tagFetishParty Mom Ch. 02

Party Mom Ch. 02


I woke up on the lawn outside the hot tub. Everyone else was gone. I guess I had climbed out of it at some point during the night, but I couldn't even remember. It took me awhile to reconstruct the day before. Sonny and Josh, my mom, everything. Sonny, sitting on my cock while Josh fucked my mom upstairs... Oh, but she had left, gone with Josh to fuck my mom too...

I didn't want to think about my mom's behavior; it creeped me out. She had sucked cock, been fondled, and then fucked two kids her son's age, wow! My mom was a complete whore. When I thought of Sonny, however, my cock began to twitch. Her big tits had been pressed right into my face. I had jerked my cock while staring at her in a bikini. I had heard her squeal and moan in pleasure as Josh fucked her brains out (my mom helping too, disturbingly). Damn mom, getting the pussy I had only dreamed of. Oh well.

I tried to stand up but fell back down immediately. My pants were around my ankles, I realized, my waist completely naked in the open air. I had fallen asleep masturbating, and I guess I stayed that way all night. I hoped none of the neighbors had passed by to see my dick hanging out right in public.

I scurried my pants back on and walked towards the house. As I approached the pool and the house, I smelled something really great. Someone was cooking in the kitchen.

I opened the door and saw my mom standing over the stove. She looked up and smiled hello to me. I didn't want to look at her after everything that had happened yesterday, but she called my name.

"Chad!" she yelled, "How'd you sleep?"

She was wearing a pair of jeans she had borrowed from Josh, but they were unzipped and unbuttoned, showing her panties out of the front. The jeans were skinny, way too small on Josh (which is why he gave them to my mom) so they hugged her butt irregularly, showing the size of firmness of her behind. Above that was, well, nothing. My mom's tan abdomen and firm tits were hanging out freely as she cooked bacon and eggs over the stove.

Even worse than this, however, was the state of her face. Her mouth and the area around her mouth were sticky with dried cum, which was also bunched up in her hair and on her shoulders. Much of the wet fluid could have been from Sonny, for all I knew. My mom looked like she had been dipped through a donut glazer.

I tried not to stare as I sat down at the table. I was really hung over, and I was surprised that my mom could be so cheery so early in the morning. I looked at a clock on the wall and realized it was nearly two in the afternoon already. I guess I had been asleep for a while.

I heard steps on the stairs and Sonny came through the door. She was wearing a long t-shirt that came down just past her waist, like a short short dress. Her hair was pushed to the side and she was smiling widely.

"Hey sexy," she said, and I looked up at her eyes. She was talking to my mom. She reached from behind her at the stove and slipped one hand down the back of my mom's pants and another around the side. She squeezed a tit and a cheek, enjoying the firm flesh of both.

"Ha, good morning," my mom said, letting Sonny kiss her neck.

Sonny came over at sat at the table with me. My mom stayed at the stove.

"You're still here?" Sonny asked, "Well, I guess you can't leave unless someone drives you."

I didn't know what to say.

"We had a great time last night," Sonny added, "You should've joined us."

"Gross!" I said, looking over my shoulder at my mother. I leaned over and said in a hushed whisper: "She's my mom, for god's sake!"

Sonny just laughed.

"So?" she said, "She's a fine sexy woman. Seriously. Look at those tits. I mean, what a sexy bitch! She's cooking me breakfast topless. Your mom is practically made of sex."

As if beckoned, my mom came over to the table and scooped bacon and eggs onto plates for each of us. Sonny took this opportunity to scoop some more of my mom's dangling tits.

"Give me a kiss," Sonny said, and my mom obediently leaned over and tongued Sonny deeply. Sonny fondled her breasts as they embraced.

"Now let's have some pancakes too, you little bitch," Sonny said playfully to her, slapping my mom's ass as she turned around to head back to the stove.

"Josh is asleep," Sonny told me, "He's really tired after last night. He should be, seeing as he was able to juggle the two of us all night long."

My mom opened the fridge to get eggs and milk for pancakes, and when she closed the door her nipples were cold and hard.

We ate the eggs and bacon, and eventually my mom came to the table with pancakes and sat down with us.

"So," my mom said, putting her arms down on the table and smiling, "I've had a really great time."

"Me too, babe," Sonny said, eating.

"I was thinking," my mom said, "that because Josh had this party, I should have a party for him and whoever you want to invite tonight."

I looked at my mom, but she was smiling at Sonny.

