tagLoving WivesParty Extreme Ch. 01

Party Extreme Ch. 01


It was just another e-mail from my boss, Maxine, mixed in with the rest of the e-mails that hit my inbox during that day. I usually glance over the subject headers to pick out the urgent e-mails, dealing with the rest later. This one caught my eye; subject: Party Extreme.

I opened it and read on. It was an invite to my boss's country property for a party, Saturday evening in a few week's time. She went on to explain that it was a great opportunity to mix with a few of my work colleagues, as well as to meet other business associates and start networking. I had only been with the company for three weeks and was still finding my way, so it sounded like a great opportunity. I couldn't help wondering though what Maxine meant by 'Party Extreme'.

Although Maxine's property was only a bit over an hour out of town, she suggested we make a weekend of it and avoid having to rush home early to relieve the baby sitter. Maxine explained she didn't have room to put us up for the night, and suggested a cosy bed and breakfast near by. I checked with my wife, Sarah, that night. Although she wasn't overly enthusiastic about the party, she agreed it would be great to have a weekend away without the kids, and promptly arranged for the kids to stay with my mother in-law. I didn't tell her about the e-mail subject description since I didn't know what was meant by it.

The next day, I went to Maxine's office to accept the invitation. I knew I couldn't turn down her offer.

"Sarah and I will be coming," I accepted. "What do you mean by 'Party Extreme'? Do we need to bring anything?"

"You may find out. It's really up to you," she replied with a sly grin. "Just bring yourselves."

At that point she answered her ringing phone and waved me out of her office.

Maxine is the owner and CEO of a small consultancy firm I recently joined as a senior consultant. She is a magnificent woman who oozes sexuality and power. She has a captivating good looks and an air of authority about her, set off by a strong, smooth, somewhat deep voice for a woman that is welcoming and yet commanding at the same time. She is tall with a beautiful curvaceous figure. She has long auburn hair, framing a long face with a strong jaw line, high cheekbones, a wide mouth with luscious thick lips, her smile revealing a set of perfect white teeth. Her hazel eyes are deceptively soft and accentuated by her long black eyelashes and gold eye shadow. Her neck is long and elegant, rising from a set of broad square shoulders. Her breasts are very generous without being oversized. Her torso tapers to a slim waist with a flat stomach, then swells out over the womanly spread of her hips complemented by a firm rounded behind. Her legs are long and shapely with firm thighs, elegant calves and beautifully manicured feet. All up, for a woman I guess to be in her mid to late forties, Maxine is a stunner who obviously takes great pride and care in her appearance.

It was Maxine who interviewed me for my position. She was dressed in a long tight black skirt, with a tight blouse through which you could just make out the floral lace of her bra where the blouse was stretched over the swell of her breasts. Her nipples produced two obvious bumps protruding from under her bra and blouse. She interviewed me three times before offering me the job. In the first interview I felt somewhat intimidated by her. I couldn't help but feast my eyes upon her face and gorgeous tits. My concentration was continually broken by fantasies about this stunning woman sitting across the table from me. She caught me off guard on a number of occasions, forcing me to ask her to repeat the question. I fantasised about her all the next week before she called me in for my second interview.

In the second interview she gave me a real grilling. I had no time to fantasise as Maxine fired all manner of questions at me. Some of the questions were quite bizarre, baring no relation to job as advertised. I answered as best I could, but started to feel hot and flushed as the interview progressed and the intensity of her questioning increased. Her final question floored me.

"Do you eat Pussy?" she casually asked, staring me in the eye.

I wanted to say the question was completely out of line and none of her business, but as she didn't break her stare all I could answer was, "Yes."

The interview finished and I left feeling somewhat shattered and confused by the whole interview process. I though with hindsight the correct response to the final question was to be firm and remind her it was completely out of line, and totally inappropriate in a professional interview. I thought she was testing me in a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

I was stunned and excited when a week later I was called back for a final interview with Maxine. She told me she was hiring me. There was no opportunity for me to consider the offer. Maxine looked me straight in the eye, and told me to resign from my current employer and start with her in four weeks. Of course, all I could do was to thank her.

