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Partnership Sex


It was bizarre certainly, but did it breach any moral or religious code?

David and Sheila climbed the stairs. They were at the door. Sheila took her hand to the buzzer knob, hesitated for moment, and then withdrew it. She turned to her husband and looked straight into his eyes. She sought his hand and held it tightly.

"I'm afraid David I have brought you to something that may turn out to be horrible."

"On the other hand," said David, "we will be keeping these two really good people from splitting as they most certainly will if they continue as they are. I am sure that at the end of the day we would be pleased at what we have come to do." Sheila smiled, and kissed him on the lips.

"I like your spirit of sacrifice," she said with a wry smile.

* * *

It was a cool summer evening. David was engrossed in the sports page of the newspaper and Sheila, who was wiping the drawing room furniture, was ever and on darted glances at her husband the way wife's do before broaching a sensitive topic. She talked of this and that and then finally took the plunge.

"Are you in a mood to do a good deed, David?"

"You know I am always willing and eager."

"But this one is bizarre."

"What if? When it comes to doing good deeds anything goes."

"That's fine," said Sheila. "You know the Wheatlys?"

"You mean that American couple, Larry, and his wife Betty, your very particular friend. What good have we to perform for their welfare?"

"Well I am not sure about that. It's absolutely bizarre. You can't guess it in a million tries."

"Sheila, your body language speaks of very interesting things. I am getting strangely fascinated. Out with it." David like all men made fun of his wife's desire for gossip, and again like all men he was greatly interested in knowing what she had gleaned.

"I don't know how to start."

"From the beginning I suppose."

"I just can't David. The very thought of repeating what Betty told me gives me goose flesh. Promise you will not be shocked or angry."

"If you were not shocked why should I be?"

"That's a good way of viewing it. I must say I was not at all positive about it, but I am certain you may not find it so difficult to accept it. Anyway here goes. Betty came to me yesterday after the meeting and said she wanted me to drive her home. When we were crossing the park she asked me to drive in, and there we stopped for almost two hours. Betty told the sad story of her married life. It touched me in a tender spot. I felt I had to help her.

"Like us the Wheatlys are in the early forties and like us they are childless. They are a popular couple in spite of their reserve." Sheila paused to arrange what Betty had told her in proper order before speaking. "Their problem started in the honeymoon itself'," she continued. "Larry was not able to do."

"You mean he was not able to have an erection?"

"He did have an erection but it as not firm enough."

"I don't think I follow you Shiela. These Americans, men and women, have sex before marriage. How did Larry have to wait for the honeymoon to find out?"

"I asked Betty the same question."


"Yes, I did, and she told me that many Americans do wait for the honeymoon. She did wait, and so she said had Larry. Anyway Larry was not able to perform."


"Even after Viagra, and doctors of various types, and quack medicines too. One day Larry requested permission to release Betty from the marriage. For the first time Betty said she broke down and holding Larry in a tight embrace she wept her eyes out for she loved Larry very much. About six months after marriage they both got jobs in Waterloo, Iowa. This was godsend for they got their break."

"You mean something happened, and Larry was able to perform?"

"Yes. They had a couple who were slightly older then themselves as neighbours. Betty became friendly with them. Frances Balkin got to know of the problem from Betty and she had a suggestion. This Balkin couple it seems were totally uninhibited about sex and that is what led to the discovery. When the Balkins were in New York State they knew a couple, Reggie and Alto. Reggie had little interest in sex. They did have sex but Reggie had very little drive with the result that they had sex very infrequently very much to the Alto's frustration. The Balkins and they once took a holiday and in one place they were able to get only one room that both had to share. They had been frolicking in the swimming pool and were hot with desire. The Balkins told them that they were going to make love and laughingly invited them to watch. They meant what they said. They made love and Reggie and Alto watched first surreptitiously, and then when they found the Balkins totally unconscious of their presence, quite openly. This induced the desire in Reggie and they had it too with Reggie performing with all his animal instincts let loose for the first time. They loved it that way with the others watching them, and at the end applauding. They extended their stay for another night and after return they made it a regular feature.

