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Party Hard


"Hey Ben, you ready yet? C'mon! The girls are waiting!"

Ben tried for the fifth time to get his hair to stay the way he wanted it, finally giving up as his room mate shouted at him from down the hall.

"Fine, Jack, I'm ready. Are we taking my car or yours?"

"Are you planning to get blitzed tonight?"

"Not particularly."

"Well, I am, so let's take you car."

They piled into Ben's Ford Taurus and pulled out from the apartment complex's parking lot onto 7th street. Frank had been invited to a big Halloween party in town, and decided that Ben would enjoy going along. Whatever Ben had thought of the matter eventually didn't matter, as he finally agreed to go just to get Frank of his back.

"Are we getting Christy first, or Megan?"

"Well, Megan lives a few blocks from where this party's supposed to be, so we'll get Christy first."

Ben fiddled with the car radio, trying to find a station that was playing some kind of music he could stand listening to, finally deciding to leave it in Frank's capable hands.


Alex grunted, gasping desperately for air as the toned, muscular legs wrapped around his waist squeezed tighter on him, further preventing his escape.

Not that he wanted to escape from this wonderful, delicious, most pleasurable place his cock had ever been in as his grunts and gasps were muted by the feminine lips that covered his mouth, the long tongue sliding down his throat, cutting off his airflow even as her tail made it's first appearance, working it's way up from between their legs, pressing against the ring of his asshole.

Alex's eyes widened as he began to slowly realize, far too late, that something was wrong. Even as he considered trying to escape, the tip of her tail oozed out lubricating fluid, allowing it to slide in past his defenses, pushing up against the lump of his prostate as he began to experience the effects of asphyxiation. Even so, his hips continued pumping desperately in her pussy, her expert muscles milking him for every last thing he was worth. His climax, his final climax, exploded in his head, causing all conscious thought to disintegrate as he pumped his seed into her womb, his life force being absorbed by her body even as his last attempts to scream were muffled by the tongue blocking his throat.

The woman relaxed her legs, kicking the husk that used to be a virile nineteen year old boy off of her before looking over at her mate.

"How was your meal, darling?"

"Oh, it was wonderful. I love Mexican food. I trust you enjoyed yourself, Fererro?"

In response, her mate looked down at the pile of ashes that used to be the lovely girlfriend of the late Alex. She had been consumed by the fires of climax several minutes earlier, though she had been enjoying a passionate fuck with Fererro for a while before Sheanna had entered the bedroom with Alex. Each victim had been far too engrossed in their own fun to even realize the other was getting it on in the same bed!

Fererro looked thoughtfully at his lover as she glowed with the energy of her recent feeding.

"Feel like going to a party tonight?"


They had to park two blocks from the frat house, what with all the parties going on that night. They walked two by two, Jack with Megan, Ben with Christy.

"So, how long have you and Ben been dating, Christy?"

Christy glanced up at the petite, well endowed blonde for a moment before answering, trying to decide what she thought of her.

"About six months now. How about you and Jack?"

Megan looked over her shoulder as she sized up the short brunette walking behind her. The baggy white t-shirt made it difficult to determine much about her body, though the knee-length skirt did show that the girl was gifted with a set of wide hips. Complete with a pair of glasses, the girl looked like she was some sort of bookworm wallflower type.

"Little over three months. Hey, here we are."

A guy in a polo shirt who looked like he bench pressed Volkswagens as a hobby took five dollars from each of them, marking the back of each person's hand with a rubber stamp before letting them in.

"Hey, Megan, why don't you and Christy find us a place to sit down for a minute while Ben and I go get drinks?"

"No problem," perked Megan, "come find us when you have our drinks."

Not three seconds passed after Jack and Ben wandered out of sight before Megan and Christy found themselves face to pectoral with one of the most gorgeous guys they had ever seen in their lives. Bronze skin, muscles that were toned without being bulky, short luscious curly dark brown hair, and a pair of eyes so dark a shade of brown that they almost seemed black. And those eyes were looking down at two girls who had just been stopped in their tracks.

"Pardon me, but I seem to have found myself with an extra drink, would either of you like to have it?" The man held out a red plastic cup full of a dark reddish drink and smiled.

