tagGroup SexPart Time Nurse Ch. 03

Part Time Nurse Ch. 03


The final installment of the 'part-time-nurse' stories. I recommend reading the other parts first ...

The weekend passed and everything had been arranged. Jane's mum would pick the kids up from school and Oliver would pick Jane after work so that they could drive to the clinic together.

As his work day drew to an end, Oliver gathered his things and rushed off to pick up Jane, who was standing in front of their house when he arrived. As she climbed into the car, she kissed him and asked if he was nervous.

'No kidding!'

On arrival at the clinic, the guard waved them through and they parked the car, taking the elevator to the clinic itself and then walking down the polished linoleum-floored corridor to the locker rooms. Jane handed him a bag and motioned for him to go into the men's changing rooms.

Nervously, Oliver opened the door. Great, no-one there! He found an empty locker and hung up his coat before pushing the door to. He didn't have a padlock for the locker but he figured that it should be safe enough. Pulling on his lab coat-like uniform, he buttoned it up, heading for the door.

When he got outside, Jane was waiting for him. She laughed when she saw him.

'Hey, you look like a real doc! Have you got the stuff for Sue?'


Oliver patted his pocket.

'OK. Give them to me and then let's go and pay her a visit shall we?'

As they walked down the long corridor, Oliver took in the smells of the hospital - that rather unpleasant antiseptic air - and wondered what was going to happen in the next couple of hours. Before long they arrived at Sue's room and Jane knocked before entering.

'Hi, Sue. How are you doing?'

Sue was half-sitting in bed, her sheets pulled up to cover her breasts.

'Hi, Jane. Great thank you! Did you ...'

She stopped as she noticed Oliver enter the room.

'Sue, this is Dr. Oliver Cameron. He is visiting us from another hospital that is interested in adopting our holistic approach to treatment of patients. Would it bother you if he accompanied me today?'

'Er, no, I guess not. Hi, Dr. Cameron.'

'Hi, Sue. Call me Oliver.'

'I have already explained to Oliver how your treatment is progressing and what we have planned for today. Oh, and I have something for you.'

Jane pulled the small Victoria's Secrets bag out of her pocket and handed it to Sue. Sue grinned.

'Gee thanks.'

Opening the bag, she pulled out a small bright red bundle - a pair of silk and lace briefs with a matching bra.

'Oh, they're nice. Thank you.'

'I'm glad you like them. Why don't you put them on?'

Sue glanced uncertainly at Oliver and then got changed under the bed-covers. When her movements had stopped, Jane suggested that she show the two of them what she looked like in her new underwear. At first Jane thought that she was going to refuse, but then she sat up on the edge of the bed and threw the bed covers back.

'Oliver, why don't you come and have a look. Maybe you can tell Sue what you think of her.'


Oliver walked over to join Sue and Jane. Sue was by now sitting upright on the edge of the bed with her legs pressed tightly together. Jane reached over and gently pulled one leg to the side so that Sue's legs were now spread. Oliver looked at Sue closely. He could hardly make out the shape of her nipples even though the lacy bra was almost transparent. He knelt down in front of the bed and rested his arms on Sue's thighs, pushing them even further apart, so that the lace knickers were reduced to little more than a narrow red strip between her thighs. Even now, he could not make out any pubic hair. She was either very blonde and had little hair or she shaved.

'Oliver, why don't you tell us what you think?'

Oliver stood up and told them that he thought she looked very sexy. Jane saw that Oliver's doctor's coat was hanging open. Glancing down she noticed that he was sporting an erection beneath his light summer trousers.

'Does she turn you on?'

'Er, yes.'

'Would you like to see more of her?'

'Yes, definitely!'

'Good. Sue, please take off your bra and panties.'

'Oh, I er ...'

'It's OK. If you notice, Oliver has already got an erection because of you and I am sure that he will let you see his cock if you behave yourself.'

Sue flushed bright red, but looked down to see that Oliver was indeed erect - the bulge at his crotch was definitely not to be overseen. Hesitantly, she reached behind her back and undid her bra. Dropping it onto the bed, she stood up and shuffled out of her red panties, until she was naked in front of them.

Oliver took in her slim young body and small breasts. Her little pink nipples were stiff (with excitement?) and her pubic bush was little more than a dusting of blonde hairs over her smooth mound.

