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Part of You


Some Sven and Mimi based kink. I've been wanting to write this for ages. Sven comes to term with being masculine and submissive. Mimi shows him how. Enjoy!


The ropes were coiled neatly around his wrists and pulled taught above his head. He stared ahead into the half-light and listened to her moving behind him. She brushed his spine with her fingers, running them over the back of his neck, reaching up. He exhaled nervously, knowing that she was watching him twist and writhe. That he was caught on her hemp lines like some delectable fish. She sighed and he knew that she was smiling behind him. The evening was balmy and there was no noise but for the distant hum of traffic. He should have been driving now, but he called Mark and told him that he had to cancel, that something had come up and they would have to reschedule. She had sat cross-legged in an armchair while he made the call, telling him what to say and he had gone with it.

It frightened him just how easily she slipped into this role, how naturally it came to her. One night, he told her this and she laughed at him. Telling him not to be so stupid, that it wasn't a role she was playing. That it wasn't something she could put on and remove at whim, but that it was a part of her in the same way she liked watching sitcoms and eating french food. And, she added, she loved him like this. She told him not to be afraid. That submission was okay. That she loved him all the more for it. That it was beautiful.

And so now, here he stood, arms pulled up above him, gripping the doorframe, waiting. Waiting for everything that he had ever wanted and never found. Sometimes he found it easier to make this a game, to play a role because he could separate his desire from himself. He could stand back from his shame. Mimi pulled the blindfold around his face and brushed his cheek.

"Give a man a mask," she whispered, "And he'll tell you the truth." She pulled the knot tight and Sven groaned, his head jerking back towards her. It was still so difficult to admit that this was what he wanted. But more so, Sven found it even harder to believe that Mimi wanted it too. That she enjoyed it. That, hell, she even found it attractive. Found him beautiful and brave and brilliant for doing it. She walked around him, the click of her shoes reverberating off the walls. He couldn't understand it. She loved him for this. It seemed so odd when everyone else had told him his desires were wrong or odd or inappropriate for a man like him. But Mimi had laughed, that thick rolling laugh she had and curled into him. "Silly, silly, silly." She had chided, "they don't know what they're missing. A big, strong man at my beck and call, all tied up and nowhere to go? I'd take that over some wormy cliché any day."

He laughed aloud at the memory of her saying that. It made no sense. Mimi grabbed his erection and smiled to herself.

"What's so funny?" she stroked his face and he pulled himself forward to meet her.

"I can't believe this is happening. I never thought that it would happen." He replied, excitement tainting his voice.

"I know, baby. I know just how difficult it's been." Mimi breathed against him and ran her hand down his chest, "But now," she kissed him and a shiver rolled through his body. "Now, things will be different. No more worries. No more fear." She laughed in the dark and rubbed his chest comfortingly, " Well, Maybe a little bit of fear."

He kissed her back and arched his torso, pulling against the ropes, feeling her hands splay out around his body. He heard her shoes click against the marble floor and he fell silent. Waiting. His body aching for her, for anything. Just something to take his mind off the pain in his shoulders and the ache between his legs.

She sighed and he turned his head toward her voice.

I could look at you all day." She mused, "I think I might just take my time..."

Sven groaned and Mimi moved again. He could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke.

"Or maybe,.." she drifted off and he felt her breeze past him. The room fell silent and he shivered. He could hear nothing except the sound of his own breathing, tense and heavy in his head. All he could do was wait, anticipating her next move, longing for it. There was a distant swish and a sudden dull thud of rubber across the tops of his thighs. He groaned and twisted against the dull impact.

"You going to take this for me?" Mimi purred. "Is this what you want?"

Sven gasped and nodded, twisting his wrists against the ropes.

"What?" Mimi questioned, "I didn't hear you."

"Oh yes." He breathed, "Yes. It's what I want. I want it."

She struck him with the flogger again, over and over in a steady succession of neat, dull swings, the heat rolling through his body. He had ached for this, fantasized about it a million times, needed it and now it was here it seemed more dream like than ever, as if he was outside of himself, watching it happen from above.

Mimi kicked off her shoes and walked silently towards him, a smile on her lips as she watched Sven listen for her and hear nothing. She stood behind him and grabbed his erection. He jumped and hissed through his teeth, grinding his bottom towards her.

She laughed loud this time, pure delight in her voice and slapped his bottom, "Easy baby, I'm not quite done with you yet." She rubbed him gently, teasing him, watching with delight as his penis glittered with pre-cum, "there's so much more I want to do to you."

Sven moaned and she ducked around him and kissed his chest, winding her fingers into the tiny, dusky hairs. She pulled quickly and he winced, groaning at her touch. Leaning forward she sucked his left nipple and crushed her hand against his torso, her aching slit brushing against his erection. He tried to grind up toward her but she trapped him between her thighs, pushing back against his hips.

