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Partners in Crime


It was a quiet evening in a random city, as Alanis and Evi went out to one of their favourite clubs. Everywhere they'd come, people would admire them, being both extremely sexy. Alanis was about 5"7', 135 pounds, and had a cup size C70. Furthermore she had greenish eyes and brown hair, hanging lose upon her shoulders. Evi, on the other hand, was about 5"9', weighted 138 pounds, had a C90 and was blessed with blue eyes and brown-blondish hair. Both 18-year-olds were looking absolutely fine, wearing not much more than a simple hip-hanging jeans and a top that exposed their belly – and their belly button.

Tonight, the two hot chicks were going out in some local club, and they started to dance with each other, making it extra sensual in order to attract some horny guys, since both girls were longing to get a nice-build cock in their shaved pussies. They kept dancing and grinding against each other, and it sure had some effect! Barely 5 minutes after they got started, a group of 4 fine looking lads from like 22. They were all quite attractive. One of them had black hair up in spikes, had piercing blue eyes, the second one was a Moroccan, the third one was a common type, and the fourth had blonde hair, full of wax, and blue eyes. The first one came closer to the girls, and winked at them.

Alanis, knowing what this would lead into, winked back and nodded her head, inviting the guys to come closer. The handsome guy leaned in and whispered in Alanis' ear: "Today's my friend's birthday here, and he has never seen two girls kiss." He smiled sheepishly. Alanis let out a small laugh, pulled Evi closer and pressed her lips upon the mouth of her friend. They sucked each other's lips eagerly, and held each other's waist, still moving in unison.

As they pulled away, the guys were all smiling, and looking at each other. The blonde guy introduced himself as Damian, the Moroccan guy was called Karim, the handsome black haired dude's name was Thomas and the common lad was Christopher. The girls introduced themselves, and soon they were both grabbed by the hand and pulled outside the club.

"What about getting to somewhere more private?" Christopher suggested. The rest of the group agreed willingly, and barely half an hour later they found themselves in Karim's apartment, where he immediately offered everyone to sit down in the couch.

Evi sat next to Damian, as she saw Thomas moving closer to Alanis. All of a sudden, he leaned in and kissed her roughly, clasping one of her breasts in his hand. She heard her best friend moan huskily, as the handsome man pulled her closer and crept his hands underneath her T-shirt. Soon, Alanis was whimpering, having Thomas pinch her nipples and bite her neck.

Meanwhile, Damian has started his moves on Evi too. He pulled her closer and kissed the pretty brunette passionately, squeezing her C-cup tits tightly. He bit her lip playfully, and pulled away, undoing his T-shirt. He pulled Evi on his lap, still squeezing her perfect tits, while she grunted her hips upon his already stiff dick.

"Get off for a second, sexy babe." Damian suggested, and Evi complied, taking a seat next to him and quickly throwing her top off. Damian loosened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, obviously wanting the bulge in his pants to be free. He pulled off his jeans and boxers, and right in front of Evi, a giant cock from about 9" popped out, standing up proudly with a head that was shining of pre-cum.

"Suck it, you bitch." Damian implied, pulling Evi's head into his lap, forcing his monster into her mouth. Evi immediately started licking the shaft, encouraged by the blonde god. "That's it, you whore. Suck it harder... Yeah, like that... Come on... Lick my balls, slut! Tongue-fuck my manhood, bitch! Blow me 'til I fill your slut mouth with my hot jizz!" He commanded, opening his legs further and letting Evi blow him.

Meanwhile, Alanis got been undressed by Christopher and Thomas. Christopher was now getting naked himself, as Thomas was fingering Alanis' wet pussy heavily, pumping two fingers in and out at a rapid tempo. Alanis' tits were jingling together, while her pussy got finger-fucked by this naked, handsome man. She was moaning and whimpering, until Christopher pulled out his dick and rammed it into her mouth, insisting she'd suck him dry. With her wet hole getting fucked, her nipples all stiffened and this wonderful cock in her mouth, Alanis felt in a perfect bliss. She started jacking Thomas off while Christopher made her suck his 8" shaft, groaning as an animal. In the end, he came, and held Alanis' head tight, so she had to swallow his load of sperm.

"Fuck... That was good." He managed to utter, sinking down on the third couch that was still free. Thomas redrew his fingers out of Alanis' cunt, glistening with her juices. He walked over to Damian and Evi, who was still sucking his dick, and pulled her upon her feet.