"When Frances told Betty this story Betty was interested and after an initial hesitation they went on a holiday and took a double room. Betty was positively frightened, but the Balkins were most reassuring. After a light dinner they moved to Frances' room. Frances changed to an open shirt so open and her breasts were exposed most of the time. At her suggestion Betty changed to a similar shirt too. In the beginning she was pulling the shirt to cover her breasts and soon she let it go. They watched the Balkins make love, and it was then that Betty saw Larry's thing getting big and angry. As the Balkins watched they had their very first intercourse. The next two years were heavenly. And then tragedy struck. The Balkins had to leave for California on promotion; Betty and Larry were back in square one."

"Even after Larry had performed successfully for more two years?"

"Yes David, once the peculiar stimulus Larry needed was gone he was back to where he was. Larry gets a proper erection only when he sees someone making love. It was then that they opted for this job hoping the change of scene may work the trick. It has not. They have reached a state of near psychological collapse."

"So Betty wants to know if we can take the place of the Balkins," said David.


"How did you react to the request?" asked David.

"I said nothing, but it seemed so horrible, so obscene that my body language must have shown it. When she saw my reaction Betty nearly collapsed."

"'Sorry Sheila,' she said, 'I unsay all I had said. Please don't abhor me. I simply can't bear to lose your friendship' I was touched by her sincerity. She said her Larry was so tender and so gentle that she feels miserable to see him suffer after a failure. He is scared she may leave him for a normal man, and is not reassured even after her most earnest pleading that when she promised in church that she would stick to him through sickness and health she meant every word of it. It was more for him than for her sake that she wants our help."

"Do you find it less horrible now?"

"David I'll be frank with you. I am sufficiently softened not reject it without discussing it with you. Betty says that when her neighbour first invited her she was horrified too, but when it happened it was actually fun. She says it is not more embarrassing than say frolicking in water in swimming costume in a crowd of scantily clad swimmers. I was touched to see her in that plight. I felt that we must help them. I know you want excitement in your sex life that I am unable to provide. You say that going through the same pattern in lovemaking has made it boring, and you want to try new things. This may be that. Thank you for listening. What do you say?" David took time to reply.

"My first impulse is to say yes," he said. "I of course accept your assessment of the Wheatlys."

"You may without second thought. They are really first class people. What is their problem David?"

"This is not an uncommon problem. In some men sex drive is weak. Your friend's husband needs more than normal stimulus to get aroused, and stay aroused till ejaculation.

"Is it paraphilia?"

"No, Sheila, it's not. Paraphilia is a pathological state. Your friend's husband's problem is a variation of the normal. Watching porn movies arouses all men, but they can do without that stimulus. This man needs a live show to kick start him."

Shiela left to lay the table for supper.

David stretched on the sofa. The idea excited him. He smiled. Sheila's obvious interest in the scheme amused him. It was strange to him that his wife, so often prudish in matters concerning sex, should opt for this thrilling adventure. She must have chanced upon her favourite fantasy. He hoped her other fantasies were equally daring ones. And then these Wheatlys were from a far off land, and not the ones they will ever meet once they leave the country. Sheila would certainly not have agreed if they were locals.

Ten days later David was watching TV after supper when Sheila after clearing the dining table came and sat down beside him. She took out a piece of paper and invited her husband to listen to what she had to say.

"I told Betty that we are game but I wanted her to promise that there is no partner swapping even remotely on the agenda. Betty says it must be their place, as they have no danger of visitors suddenly popping in. We both have checked our dates. We have chosen next Monday, five days from today and the time is after supper. We go there and after the event come back home. It is almost as if we went for a late night movie."

"What's in the bit of paper you are waving about like a banner," asked David. Sheila consulted the paper.

