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Partridge Family Love Ch. 06


Disclaimer: I do not own The Partridge Family, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Partridge Family Love: Chapter 6


Shirley Partridge drove home from church. Her encounter with the reverend did get her mind off of Keith at least for a short time. Maybe she just needed to keep herself busy and that would lessen her temptation to be with her son. As she pulled into her driveway on Sycamore Road, she noticed that the bus was gone. Then she remembered that Keith was going to the beach with friends to camp and wouldn't be back until the next day. Part of her was disappointed he wasn't home but a part of her was relieved. Perhaps a quiet Sunday spent alone would be just what she needed to clear her head. She parked the car and walked into her empty house.

She went into her bathroom and turned on the water to the shower. As she undressed she looked out the window into the backyard and could see Pedro, her gardener in his khaki work shirt and pants, trimming the bushes with shears. She had never noticed but he was actually a nice looking young man. He was in his twenties with dark hair and mustache, just a little taller than her with a stocky build. She stepped away from the window and looked at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that. The redness on her bottom from the spanking the reverend had given her had faded. She was surprised that there wasn't more evidence of the activities that had happened just a short time ago. The tangle of hair at the junction of her thighs caught her eye. Summer was almost here and she needed a trim. She reached for her razor then paused thinking. Quickly, she turned off the water and put on a bathrobe, tying the sash around her waist as she walked into the kitchen.

She opened the back door just enough to stick her head out.

"Pedro," she called out. "Can you come over here?"

"Buenas dias, Senora Partridge," he said tipping his straw cowboy hat as he walked toward her. "You need something?"

"I need your help," she said as she opened the door wider, inviting him into the kitchen. She closed the door then turned to him. "How do you shave your mustache?"

"Mi mostacho?" he asked puzzled, pointing to his upper lip. "I use, ah... a razor straight."

"A straight razor? Perfect. Come with me," she said as she walked out of the kitchen.

Pedro paused, uncertain what to do. He had been the gardener for the Partridges for the past year, caring for the yard while they were traveling. The few times he had talked to Mrs. Partridge was to discuss yard issues but otherwise he just did his work and they seemed happy with it. Now, Mrs. Partridge was in front of him with only a bathrobe on walking out of the kitchen. His English wasn't that good and he was afraid he might misinterpret what she was saying. She turned and gestured for him to follow her so he followed her further into the house, through her bedroom and into her bathroom. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a straight razor and held it out to him.

"Can you trim my bush?" she asked.

"Lo siento, Senora Partridge. I will need my clippers to finish the job outside."

"Not those bushes, but this one," she said as she opened her bathrobe to reveal her pubic area. Shirley smiled as she saw his eyes widen in surprise. She put the straight razor in his hand then sat on the edge of the bathtub, legs spread apart. She lathered shaving cream on the sides with a shaving brush. "Start with the sides."

Pedro knelt between her legs. He had never seen a gringo woman naked. Her breasts were so pale and full with pink nipples instead of the brown of his people. She had a beautiful body for a mother of five. He concentrated on the task at hand so he wouldn't be too distracted. He would treat this like any other job the senora gave him. Surely that's all she wanted from him. Deftly using the straight razor he quickly trimmed the sides until she had a neat triangle of light brown curly hair. She then spread her legs more and lathered the cream further down. He carefully shaved all the hair between her legs so that her vaginal lips were completely exposed.

"It's finished, the trimming," he said as he stood.

"Yes," she replied turning on the water in the shower, "but now it needs to be cleaned. And so do you. We'll do both at the same time."

Shirley pulled down the trousers on the still shocked gardener releasing his engorged penis. She grasped it in her hand. "Nice tool you have. Let's clean it and get it ready to use."

She stepped into the bathtub and motioned for him to join her. He quickly removed his clothes and joined her in the shower under the spraying water. She handed him a bar of soap and said, "You wash me first."

Pedro took the soap and started to rub it on her body. His soapy hands glided over the wet curves of her body. The Anglo senora tilted her head back so the water splashed on her head then ran down in rivulets between her pale breasts. He slid his hands up to the twin mounds and relished the feeling of the soft white flesh in his calloused brown hands. Her pink nipples hardened as he played with them. He then let his hand wander down her flat stomach until he was cupping her partly shaved mons. His soapy fingers probed further in and pressed against an erect button of flesh eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the senora. While one hand continued to rub her clitoris, he pressed the fingers of his other hand inside of her already slippery opening eliciting more moans and gasps.

After several minutes she took the soap from him. "My turn to wash you."

As much as she enjoyed feeling his hands on her, she wanted to explore him. She had never seen a latino man naked and Pedro was a fine male specimen. She moved him under the spray of water and quickly soaped his muscular young body so that she could let herself go to her ultimate destination, his manhood jutting out from his body. The shaft pulsed when she squeezed it with her soapy hand. She knelt in front of him to get a closer view of her object of desire. As she pumped her slippery hand up and down his shaft, she soaped his testicles with the other, gently exploring this most sensitive area. Once the soap was rinsed off, she leaned forward and took him in her mouth.

Pedro was astounded to see what she was doing to him. The feeling of her mouth on him was incredible. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that this white senora would do anything like this. She moved her head back and forth, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth making him groan with pleasure. When she looked up at him with his erection in her mouth, he almost exploded at the sight. Unwilling to come too quickly, he lifted her to her feet and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth as the water poured on their heads. He let his hands roam over her body, enjoying the feeling of her naked wet flesh.

Finally, she broke the kiss and turned around, placing her hands on the shower wall and pushing her bottom out toward him. "Time to plant your seed."

Without hesitation, the young gardener moved forward and placed his brown mushroom head against her pink opening dripping with water mixed with her juices. He groaned as he enjoyed that exquisite feeling of first entering her, taking his time as he pushed forward until he was buried to the hilt. He grabbed her hips and began to push in and out of her. As he lunged forward, the water splashed every time his pelvis slapped up against her bottom. The sounds of naked flesh slapping together in time with his thrusts filled the bathroom.

Though she had enjoyed the anal sex earlier, she missed having a man inside her properly. This was much better and she pushed back against her Latino lover as his erection pistoned in and out of her. The water cascaded over them as he reached around with one hand and rubbed her clitoris as he continued to pump in and out of her. The two pronged assault on her erogenous zones - his erection stimulating her G-spot while his fingers stimulated her clitoris, along with the sensory overload of the showering water pelting her skin pushed her quickly to the edge. He may have been young, but he was not inexperienced. The pleasurable pressure peaked then exploded.

The young gardener continued to pump in and out of her as she writhed and moaned in ecstasy. Her vaginal walls contracted rhythmically, squeezing him. The sight and sounds of his employer having an orgasm along with the tightening of her vagina around his throbbing erection caused his testicles to swell until he couldn't hold back any longer. He grabbed her hips in both hands and slammed forcefully in and out of her, driving himself as far as he could until he erupted. His hot seed shot out in waves until he was completely empty.

After they finished showering and drying off Shirley led the gardener to the back door. She squeezed his flaccid penis through his pants. "Tomorrow, you plant more seed for me, ok?"

"Si, senora," he replied with a smile. "Pedro will plant seed anytime you want!"

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