"Here, slut, taste this." He said, before sticking his fingers into Evi's mouth, forcing her to lick Alanis' juices off. "Not as good as the real thing, huh. Come on, you two can fuck each other for a while, since you both are so hot." He dragged Evi near Alanis, and almost threw them together on the carpet. Alanis kissed Evi deeply, letting her hands roam over the sexy teen's back. Evi broke off the kiss, and positioned herself over her friend, so they were 69'ing. They started to like each other's pussies, as Karim came on the scene as well.

"What do we have here?" He smiled, quickly undressing himself. Now the six of them were naked, they felt like they could finally begin with the fun. While the two girls were licking each other's cunt, the four lads were jerking off their hot dicks, feeling the urge to cum all over their whores. Damian couldn't help it no longer, and interfered with the two beauties. He grabbed Evi by the hair and let her lean over the couch. "Come here, your cunt's wet enough." He grinned, before ramming his fat cock into Evi's hole from behind. Evi let out a shriek, surprised that this giant dick was now filling her little hole.

"Make the bitch shut up!" Damian grit, while holding her tightly at her hips and bucking into her as crazy. Karim immediately got into the couch, pressing his big brown cock into Evi's mouth. She started to suck off his dick and balls, while Damian was still ramming her cunt. Thomas was looking at Evi with hunger in his eyes.

"Now look at this slut. Being fucked in her fucking whorish cunt, sucking off a big brown cock, and she even seems to like it. Don't you, Evi? You love to have that big brown cock into your slut mouth, right? You want Karim to fill your throat with his hot cum, don't you? You just want to have it all, little bitch you are. Am I right?" Thomas questioned. Evi, her mouth full of brown cock, couldn't reply, and Thomas stepped in closer, slapping her ass hard, leaving a red mark on her pretty ass cheek.

"I SAID, am I right?!" He yelled. Evi quickly yelled "Yes! Yes, I love to have that cock in my pussy! I'm a slut and I want to be fucked in all my holes! Fill me with your hot cream, Damian, while I milk Karim until he squirts his load into my mouth!"

"That's the way!" Thomas grinned. He suddenly turned around and saw Alanis being fucked in her wet pussy by Christopher. He sat himself down in the couch, and spoke jokingly to Christopher: "Let me have her tits." Christopher pulled away and set Alanis in front of Thomas' lap. Alanis knew what got expected from her, and took Thomas' fat cock between her C tits, jacking him off.

"Ow yeah... That feels good. Fuck. Come on, jack me off! Make my hard cock cum on your tits! Make me fucking cum, or I'll let you blow me until you gag in my jizz!" After a minute or such, Thomas felt his balls explode as his milky cream landed on and between Alanis' breasts. Christopher made Alanis lean over the couch, and parted her ass cheeks. He spit in between them, his saliva hanging around Alanis' puckered brown hole. His dick, full of juices from minutes ago, was stiff again, and he put the head against Alanis' asshole, prodding it eagerly. Without a warning, he rammed his hard cock into her tight hole, and pumped his fat dick into her, making her whimper and cry out, though soon her cries were replaced by screaming of joy. Thomas, meanwhile, was squeezing her tits and forcing her to suck him off again, also getting hornier every second.

Karim and Damian had sandwiched Evi in between them. Karim had his brown dick into her pussy, as Damian filled her sore asshole, and the two guys pumped in and out eagerly, filling her all the way. Evi was having the most intense fuck of her life, with these two hot guys filling her holes and Karim kneading her tits and sucking at her nipples. In the end, they both shot their cream into Evi's holes, and pulled away. Karim seated Evi on the couch and pulled her legs apart, admiring the mess in Evi's shaved pussy. Her cunt was glistening with her own cum, mixed with the jizz of all the guys. Meanwhile, Christopher and Thomas had fucked Alanis as well, and were now focused on the thing their mates were doing with Evi. Evi, still breathing heavily, opened her eyes and saw the four men staring at her pussy, admiring the sight. She motioned Alanis to come closer, which her friend did. Alanis positioned herself between Evi's thighs, and licked the juices of out her friend's wet hole. As she was finished, she crawled up to her and kissed her passionately, sharing the taste of the spunk.

They kept kissing for a while, as the guys regained their breath and looked at the show in front of them. They started to put on their clothes again, knowing their cocks had had enough pleasure for that night. They gathered the girls' clothes as well, and gave them to them as soon as they had stopped kissing each other. Alanis and Evi got dressed as well, and left Karim's place, not before having gotten the phone numbers in case they urgently needed a good fuck.

The partners in crime wandered down the street and stood still in front of some pub, where a few guys were smoking a cigarette. They talked for a while with each other, and then one of the men came over to the female duo...

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