tagLoving WivesParty At Bill's Ch. 01

Party At Bill's Ch. 01


THIS STORY IS part 1 of 2!!! The second part will not be submitted until 45 days after this first one is posted. So you have been warned (if you are one of those who doesn't like to wait for a good ending).This story is only fiction and not real. That means I made it up. Many thanks also to my mystery editor for all the help and encouragement. No words were harmed in writing this story. Practice safe sex and enjoy the tale.

I was taken back by the photos my neighbor Tommy showed me about our mutual neighbor Bill Indick. They were taken in Bill's living room and the game room that was in his cellar. I looked at the photos on Tommy Jones's computer screen and just had to smile. I knew Bill was a pervert but I was very impressed by the group sex in the house right next door to me. Tommy and his wife Sally live directly across from both Bill and me.

"Now I see how Bill got his last name." I told Tommy with a laugh. He returned the same laugh as he kept going through the 20 or so pictures he downloaded.

"I just happen to be surfing the net yesterday and I found these on a group swinger site." Tommy started to tell me about the last of the series. "Bill's wife Tammy is getting triple teamed in this one and just look at Bill in the background with the huge smile on his face. You can tell he loves to watch his wife get fucked by other men. I knew you would love to see them also." he informed me as I watched the pictures tell me the same thing he just said.

"I always wanted to fuck her and now I can at least look at the pictures. Boy is she hot and ready." I told Tommy.

"There is video from the site but a credit card is needed and you know Sally will kill me if she finds an adult site payment on our monthly bill." he confessed to me. I knew his straight laced wife and I knew exactly how she would react. She was the very proper and church going type.

"Tommy could you make me a disc of them before I leave and also get me the address of the site. I can use my credit card without a problem and then I will let you watch the video tomorrow when I finish registering. Gail and I have our own cards and we never see each others statements." I told him as a big shit eating grin came over his face.

"Awesome Bobby, I'll do it right now but make sure Sally knows nothing about this. Gail and Sally are always talking and gossiping together so don't tell Gail either.

"Ok" I said with an equally big laugh, "Just don't let on to Bill or Tammy that we are wise to them, at least for right now!"

Tommy made me the copy of the pictures and gave me the site address. I left his house that is across the street from mine and looked at Bill's house. I started to wonder if he was having a big sex party right now, but the house looked quiet. I thought to myself he must save it up for the weekends or something like that.

I entered my house and Sally was in the kitchen with my wife Gail as usual. Both stopped talking right as I came in. The two of them had a sort of guilty look on their faces but it passed instantly. I felt like they were just talking about me. They had become best friends since Tommy and Sally moved across the street about two years ago. They were on polite speaking terms with my other next door neighbors Bill and Tammy.

"Tommy kicked me out and said he was waiting for his lovely wife to come home so he could ravage you." I told Sally with a surprised look. Gail gave me the eye as Sally turned bright red and started to blush.

I had no idea why I said that as I was always very polite with her and never really joked around. I did know Tommy was now at home waiting for her return to fuck her brains out after watching our neighbors do the same thing. She was hot but was always dressed like a school teacher in her 70's and usually had her hair up in a bun. She was anything but that though.

Sally and Gail said there goodbyes and Gail let right in on me as soon as she walked out the door.

"Bobby, don't joke around like that with Sally! It makes her uncomfortable and she gets all nervous. You know she is shy and quiet. It has taken me months just to get her to loosen up around us." she lectured me.

"If you call that loosened ok, but I was just having a little fun. I think Sally could use some fun sometimes. She makes the Church Lady on SNL look like a slut compared to her." I retorted.

"I know she is quiet but don't make fun of her. I really like her and she is my best friend in the neighborhood. Besides I have been talking to her about the very same thing and she just starting to let her hair down, but I keep trying for more." my wife informed me with a secret smile I just caught.

"Ok, you girls keep your secrets, but Sally could still use to rip one off and get fucked properly." I told my wife as we left the kitchen.

As we went upstairs I wondered to myself if Sally even keeps the lights on when Tommy is fucking her. My attention was now on my wife's ass though as she went up the stairs ahead of me. I knew just what I wanted to do when we got to the bedroom. Bill and Tammy's pictures made me very horny.

