tagExhibitionist & VoyeurParty By The Lake

Party By The Lake


They arrived in Dave's beat up pick-up, parking behind a bunch of other cars that lined up along side of the road. They could see smoke from the barbecue and heard music mixed with laughter, coming from the big house in front of them. Vanessa grabbed her bag and shut the door to the truck. Dave casually walked around the car over to her, holding his arm out, as he slipped his hand onto her shoulder.

"How many people are going to be here?" Vanessa asked, leaning into him.

"I would say about 30 or more." Dave replied with a fun look in his eyes. "It should be a lot of fun." he smiled, squeezing Vanessa, pulling her in closer.

The house was shaped like a box, going up four stories. Big picture windows were filled with people standing around inside, talking and holding onto their drinks. Approaching the steps to the porch, the door automatically opened. Greeting them at the door, a couple smiled as one shook Dave's hand.

"Come on in guys, our house is yours. The changing rooms are on second floor, down at the end of the hall. Feel free to get comfortable." he said, starting to back out of the way.

Vanessa left a light peck on Dave's cheek. "Thanks!" she smiled, walking past them, headed for the stairs. She took one last glance, turning to look back at Dave, as his friend laughed, and they began to catch up.

Vanessa walked by the kitchen. She noticed a bunch of women standing around the island, snacking on the food left out on serving plates. A sexy woman stood, pulling a shrimp tail from her lips as she laughed at another.

Vanessa smirked to herself, finding her playfulness fun, as she turned and headed towards the stairs.

She arrived at the second floor, almost bumping into the couple that leaned against the wall in the hallway. "Ohh, sorry! I didn't see you guy's there." she said, in shock.

"No problem." the girls soft voice, almost hard to hear as a small giggle soon followed.

Vanessa laughed to herself, continuing to walk until she got to the bathroom door. Glancing up once more, the couple stood with his hand holding her jaw, as he leaned into her. His kiss slow and melting, her back pressed into the wall with her drink dangling from her fingers.

Quickly breaking her glance, Vanessa shut the door to the bathroom. Changing in front of the large mirror, she slipped out of her shorts and tank top, dropping them into her bag.

Suddenly, hearing a woman burst into sudden laughter, Vanessa turned to the open bathroom window. Peaking out, she has a full view of the pool house, hot tub, barbeque and a full bar with stools. Tables and chairs are scattered around the edge of the hot tub, on the large deck below. Off in the distance, a walk way leads down to the lake with two boats and jet ski's parked in their slips. A couple lays on the dock below, warmed by the sun as another couple swims.

Backing away from the window, Vanessa continued to get undressed. Her bikini was a bright yellow, like feathers from a bird. Pulling the bottoms up, she tied it to her hips. She looked at herself in the mirror pleased with what she saw. Her flat tummy belonged to someone ten years younger, and the tight bikini emphasized her mound and her shapely cheeks. She dropped her bra into her bag, as she looped the bikini-top over her head, pulling the cups, over each breast, hooking it behind her back.

She pulled a white, sheer, suit cover from her bag, tying it her waist. Throwing her bag over her shoulder, Vanessa left the bathroom, walking down the hall. Hearing voices, she approached one of the doors. Putting her ear against the shut door, she can tell that the voices are low and muffled. She hears a woman sigh, as if she had been pushed against the wall, followed by a sharp thud. Vanessa smiled, stepping back.

"Hmm, they found a room." she giggled to herself, walking down the hall.

Arriving in the kitchen, Vanessa smiled as one of the ladies looked up. "Everyone is pretty much outside. You're welcome to go anytime or hang out with us. There's plenty of food and stuff to drink." Vanessa's smile becomes deeper with each passing moment as one of the girls does a shot and slams it down onto the counter.

"Got a place for my bag?" Vanessa asked with a smirk, as another girl walks toward her.

"Yea. Here, I'll take you." As Vanessa followed her down the hallway, she noticed how sexy her tight, little butt swayed, overflowing the bikini bottom she was wearing.

The scent of coconut oil filled her nose, while walking behind her. Her suit was barely there not covering a small tattoo, a hummingbird, hiding just next to the line of her thong bikini. Her hair laid flat across her back, covering the tie to her suit.

"All the ladies stuff is in this room." she pointed, slowing down to stop in front of a room, as she pushed the door open.

