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Party Aftermath


My sister had been living with us (my wife and I and our two children) until she found her own house out here in Arizona. While we love her, and enjoy spending time with her, after six months the novelty had begun to wear off. Finally, she found what she felt was THE perfect house. After a stressful week going back and forth with proposals and counter-proposals, she reached an agreement with the seller. She wasn't going to move out right away, since the seller wasn't moving for two weeks, and then there was the inevitable work which would need to be done, but everyone was planning on her moving at some point in the next four to six weeks.

In anticipation of that move (on our part) and celebration of finding the perfect house, we decided to throw a party on the next Saturday night. We invited about 25 people, but you know how that is, about 40-45 people ended up coming (and not all the original 25 showed up, either!). Quite a few were from my sister's work, others that all three of us knew, and still a few others who just my wife, Bridget, and my Sister, Sue, knew from the times the two of them had gone out dancing. While we had done our best to invite an equal number of men and woman to the party, it ended up that there were probably about eight or so more guys than girls.

During the party my wife was getting quite a bit of attention. She is in her late-30's, but looks like she's about 27: 5'8" tall and 121 pounds, she keeps herself in great shape. Her breasts are not overly large, but neither are they small, about a C cup, and are crowned with these large dark areolas, and exquisite nipples. Her legs are truly a natural wonder, long and shapely, and end in perhaps the most perfect ass on the planet. The rest of her figure is shapely, and very tight. Her beautiful face boasts a pair of lips which were God's gift to sensuality, and her large brown eyes seem to look right into your soul. Her long blonde hair was done perfectly that night, as she was wearing a short tight floral mini-dress which showed off all her assets to perfection.

One of my wife's fantasies (and she has many) is to make love to two men at the same time. What a shock, right? Isn't that most women's fantasy? Anyway, I was receptive to the idea, but every time even the hint of the opportunity arose, she'd back away from actually going through with it. I think she was afraid of how I'd react if it really happened.

Through the course of the evening, I could see she was blatantly flirting with one of the guys who I really didn't know. His name was Phil. She had met him at one of the clubs where she and my sister went dancing, and I could tell that she found him attractive. I also wondered, of course, if anything other than dancing had gone on between them, since they seemed really friendly. But when I asked her, she just smiled and kissed me.

Bridget had a few drinks, enough to loosen her up, but not so much that she was really drunk, and she was in a very amorous mood by the time midnight came around. She started getting more and more touchy with the guys she was dancing with, as well as with me, and I could tell she was aroused by the way her nipples stood out in her tight dress.

My wife is rarely the aggressor in our love making, but that night she came up behind me when I was standing at the bar. She put her arms around me and ran her hands up and down my body, making sure to pay special attention to my crotch, and nibbled at my neck. Then she whispered in my ear, "I need you inside me. Now."

When a man gets an invitation like that, you don't pass it up. Furiously, I tried to think of where the most erotic place would be for us to have sex. Unfortunately, our guests were spread out all over the house and backyard. Lamely, I could only think of one place where I didn't think we would run into any revelers. I turned around and told her to meet me in the bedroom in 5 minutes. I'd just grab us a few beers.

She went to the bedroom, and I grabbed a cold six pack from the fridge. As I was getting the beer, Phil walked in to grab one himself. Inspiration hit. We had a moment or two of small talk before I asked him if he found Bridget attractive. He told me he found her beautiful. I told him about her fantasy, and asked if he might not like helping her to achieve it. I thought he was going to come right then and there. I told him that I was going to our bedroom, down at the end of the hall, and that I'd leave the door cracked. He could come and watch the preliminaries, and then when I signaled for him to enter, he was to come in quietly, making no sound. He readily agreed.

I went to the bedroom, and there was Bridget sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed to show them off to their fullest extent. As promised, I made sure to leave the door cracked behind me. I put the beers down on the floor, and handed one to Bridget, while taking one myself. We toasted, then kissed, our hands running up and down each others' bodies. "I hope Sue doesn't miss us." I whispered.

"Actually, isn't it kind of exciting to be making love in here with all those people just down the hall?"

I kissed her neck, running my hands over her breasts, her fully erect nipples trying to bore holes the fabric of her dress. "Aren't you worried that someone might walk in on us?"

"Doesn't that just add to the excitement?" She whispered back, and she massaged my crotch.

"And what if somebody should walk in?"

"Then they'll just get a very good show, now, won't they?"

All the talk was really turning me on, as it was her, not to mention the mutual caressing going on, so it was time to put the next part of my plan into effect. I got up from the bed and went into my closet, returning with 4 old ties. When Bridget saw the ties, she smiled. Not very often, but occasionally, Bridget would like to be tied up, while I made sure she had orgasm after orgasm. We hadn't done it in a long time, years, but she knew exactly what I had in mind (or thought she did), and I could see the expectation in her eyes. "What do you want me to do?" She asked.

"Slip out of that dress." She did, standing next to the bed and pulling it over her head. She now stood before me in just her thong panties and high heels. "Lay down." She kicked the heels off and lay on the bed. I tied first one wrist, then the other, to the two posts at the head of the bed, then tied each ankle to one of the posts at the bed's foot. Then I went back into the closet.

"Where are you going?"

I came back, carrying a scarf. "Something a little different, tonight." I wrapped the scarf around her eyes, blindfolding her. Then for the first time, I looked over to the door. I could see Phil was watching everything from his vantage point, and I signaled that it was time for him to enter. I started to run my hands over every inch of Bridget's, her body writhing to my touch. I motioned for Phil to get undressed, while I continued with my light touch on Bridget.