"Sounds hot," Sonny said, smirking back at my mom.

"Good," my mom said, "I just have to get some stuff to be ready. Why don't we all take my car, you can drop me off at the mall, then you and Chad can head back to my place and hang out until Josh comes and picks me up and brings me back home for the party, okay? That sound alright?"

"Sure," Sonny said, "Should be fun."

"Great," my mom said, "I'll just go gather my clothes and clean up and then we can go. I'll text Josh to tell him what's going on, I wouldn't want to wake him." She giggled.

My mom headed for the bedroom, and Sonny stared as her ass swayed as she walked out of the room.

"Fuck, your mom is hot, Chad." I squirmed in my seat.

"And she eats pussy like a champ. She was incredible last night. I shoved her head right down between my legs and she just made magic happen. By the end of it, her face was dripping wet, but hey, that's what happens. I was surprised she could even breathe, seeing as how hard I shoved her head into my crotch."

I lost any appetite I had left.

"You know what," Sonny said, hearing my mom's footsteps coming down the stairs, ready to leave, "I'm going to see if I can get some more head from your mom in the van before we leave. Can you go upstairs and get my stuff from Josh's room? I'll be in the van with your mom. Give us a little while, and come down with all my things."

Sonny stood up from the table and walked towards the doorway where my mom was standing, dressed and ready. She put her arm around her.

"And don't wake Josh!" Sonny added, sliding her hand down my mom's back and grabbing her ass. They walked out towards the van like this.

I stepped up the stairs slowly and found Josh's room. He had a king size bed, and was asleep on it face up. There was evidence of sex everywhere. The sheets were tangled, covered in various stains. I found six used condoms around the floor which I was careful to walk around.

Mostly though, what I noticed was between Josh's legs. He was asleep, yes, but he was naked. His eyes were closed, and resting on his right thigh was the biggest slab of cock I had ever seen. Josh's dick was absolutely enormous. What a long, fat, and sturdy cock! I couldn't help but imagine my mom grasping it, stroking it, sucking it, licking it, grabbing it and shoving it between her tits and between her legs. This was the tool had made both my crush and my mother moan in utter ecstasy.

I collected all of Sonny's items I could see; a shirt, a purse, a pair of shoes. There was a sock that belonged to her draped by the window, and looking out, I could see the van rocking violently back and forth. Sonny must have been shaking back and forth as my mom lapped dutifully between her legs.

The other sock was on Josh's desk, and I couldn't help but notice his computer was open. I figured I'd check my email real quick, seeing as it looked like my mom and Sonny wouldn't be done any time soon.

The computer was right now open to a stock portfolio Josh was keeping open. Josh had been trading stocks since was little, and despite his age, he was doing very well for himself. He had enough to buy himself a car, used, and to support himself pretty well. I minimized the program to get to the email.

Moving the mouse, I saw that there was also an album of photos open, large thumbnails, about fifty or sixty. Scrolling through them, I realized they were all taken last night. There was my mom, topless, kissing Josh. There was one with my mom leaning forwards at the cameras as Josh fucked her doggy style from behind. These made me feel weird, but I kept going because I knew I would get to see Sonny naked eventually. I had dreamed of seeing her tits for so long, and even though she was now banging my mom, that didn't stop her from being the sexiest person I knew.

Sonny didn't show up until the last four pictures though, the rest was just my mom sucking cock and getting fucked. The last few showed Sonny, in her bikini, taking off her top from behind. I didn't get to see anything but her naked back because she had the sense to turn the camera off immediately. Just my luck.

I looked out the window to see that the van had stopped rocking, so I gathered Sonny's things and headed out the front door. I knocked on the tinted window of the van, then stepped back and the again-topless torso of my mother popped out from the opening window.

"Hey honey," she said, he mouth sticky and freshly wet, "Sonny wants her clothes."

I handed them to my mom, who took them and closed the window. After a few minutes, they opened the door. They both were fully dressed now, and I sat in the back seat as Sonny drove with my mom in the passenger.

"You let Sonny drive the van?" I asked my mom.

"Ha," Sonny answered, "Your mom lets me do a lot of things."

We drove to the mall and let my mom out at the front.

"I'll see you later," she said, walking towards the entrance. Sonny stared at her ass the entire time before driving off.

"Man, can your mom eat pussy..." Sonny said, out of the blue. I was still in the back seat.

When we left the parking lot, Sonny took a turn away from my house.

"My house is the other way," I corrected her, but she didn't care.