The Saturday of the party arrived. My wife, Sarah, wasn't thrilled about going to a party full of people she didn't know, but was pleased to be going away for a weekend without the kids. The party was kicking off late afternoon. We checked into our accommodation, a very comfortable country retreat with a lavish spa bathroom. We both looked forward to a long soak when we returned, which usually led to passionate sex.

We were running late, and arrived at Maxine's property after most of the guests had already arrived. The house was set way back from the road, at the end of a long avenue of poplar trees. The avenue opened out into a large gravel courtyard, most of which was now taken up by prestige cars. I felt a little in-adequate rolling up in the family wagon.

The house was an enormous two-storey affair resembling a country manor. I thought she would have had plenty of room to put us up for the night, but actually preferred the B&B for a little more privacy. The front door was open and we could hear plenty of chatter from inside.

We wandered in to an enormous entrance hall, with three sets of double doors leading off to other parts of the house, and a wide staircase leading to the upstairs section of the house. Maxine was welcoming another couple before she turned to us. I introduced Sarah to Maxine, who complemented my wife on her hair and made her welcome. We were ushered through to the patio and pool area at the back of the house where a large barbecue was in progress.

I would guess there were probably in excess of 100 people milling around, drinking, chatting and enjoying the late afternoon sun. The other guests were of varying ages, although on average they would have been a little older than us. What struck me was how attractive most of these people were. They also had an air of affluence about them. Both Sarah and I couldn't help feeling a little out of place. Whilst we are both attractive and well groomed, we certainly don't see ourselves as affluent or tend to mix in those circles. We wandered over to join up with a few of my work colleagues. During the course of the evening we mingled with quite a number of the guests. They were all very friendly towards Sarah and me, and many seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us. Whilst we both had a good time, neither of us found the party adventurous and were puzzled by Maxine's vague explanation, "You may find out."

Sarah Recalls

By 9:00 PM I was ready to leave. I had met a lot of interesting people, but their names had become a blur now. I had drunk a fair bit although I wasn't drunk, and I was longing for our long soak in the spa back at our accommodation. The crowd had thinned, and we could see Maxine through the hallway saying farewells to guests as they departed through the front door. John's work colleagues had all departed. We were now conversing with people we didn't really know, and probably wouldn't meet again. John doesn't normally like to stay on once the crowd starts to thin, so I suggested it's time to leave, and he agreed. We bade our farewells and made for the front door.

Maxine put on big fuss that we shouldn't go just yet, that she hadn't had a chance to come and talk to us. I squeezed John's hand to confirm we were leaving, as Maxine went on about having a coffee and sobering up for a little, besides the fun part of the evening was yet to begin. John had kept insisting we really must be leaving but wavered at the suggestion of sobering up and agreed to stay a bit longer and have a coffee. I dug my heel into his foot to register my annoyance. I was pissed off he caved in. He didn't need to sober up. We had the chance to leave, but now we were stuck to participate in the fun which no doubt would be turning up the music, and downing more booze. We returned to the patio and chatted politely with another couple a bit younger than us whilst we sipped our coffee.

About half an hour later Maxine came over to us with a tall dark haired, ruggedly handsome man she introduced as Malcolm. Malcolm looked like he belonged in Hollywood adventure movies. Actually, he was awesome. He was probably in his late forties and had that air of worldliness about him. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I straightened up a bit, put on a cheerful face, and thrust my boobs out a little. Maxine explained the remaining guests were staying for the fun part of the evening. They were swingers!

I felt as if my stomach had fallen to the floor. I was horrified and wondered what we were being dragged into. She went on to explain that we had been chosen to stay on. There had been a number of couples asked to the party to be vetted by the members of her swingers club, but we were the only couple deemed suitable. I don't know what their criteria were, but I couldn't help feeling a little flattered, but scared. That feeling quickly gave way to fury, as I knew John must be in on this. He had set me up. There was no way I was going to swing. I enjoyed sex. In-fact I loved it, but at that point I loved it strictly within my marriage. I turned on John, but the look of horror on his face suggested he didn't know what was going on either.