Some of the bags were on the floor, in chairs or on the bed. "Thanks. It looks like we bring the most stuff." Vanessa laughed, betting that there was no room for the guys.

"Yea. The guys have a bucket near the front door. That's were all there keys are at." she giggled, waiting for her to drop her stuff.

Leaving the room they walk down the hall side by side. "Ready for a drink?" she asked, giving her a wink.

"Oh yeah! I'll take anything blended with a kick!" Vanessa nudged her shoulder.

Walking back into the kitchen, they stood for a few minutes, then Vanessa's long haired companion called out, "This girl wants a little something blended but, with a kick!" the other ladies laughed, as one approached her with what looked like, strawberries blended with ice, in a tall glass.

"This should fit you too a tee!" she smiled, handing it to her.

She took a quick drink. "Mmm. Yeah, perfect!" Vanessa winked at the girls watching her face, knowing that it was very strong.

"Time for some sun." the long haired girl said, standing next to Vanessa, as she pulled her arm toward the sliding glass doors.

Walking out onto the deck, she saw Dave leaning into the bar, talking to the guys. He turned his head catching Vanessa standing there. With a quick look to the guys at the bar and something briefly said, he walked over to her.

"Geezz! What took ya so long?" he said impatiently, like he'd been waiting for hours.

"Just stoppin' off to grab a drink and I was chatting with the girls in the kitchen." Vanessa smiled at him.

"I'm likein' that bikini! Save that just for me?" Dave hissed, waiting for an answer as Vanessa looked off, checking out all the guys hanging around the bar and hot tub.

"Nah, you get to see me anytime. This is fun time." Vanessa replied sarcastically.

He wrapped his arm around her, whispering into her ear. "Guess we're gonna have some fun then." Dave dropped his hand down pinching her on the ass.

"Ooo, you guys have fun now." as the girl next to her, leaves with a chuckle.

"It's time to get into that hot tub, babe." she smirks, patting Dave on the ass, leaving him standing there, as she headed for the hot tub.

Watching Vanessa walk away, Dave casually walked back toward the guys at the bar.

Vanessa leaned down placing her drink next to the tub. Pulling the suit cover from her hips, she dropped it next to her drink. An attractive guy with dark hair and sunglasses leans into his friend, flashing his sexy smile at her from afar. They stood in front of the pool house, drinking their beers. Vanessa smiled, the edges of her mouth curling, as she slipped into the hot tub.

"Pretty hot, huh?" a guy spoke, sitting in the tub across from her, drinking his beer.

"Yup, but, it feels awesome. I've got to get me one of these!" her elbows still holding her, slightly out of the water, the bubbles pooled around her belly button.

He chuckled. "Don't we all!"

Vanessa scooped up her drink, taking a few long sips. Her eyes shifted, looking past his shoulders to see that the guy in the sun glasses was still looking at her. His fingers touched the frames, lifting the lenses as if to change the comfort of them, his glance remained unbroken.

Sitting down further into the tub, her shoulders almost covered, she felt the soothing jets hit the muscles in the middle of her back. Vanessa shut her eyes for a moment, the tension leave her body, as she felt a tap to the shoulder was felt.

"Hey babe. We're gonna go jet skiing. Are you going to hang here?" Dave asked, on a bent knee, looking down at her.

"Yea. I'm just lovin' it here. Have a good time, I'll see ya when you get back in." as Dave leaned down, leaving her with a small kiss.

"Okay. Don't have to much fun!" he teased with a smirk.

"I'll keep her company Dave!" A guy blurted out from across tub.

"Uh huh" Dave laughed, heading down the steps to the dock.

Vanessa stood, her feet flat to the bottom of the tub, looking out over the railing. One of the boats is backing out of its slip as two girls with their drinks, stood in the back of the boat dancing. Vanessa watched for what seems like several minutes and then Dave appeared on the dock.

Grabbing a life vest, he snapped it on as one of the guys sits waiting on his jet ski. Vanessa's drink almost gone, she watched Dave get on his ski, following his friend. Then the sudden sound of the motors and they take off, hitting the gas, jetting after the boat in front of them. Vanessa turned, climbing out of the tub, headed toward the kitchen.

Vanessa pulled the sliding glass door open, slightly peeking in. The girls were all dancing to the music, three of them, lined up shoulder to shoulder. The juice of limes, lemons, and strawberries, were splashed all over the table with shots glasses, lined up in front of them.

