted nothing more than rip them off but Restrainer expected her to wear them again tomorrow. Still, Animes was a little rough as she yanked on the laces and shimmied out of the clothes. It was made harder by how sticky her skin had become from sweat.

So she jumped into the shower for a quick rinse, purposefully keeping her mind empty of thought and above all memory. Animes rushed drying off as well and was halfway to her bed when her eyes caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror stopping her dead in her tracks.

'My collar, I never took it off! Shouldn't I have noticed something when I was in the shower?' she wondered. But she couldn't, even now it still felt natural, like it belonged there.

Unbidden the memory of Elly popped into her mind. Buffy remembered watching the girl, staring at her as the world dropped away. In the mirror the collared woman assumed the same pose as Elly had. Straight posture but with her muscles relaxed, completely relaxed. Blank, focussed and relaxed. Alarmed Buffy realized she couldn't get herself to move, she could only stand there and focus on the woman in the mirror.

She felt her body solidify into that position yet the more unmoving she became the more relaxed she got. She was getting wet again, the memories of what had happened in the private room started to become clearer. 'I look just like Elly standing like this,' went through Buffy's mind.

"Elly is a hypnotized pet," she whispered in time with the memory of Ma'am's voice breathing that into her ear. Her hips wanted to push forward in a vain attempt to find some friction but she couldn't. She was immobile like hypnotized pet. A low moan escaped her lips.

'I need to look away, I have to look away, I am just like Elly, look somewhere, just for a second.' Those thoughts kept going through her mind, tumbling through a confusing mix of memories from before.

Hypnotized pet watched fascinated as elly crawled around to present her backside to pet. Her posture as inviting as the scent of her arousal hypnotized pet wasted no time. She was in heat as was elly and Ma'am had told her what to do about it.

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