"That feels so good." Bridget sighed.

"Does it? Well, you are in for one incredible night of sex." I replied as I stood up next to the bed.

"Don't stop!" She cried. I smiled, "Okay." Then I motioned for Phil that he should take over. Standing next to the bed naked, I noticed that he was not a small man, genitally speaking: at least 8 inches long and thick, his cock stood straight out as he viewed this bound and naked woman before him. He knelt on the bed next to Bridget and began to caress her body, while I got undressed. His hands began to make smaller and smaller circles around her breasts, finally centering on one, Bridget moaning in pleasure. He lowered his mouth to her other breast and began gently licking and sucking, first on her areola, then on the nipple itself.

As I finished getting undressed, Phil moved his hands down, keeping his mouth on her breast, until he was gently stroking her inner thighs and running his fingers over her mound. I caught Phil's eye and he stopped for a moment, and I undid my wife's left wrist. But only for a moment, as I re-tied it on the same post as the other one. Then I untied her left ankle, making it comfortable for her to lay on her right side. I let Phil run his hands over her ass and legs again, and then up her back and shoulders, as his rigid cock pressed into her ass. She pressed her ass back into him, moving her hips back and forth to feel his hardness there. Phil was now laying down next to Bridget, and he gently removed her panties. Bridget parted her legs and reached back with her left leg, hooking it over Phil's hip. His cock now slid between her legs, her wet pussy lips parting as he slid it up and down along them.

I moved to Bridget's front, watching Phil's cock slide between her legs, his hands moved around her body to knead her breasts. Bridget was panting now, she was so turned on. Phil was kissing and licking the back of her neck, and her hips were gyrating wildly. "I want you inside me", she moaned. Phil reached down with one hand and I watched as he guided his cock inside my wife. "Oh God, you are so hard. So thick."

I was so incredibly turned on by this point, that I could take it no longer. I had to participate. I leaned over my wife and removed the blindfold. She started to protest, that she liked not being able to see, then noticed that I stood before her, next to the bed. Obviously, she had someone inside her. Her entire body stopped for a moment. Then the sensations overrode any reservations she had and her hips began to thrust back against Phil's powerful strokes.

I knelt next to the bed, and gently began to use my mouth on Bridget's clitoris. From my vantage point, I was getting a close up view of Phil sliding in and out of Bridget, her juices making his cock glisten as her lips gripped his shaft. As soon as she gave into the sensations, I could feel her orgasm begin to build. "Oh God, yes. Yes. Harder. Faster. You feel so good. Fuck me. Don't stop. That's it. Oh, yes." It was mere moments before here hips began to buck wildly as her orgasm coursed through her. She screamed with pleasure.

As Bridget's back arched and her entire body tensed, Phil rammed his cock as far as it would go inside her, unloading himself. We lay there for a few minutes, as hard as that was for me to do, but as Phil slowly slid out of Bridget, he was still rigid, or he was rigid again. He looked at me and I motioned for him to move around to my side of the bed. He did, and then started to kneel, as if we were going to switch positions, but I whispered to him what I wanted to do.

He lay down in front of my wife, lifting her free leg over his waist. Then guided himself back inside her, with her on top. "Mmmm. That feels wonderful." Bridget murmured. He began to thrust in and out of her again, her hips picking up his rhythm. I lay down behind her, snaking my arm around front, and using my hand on her clitoris. I could feel the tension mounting in her once more, as her orgasm approached. I used my other hand on her ass, feeling her tight ass muscles contracting in time to Phil's thrusts. I took my hand from her clitoris, and reached into the nighttable where we kept a tube of KY jelly. I spread it on my other hand and began to work first one, then two and three fingers in and out of her asshole. As I was doing this, I maneuvered my other hand to and covered my cock with jelly. Just as her orgasm peaked and her body went rigid, I placed the tip of my cock inside her ass. She was so excited, she didn't even complain that it hurt. As her orgasm took off, her own anal muscles almost sucked me into her ass. I started to gently slide in and out, after I felt that her ass muscles had relaxed. This drove her orgasm even higher, and it seemed to go on for a long time. I could feel Phil's cock stroking her, and it didn't take long for him to have another orgasm. With the two of them coming, I couldn't hold back my own explosive orgasm. Phil rammed himself once again as far into Bridget as he could go, and I pushed myself as far inside her ass as I could go as I pumped my load into her.

Bridget's body quivered for a long time after Phil and I had come. Then Phil gently got up, kissed my wife on the lips, to which she responded, quietly and quickly got dressed and left. After he was gone, I finished untying her from the bedposts. We lay in each others' arms for an hour or so, just caressing one another, and just before we fell into a deep and untroubled sleep she whispered, "If there is a next time, don't remove the blindfold."

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by Mustang88LX05/13/18

Hot sex but... It's pretty clear that she has been cheating

Husband is a clueless loser. It's obvious that she invited her lover over who she has been fucking when she goes clubbing with her sister in law. Just by the way she acting with Phil. So hubby has a Cuntmore...

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by twointrigued08/07/17

Hey, Bertandrustle......

You certainly could let someone screw your blindfolded wife without her prior knowledge if you know her well enough to know that she would truly like it. This writer mentioned that they had talked aboutmore...

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