'Sue, would you like to see Oliver's cock?'

'Yes.' Quietly, little more than a whisper.

'I want to hear you say it.'

'Er, I er want to see it.'

'See what?'

'His thing.'

'His cock?'


'Then say it again please.'

'I want to see his cock ... please.'


Oliver wasted no time at all. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his light summer trousers. Pulling them both off, he tugged off his socks and stood there in just a pair of grey boxer shorts. There was no way that he could deny his excitement now - his hard-on was bulging out at the front of his shorts - a fact which hadn't escaped either woman's attention.

'So, Sue. It looks like it's your turn now.'

With trembling fingers, Sue took hold of Oliver's boxer shorts and carefully pulled them down to reveal his swollen cock.

'Oh, wow, it's so big! It's beautiful! Can I touch it?'

Once again, Jane was overwhelmed by the desire to dominate this girl-woman. She wondered what was happening to her. Here was a beautiful young woman naked in front of her naked husband asking if she could touch his cock! And she wanted more!

'Sure. Take it in your hands.'

Sue carefully took hold of Oliver's cock - treating it as if it might break at any second.

'Hmm. It's nice and warm ... and soft.'

'Kiss it!'

Sue looked at Jane in alarm.

'What? I can't!'

'Just kiss the tip. Lick it with your tongue!'

Sue cautiously dropped her head down and kissed the tip of Oliver's cock. To her surprise, it tasted nice - clean and slightly salty with the smell of fresh soap filling her nostrils from the shower lotion that Oliver had used that morning. She took a little more in her mouth. Sucking lightly, she slid her lips down his swollen shaft until the tip of his cock almost reached the back of her throat. After repeating the slow strokes a few times, Sue began to relax and started blowing Oliver in earnest. Cupping his balls in one hand, she started intermittently bobbing her head up and down his shaft and working his cock with her tongue.

Oliver took the opportunity to cup her breasts with his hands and felt her shallow breasts pucker under his stroking so that her nipples stiffened between his fingers. As the first twitches of his cock struck, he moved his hands up to cup the back of Sue's head and started gently fucking her mouth. This didn't escape Jane's attention and she knew all too well how to read the signs.

'So, Sue, Oliver is about to come. I want you to take every drop of his cum.'

Sue mumbled something unintelligible as she continued to let her mouth be fucked by Oliver's twitching cock. By this time, Oliver had reached the point of no return. As he held her head even more tightly, Sue reacted by sucking even harder and slipping her tongue over the unprotected crown of his cock.

'Oh, fuck!'

That was it. Oliver could take no more. He climaxed in a jet of white, hot, cum. His cock pulsed and twitched as wave after wave of his orgasm rolled through him.

Sue was more than a little surprised as his orgasm took over. It wasn't like she didn't know the theory or anything, but having the real thing between your lips was something else! The first jet of cum caught her by surprise and she had swallowed it down before she realized what she was doing. The next one seemed to fill her mouth with a warm, slippery and slightly salty liquid. As more and more of his cum shot into her mouth, she had the feeling that she wasn't going to be able to take it all. When would it stop? Swallowing like crazy, she was relieved as she felt the pulses weaken and fade away. Once his cock had stopped pulsing, she pulled her head back out of Oliver's grip and looked up at him with a smile.

'That was fun!'

Fun? Oh, man! There was a lot this girl had to learn.

'So, now it's my turn!'

Jane unbuttoned her uniform and slipped out of her lavender-colored cotton underwear before climbing on to Sue's bed and lying down on her back. Sue seemed to have crossed the Rubicon. Without hesitation, she clambered up onto the bed and lay down on top of Jane. She lowered herself down until they were laying breast-to-breast and then she kissed Jane on the mouth. This was no tentative kiss ... this was a full-blown passionate kiss, exploring Jane in her excitement. Jane for her part was not only surprised by Sue's behavior, she was also turned on! She could taste Oliver's come on Sue's tongue and could feel her stiff nipples against her breasts and was getting excited by the pressure of Sue's mound against her own.

As Sue slipped down Jane's body, she paused long enough to cup Jane's breasts in her hands and to take each nipple in turn into her mouth before continuing down her body, covering her chest and stomach in light feathery kisses until she reached Jane's pubic mound.