Maxine and Malcolm both picked up on our reactions and explained we were under no obligation to stay, then set about persuading us to at least stay to watch. We could leave at any point, and there was no compulsion to participate. I felt very uneasy about watching a group of about 40 to 50 people taking part in a mass orgy, yet I could feel butterflies starting in my stomach and a few twinges of excitement just thinking about what we might see. I turned to John, who this time was left speechless. He was in an awful situation. How could he say no to his boss, who just happened to be drop dead sexy and had him completely smitten, when she was offering to let him watch her have sex? Before John could answer, Maxine took John's hand, Malcolm took mine, and we were led over to the bar. Malcolm handed us both a Scotch. I don't normally drink Scotch, but a strong drink certainly helped me settle my nerves. We were then led back inside to an enormous lounge room at the back of the house to join the rest of the group as they moved back in to the house. It was a done deal. Without having agreed, we were staying. John looked as nervous as I felt, however I couldn't help a growing feeling of excitement and naughtiness from welling up inside me. I was stepping over a line that should never be crossed, even though I had no intention of participating in any group sex.

A bell started ringing. A tall blond man entered the room ringing the bell announcing it was time to freshen up and get changed. John and I remained behind as the other guests departed for the various bathrooms and the pool house to shower and get changed. About 20 minutes later people started to filter back into the main lounge room. The women were all dressed in revealing lingerie, exotic latex outfits, leather bondage outfits, or naked. A petite girl in her mid twenties was naked except for a collar around her neck and leather cuffs restraining her hands behind her back. She was being led by a man in his late fifties wearing a leather g-string with a zip down the front. Many of the men were wearing a g-string of one type or another. Others wore tight Lycra shorts that accentuated their buns and genitals. Three men entered wearing full dinner suits, Malcolm being one of them. The guests were all gathering in the lounge, quietly chatting, except for the slave girl, who stood silently, eyes downcast, as if waiting for more orders. John and I just sat quietly on the sofa, checking out the outfits.

Eventually Maxine entered the room clad in a latex and Lycra cat-suit that highlighted every curve of her body. The torso of the suit was latex with latex half cups supporting her breasts, which were barely restrained by the Lycra top section of the suit, her large protuberant nipples standing out under the Lycra. I couldn't help but envy her body. Maxine stepped into the centre of the room and was about to speak when she looked over at John and me on the couch. She swiftly came over.

"Sorry guys, you're going to have to strip down too," she curtly told us. "Even if you're just watching you have to be suitably attired."

I was ready to leave.

"I didn't come dressed for this!" I spat at John, loud enough for Maxine to hear.

Maxine hissed, "Quiet."

She turned and called to a young couple to come over to assist.

"Stephanie and Nick will help you out," Maxine said in a gentler tone. "Don't worry, lingerie can look sexy without revealing more than a swimsuit," she soothed, looking me in the eye.

I felt a little better. The last thing I wanted was to parade around in my cotton undies and mismatched bra in front of the exotic and erotic outfits others were wearing. Nor did I desire showing more of my body, to a crowd of strangers, than one would see at the swimming pool.

John Recalls

I thought Sarah was going to cry. There was real venom in Maxine's tone when she hissed to be quiet. As Stephanie and Nick came over to us, Sarah turned to me with a look of daggers.

"I don't like this. I'm only doing it for you so you owe me big time," Sarah spat through gritted teeth.

Stephanie came over, took Sarah by the hand and led her out of the room. Nick motioned for me to follow him out of the room in the other direction. He led me down a long corridor, turned left and entered a massive room with indoor pool, spa and sauna. There were showers over by the sauna.

"Change and shower while I get you something to wear," Nick ordered.

"I'll skip the shower, we're not participating tonight," I replied.

"Yeah right. Just have your shower mate," he affirmed, then walk out of the room.

I sensed Sarah and I were losing out control over our situation. I was totally intrigued by what was to come, so not wanting to cause any trouble that might be reason for us to leave, I complied with Nick's command and showered. I was towelling off when Nick returned.

"Wear this and return to the lounge room," he said as he threw me a small black lycra garment, then turned and left the room before I could say anything.