"They will provide coffee, South Indian style, and no hard drinks. Like us the Wheatlys do not smoke. No cameras of course." Sheila giggled. "We come dressed the usual way and change to T-shirt for me, and lungi for you. That's what they will also be wearing.

"Lungi? Does he wear those?"

"Yes that's his home wear. Larry finds Indian dress suitable for our hot and humid climate."

"Anything else?"

"And one or rather two more points. We are not to look away when things are happening. We may stare. We should stare. You may hold Betty's hands and I may Larry's, but that is about all."

"Anything else?"

"There is a bit for me but you need not know what that is."

"May I guess?"

"Of course, but I don't want to know." Sheila left for some household chores and David smiled wryly as he watched her departing. The girls had not only written the story and the script, but were directing the play they were to act in.

* * *

It was the Monday. After a light supper Sheila and David got into their car. Adventure time was upon them.

The door opened and the smiling friendly faces of the Americans were reassuring to both; David was not feeling too comfortable either.

Betty was small, chic as they say, with dark hair. She was pretty. Larry's build was average by Indian standards, but probably small for an American. Introductions were soon over and they sat across the table sipping excellent South Indian coffee from tiny cups. This was a good conversation starter. The couple it seemed had fallen in love with the local filter coffee and now drink nothing else.

The conversation went on to the inevitable one of Madras traffic. When David and Larry were comparing notes Betty called Sheila away. They came back soon after.

"I think it's time to change," said Betty. Betty led Sheila and David to a side room. David changed to his lungi with body bare. Sheila wore a loose T-shirt that came up to her knees with nothing underneath. She viewed herself in the mirror. She did look attractive. Loose it was, but the shirt seemed to accentuate the size of her magnificent breasts rather than hide it.

"What is the plan?" he asked.

"None at all. We know what we have come for, and we do what we feel like doing. We allow events to develop. It may stop with kissing, or it may go on to fondling, or it may go all the way. They are prepared for anything. They understand that what they are asking of us is something extraordinary. Betty said that we only do what we are totally willing to do. That is the understanding. If we are hot and we do like privacy to continue we can move to the bedroom and bolt the door,"

They left for the scene of action.

There were not cots in the room, only carpets on the floor and bolsters. On a corner table there was a microwave oven, coffee filter with decoction, a jar of milk, sugar and tiny cups. Shiela wondered if the cups were from a child's toy set. As the room was only 10 feet square the bolsters were close to each other. Shiela and David sat on the bolster in one corner and the hosts on the other. For Westerners who had been in India for scarcely six months they squatted like natives. Betty wore a shirt similar to Sheila's. It was so thin that it was almost a see through. She had only one of the lower buttons on.

"Some coffee?" she asked and with David and Shiela agreeing she mixed coffee and poured into the two tiny cups and placed it in front of the her guests. She had to bend low, and her breasts seemed to acquire a will of their own for they brushed the shirt flaps aside and made for the open. Betty did not seem to mind, which considering the agenda of the day was not surprising. David instinctively averted his eyes, but Shiela nudged, and David first slyly, and then quite boldly directed his eyes at the beasts that were, for one of Betty's size, large and shapely. David who considered himself a connoisseur of female breasts approved. He had never before seen a white woman's breasts and the cherry pinkness of the nipple impressed him most. It was then that he noticed that Shiela had also done up only one of her shirt buttons as if by previous arrangement, but she, out of modesty, was pulling the shirt this way and that to keep her breasts covered. Hers were much larger than Betty's. 'How long can you be doing that?' asked David to himself.

After pouring the coffee Betty went to her husband and sat in front of him and he invitingly spread his legs to make room for her. He wrapped his arms round her body and cupped her breasts, and she snuggled closer to him. He kissed her gently on one ear and then on the other, and Betty sensuously moved her head this way and that. She twisted her body too, and her skirt climbed up to mid-thighs, and then went all the way to her waist exposing her totally. Slowly and deliberately Betty pulled her skirt down and rolled over to face her husband. They hugged and kissed and the skirt was again awry now exposing her glassy smooth bottom. Shiela snuggled closer to David. They were heating to melting point.

