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Twenty years ago my husband and I welcomed our daughter Maria into the world. Her thick head of beautiful black hair gradually fell out over the next few months but when it grew back in it was luxurious and full. It was always the first thing everyone admired. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle from day one also.

As she grew into adolescence her slim body grew curves not unlike mine. She finished growing at 5'-8" tall and is a slim 34B-22-34.

Maria graduated high school last spring at age 19 and started fall semester at the local state university. She has always been the good girl and received good grades. Her grades haven't changed but the good girl has. She joined a sorority and started going to parties at the frat houses a couple times a week where she has a tendency to drink some even though she is under age.

Her dad and I have talked with her quite a bit about how it is affecting her studies and more importantly her life. She denies that it is anything but fun for a college freshman but her dad and I see things differently. While her grades are still in the A and B range she isn't spending as much time studying. She also has grown a little quieter with sleeping later and not joining in as many family things as she used to. Maria says that she is just growing up and that this is a natural way of becoming her own woman but we aren't so sure.

Her dad and I have discussed this and believe that we have come up with a solution. We presented it to Maria and she and our other two kids have agreed that it will be interesting to see what transpires. The plan that we hope works to curtail our daughter's partying ways goes like this: for the next six weeks, four nights a week, I will drink at least four glasses of wine (just about a full bottle); four beers (which I really don't like) or four mixed drinks made with one full shot or better. I along with the rest of the family will observe how I react to different situations and see how my life changes during the experiment. At the end of six weeks we will hopefully demonstrate to Maria how harmful her drinking and partying really is.

Before I go any further maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Kari and I grew up in a small town and although not a farm girl, enough of my friends were that as I grew up I became familiar with what happened when animals reproduced. When you are around it a lot it just seems natural, but being raised in a devout Christian home we were told that it was something that should be saved for the marriage bed and not shared with anyone other than your husband. Consequently both Craig and I were virgins when we wed. We have learned in the ensuing years and enjoy an active sex life.

As I drank, the first few times went fairly well. The alcohol really didn't affect me as much as I thought although Craig and the kids laughed at my antics while I was drunk. I seemed to get really giggly and amorous and gave Craig some really passionate kisses until he could get me into the bedroom where we had unrestrained sex like we had when we were first married. The kids grew used to this even though they gave us looks and rolled their eyes every time Craig and I headed for the bedroom at the end of one of my nights of drinking.

Maria said that what was happening wasn't a real good test because all I did was drink in private and then go have sex with my husband which was fine with me. She disagreed and wanted to bring me to one of her frat parties. When I protested that I was too old for that she said that I still looked good and would fit right in as one of the older girls. In fact she would introduce me as her older sister if that would make me feel less self conscious. I was reluctant at first but Craig agreed with her. I think he secretly wanted the young studs to lust after his "old lady" while thinking that I was reserved for him only.

The date was set for next Saturday and that's how I found myself choosing clothes from my daughter's closet because nobody would find me attractive in my usual "frumpy" mom clothes. Maria's clothes fit me fairly well although they were a little tight across the bust. I tried to choose something that was a little loose but both Maria and Craig insisted that I wear a tight tube top under an opened button up shirt and a mini skirt that was way shorter than anything I had worn since the kids were born. I was just happy that I had been working out at the gym on a regular basis so that I didn't embarrass myself with a flabby body.

The whole family agreed that I looked anywhere from, "Really good Mom." (the kids) to "I can't wait till you get home. You look so hot." (Craig) So with some trepidation and fear Maria and I set out for the frat party.

I'm not going to say that I wasn't excited to go because I was, but I hoped that I didn't embarrass Maria too much by acting like a mom. I guess that I didn't have a thing to fear because I had forgotten how accepting young college guys were when they meet a new, sexy woman dressed as I was. All they saw was someone to get drunk and into bed.

We were hardly in the door before we were offered a glass of beer which Maria and I accepted. We decided to stay together so we could keep an eye on one another and out of trouble (my getting horny when drunk).

As I sipped my beer and started talking with Maria's friends I could start to feel the effects of the beer on my libido. I soon found myself with another beer and wondered what had happened to my first one. As I drank my second one (they started to taste better the more I drank) I started to flirt with a couple of the guys. Eventually I was somehow separated from Maria and found myself alone in the kitchen with John and Mario. We talked about the usual stuff that college students talk about, classes, majors, who had the best parties and other similar stuff. For some reason we were left alone but I didn't realize it at the time. Eventually John asked if he could kiss me and with my libido going strong because of the alcohol I consented. I thought that because I was happily married and so mature I could control what happened. Boy was I wrong!