"Ready... 1, 2, 3333!" one of the girls yelled, starting the count, and then all at once they toss another round back.

Laughing at the site of it, Vanessa held her drink up. "Hey! You guys got another one of these?" Vanessa said with a raised voice, watching one of the girls, rubbing lime off the side of her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" she said with her thumbs up, as she turns, hitting the blender, pouring her another glass.

"Thanks! These are so awesome!" trading her empty glass for the full one.

Vanessa shut the sliding glass door and headed back over to the hot tub. The man in the dark sunglasses now stood over at the bar. Setting her drink down, Vanessa slipped back into the tub. Shutting her eyes, she felt the jets hit her back, as she sank down into the water. Vanessa moved her shoulders from side to side, letting the bubbles roll and massage over her back. The laugher behind her got louder as one of the guys is heard telling one of his stories, to the others.

Vanessa picks up part of his conversation. "No way! Did she catch you?" one of the guys, questioned him.

Curious but, only half listening, Vanessa opened her eyes, turning around to placing her drink at the edge of the tub. Dipping down into the water, she leaned back getting her hair completely wet. Moving forward, her elbows rested on the cold concrete wall of the hot tub. Her hips pass by the jet of water that poured into the hot tub. With a sudden gasp, the water brushed past her sex, sending a sudden shock through her body.

Vanessa looked around. The girls were still in the kitchen and a few of them on the deck, sitting at tables. The guys, laughed along listening to the guys story, as a couple of girls smiled and walked by her, heading down to the dock.

Another move and her hips pushed forward again, the hot water shooting between her parted legs. Barely able to control her reaction, she placed her head down onto her folded arms, hiding her excitement. Stretched, her legs went out behind her, moving her feet as her arms held her to the edge of the hot tub.

Vanessa brought her head up, looking over toward the kitchen. The guy with the dark sun glasses smiled, slowly walking over to the bar. Leaning toward the bartender, he asked for another beer with his hip resting against the bar stool.

Vanessa can feel her face, heated with steam, rising off her arms. Her breasts are pink from the hot water. She tilts her head, turning it to the side, laying it down onto her arms. With just enough pressure, her hips move forward and she catches her breath once again. The teasing brush of the water causes her sex to pulse with excitement. Looking over her shoulder, bubbles were everywhere, hiding her fun that she'd stumbled upon. A sudden sound, she looked up startled.

"Having a good time?" One of the guys, smiled down at her. Almost out of breath, she begins to answer.


"Ahh, yes. Thank you." her body, almost shuddering.

"You'll melt if you stay in there to long!" he laughed, winking at her.

She stayed far away from the rush of the water, moving her feet, keeps her hips up and away from it.

"You going jet skiing later?" he asked, continuing the conversation, while she tries to focus on his words.

"Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm feelin' pretty lazy today. This tub just feels too good." Vanessa said, grinning up at him. Her mind still wrapped around the sensation of the rushing water.

"Let me know when ya want another drink." his smile deepened, as he stood, walking back over to the bar.

"I got it covered." she replied with a smirk.

The guy's still hovered around the bar, as her mind traveled back to the pleasure that awaited her. Bending her knees, her hips begin to fall toward the rushing water. A tingling surge of pressure rushes through her as the water beats away at her throbbing sex. Vanessa's eyes shut tightly, pretending to swim in one spot.

Pulling back, Vanessa catches her breath. Her need growing stronger and once again her hips drop, seeking the strong pressure of the water. Building up within her, the soft padded core begins a deep ache as Vanessa dropped her head quickly.

Her mouth opens with a quick gasp for air. Her finger finds her teeth, biting down on it, fearing she will moan for everyone to hear. With another thrust towards the water, her sex begins to jolt over and over as her body becomes crippled by her sudden orgasm.

Hanging onto the side of the tub, Vanessa brings her head up, just enough to look around. Her breath slows as two girls come up the path, walking along side the hot tub.

"Hey, we came up to get a tube to float on. Going to come down with us?" one of the girls questions her as she points at the pool house.

Turning, placing her feet at the bottom of the tub, unsure if she could stand, Vanessa smiled back at them.

"Uhh yeah, I'll be down soon. I'm going to get another drink before I do." she said, grabbing the side of the hot tub, keeping her balance, on her weakened legs.

The girls disappeared into the pool house, only to return with tubes for each of them. "We'll see you down there!" one of the girls said as they leave, heading back down to the lake.

