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Party Night


The party had not begun yet as David and Susan knocked on the door. The New Years Eve party invitation had said the party would start at 6 p.m. but as usual they late, twenty minutes late to be exact. It didn't really matter since they seldom arrived when the party was set to begin. Most of those that were already there were older family members or next door neighbors.

"How is it that a party is scheduled to start at a certain time, it takes most between half an hour and two hours to arrive for the party?" David asked no one in particular as Jessie answered the door.

"People have lives David. Not everyone can be on time. Besides, there are plenty of guests already here." Jessie said, smiling at her cousin's husband. She gave her cousin a hug first then David.

David took note of her firm breasts as Jessie hugged him tight around his neck, pressing her breast against his chest. She had already started to drink it seemed since she only gave him that tight of a hug after drinking. David couldn't keep from thinking how beautiful she was or how nice she felt when she hugged him. That's not saying he didn't love his wife, he did and would never do anything without her knowledge or consent. However, it didn't keep his mind from having a flash of erotic thoughts towards Jessie. David took a deep breath to clear his mind but Jessie's aroma was so intoxicating to him.

Susan smile as she watched Jessie finally removed her arms from about David's neck. She was sure Jessie was intentionally pressing harder against David more tonight than anytime before. Jessie turned and gave Susan a knowing smile as the two shared a secret.

David had a time hobby of writing whenever he was bored or just needed to decompress from his mundane office job. Susan would read some of David's stories but for the most part they were about medieval fantasy, modern day political intrigue or suspense, or werewolves, or other supernatural creatures. He had even written a few about time travel, inter-dimensional rifts, and parallel universes.

Susan had encouraged him to publish one of his stories online. David was apprehensive about it yet found a site that he could publish one of his stories on. Without a following or promotion, the story stalled. Susan kept at him to promote the book and to continue to write which he did.

A few weeks before the party, Susan had gone onto David's computer while he was at work to take a look at his newest addition to the story he was working on. She had taken his laptop to the living room to sit comfortably on the couch and read.

Susan had clicked on the folder marked unedited stories as she normally did when David passed the computer to her to read his stories or would print them out for her to read in bed at night. But this time, she had opened his computer without him knowing. In the folder she saw the five stories he had been working on and another folder inside the main folder. This folder was marked, For No Ones Eyes.

Susan was intrigued at the name of the folder and curiosity got the better of her as she passed up opening one of the stories she had been reading to see what he had in this new folder. She saw two more folders inside the new folder. One was marked edited, uploaded and the other was marked unedited, unfinished. The she was really intrigued. David hadn't told her that he had been uploading his stories. She opened the folder edited, uploaded.

The list of stories seemed normal for David's writing. There were various werewolf titles, knights, soldier, aliens and the such. Susan decided to open one and read it. One title caught her eye, The Dilemma. Clicking on the word document she began to read. Right from the beginning Susan recognized his writing style. David liked to start things off with a bang with something to catch hold of you imagination and make you want to read more. Read she did.

As Susan read she was caught off guard as the story unfolded into an erotica story-line. But what a story-line. It was about one of his favorite subjects, elves. The characters as usual were drawn on people David knew. The story revolved around a man in the modern world who had no idea he was part elf. As the story unfolded it became apparent that the elves of David's story weren't the elves of Santa's workshop or even the elves of middle earth. The story was very explicit and graphic and Susan found herself becoming very aroused as she read the story.

Susan had been so wrapped up in the story she had missed the knock at her door when Jessie showed up for a lunch date with her cousin. Jessie opened the front door to an astonishing surprise. Susan was sitting on the couch, the laptop sitting next to her as she stared at the screen. What was astonishing was that Susan's jeans and panties were down around her ankles as the thumb of her left hand rubbed her clit and she had two fingers buried inside her obvious wet pussy. There was a wet spot on the couch.

Susan and Jessie were both embarrassed at first. Susan had explained what had caused her to be masturbating on the couch in the middle of the day. Jessie wanted to read the story and before long she too was wet. they had ended up shutting the laptop off but not before Susan email the story to Jessie.

That had started Susan looking on David's computer for more erotica stories, then sending them to Jessie. The two had been enjoying the stories but Susan didn't want to upset David by admitting that she had gone onto his computer and found his secret stories. That made her wonder where he had been uploading his stories to. She had searched his browser history but it was set to delete all history when logging out. Then she found the icon in the bookmark toolbar marked upload.

When Susan clicked the link a website for erotica stories came up. The website was a free site and had a list of categories ranging from couples, to swingers to incest, to non-human. One thing linked all the stories and that was they were all erotica. Some of the stories were as explicit and graphic as others but all were sexual in content.

Susan tried typing in David's name to see if he had uploaded under his name. Nothing came up. Then she thought about looking to see which stories were in the uploaded folder. She chose one of the stories and put the title into the search field of the website. Susan was amazed at the amount of short stories David had uploaded to the site, nearly twenty in all. She had shared the site with Jessie and the two would get onto the site at night and read David's stories and be texting each other about the story.