"I thought we could go get my friend first."

I frowned.

"I don't know if I want your friend just coming to my house. Is it someone I know?"

"Not, it's not a school friend," Sonny answered, smiling, "It's an older friend."

"How much older?" I asked.

"Not too much. But if this party's going to be as sexy as your mom makes it out to be, I have to invite my friend."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because my friend's a porn star," she answered, simply.

I was silent. A porn star? My dick began to stir in my pants again. Images of a hot blonde porn star with big tits and fat ass getting fucked hard over a couch floated into my head. Maybe I could even get her to fuck me. I was excited.

"Okay," I said, "That's fine." Sonny shot me a smile.

"It's a nearby house," she said, turning onto a residential street.

She parked the car at a home and told me to wait inside.

"I'll be right out with Alex," she told me. I couldn't wait to see how hot this porn star girl was.

She spent a while in the house, but when she came out, I was shocked. Alex was not a blonde with big tits and a fat ass. Alex was a six foot tall black man with bulging muscles and a tight t-shirt.

He got into the front seat and Sonny started the car.

"Hey man," he said, reaching into the back seat to shake my hand, "I'm Alex."

"Chad," I said, trying to conceal my disappointment. Sonny began heading towards my house.

"So I heard your mom's a MILF," he said.

"Yummy mummy," Sonny corrected him. He licked his lips.

"Nice," he said, "I've fucked a lot of hot moms, and they're always the best."

"She eats pussy like a pro," Sonny told him.

"I hope she can swallow cock too," Alex added.

"Uhh, I guess," I said.

"The party's not until later," Sonny clarified, "But I figured we can hang out and have some fun at Chad's house until then."

"Sounds cool," Alex said.

When we got to the house, Sonny and Alex sat down on the couch and started watching the television.

"Can you bring us some drinks?" Sonny asked me, "Lemonade or something."

"Sure," I said, and fixed them something.

When I came back, they were smoking a blunt Alex had in his pocket. I sat down with them and took a few puffs myself.

"It's fucking hot," Alex complained, "Let's go swimming or something."

"I don't have a suit," Sonny said, "But I can borrow one from your mom, right Chad?"

"I guess."

"Nah," Alex said, "Just go naked. I want to see that cute little body of yours."

She smiled. "Not with Chad here," she said, standing up. "Let's go find a swimsuit."

They headed towards my mom's room and I followed them in. I directed them towards the closet.

"Wow, your mom has a lot of sexy outfits," Alex said, looking at the various dresses on the hangers.

Sonny found where my mom kept her bikinis and pulled out a bunch in a handful.

"Wow, look at this skimpy one," she said, holding up a white one that looked just like a piece of string. "I bet your mom looks so sexy in this thing."

"Damn," Alex said, looking at the different tiny swimsuits, "Your mom must be a fucking slut."

Sonny reached in to grab more, but stopped and pulled something out of the drawer.

"What do we have here!" she said, holding it in her hands. It was a long black dildo.

"Oh shit," she said, inspecting it from all sides, "Looks like mommy likes to have a little fun."

"Wait a second," Alex said, looking at the dildo, "I know this thing. This is the one I modeled. That's my cock."

Sure enough, on the side it said "Authentic Alex Lawrence Cock".

Sonny sniffed it, inhaling the scent of my mother's juices.

"Your mom has been fucking herself with my cock," Alex said, laughing, "Damn, I can't wait to meet this bitch."

Sonny held the dildo in her hands, stroking it up and down.

"Is your cock really this big?" Sonny asked. I was surprised that she hadn't seen Alex's cock in person yet.

"Of course, darling," Alex said, moving closer, "Haven't you seen any of my films."

Sonny laughed. "Not really, I just knew you made them."

Alex put his arm around Sonny's waist.

"Chad, why don't you go into the other room," Sonny suggested, letting Alex embrace her and paw at her ass. She was holding the dildo in her hand and eyeing it widely.

I left, and Alex slammed the door behind me. I was upset that they had abandoned me like this, but honestly, I was more aroused at the idea of Sonny getting fucked by that stud. I sat down next to the door and listened. The sounds of Sonny and Alex as they undressed made my dick hard.

I couldn't see anything, but I unzipped my pants and let my cock out. I stroked it until it was hard. For a while, I had been teased and aroused, and I needed release. Sonny moaned, and I imagined Alex fondling her breasts and slipping a hand inside of her legs.