"Uhm... who are you?" Christy immediately wanted to cover her face after saying that. Of all the ways she could have asked that... why did she ask like that? She never could think of anything good to say when she got unsettled.

"The name's Fererro. And you lovely ladies are?" His smile made them want to be putty in his hands.

"Megan! I'm Megan. Oh, and this is Christy." Megan moved to place herself between Christy and Fererro, taking the offered drink and sipping it as she smiled back at him. Christy, for her part, stood there uncomfortably for a short time while Megan and this strange new man chatted back and forth, becoming very friendly with each other. Suddenly Megan and Fererro began to walk off together. Christy grabbed Megan's arm, earning a rather annoyed flushed look from Megan.

"Hey! Where are you going? Aren't we supposed to wait for the guys?"

"We're just going to talk for a minute, I'll be right back!"


Before Megan knew it, she and Fererro were in a dark bedroom, where the sounds of the party were just a dull incoherent rumble outside. She took another sip of her drink, feeling her pulse quicken, her breath deepen. Fererro said something and smiled, she smiled back. She had no idea what he was saying, and frankly didn't care anymore. Her drink was gone now, sitting on a dresser nearby as they kissed, their tongues intertwined as her passion began to overwhelm her.

His shirt was gone, revealing his amazing pecs, at some point, she had lost her blouse, and her bra soon joined it on the floor as he took one breast, then the other into his mouth, lavishing the nipples with his tongue and suckling hungrily. She was tearing off her miniskirt now, desperate to get the constricting clothing off of her so she could breathe. His pants were now on the floor, his magnificent lance in her hands, as she gently stroked up and down on it.

She was against the wall, impaled on his wonderful spear, hoisted up in the air on it as her sopping wet pussy hungrily slid down on it, the lubricating fluids allowing gravity to do the work for them. The petite blonde felt as if she was going to be split in half by the beautiful cock in her. She moaned with joy as she felt it sliding in and out of her, every vein and bump on the organ squeezing its way past every nerve ending in her vagina.

Pumping in and out, faster and faster, Fererro was like some kind of unstoppable piston engine, pounding again and again in her like a machine. She felt a warm feeling inside her nether regions begin to grow, becoming hotter, more intense, so incredibly hot, like she was burning up. Steam was coming off of her vagina as he thrusted faster and faster, but she was too far gone to notice or care. They reached their climax together, his molten seed filling her womb as her orgasmic cry of pleasure suddenly turned into one of panicked fright before she was forever silenced by the flames which engulfed her and reduced her to a pile of ashes within seconds.


Jack and Ben searched around the party in search of the girls for several minutes before they came across Christy standing alone in a corner.

"Hey, Christy, do you know where Megan went?" Megan straightened her glasses, her skin slightly flushed as she looked at Jack for a moment.

"She ran into a friend of hers, she said she'd be right back." She blinked, wondering why she said that. Christy should have told Jack that Megan had looked about ready to jump that guy's bones, but it was in her nature to not want to get someone in trouble.

"Oh, OK then. How's the party so far?" Jack looked around, wondering if he'd even be able to see the short blonde in this party before he was close enough to step on her. Ben glanced down sheepishly at his near-empty drink cup.

"Wow, I need to learn to pace myself. I'm gonna go find a bathroom; I'll be right back, OK hon?" Christy nodded silently before Ben wandered off down a side hallway to look for the restroom.

Ben hadn't made it five feet down the hall before he was stopped dead in his tracks by one of the most gorgeous redheads he'd ever seen in his life. The low-cut tank top and high-hemmed pleated skirt revealed a woman with toned muscles, flawless fair skin sprinkled with freckles, wide hips, the tastiest set of jugs he'd ever laid eyes on, and a pair of eyes that were a shade of brown so dark they were almost black.

"Hey there, Big Boy, looking for something?"

"Uhm... uhh... not really. Hi. My name's Ben." He wanted to slap himself in the forehead. That was a REAL smooth line, there. Yeah, she's gonna want to be ALL over you now. It's a wonder you manage to meet girls at all.

"Well Ben, my name's Sheanna. Hey, you want to find some place quieter to talk?"

"Uhh... sure!"