Today, the two had been texting about a particular story concerning a holiday party where twin sisters had swapped husbands without their husbands knowing it. The story had gotten Jessie to start drinking early. By the time the party was planned to start she already had a good buzz going. Susan herself had been drinking before the party. David had gotten home late from the office to find Susan dressed for the party, a glass of wine in hand and reading on her laptop. Little did he know Jessie was IMing her as they read the holiday party story. While IMing, the two hatched a scheme to make David blush since neither had seen him blush in a very long time.

Now David and Susan were at the party. Jessie's husband Rob was stocking the bar as he conversed with a neighbor. David took a seat at the kitchen table as Susan helped Jessie put out snacks and other food. Once he asked if he could help and they both laughed and told him to just stay seated.

As more people arrived David found himself engaged in conversation with a few friends that took their seat at the table as well. All was going well until Susan walked into the kitchen with a grin on her face.

"David, why don't you tell them about your story you published online?" Susan prodded.

David was never quiet once you got to know him so started to tell those sitting around the table about the book. In all there were five women and one man sitting at the table listening to him describe his story and where it was published. He showed them the Kindle version of his book and one of the women began to read the first paragraph out loud. Right off Jessie was mentioned but her name was slightly changed but everyone knew it was her from David's description in the paragraph. The story wasn't erotica at all but everyone wanted to know more.

"Why don't you tell them about you other story?" Susan said, grinning at him. David instantly knew she had read his erotica stories. "You know, the one about the elves?"

"What about the elves?" The others wanted to know.

"David wrote an erotica story about elves." Susan said as David started to blush. Jessie walked into the kitchen at that moment and started to laugh.

"He's beet red." Jessie said. "Why are you beet red David?"

"I..." David couldn't speak which did not go unnoticed.

"Wow, it must be something. Your all red and can't speak. Tell us Susan, what is the story about." Becky and Claudia wanted to know.

"oh, elves having hot steamy sex." Susan said as she began to tell them about the story.

The more Susan told the redder David got. Everyone was laughing as they would try to ask him a question but he was speechless. Jessie walked across the kitchen to stand behind David. They were trying to give him ideas for his story, what should happen or how it would come about.

"The Emily walked up behind Allen's chair and placed her breasts on his shoulder." Jessie laughed as she leaned forward, placing her wondrous tits on David's right shoulder. The firmness and weight sent shock waves through David's body as everyone laughed.

"You should put that in your story." Becky laughed.

"I just might." David said, trying to fight to regain his composure.

Jessie stood for a few moments with her breasts resting on David's shoulder. David reached down and back with his right hand and grabbed the back of Jessie's left calf gently but firmly. At first he had realized that he had reached between her legs to grab her thigh. He had thought he had grabbed her right thigh instead. The realization hit him when his elbow came in contact with V between her legs, David realized the faux pa he had made.

David froze as everyone continued to talk not seeing what had happened. Jessie let out a low laugh as she squeezed her legs together trapping his arm and elbow. She slid her body down an inch allowing more of her breasts to press into David's shoulder and his elbow to pressed harder into the crotch. She angulated up and down several times in a way no one noticed but David. And Susan who had a broad smile on her face.

Jessie straightened up removing her breasts from David's shoulder and releasing his arm. She walked away from the table as the women at the table continued to talk about the book and story, getting the two plot lines mixed up. David watched as Jessie walked away, a slight sway in her step that he had not noticed before. Susan smiled from the kitchen as she watched.

As the night went on and people began to leave, the women asked to read the story.

"I'll send it to you." Susan told them and they all laughed.

David got up from the table as Susan left the kitchen. He followed her into Jessie's computer room where they were alone.

"Why did you tell them about my story?" David asked.

"David, women have needs too and imaginations. We like to read erotica as much if not more than men do. I bet if you were to write more, people would read them." Susan told him.

"We'll see." David said as Susan kissed him.

Susan left David standing in the computer room with his back to the door. David felt a hand grab his butt as stood in the room, thinking it was Susan playing with him. Then she reached around, grabbed his crotch and squeezed.

"Mmmmm." Came a purr from behind him.

"Susan not while people can see." David said as he turned to see Jessie standing next to him. No one was in sight.

"So you like to write about women taking control and swapping husbands, huh?" Jessie said.

"How do you know that?" David asked in a hushed voice.

"Susan found your stories online. We've been reading them together." She laughed, her lips close to his right ear. He could feel her warm breath as she whispered.

There was a twitch in his pants as Jessie held his crotch. His cock had already begun to grow but with her this close he was nearly rock hard. He closed his eyes as her breath continued against his ear and then his neck.

Laughing, Jessie released his hard cock and left him standing in the room all alone. He took a deep breath relishing the scent that Jessie had left behind. Damn she was hott and she knew it.

David walked back to the kitchen to find Susan helping to clean up. She had been drinking as much as Jessie had so the cleaning up took a little while longer as David was told to leave the kitchen. Sitting at the table by himself, David was about to bring his raging hard-on under control. The rest of the guests had left leaving only Jessie, Rob, Susan and David in the house. Jessie and Rob's kids were staying the night with their grandparents and Susan's mother was visiting so she was watching Susan's and David's two kids.