"Some more coffee? Shiela is good at it," said David and his hosts said they were eager to taste Madras coffee prepared by a native.

Shiela mixed the coffee in two cups and brought them on a tray. When she bent to place the tray down both her breasts hung down like mangoes. Then happened an event that well and truly broke the ice. Sheila was squatting with knees bent, bearing her weight on her forefeet. It was a delicate posture, and she unbalanced and fell backwards. Her legs were spread and feet were in the air. And there she lay facing her hosts fully exposed. She was making desperate attempts to get up when David came to her 'rescue'. He held her by the waist and hugged her and kissed her without any attempt to cover her, and his wife did not mind it one bit. They were hugging and kissing and soon David with one flip whisked off her shirt and was on top of her. He undressed and entered her and she responded. They had orgasms in waves. They lay exhausted. They were so hot that they were unaware of their friends seated across not many feet away watching them with eyes wide open.

It was the Wheatlys turn. The David-Shiela show had done the trick for Larry. They were not for foreplay. For them it was hammering the iron when it's hot. He was on top of Betty and she was holding his hips in a tight embrace with her feet entwined. They were moving to and fro rhythmically working towards a climax. They had an orgasm, and then she had a second. Later she was to say that it was the first time that she had had two.

They lay on the carpet pleasantly exhausted each in their own corner. They were silent for Sheila in her shyness and embarrassment did not contemplate even eye contact with her friend. She lay hugging her husband in a tight embrace and tingling all over with a sensation that was indescribable.

"I need to wash," she said. She got up taking the T-shirt, but David pulled it from her. She shook her head coquettishly but did not persist. She boldly walked to the toilet clad as Eve. Betty took the cue from her and later did the same. They lay, all four of them in the nude, chatting. Soon, like nudists, they were comfortable in their nakedness.

The clock stuck twelve. It was pumpkin time as Betty termed it. They washed and changed.

Betty embraced Sheila at the door.

"I must thank both of you for understanding our needs and doing so much that Larry and I succeeded beyond our dreams. It has been the most beautiful day in my life," she said. They promised to meet once a month, but this first one was to be the last. Sheila was unwell and soon she knew why. She was with child. The very next day Betty said she was feeling queasy too, and Sheila from the symptoms, diagnosed it as a pregnancy. The doctor soon confirmed it.

"Remarkable, isn't it David that both of us should become pregnant," said Sheila. David had done some study on this phenomenon. He was able to explain.

"Any emotion, be it fear, or pleasure or anxiety that is deeply felt during intercourse increases the chances of pregnancy," he said. "A coolie woman already with a large family is in great fear of another pregnancy when she sleeps with her husband. This increases the chances of pregnancy. That's why our poor have large families. Fear and loathing increases the chances of pregnancy in rape. In early honeymoon the chances of pregnancy are great because of happiness. We performed in a state of great excitement and so apparently had the Wheatlys."

"For us yes, but this is not new for the Wheatlys," said Shiela.

"Shiela, modesty should not stand in our way of accepting that ours was a super show the like of which they could not possibly have witnessed. When you unbalanced and fell backwards I caught you and there and then we had it. The distance and the angle were just right for them to see our strategic parts in the minutest detail. It was sex in the raw. An explosion was inevitable.

"This must be an excellent way to help childless couples. We will name it partnership sex," said Sheila giggling.

"Good idea. You must tell others how you became pregnant," said David with a wry smile. Sheila tapped him on the head.

"Don't be too sure, master, I may." She may too. Considering the daring with which she had worked out this scheme she was fully capable of starting a crusade for partnership sex.

The Wheatlys soon left for home. Both couples had girls. Little Sheila in Baltimore and little Betty in Madras have not met yet. Their parents want them to meet soon for two good reasons—one is too obvious to need mention, the other, they do not want their little ones to be lonely only children of the family.

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