Exchanging Gifts Ch. 01


"Baby . . . You are incredible in bed!" Her tongue flicked out to caress his."And I want to give her something she will never . . ." She kissed him softly. "Ever forget!!" Randi crushed her lips to his, her tongue pushed into his mouth as she squirmed on his lap feeling his young cock respond. Phil reached up to squeeze one of her big tits as their tongues dueled.

Randi got to her feet and pulled the clip from her hair, shaking her head to allow the long side bangs to fall across her shoulders. Randi knelt and managed to pull his shorts to his ankles , her eyes widened with excitementby the sight of his big, smooth monster cock springing free. She lifted it out of the way so she could lick and suck his heavy ball sack, slurping a nut into her mouth.

Phil moaned and threw his head back when Randi slowly slid the falt of her tongue up the front of his shaft, sucking briefly at the sensitive area just below the mushroom crown, before sliding her gorgeous lips over his straining dick.

Her head bobbed rhythmically, and after it was sufficiently slick with her saliva, she added her hand in a twisting fashion as she cupped his balls.

She pulled her mouth off with a loud pop, running her tongue in a circular fashion around his cock head as she looked up at him from her knees, a pleased smile on her lips. She took him briefly back into her mouth, sucking hard, then asking "Baby . . . ", she sucked him again, "Do you know N'keese Richards very well?" She picked up the pace, fisting him furiously as she sucked his cock.

N'keese had played outside linebacker with Phil at Middleton the previous season and had signed a letter of intent of play at L.S.U. They lifted together at the same gym, and hung out occasionally, but at that particular moment, with his cock being lustily serviced by the beautiful Mrs. Boehmon, he wasn't too interested in talking about his teammates. "What . . . N'keese? . . . Yeah I know him . . . AAAaaahhh . . . Fuck me!!" he sputtered as he felt his nuts begin to tighten.

Knowing he was close, Randi pulled away put continued to stroke him. "Do you think I'd . . . like . . . him?" she asked in a sultry tone, her implication clear as she tilted her head back, eyes closed, tongue extended, awaiting his hot, sticky load.

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