I entered with her and pushed Gail onto the bed with some force. She looked surprised but smiled at me and said "I know what you want Bobby and I am all yours."

We had great sex for most of the night. The images of Tammy and Bill my neighbors having an orgy right next door to me was still front of my mind. I would get hard instantly right after cumming and be ready for another round. Finally at 3:00am she had me call it a night. We would both be sore tomorrow. Gail fell asleep instantly with a big smile on her face.

The following day I didn't have to go into work until 11:00am, so I planned on using the computer after Gail went to work. She had to be in at 8:30am, so that gave me plenty of time to review the swingers' site featuring my next door neighbors. I got to the site with the address Tommy gave me and put in my credit card info. I had a 3 month's trial subscription with a chance to renew after that.

I started to poke around the site and soon found Bill and Tammy's folder. I clicked on the video section and just picked a video clip by random (there was over twenty). The first image I saw was of Bill's basement game room and there was more than pool going on at the pool table. Bill was fucking some very hot woman who was wearing a mask. She was bent over licking his wife Tammy who was sitting on the edge of the pool table. The girl was holding onto the table with both hands to keep her steady and not get drilled into the side of it.

Tammy had two handfuls of this girl's hair and was making her eat her out with gusto. Bill was doing his best driving home his big 10" cock into the girl in front of him. The camera would move to show Tammy's expressions of lust, as well as Bill's and the other woman face. Then the camera started to go across the room to other couples. I would say there were about 15 people in the room. All had some type of mask on to hide their identity except Bill and Tammy. Some looked very familiar to me but I couldn't tell just who they were.

Then I heard a very distinctive laugh that I knew well. It belonged to Greta Schmidt from down the street. She had a wheeze type laugh that turned into a loud snort when she was over at our house parties. You could pick that laugh out in a crowd so the mask wasn't working to too well if you knew her. She looked very hot in her garter belts and high heels. She had big tits and a shaved pussy. Her lips were very pink and puffy from the fucking she was doing. Some guy then shut her up by pushing a big 8" cock into her mouth. I knew it was her. I then started to wonder if Bill and Tammy had more of our neighbors at their orgy/parties.

I clicked on the newest party video and started to go through it. I then noticed that there was a 'Y' shaped padded bench in Bill's game room with a sign over it that said 'Swinger Newbee' on it. There was a women strapped to it by her ankles with Velcro on her hands and knees. Her pussy and ass were at the open part of the bench. Her hands were strapped to the other end so her head was just sticking over the other end of the bench. She was basically open season for anyone who wanted to fuck her. Every hole was exposed.

A big black guy was behind her giving her pussy a real workout. She was grunting up a storm as he did his manly duty. I then saw Bill come up to her face with a camera in his hand. The angle of the first part of the video was from what looked like a wide angle stationary camera. The video then cut to the camera Bill was shooting with.

"Ok Sally, being a swinger newbee, can you tell me why you are with us today?" Bill asked the woman on the bench.

As soon as he mentioned the name Sally my ears perked up and I turned up the audio on my computer. The sound was from his camera so it was pretty good but not studio quality. You could still hear people fucking and groaning in the rest of the room.

"Gail wanted me to come to your party." Sally said in a matter of fact voice but her breathing was short and I could hear her groan as the big guy behind her was laying the pipe to her pussy.

"Don't lie to me Sally! You wanted to be a slut for all these men in masks, don't you? You don't even know who some of them are, do you?" Bill countered right back.

"I was just helping out Gail and coming to the party." she replied back.

"Ace, stop what you're doing for a second." Bill told the man who was fucking her very hard.

"Listen Sally, this is my party. If you want to be left here all by yourself as people fuck all around you so be it, but I want you to tell me the truth. You really wanted to get fucked good and hard didn't you? You wanted to step out of your prim and proper church going life to let multiple men have their way with your body? You wanted to be a true slut for once in your conservative life didn't you?"

"I was just helping Gail sort of." she answered back with not too much conviction. You could tell she didn't even believe her own words.

"Ok Sally from now on no one will touch you and we will let you free when the party ends. Gail can bring you back across the street to your boring conservative life. And you can fuck your husband in your normal missionary style with the light off as I suspect you usually do." He told her. I could tell Sally's eyes got real wide even with the mask she was wearing.