Climbing out of the hot tub, Vanessa walked toward to pool house. With a squeak to the door knob, she enters, stepping inside. The smell of coconut and vanilla filled the air once again as she stood looking around the room. Letting go of the door, it swings shut on it's own as she turns to see a hammock, hanging from the wall.

Narrow windows above it are open but, too high to see out of. Letting in just enough light, she can still hear the guys laughing as they continue to talk.

Ski vests are piled high in a chair at one corner with water ski's leaning against the wall beside them. A bunch of extra towels are folded on a rack. Hanging from hangers are swim suits in a closet with no doors. Looking down, the shaggy carpet went between her toes. She looks up, into a large mirror that hung on the wall. Going from the ceiling to the floor, it was wide enough to see two people in it, standing side by side.

Looking at her body, Vanessa began to touch her wet skin. Her hands slide up moving the cups of her bikini off to the side, revealing the hot lines of a sun burn on her breasts, her sharply pointed nipples taking pleasure in their release. Her hands cup around them, cradled by her palms.

A squeak came from the door but, it was too late to cover up, as she stood looking into the mirror.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" his strong voice came from behind her. "It looked really hot from where I was standing." the lust in his voice began to grow, as he slowly appeared in the mirror.

He is standing just a few feet behind her, Vanessa stood there holding her breasts without speaking to him. Taking off his dark sun glasses, he smiled admiring her body.

"Did you think no one would notice?" he slowly walked toward her, dropping his sun glasses on the bench.

Vanessa's body was tense with desire, as he stopped just behind her, looking at her in the mirror over her shoulder. With only inches between them, she stared into his eyes.

"I'll just bet you are so wet right now." his hand came up, tracing down the side of her arm with the back of his fingers.

She felt the goose bumps form over her skin as her heart began to race with excitement.

"Mmm yes, you're just full of fire." He said with a low voice, enjoying her body as it reacted to his touch.

A deep and intense look filled her eyes, as she slowly dropped her hands, resting them at her hips. Vanessa watched his eye's, leaving hers to look at her uncovered breasts. Her nipples hardened, her smile widening with each passing moment.

She took her fingers, grabbing the tie of her bikini. A quick pull and it fell, dropping to the floor.

"You tell me." Vanessa said with a daring and wicked tone, as she widened her stance.

Vanessa placed her hand back at her hip, as his eyes dropped down looking at her wet skin, with beads of water run down over her ass. He looked back up into the mirror, her swollen excitement jumping out of her smooth and glistening folds. He walked slowly around her, standing before her. Staring into his eyes, he begins to kneel. Vanessa looked straight ahead, into the mirror. His hair dark and wet, blocking her view as she waits for his touch.

A long sweep of his tongue makes contact. "Ohh" Vanessa gasped, her stomach heaving suddenly.

Sensing her sensitivity, his tongue becomes like a feather, licking at her liquid fire. Slowly but, purposely, his tongue tortures the hood of her sex. His hand at the top of her thigh, moving toward his mouth as his thumb slides down the inside of her folds, parting them.

"Mmm yesss." Vanessa moaned, as he slid his thumb inside her parted folds. Another moan immediately followed, as he sucked softly with his mouth.

She grabbed a handful of his hair, holding him there. "Mmm, yes you are wet and you taste so good." he said seductively.

Clinching his hair tightly, she pulled his head back, pulled him up to his feet, inches from her mouth. Vanessa licked at his lips, tasting her own excitement on them. Leading him toward her, she backs up straddling one of the benches, his hair tightly held in her fingers.

"Take them off!" she demands, as he quickly pulls his shorts down.

Hardened with excitement, Vanessa gazed at him, pulls him over the bench. Releasing his hair, she pressed his shoulders down.

Sitting on the bench, Vanessa pushed him back. Leaning over him, grabbing the bench with her hands, she crawled on top of him. His hands quickly reach up to grab her hips as she sits down onto him slowly. Her wet blanket of excitement covered him while, as she looked up into the mirror, her body towering over him.

"Mmm yes! Fuck me!" he takes a breath, trying to get her move.

His grip gets tighter as she starts to move quickly, rocking her hips in a wave of motion. Her sex pulling at him with every squeeze as her stomach begins sinking with each gasp of air. Up and down she glides on him, as her finger reaches to play with the hood of her sex.

Her moans come quicker, her voice whimpering as she feels the pressure building.

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