Standing less than 1 meter away, Oliver felt himself stiffen again. Although he had just come, this was a dream come true - he had always fantasized about seeing Jane with another woman and had never in his wildest dreams thought that he would live to see it!

As Sue's tongue delved between Jane's pussy lips, Jane arched her back in pleasure, sighing in relief as the tongue started playing with her clit in a way that no man could achieve. With one hand, Jane cupped her own breast and started playing with her erect nipple. With the other, she cupped her hand around the back of Sue's head, urging her to continue and for the second time that day, Sue felt herself thrust against a naked and excited sex. Not that she was complaining! She grabbed Jane's buns and started working her tongue along the length of Jane's pussy before focusing on her clit again.

This was getting to Oliver in a big way. By now he was fully erect again and as he looked on and saw Sue folded almost double - her tummy lying flat along her upper thighs - with her shins folded beneath her, Oliver walked over to Sue and placed his hands on her cute tight buns. As he did so, Sue interrupted her rhythm for a fraction of a second and then continued her ministrations, at the same time raising her ass into the air in front of Oliver. In this position, she was very exposed and Oliver slid one hand between her cheek and stroked her pussy from behind. Unsurprisingly, she was soaking wet.

Unable to get access to Sue's pussy, Oliver pulled her thighs apart so that her sex was fully exposed to him. Her lips were swollen and glistened with her juices. He ran his fingers through the soft folds and was rewarded by a moan from the young woman. Climbing up onto the bed, Oliver positioned himself directly between Sue's thighs and took his erect cock in his hand and guided it towards her sex. As he made contact with her wet warmth, he felt her tight body freeze. He kept himself still, letting the tip of his cock nestle in the warm wet folds of her tight pussy. As she relaxed, he used his hand to rub the tip of his cock up and down the length of her pussy.

Sue knew that she wasn't going to be able to take much more of this. She was lapping away at Jane for all she was worth and swallowing what seemed like gallons of her sweet-tasting sex juices. Now she had Oliver's cock nestled between her thighs and tormenting her by teasing her with his smooth silky cock head. She reached behind her with one hand and grabbed Oliver's ass.

Oliver suddenly felt Sue's hand grabbing his ass. Was she going to come? Before he could react, she pulled him hard against her causing his cock to plunge into her tight pussy. Caught by surprise, he slipped in up to the hilt and slammed against her pale ass cheeks with his pelvis.

Sue gasped out loud as she felt his engorged member thrust into her. There was a second's pain and then all she felt was the wonderful swollen warmth inside her. She used her hand to pull Oliver back and then back into her. As she did so, she reveled in the feeling of his thick round cock-head running up inside her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. A sharp pull on the back of her head brought her back to reality - Jane!

'Don't forget me little one!'

Sue buried her face back in Jane's sopping pussy and continued to lap away, causing Jane to start moaning with pleasure. Oliver reached forwards and stretched his arms out under Sue's slim body and cupped her breasts in his hands. They were little more than a half handful but her nipples were wonderfully hard between his fingers. He started teasing them, pulling and twisting them slightly as he continued to fuck her from behind. Unexpectedly, he felt his balls being cupped and looked down to see that Sue had one arm between her thighs and was holding him gently in one hand.

Oliver let go of Sue's breasts and stood up, grabbing her by her hips. He was feeling really hot now and could feel the pressure building in his balls as his climax approached. He started fucking her in long deep thrusts, cupping her buns in his hands and pulling her cheeks apart so that her little brown bud was exposed.

Sue arched her back and placed both hands on the bed to support herself as she pushed back against Oliver, matching each of his thrusts with her movements.

'Oh ... oh ... '

Sue started moaning out loud, turning him on even more. Oliver pushed Sue flat onto the bed so that she was lying between Jane's legs, her face pressed sideways onto Jane's flat stomach as he thrust into her. Sue suddenly cried out loud and gasped as she came. This was the moment that he had been waiting for. With one last thrust, he climaxed and pushed himself deep into her tight wetness, holding his cock against the entrance to her womb as he shot his load into her.

Sue's mind was a whirl of conflicting senses - she could still taste Jane in her mouth; Oliver's hot cock was buried deep inside her, filling her with a warmth that she had never experienced before and as he came, her whole body jerked and twitched as his hot come spurted into her. Exhausted, she flopped back down onto Jane's warm sweaty body and smiled as Jane stroked her hair gently.