I picked up the garment, which turned out to be a black Lycra g-string. Somewhat reluctantly I put it on. I had no real option, unless I stormed out, grabbed my wife and left. In fear of Maxine, I had to go through with this now.

I returned to the lounge to find only a handful of guests still there. Malcolm was standing by the fireplace talking to the tall blond man who rang the bell earlier. As I walked over, Malcolm noticed me.

"Is that all they could find you?" he boomed across the room at me.

I shrugged and I'm sure I blushed as I continued over to Malcolm. He introduced me to the tall blond guy, Antonio, who was also dressed in a dinner suit. He was about my age, exceptionally handsome even in my opinion. I felt very self conscious standing there with my buttocks exposed and my cock standing out in the genital hugging lycra, talking to two guys in dinner suits. Sarah was nowhere in sight.

"What's with the suit..." I started to ask Malcolm.

He cut me off, "We,ll wait here for Sarah, then I'll arrange for each of you to be shown around."

Antonio went over to the bar at the end of the room to get us another round of drinks, whilst Malcolm and I just made small talk.

Antonio returned with the drinks just as Sarah walked into the room escorted by Stephanie. Sarah looked sensational. She was dressed in a burgundy satin bustier with suspenders. The bra cups were satin, fringed with lace, with a large vee of lace down the front of her body as far as her navel. She had a matching pair of burgundy panties with a small lace vee in the front panel that just revealed the top of her pubic hair. Sarah wore sheer black lace topped stockings on her long shapely legs, and black high-heeled patent leather stilettos. Despite having had 2 kids and lost a little of her youthful figure, Sarah still has a fine sexy body. She is slim and tall with broad square shoulders. Her breasts are ample and, although they hang a little lower these days; they still have a great shape topped by large perky nipples.

I couldn't help feeling great pride in my sexy wife as she entered the room and walked over to join us. Stephanie hung back a little way from us and patiently waited. She was a cute petite girl I guessed to be in her late twenties to early thirties, with straight shoulder length black hair and a svelte figure clad in near see through bra and g-string and impossibly high platform shoes.

"Wow," exclaimed Malcolm as he admired Sarah approaching us. "John's a lucky man, you're sensational Sarah."

Sarah was blushing but seemed to be relishing Malcolm's compliments.

"Turn around. Let's see all of you," Malcolm commanded.

He turned Sarah around making complementary whistling noises through his teeth. Sarah, whilst still obviously nervous, was starting to look like she was enjoying the experience. She hadn't paraded for strangers in her lingerie before and seemed to relax a little and even enjoy the effect she was having on Malcolm. Her outfit was sexy without being too revealing. Malcolm patted Sarah on her behind and asked why she didn't select a g-string to wear. Sarah just shrugged her shoulders. I knew it was a big step for Sarah to go as far as she had tonight. To be any more revealing was really asking too much of her.

"Sexy, elegant, almost provocative, but not quite enough flesh on show. You get to see more on the beach these days," commented Malcolm as he spun Sarah around again. "John's more in the spirit of things."

"He's hardly got a thing on," Sarah observed.

Without warning Malcolm reached up and pulled down the bra cups of Sarah's bustier. Her tits tumbled free. Sarah tried to reach up and cover her breasts with her hands, but Malcolm grabbed her wrists and held her arms to her sides.

Staring her in the face he said, "You'll see. You'll feel much more comfortable this way."

"Let go of me! How dare you..." Sarah started to protest.

"Relax," Malcolm demanded. "You have great tit's, so let's put them on display. You'll see people of all shapes and sizes here, all sexy in their own way. You're in great shape, so why not flaunt it?"

I was a bit worried that Sarah would storm out as soon as Malcolm let go, but Sarah started to relax again, and when Malcolm released her wrists, Sarah just adjusted the bra cups to fold up more neatly under her breasts.

"That's the spirit," Malcolm praised her.

Malcolm went over to the bar to pour each of us a glass of champagne. I turned to Sarah.

"If your not OK with this then let's go," I whispered.

"Oh what the hell," she replied. "We've come this far, let's see what they get up to here."

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