"Patience, sweetheart." She whispered and leant upward pulling his neck down and making him stoop painfully so that all of his weight went to his arms. She kissed him hard on the mouth, her tongue finding his as she watched his biceps quiver under his weight. Her sex spasmed and she pushed herself further into his mouth, moaning against him, her fingers skating over his sides and down his shoulder blades. She pulled the rope from the door handle where she had tied it off neatly and dragged his arms down. He sighed as the rope gave way, rolling his shoulders. Mimi bunched the rope into her hand and tugged his arms forward, manhandling him, turning him around and leading him toward the bed behind her. She guided him forward, pushed him down, her fingers against his neck. Obediently, he slid onto the bed, his hard on brushing against the cool sheets. Mimi pulled off his blindfold and he turned his head to the side, blinking in the lamplight, his eyes flickering quickly.

She walked around the bed and climbed onto it next to him. "Get up onto the bed." She directed, "Lie flat on your back."

He did as he was told and twisted around awkwardly, holding his still bound hands outward as he did so. Mimi grabbed his wrists and pushed them above his head, tying the loose rope to the headboard above him. He moaned again and looked at her reproachfully. "Mimi, no, no it really aches, I can't-"

She pouted theatrically and brushed his cheek with her hand, "Oh poor baby. Does it hurt?" she grabbed his cock and tugged hard. "Want me to kiss it better?" She winked at him and straddled his torso, her naked body warm against his. She leant down and kissed him on the mouth, pushing the hair from his eyes before leaning back to admire his body spread out beneath her. He whimpered again as she rubbed her bottom against his erection, leaning forward against him so that the wetness between her legs taunted him.

"Ugh. I need you." He grunted, "Need you...please, I can't go much longer, I-" His hands opened and closed above him desperately and she leant forward against him, pulling open the bedside drawer.

"I know." She smiled and kissed his neck, "Tell me how much you want me, baby."

He breathed heavily and nuzzled into her hair, breathing in her scent as he did so.

"Oh," he moaned, "I want you so badly. I need it, I need it, I need your, your-" he broke off and shouted out as Mimi leant around and slowly, began to edge a thick dildo between his thighs. "You like how that feels, baby?"

Sven gasped and nodded, his hard on glittering against his stomach, "Oh yes, yes, I-Ohhhh God, it's so fucking good, I-"

Mimi smiled, watching him pull against his bonds as she pumped it in and out of him, his cock bouncing wildly. She sped up and shifted, sinking her own bottom over his erection, guiding him into her.

"Ugh, FUCK." He groaned, his eyes widening as she engulfed him, he pulled again against the ropes and screwed his eyes shut. "Ugh...ugh...ugh. Oh, don't-don't stop baby keep going. Oh, oh, oh."

Mimi ground herself against him, pushing the dildo into his ass faster, grinding against his cock slowly.

"Hmm...so good." She whined and gave the toy one last thrust, leaving it inside him and leaning forward again to kiss him. "Hold it." She purred, "Hold it inside of yourself and don't let go, you understand?" She nibbled at his lip.

Sven nodded and she pushed her hands up his torso, leaning backward onto him again, moving her legs and pushing her weigh backward onto him. She planted her hands on his sides and thrust against him, bouncing against his erection and pushing her head backward. "Ugh, oh..." she whined.

Sven watched her, clenching his buttocks tight, knowing damn well that if he let go she would make the pain he felt go on for even longer. The tension was killing him, burning through his body in a horribly delicious combination of pain and desire. Sven shifted against the pillows and tried to push up against her. He felt his stomach get heavy and he cried out, his face presses against his upstretched arm.

"Ugh, I can't, I-I-I, Ohhhh." He let out a high whine as he shuddered under her, flipping and bucking like a trapped animal. She held him down and leant back against him, her foot pressed against his ar, her fingers gripping the sheets as she pounded against him. At last, when Sven thought he would go mad with desire, she came hot and heavy and silent as ever. Her quick, heavy breaths against his chest as she rolled forward. She hung over him for a moment and then mover herself off him, pulling out the dildo and kneeling over his chest. He kissed her damp thigh and moaned happily. "Oh." He breathed, "Thank you, I-"

She pulled his arms down by his side and lay against him, Moving his aching arms around her. "Shh." She whispered, "It's okay, there's no need to say thank you."

He smiled and kissed the top of her head, curling his limbs around her tightly.

"I never thought I'd be happy. That I'd find someone who understood, that didn't find it disgusting or odd or-"

"I know," she smiled, "I know." She brushed his hair from his face and rubbed his shoulder gently. " You okay? It can be intense."

Sven nodded and shifted his weight against him, awkwardly pulling a blanket over them. "Perfect."

"You see," Mimi whispered, watching him, "You can't deny it, you can't let yourself be disgusted by it." She turned to him, lying on her side and resting her head on her palm. "It's beautiful." She mused, watching intently as he trailed his fingers over her blanketed hip. "It's part of you."

Sven's chest fizzed as he looked up at her, the light caught in her hair. Watching her glittering eyes, he felt for a moment that he had found it. That he suddenly knew what completeness was and that he would never let it go. Because it was Mimi that had reached into his heart and fixed what was broken. She had soothed his doubt. Submission was part of him; natural and organic and vital. And, for the first time in his life, he realised that he was happy about it. Ecstatically, perfectly happy.

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