"No don't do THAT!" she screamed. "I need it really bad. Tell Ace to keep fucking me hard, I really need this." she begged. Bill just started to laugh.

"Then tell me Sally, why are you here at my sex party?" Bill asked her again. This time the camera was right on her face.

"I want to be fucked by many men and act like a slut. I need Ace's big cock, PLEASE! I am so horny right now. Please don't leave me here by myself!" she said almost pleading to Bill. He just laughed and told Ace to fuck her brains out. Ace never left from behind her. I think he knew she would come around in the end. Ace then redoubled his efforts.

"Now Sally suck my cock until I cum all over your face!" Bill commanded her as he grabbed her hair and started to power fuck her mouth. She was being spit roasted as they say and she loved it, every cock stroking minute of it. "Soon every man here will be sampling your body Sally." he finished saying with a low moan from having Sally suck his cock.

"You know Sally I have watched you for a while now, doing your gardening in the front yard, washing your car, even picking up your newspaper at your front door in your bathrobe; and I always knew you were a slutty whore at heart. I can always tell." Bill told her this as he was becoming short of breath and the camera was shaking a little more than before.

"Yea my slut, here it comes! Keep your mouth open and get ready!" Bill ordered Sally and she did just that. "Oh yes... YES... YES!!!" he screamed out. Bill must have been saving it up because he let loose a huge shot of cum right on her nose and started to spray down her entire face. Bill's camera got it all in glorious color and you could see Sally stick out her tongue in response.

Right after Bill finished Ace pulled out from her pussy, ripped off his condom and started to spray down her ass and lower back. He must have cum a gallon or more. Then what happened next blew me away. Another masked girl came up and started to lick all the cum off Sally's face. "I told you you'd love it here" the woman said to Sally's face. I knew that voice!

For a moment they kissed and then the other woman went to her ass and started to rub Ace's cum all over her back, ass and pussy. It was super sexy and I wanted to pull my cock out right then when I noticed something about the other woman. I saw a small tattoo on the other woman's arm. It was the initials 'W.H." on her upper right arm. I had seen that tattoo hundreds of times because it was my wife's arm. She bent down and licked Ace's cock clean without a second thought.

I sat in my study dumb founded. I tried to convince my mind when Sally mentioned Gail's name earlier in the video that it wasn't MY Gail. I now knew the truth. Gail was fucking other men at Bill's sex parties. My mind had a tough time wrapping itself around that one truth. Gail was a slut for other men!

I looked at the clock on my computer and noticed it was 10:45am. The time just flew by and I needed to get to work in 15 minutes. I did a hard shut off of the computer and raced to get there on time. I wasn't paying attention to where I was driving or anything else around me. My one thought was that Gail was going to Bill's parties. She was being a slut behind my back.

I managed to get to work safely and to this day I am not sure how I did it. Auto pilot I guess. My mind was a million miles away from my work surroundings when I got there, I was in another world. I answered all my work email and after a half hour of just thinking I told my boss I felt sick and went back home. I was thinking that I needed to review the other videos on Bill's site to see if what I was thinking was correct.

I finally made it home and turned on the computer. I started to go through all the videos posted from the first to the last. When I clicked number 14 and found just what I thought I would. This was the video of my wife Gail as the 'Swinger Newbee'. She was strapped into the Y chair and she looked very sexy. I hated to admit it but she looked hot all secured down and ready for anyone to fuck her. She was wearing the garter belt with fish net stockings I bought her for our evening playtime. She looked hot!

Bill was doing the same thing he did with Sally on the earlier video I saw. He held a close up camera in her masked face and started to ask her questions.

"Ok Gail, why are you here today at my sex party?" Bill asked the masked woman on the screen who I really knew was my wife.

"Tammy would hint about your parties and I was curious." she answered back.

"Now come on Gail, why are you really here? Is it because you can fuck strange men without them knowing who you are? Are you bored at home and want some excitement? Doesn't that husband of yours do it for you anymore?" he kept on questioning her.

"No, that's not true, Bobby is awesome in bed, I just wanted to see what it would be like that's all." She again answered back weakly.