John was a really good kisser and when he extended his tongue I resisted at first but the alcohol took over and I opened my mouth to his invading tongue. We must have kissed for a couple of minutes and when we came up for air I could feel my panties getting wet. I looked John in the eyes and said, "I haven't been kissed like that in a long time." When Mario heard that he asked for his turn. I couldn't turn him down after I had just kissed John so I took another swallow of my beer and turned to him. Mario took the beer from me setting it on the counter, turned me to him, put his arms around me and started kissing me. This time I was so turned on I opened my mouth first and he quickly started wrestling his tongue with mine. As the kiss deepened I felt his hands move down to caress my bottom and I didn't stop him. I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or the fact that both these "kids" could kiss so well that I didn't protest. As my kiss with Mario ended, his hand stayed on my bottom, John handed me another beer which I downed quickly because the kissing had left my mouth dry as I realized what I was doing. John looked at me and said that it was his turn again even though I protested that we had gone far enough. He insisted that Mario had felt my ass, in fact his hand was still there, and he felt he deserved the same treatment. I said, "Ok, but no farther." When he agreed I turned to John and pushed my lips to his opening my mouth immediately for his tongue. His hands moved to my bottom and as the kiss deepened I felt Mario's hands move up my sides and around to cup my breasts. My panties were so wet and my nipples so hard all I could do was moan into John's mouth as my passion climbed.

Suddenly the door to the kitchen opened and Maria entered loudly exclaiming, "What are you doing with my sister?" Mario quickly pulled his hands away and John backed up protesting that they weren't doing anything that I didn't want to do. I looked at Maria and realized what I was doing with these two college men. A flush of embarrassment filled my face as I faced my daughter; caught with my hands in the cookie jar so to speak.

Both John and Mario quickly apologized and rushed out of the kitchen before Maria could say more. She turned to me and gave me a look like what do you think you were doing? "Kari, don't you realize that those two are the two best guys at putting the move on the new girl. They have teamed up to get more girls into bed than any other guys on campus. Once they get you alone you are almost guaranteed to wind up in bed with one if not both of them. How could you cheat on Dad like that?"

Her words struck home and a feeling of shame and guilt swept over me. "You aren't going to tell your father are you?"

"Not if you have learned your lesson that you can't be trusted with alcohol and guys."

I quickly agreed and we stayed together the rest of the night as I drank only water.

When we got home Craig was waiting for us and asked how it had gone. Maria said that everything was fine and that she was going to bed. Craig looked at me and I glanced at Maria and said that things had gone as expected. Craig looked from Maria to me and thought that something was up but decided to let it go for tonight.

As soon as we got upstairs and started to get undressed I realized that my panties were still wet. I looked at Craig, walked over and gave him a passionate kiss like I had John and Mario earlier that night. Craig eventually pulled back and said, "Alright, tell me exactly what happened. You didn't get this way just from a few beers."

I looked down in embarrassment and started to tell my husband about ending up with John and Mario in the kitchen; the kissing, and rubbing my bottom and quick mauling of my breasts. Of how Maria had entered and broke up what was going on and how I don't know where I would have stopped if she hadn't entered at that moment.

I looked at Craig expecting to see condemnation and disgust but instead saw excitement and passion. He put his hands down my panties and felt how wet I was. As if by magic we soon were on the bed removing each other's clothes. As Craig moved down from kissing me to suck on my hard nipples a mini orgasm swept over me. He looked up at me and said. "That's never happened before."

I grabbed his arms and pulled him up and said, "Fuck me hard and quick! I can't wait any longer." He entered me and bottomed out with one hard thrust as I moaned in passion. On his second stroke an orgasm swept over me that continued until Craig came deep in my pussy. He collapsed on me and we lay there as we both came down from the hardest orgasms of our lives. Craig finally rolled off me and we stared at one another wondering what was happening and where it was headed.

After that night, life pretty much returned to normal. I gave up my drinking ways except for the occasional glass of wine with dinner but didn't go back to the drunken nights of passion I had experienced recently. Maria never mentioned what had happened at the frat party and I sure didn't want to be reminded what had happened.

It was a couple of months later that Craig and I were just walking around the mall window shopping and just enjoying be with each other when we passed a Victoria's Secret store. I glanced in and saw Mario and John from the party looking at some of the displays. I kind of missed a step which Craig noticed right away. He pulled me aside and asked what was wrong. I explained who I had seen in the store and he of course wanted to see the guys that had gotten me so worked up at the party.

I was mortified at the thought of him meeting them and told him so. He told me to go into the store and pretend that I was alone and he would watch from outside. He told me, "I want you to get worked up like you did that night. It was so hot when you were so turned on and wet for me."