I pumped at my cock as I listened to them fuck. It wasn't long before I was ready to finish. In a moment of ecstasy, I shot my load into my underpants, pump after pump. My cock went limp, and I wiped my sticky hand onto my pants. They were still fucking away, so I went into my room to change.

I got into my swimming trunks and went out to the pool. They came out a bit later, Sonny in my mom's tiny white bikini and Alex in a pair of boxers. Sonny took a seat on a lawn chair, and Alex slid down his shorts and leaped into the pool.

Even after seeing my mom's dildo, I was still surprised by the size of his cock. What a long fat black cock! I imagined Sonny's lips salivating all over it, and it cumming loads of jism down into her stomach. Even after masturbating, I was getting horny again.

Alex swam laps in the pool, and Sonny tanned. I took a small nap, still high from earlier. Later, Sonny took a small dip and Alex got out, dried off, and put his clothes back on, sitting in the sun on a chair.

The sun was setting when Josh and my mom got back. She was carrying backs of liquor, and Josh had brought his DJ set for music. Josh stepped into the house to set up the system, and Sonny went with him. Alex, my mom and I stayed out by the pool.

"Hi honey," my mom said, hugging me in my chair.

"And who's you friend?" she asked, looking at Alex, who has stood up to greet her.

"Alex Lawrence," he said, smiling and shaking her hand. My mom's eyes went wide.

"Alex Lawrence?" she asked, "The Alex Lawrence?"

"Of course," he said.

"Well, you get a hug too then," she said mischievously. My mom wrapped her arms around his big frame, mashing her tits again his hard chest. He smirked and me and nodded as her hand moved down to feel my mom's firm ass.

"You're friendly," my mom said, laughing. Alex laughed too.

We all went inside and found Josh and Sonny.

"I got these for you," my mom said, reaching into a bag on the floor. She pulled out a small strip of black material. The entire bag was filled with it.

"What is it?" I asked.

"A speedo," she said, handing it to me, "That's the theme of the party. Everyone wears the exact same outfit, boys and girls. No clothes but what we give you. No one wears any tops; everyone wears just the bottoms."

"What a sexy idea," Sonny said, grabbing a speedo from the bag. "Oh, I guess it's your lucky day," she said to me, "You get to see me topless."

With that, she lifted up her shirt and unhooked her bra. Her breasts fell down and hovered, perky and strong. They were incredible.

She left to go change her bottoms, and I headed to my room to do the same. Once naked, I was tempted to jack off once more, but I resisted as I heard my mom calling for me to help her set up.

Putting the speedo on, I was a little anxious. My dick was not exactly very large, and it would be obvious to everyone in this little outfit. Especially when compared to monster Alex and Josh. The thought of Sonny's bare breasts drove me forwards. I put on my speedo and left my room.

My mom was already changed into her outfit, and her tits bounced around as she arranged the bottles of liquor around the kitchen.

"People will be arriving soon," she said. She was right. In an hour, the house was filled with people, all in just their speedos, dancing to the loud music Josh played.

I tried to stick near to Sonny. I couldn't get enough of her breasts. As hot as the other girls were, Sonny was the hottest.

She knew what I was doing, but she didn't seem to mind. She flirted with a lot of guys, letting a few do shots off of her body. I just watched, trying to cover up the boner I was growing in my speedo.

Sonny drifted eventually back to the DJ booth, where my mom hung over Josh. Alex was stopping by to talk to the two of them often, laughing with Josh, and grabbing a few squeezes of the tits my mom was glad to offer up to him.

"Everyone at this party is so hot!" I heard Alex say, "We should get some people together and get a firehose going."

"What's that?" Josh asked.

"You find a girl at the party who's so hot she's on fire. Then you get three guys to put out the fire with their hoses, in the middle of the crowd."

"That sounds hot!" chimed in my mom, stepping from out of the booth, "I'm in."

"Fucking sexy mom," Alex said, laughing and smiling, I'll go find some guys."

Alex came back with three eager looking dudes with big bulges in their speedos.

Josh got on the microphone, urging everyone to crowd around.

When there were as many people as possible crouched around, my mom got down on her needs. She thrust out her chest, her big tits open to the three men. They each pulled out their cocks, hard and long.

"Get the hoses ready!" announced Alex. The men all began jacking off rapidly.

"Ready..." Alex said, and the men nodded.

The crowd was cheering. "Damn, those tits are nice!" someone said. "What a hot ass chick," said another. They didn't know that this was my mom here.

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