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Party Boy


My first all-male threesome took place on a hazy Saturday night. I dressed up as sexy as I could and went out to the gay club. It felt like I was the only Asian, because I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the white people. It was either because of my skin colour or my scantily clad outfit. I wore a pair of white pants with a transluscence that revealed my green thong panties underneath. I wore a green tank top that was cut at the top of the ribcage to show off my sexy six-pack. With matching green lipstick, foundation make-up, and brown contact lenses, I was the most girly guy in the club. My pigtailed hair finished the image.

Needless to say, I got a lot of attention on the dance floor. I had a constant radius of men around me. I danced and shook my cute bubble tush around, making eye contact with whoever looked cute. Various guys would come up behind and start dancing on, but I pushed most of them away. Some guys I danced with briefly, but none of them struck me enough to keep me interested for more than a few minutes. I was there alone and I began to grow bored of the place. A few of my girlfriends were at a "straight" club down the block, and I was tempted to go home, change, and meet them there.

Everything changed, however, when two tall, broad men walked up to me. They were very fashionable with short blond hair. Both of them had well sculpted physiques.

"Hi, sexy," said the blond in the blue collared shirt.

"Hi, guys," I said, smiling and darting my eyes back and forth.

"I'm Terry," said the man in the black t-shirt. "And this is my friend Mike."

Within minutes, I found myself grinding hard on Mike's crotch on the dance floor. He turned me around and I began grinding on his left thigh. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he brought his head down to meet me forehead-to-forehead. Terry had left to buy us drinks. Two minutes later I was drunk from taking six shooters.

"Wanna go check out the VIP?" said Terry. "It's getting kinda boring here."

My eyes lit up. "Oh my god! I've never been to the VIP before!"

Terry and Mike smiled at each other. With both my arms around each of their massive pipes for arms, they led to me to the back room. It was much quieter, with a less audible drone of the club's music. Terry and Mike immediately pulled at my clothes. Before I could even protest, Terry yanked my pants down and Mike slipped off my tank top. They tossed me onto the bed and I found myself in the mirror wearing only a green thong and black platform shoes.

I began giggling with excitement.

"You're just a sexy little Asian bitch, aren't ya?" said Terry.

"A horny little Asian slut, too," said Mike.

My jaw dropped and I covered my mouth in a sarcastic attempt at shock.

Mike crossed his arms and looked down at me. "Do a little dance for us, you little Asian whore."

I felt turned on at them downplaying me as their Asian sex toy. I did a little sexy dance for them in my skinny green thong. I shook my ass up and down on all fours, looking at each of them. I could see Mike's hard cock growing in his gray slacks. Eventually, he broke down and stripped off all his clothes in an impressive four seconds. He struggled with a condom, but finally got it open and onto his cock. I giggled. Meanwhile, Terry undressed a bit more slowly.

Mike grabbed me by the arms and pinned me to the bed. He yanked my thong to the side and entered me fast.

"Like my tight hole, Mikey? Mmmm, I love your big cock."

"Shut up, you're not here to talk," said Mike as he pushed all eight inches into me. "Terry, stick your cock in the bitch's mouth already."

Terry walked over slowly to me and shoved his 9 inch cock into my mouth. All I could do was moan. Mike was getting more intense by the minute. He played with my nipples while he drilled my hole, and that sent a pleasure pulse through my body. Finally, Mike pulled out and I thought it was over.

"Now it's Terry's turn to fuck you, bitch."

I nodded and turned my body towards Terry in the same missionary position. However, Terry shook his head no.

"You're taking it from behind," he said. "Get on all fours. Now."

"Yeah," said Mike. "Give your ass to Terry and take it like an Asian slut should."

Terry was even more relentless, slamming his hard 9 inches into me with a ribbed condom on. Mike had tossed his condom aside and shoved his cock into my mouth. Terry held me by the hips as he continued to slam his cock in my ass while Mike - his cock in my mouth - held my head up by my pigtails

"How are you liking it, Terry?" said Mike.

"This is one good catch, man. Taking it in the hole like a good sport."

Mike smiled as he began to deep throat me. "Fuck yeah. I could've just cum inside the slut, but no, I want this one to really get a good double-team."

I finally gagged and teared from the deep throat job, smudging my mascara. I looked up at Mike, hoping for some sympathy, but he just stuck his cock right back into my mouth.

"Should we give the bitch his little surprise?" said Terry.

Mike nodded. "I think now is a good time."

Terry picked up a nearby remote while still pounding my hole. He turned on a nearby television, showing a shot of the club. Everyone was crowded around a big screen, and to my absolute shock, there I was! I couldn't believe it! They were filming me and showcasing it on their public display! I looked behind me to see the camera. I was outraged. I wanted to take a big bite out of Mike's dick right there and then.

But then I thought about it.

And it absolutely, positively turned me on. Everyone in that club surrounded the screen out of worship, as if watching me fuck was their inspiration. I saw on the TV nearly every guy was touching himself. Two muscular guys fucking a twinky, girly, bubble butt Asian - it was live pornography. I was so glad that my smooth, hairless, and exotic body was being fucked in front of a mass audienced. I was so grateful to be appreciated.

Mike couldn't hold it any longer and splattered his load all over my face. He made me drink some of it. Terry pumped me harder and faster from behind until he felt himself coming soon. He pulled out and yanked off the condom. Mike turned me around and held my face up and my jaw open. Terry unloaded his furious ejaculation on my face and into my mouth, filling my throat with his non-stop barrage of cum.

Mike and Terry got dressed quickly and then headed out the door. Mike turned to me before he left. "Don't go anywhere. Got it?"

I nodded as I licked the cum around my lips.

I watched the television where Mike and Terry were downstairs, and Terry was on the microphone. They shut the music off.

"I just want to thank all you guys for coming out and I hope you enjoyed the live sex show."

A loud roar ensued.

"Now I know all ya'll have been checking out that sexy Asian bitch that showed up tonight. Well, we got a surprise for you."

"The slut is up for grabs," said Mike. "It's first-come, first-serve, gentlemen. If you don't mind sloppy - and I mean REALLY sloppy - seconds, then get on up there to the VIP and get your piece!"

Within seconds, I heard a rumble of feet pounding up the stairs. I took a deep breath, and prepared myself.

The End

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