Ben found himself in a dark bedroom, where the sounds of the party were a dull incoherent rumble outside, face to face with this gorgeous vixen. They chatted about everything, they chatted about nothing. Ben wouldn't be able to remember anything that they said if you held a gun to his head.

His heart was pounding in his chest, his lungs pumping air faster and faster, as if he were about to run a race. He found his cock had become quite hard, and was becoming uncomfortable as it strained against his pant leg, restrained from rising to its full glory. Before he knew what was happening, his lips and her lips were intertwined, her tongue almost seeming to coil around his tongue as they kissed.

Ben's shirt was on the floor, his pants soon joining it there. Sheanna's top was gone, her beautiful twin pendulous breasts being thrust in his face as she gently stroked his cock with one hand while the other guided him onto a teat where he began to suckle hungrily.

Much to his pleasure and surprise, steaming hot delicious milk was squirting into his mouth, the tastiest, most satisfying milk he had ever tasted, like nothing else he knew. While she held him to her bosom, he sucked and sucked, beginning to bite harder and harder on her nipple as he demanded more and more of the wonderful hot milk. She pulled him off of her with a grunt, only to pull him down onto the other breast, where he pulled and bit, while pinching and squeezing the other nipple, causing excess milk to spill all over their bodies, coating them in the slippery white stuff.

Once again Ben was pulled off of those wonderful breasts, and before he could protest, Sheanna was on her knees, squeezing her own nipples and squirting milk all over his cock before squeezing her breasts together around his slippery dick. Ben began thrusting back and forth, shuddering at the feel of her tongue on his cockhead every time he came to the end of his forward thrust. Though he didn't know it, the milk he had consumed was already doing its job, changing him, removing the kinder gentler parts of his personality and leaving it with a cruel, lusting hunger for depravity.

"Yeah, you like that? You whore? You dirty little cockwhore?" The words coming out of his mouth were like nothing Ben had ever said to a woman, as his stiff member thrust back and forth between the twin freckled breasts, which even then were still spurting out hot milk, further coating his cock and her breasts in the slippery stuff. He grabbed her hair, pulling her down onto his cock before shoving it into her throat. Her gagging sound was followed soon after by a moan as he thrust his manhood in and out of her throat, unaware that the bedroom door was ajar, and that he had an audience.


"Ben's been gone a while, I'm going to go see if he's on his way back yet, OK?" Christy began to make her way down the hallway even before Jack could nod. As she traveled down the hallway, making her way between different groups of conversing partygoers, she heart Ben's voice coming from a slightly-open bedroom door. Nothing could prepare her for what she saw.

There was Ben, titfucking some redheaded skank that Christy had never seen before. And she was lactating? What the fuck was going on here? She continued to watch, rooted in place, as Ben grabbed the woman's hair and forced his cock into her mouth, fucking her face back and forth as her tits swung back and forth with the motion of the face fucking, still dripping with hot milk.

After a while, it seemed that Ben was ready for more, roughly spinning the redhead around before ripping her pleated skirt away to reveal her succulent round butt. For his part, Ben just pushed his cockhead against her asshole and drove in with a growl, ignoring the cries of pain coming from the redhead as he grabbed her wide hips and plowed on in, his cock greased up by her spit and her milk.

It soon became apparent that the cries were not entirely due to the pain, as she was also moaning, shouting words of encouragement at her lover.


"You like that, you dirty slut? You asswhore? Take this fucking cock!" Ben reached around, fondling and squeezing Sheanna's breasts, causing still more milk to squirt out onto the floor. He pushed her face down into the carpet to lick and suck it up.

Christy had run off crying, just in time to miss seeing Ben lift Sheanna's upper body off the floor as he approached his climax. She twisted around, squirting milk all over the room as she kissed him, her tongue slithering its way town his throat as her now-revealed tail wrapped around his waist and pushed its way into his rectum, triggering his final climax while he buried his cock to the hilt in her ass, filling it with his seed.


Christy ran headlong into that same set of pecs she and Megan had met 45 minutes ago. She looked up to see Fererro grinning down at her, that smile turning her insides to warm butter. When he saw her tears, he took on a look of concern and took her chin in his hand.

"What's the matter?"

"Just saw my boyfriend fooling around with some skank. I don't want to talk about it. What the HELL was going on in there?" She didn't notice Fererro slipping a hand around her waist and guiding her back down the hall to the same room.