I reminded him, "I haven't had anything to drink so I don't think I'll get as horny as I did that night."

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to just go in and say hello. Just don't mention me. We want them to continue to think that you are Maria's sister and not her mother."

I reluctantly agreed and leaving Craig behind I walked into the store and started browsing like I was just out shopping. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mario poke John and nod towards me. I read his lips as he said, "Let's go get her now that her sister isn't here to interrupt us."

Seeing that, I turned as if to go and was stopped as Mario stepped in front of me. He gave me a quick once over and said, "Leaving so soon? We were hoping that we could help you find something really sexy to wear for us." I quickly looked for Craig but he was ignoring me and looked like he wanted to see where this would lead.

Thinking to put Craig in his place and hoping that he would step in I said, "I'd be happy for a gentleman's opinion." Hooking my arm with his I turned and walked over to the really sexy stuff. As we were walking I could feel his elbow push against the side of my breast. For some reason that turned me on a lot and I could feel myself getting excited. John met us there and pulled a black sheer bra from the rack and said that I'd look really good in it. I looked at him and asked him if they would like to see me wear it. I could see the excitement in their eyes as they both nodded yes.

Looking around as if to see who else was in the store and seeing Craig just observing I invited the boys back to the fitting rooms so I could try it on. I really don't know what I was thinking. All I know is that I was getting so turned on that my pussy was getting wet. Stepping behind the curtain I took off my shirt and bra and put the new bra on. I looked in the mirror and realized that the bra was so sheer that the boys would see my hard nipples and my whole breast if I dared open the curtain. Remembering the feelings I had at the frat party and the fantastic sex Craig and I had that night I peeked around the curtain. Seeing the looks of anticipation on John's and Mario's face I quietly pushed the curtain open and stood there in the doorway as the boys almost drooled seeing me in that sheer bra.

They quickly moved over by me and asked if they could "feel how well it fit." I wondered if I should or even could cross that line. After all, Craig is the only one to ever really see my tits and until the party he was the only one to ever feel them. I quickly glanced around and seeing Craig not stepping in I said, "I really want an expert's opinion and from what Maria tells me you two are experts on tits. Just don't get us thrown out of the store."

John reached for my left boob and Mario for my right. As their hands enveloped my bra encased tits I couldn't stop the quiet moan that escaped. They both expertly fondled me, rubbing and pinching my hardened nipples until I almost came.

With my eyes closed I didn't notice the sales clerk as she came up behind the boys. "What do you guys think you are doing? You both know you can't do that in here."

Mario looked around and said, "Hi Steph. You know that you're just jealous that it isn't you we're playing with."

Stephanie agreed and then said, "At least get behind the curtain so none of the customers see you. I'll come back and give you a warning if anybody comes near."

Quickly moving us into the changing booth and closing the curtain the boys resumed where they had been before being interrupted. John quietly looked at Mario and said, "The bra fits very well and her tits feel wonderful." I swelled with pride at the complement as Mario reached behind me and expertly unhooked my bra. Realizing where this was going I started to protest but it died in my throat as John slipped his hand inside the cup and started pinching my nipple without the bra getting in the way. It felt so wonderful I didn't want them to stop. Mario slipped the bra off my shoulders and bent down to capture my other nipple with his lips. I moaned my pleasure as I climbed towards a mini orgasm. As he snap on my jeans popped open and my zipper started to come down I realized that I was about to give these guys something that only my husband had claim to and stepped back. Looking at them I said, "This has gone far enough. We're in a public store for God's sake. I don't want to get arrested and have to call Maria to bail me out." That seemed to get their attention and they apologized. Getting an impish grin on his face John asked if I was going to be at the party that Friday. I knew that I had to give them something or they would start right in again and I didn't know if I could stop them this time. "I'll see if Maria is going and if she is I'll be there." They knew that Maria would be there so they grinned and quickly kissed me goodbye giving my bare titties a quick squeeze as they slipped out of the changing booth.

As I dressed I wondered where Craig was. I had expected him to protect his property and throw both John and Mario out on their ears. As I pushed the curtain back I looked for Craig and saw him sitting on the bench in the mall. I walked over and put the bra back telling a smirking Stephanie that I didn't want the bra. I walked out and met Craig as he started walking away keeping up the illusion that I was shopping by myself and not with the "old guy".

We walked down the mall each with our own thoughts. I wondered if we were through because I couldn't seem to control myself and I couldn't even blame the alcohol this time. I kept glancing over at Craig wondering what he was thinking. Even after so many years together this was so far outside my realm of experience I didn't know what was going to happen or even where to start the discussion.

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