Oliver pulled himself out and looked anxiously at Jane - had he gone too far? Jane lay there, naked on the bed with the Sue's nubile form cascaded along her body. She smiled up at him.

'So, now I think it's my turn' ...

'Exactly what I was thinking!' A voice boomed from the back of the room. All three of them jerked upright and froze at the sound of the voice.

James was standing there. 'You two get dressed and come with me.'

How long had he been watching? What was going to happen now? A bunch of questions flew through their minds as they disentangled themselves and dressed quickly.

'You young lady, stay here. I'll deal with you later. You two follow me.'

Full of trepidation, they followed James down the corridor, hardly keeping up with his purposeful stride. He marched into his office, waited until the other two had entered and then shut the door behind him. Walking behind his desk, he turned to face them both, his arms folded tightly across his chest.

'So, I presume that you have an explanation for me Jane?'

'I er ... I'm sorry.'

'Sorry eh, we'll see about that. And you? You must be Oliver, right?'

Oliver nodded.

'OK, this is the way it's going to run. Oliver, you are going to sit in that chair' he pointed to a comfortable chair in the corner of the office ' and say nothing. You will not get up out of the chair and you will say nothing. Have we understood one another?'

Oliver nodded once more and moved over and sat down in the chair. It was clear to both Oliver and Jane that she was going to end up getting them both out of this situation - the only question was just how far she would have to go ...

James picked up the phone and dialed a number before hanging up again. Thirty seconds later his phone rang and he answered.

'Yes. Can you come to the office please - straight away. Thank you.'

He hung up again and waited, looking at Jane and Oliver.

'We may as well make ourselves comfortable while we're waiting. Jane, why don't you take off your uniform for me?'

If Jane didn't know what James had in mind before, she certainly knew what was coming now. She started unbuttoning her white uniform, avoiding eye contact with Oliver, wondering how he would react. Dressed now in her underwear, she stood in front of James feeling very exposed. Despite herself, she could feel her nipples begin to stiffen with excitement.

Oliver was struggling with his feelings. On the one hand, he was worried for Jane. On the other, he knew that he would finally get to see Jane with another man - something that had been a fantasy of his for a long time. Just seeing her standing there in front of him, head bowed slightly, dressed in just her lavender bra and panties was giving him a hard-on!

'Now take your bra off please.'

James was so polite, it was ridiculous, but Jane obeyed and peeled off her bra, dropping it onto the desk next to her, not bothering to attempt to cover herself up. Her nipples were now fully erect as she felt James' gaze on her almost-naked body. She flushed.

'Ah, lovely! Just how I remember them! So come here please - that's it - and kneel in front of me.'

Jane did as she was told. Oliver watched with growing excitement as Jane followed James' orders. He took in her slim muscular back. As she knelt down in front of him, her panties were pulled up taight and he could see a few blonde curls escaping from the rim of her lavender panties and noticed the way her knickers had got caught between the cheeks of her ass where she was tensing them.

'Why don't you take my cock out and give it a little suck, hmm?'

Jane reached up with trembling hands and unbuttoned James' trousers and pulled them down. To her surprise he was wearing rather trendy boxer shorts. He stepped out of his trousers and waited. Just as Jane had taken hold of his boxers, someone knocked at the door. Jane jumped a mile.

'Come in!' called James.

Wait! Jane wanted to scream, I'm naked in here! The door opened and in walked Susi with a puzzled look on her face. That changed to one of surprise and then something else - excitement? - as she saw Jane dressed in just a pair of knickers with her hands on her boss' boxer shorts. It wasn't difficult to guess what was going on.

'Come in. Shut the door behind you and lock it please. I want you to come and watch Jane give me a blow job. She's been rather naughty today and is going to have to be punished - in the nicest possible way of course!'

Susi knew what that meant. James had also managed to have his way with her in her first month on the job. Well, no-one could say she didn't try to warn her.

'Actually Susi, why don't you make yourself comfortable too. Take off your uniform for us - I'm sure that Oliver would have no objections.'

Susi glanced over at Oliver. So, that was Susi's husband - and he was wearing the doctor's uniform that she had lent to Jane. Quickly all the pieces fell into place. She undid the buttons of her uniform and dropped it on the floor. Underneath, she was wearing a white silk bra, matching panties and a pair of self-supporting stockings.

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