Before she knew it, Christy was in a dark bedroom, the sounds of the party a dull rumble outside, but the room they were in now was filled with the smells of sex. She didn't want to be here, she hated this room, why were her panties getting soaked?

Her nipples hardened and her hart began jumping around in her chest like a five year old hopped up on pixie sticks. Her breathing was in quick gasps, her skin flushed a deep red. Her shirt was on the floor.

"Wait... what's going on? No... please..." Christy moaned as she felt Fererro's expert tongue treating one of her small breasts to the best licking they'd ever gotten. His hands rubbing up and down her back, from the backs of her shoulders down to the flare of her hips. While she lacked Megan's hardened abs and full breasts, her body had just the right amount of plumpness to give her a "cuddleable" quality that Fererro was more than happy to corrupt.

"I don't want to... what are you... no.. not there... oh yesss... please stop... mooore..." Her emotions were a muddled collision of confused signals, her initial desire to get out of there, her rapidly increasing arousal, not helped at all by Fererro's skilled and unusually long tongue working its way around in her nether regions, hitting every sweet spot she didn't know she had. Her protests became weaker and weaker, as her willpower crumbled like so many sand castles before a tidal wave of lust.

"No... please... I gumphh--" Whatever she was about to say was cut off as Fererro's lance dove down through her mouth and into her throat in one smooth motion. Goodness, she thought, that thing is huge! It had to easily be a foot or more in length, and a solid three or four inches in girth, and it was all being slid down her throat while she waved her arms about helplessly and her cunt gushed with juices.

As his spear thrust in and out of her throat, his tongue worked its magic inside her... no wait.. that couldn't be right... if Fererro was standing in front of her, then who was down... as she reached down to feel who was below her, Christy's hands closed around two large breasts, covered with a slick liquid, oozing out more in response to the pressure from Christi's hands.

The bitch! That dirty cunt stole her boyfriend, and now she's... Christy's climax hit her like a freight train loaded with bricks falling out of the sky, and Fererro peaked simultaneously, his molten seed pouring down Christy's throat into her gullet. At the same time, Sheanna sucked Christy's life force into her own body, the void quickly being filled by Fererro's molten lust.

"Go now, and enjoy your last moments," cackled Sheanna as Christy pulled herself free of the two demons, grabbing her shirt and pulling it on before running out the door into the hallway.

Christy found that she was still uncontrollably horny, and looked around desperately for someone to help relieve the pressure building up inside her. Her scent reached out and grabbed the attention of every male nearby, filling them with an unequalled lust and a need to fuck this girl.

Christy's thoughts were still filled with turmoil, she had no idea what was going on, or why she was so aroused. She felt ashamed of what happened in the bedroom, and ran towards the living room to find Jack and get out of there.

Jack was leaning against the wall, sipping his drink when Christy ran into the living room, her clothes in disarray and her hair and makeup all messed up. She took one look at him, and he had to fuck her, his cock now at full attention. Wordlessly, she grabbed his arm and pulled him back down the hallway, heading towards one of the bedrooms but only making it halfway down the hallway before she was dragged to the ground by Jack and the other guy, who ripped their clothes off and quickly tore hers away too, even as she moaned her protests.

"What's going on?" thought Christy, as her skirt was ripped away by Jack and some guy she didn't know shoved his cock into her mouth. "What am I doing here? I've got to get out of here! This is wrong!"

Her thoughts were no longer connected to her body or her actions, as Jack's staff pushed at her virginal opening momentarily before he grabbed her hips and yanked her back onto him, ripping her maidenhead apart and filling her cunt with cock for the first time. Her pussy pumped out more fluids, her hips gyrated around and around as she countered every thrust of Jack's, their groins pounding together with the force of their fucking while she moaned hungrily around the cock that was fucking her throat.

"No! Why am I doing this? I've got to stop! I'm being such a whore! Please stop!" None of Christy's thoughts came even close to being vocalized as Jack merely held onto her plump hips tighter as he plowed into her again and again. The man in her mouth pulled out to let another shove his dick down her throat while a crowd gathered around. She felt Jack pulling his cock out of her pussy, as if in answer to her unspoken pleas.

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