"Tammy said she saw you looking at a few couples fucking in the back yard last Friday night. They should have stayed in the house but some people like to have sex outdoors. She even caught you staring through the fence, didn't she?" he questioned her.

"Yes" is all Gail said with a very weak voice, like a kid caught doing something she shouldn't have.

"What you really mean is that you wanted to get sucked and fucked by strangers without the hubby knowing. All the wild sex at our Friday parties made you curious and HOT! You wanted to be a SLUT for other men and the thought makes you excited, well doesn't it?" Bill asked her again.

"Yes it does. But I love my husband. I just wanted to see what your parties were like." Gail answered him back.

"Ok, if you don't want to admit the truth, I will leave you here tied to this bench and no one will touch you. You can just watch and satisfy your curiosity. I will let you lose at the end of the party." Bill told her and you could see her panicked face as he started to back up and leave. I noticed Bill didn't take the camera off her face though.

"Oh please don't do THAT! I am really horny watching all these people having sex. I admit It, I want to be a SLUT and FUCK other people. THERE I SAID IT... I want to get my pussy reamed out royally. Please don't leave me here by myself." Gail was pleading to Bill. I could see how Bill was manipulating the newest member of the sex club.

"Tell me one more time what you really want Gail, and say it loud!" he ordered my wife.

"I WANT TO GET FUCKED REAL HARD BY ALL THESE MEN!" she shouted at him. I heard Bill make a small laugh by the camera microphone and he announced to the whole room that the Swinger Newbee wanted to be fucked.

Men and women were rubbing, sucking and fucking her body everywhere and in every hole before he even walked away. She got what she wanted, and that was to be a sex slave to the whole party. I watched the rest of the tape progress and I lost count on all the people who fucked her once, twice or even three times. The big guy Ace also had a go at her. Bill of course got it all down on tape. She even did some anal.

I was totally mixed up inside. I loved my wife and would do anything for her, but she cheated on me. I had always thought about cheating on her but never did. The fact that she said I was good in bed was nice but the thought she wanted multiple cocks to service her bothered me. I needed to think but just then the phone rang.

"Bobby its Tommy, did you ever hook up on Bill's site yet? I want to look at it with you. I saw your car in the drive way and I have a few hours off from work to eat lunch. I figured you were checking it out right now, you dirty old man!" Tommy said with his usual big laugh.

My mind raced to the video of his wife Sally getting fucked by Ace as well as Bill and his guests. I knew Tommy would kill Bill in an instant if he found out. I decided to lie for the moment.

"Tommy I tried but my computer anti- virus software said the site was corrupted and I shouldn't access it. I don't want my credit card info going out to crooks." I told the disappointed Tommy.

"Shit that figures, well maybe one of the guys from work will be able to do it. They are all nuts anyway if not outright crooks themselves. Thanks for trying anyway. Are we still on for bowling Friday night?" he asked me at the end.

"Tommy you may have to get a sub, because my boss hinted we are working late on a project and every team member was expected to be there. He said no excuses." I told an even more disappointed Tommy.

"Ok Bobby, keep me informed if your plans change but I will get another sub for you right now. Our chances for league champs goes way down when you miss a bowling night though." he countered back to me.

"Sorry Tommy but that's the way the ball rolls sometimes as they say in bowling. Listen I have to go out now but I will call you tomorrow." I told him as I hung up. Lying to Tommy made me feel even worse.

I decided to go for a drive and clear my head. Finally I went to the local watering hole I drink at and ordered a beer. I asked my friend Walter the bartender for some advice. He was smart and usually had good advice. It must be a bartender thing I guess.

"Walter I have a friend whose wife is cheating on him. How would you handle it? He loves her and he thinks she still loves him, but he is not sure anymore." I asked him.

He gave a small chuckle and said with his fingers in quotation marks when he said the word "friend" that it was easy. "Find out what she is doing and with whom. Then sit her down and see what Gail... sorry your 'friend's' wife wants out of the relationship. It takes two as they say." he finished to me. I finished my drink and decided to go home. I knew just what I needed to do and who I needed to talk to. I was going to go see Bill Indick my neighbor and local whore master (that included my wife).

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