Once the cleaning up was done, Susan was ready to leave. Rob shook David's hand as Jessie and Susan hugged. Jessie turned to give David a hug goodbye as Rob went to give Susan a hug goodbye as well. Susan planted a kiss on Rob's lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jessie smiled as she saw what Susan had done. Jessie stepped up to David, wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her own lips on David's.

David felt his cock growing as Jessie's tits were pressed tightly against his chest. Jessie straddled his right left with her legs pressing her crotch hard against his leg. Jessie's tongue forced it's way into David's mouth as she began to grind against his leg. Her left hand dropped to his crotch and squeezed. A low moan came from Jessie, or was it Susan moaning? David wasn't sure as Jessie's mouth pressed hard against his. He kissed her back as he reach down to cup her butt. He squeezed her butt cheeks causing her to giggle.

David notice as Susan pulled Rob into the living room, still kissing him. Her hand was around his cock. At some point she had unzipped his pants and pulled it out. David lost sight of them as they entered the living room.

"Shouldn't we join them." Jessie said. breaking the kiss. her hand remained grasping his crotch.

Jessie led David into the living room where Susan was kneeling in front of Rob on the couch. Rob's pants and underwear around his ankles and his cock was at the back of Susan's throat as she sucked him. Susan was bobbing her head up and down on Rob's cock like piston.

"Oh, you started with us." Jessie purred as she pushed David on to the couch next to Rob.

Jessie unfastened David's pants, pulling them down with his underwear to his ankles. She smile as David's hard cock almost slapped her in the face. She started stroking it as she look first at Rob who had his head back enjoying the blow job Susan was giving him.

"Enjoying yourself honey?" Jessie asked her husband as she stroked David's cock.

"Uh huh." Rob was barely able to say.

"Good, because I'm going to enjoy this." Jessie said as she took David's cock into her mouth to the root.

Jessie began to suck and lick the head of David's cock as she looked up at him, smiling. The sparkle in her eyes was driving David crazy.

"Like what she's doing to you?" Susan asked from beside Jessie as she looked at her husband. She continued to stroke Rob as she spoke.

David couldn't speak as Jessie bit down on the head of his cock. Susan smile as she went back to sucking Rob. David reached forward to grab Jessie's top. She raised her arms as he pulled her top off. She stopped suck his cock just long enough for her top to be pulled over her head before she dove back onto his cock. reaching back, David unfastened her bra allowing her 38DDD tits to say hello to the room. A moment later Susan's almost identical 38DDD tits were saying hello as well.

"I'm cumming." Rob stammered and a moment later Susan was gulping down spurt after spurt of Rob's little swimmers. Cum ran down the side of her mouth as some escaped. Susan continued to lick and suck Rob's cock as she cleaned the last drop of cum from his cock.

"Done already?" Jessie asked as she looked over, taking her mouth off David's cock and replacing it with her hand.

David seized the moment to pull away from Jessie. He jumped off the couch, pushing her forward. Jessie had unbuttoned her pants while she sucked David's cock and had been fingering herself. Now David had her pinned against the couch as he slid her pants down to her knees. He licked the crack of her ass as Susan continued to suck Rob. his cock getting hard again.

As David licked Jessie's ass crack, he tried to get Jessie's pants off. Jessie pushed her legs up bringing her knees off the floor. David quickly pushed her pants and panties down to her feet. He pulled her shoes off with her pants and panties. He began to lick her ass as she spread her legs wide. David slid two fingers into her wet hungry snatch. She was dripping wet as he fingered her pussy, rubbing her clit with his other hand. He drove his fingers as deep into her pussy as he could, twisting as he did. A moment later his two fingers found the spot he was searching for as Jessie began to writhe on the couch. His two finger pressed hard against her g-spot and began to flick against it as he rubbed and tweaked her clit. His tongue drove into her pucker hole bringing a loud moan from Jessie.

David looked over as movement next to him brought him back to the rest of the world. Rob had stripped Susan and had her sitting on the couch, legs spread. He was licking and eating her pussy as his finger danced on her clit and in her pussy. Susan was leaving a wet spot on the couch as she squirmed under Rob's assault on her pussy. She was moaning and groaning as she pushed back against Rob's fingers and face.

David hadn't stopped fingering Jessie for the few moments he looked over at his wife and best friend having fun. He looked back at Jessie as she started to cum. Her pussy squeezed his fingers tight as she tried to squeeze her legs together. She was trying to push David's hand away from her pussy. She was breathing hard as her juices flowed from her pussy onto the side of the couch.

David withdrew his hands and placed them on Jessie's hips. He smiled as he pushed a leg between hers and edged forward. Still riding the orgasm she had just had, Jessie slid her legs apart. David took that as an invitation as he place the head of his cock against the opening of her pussy.

Jessie turned her head quickly, about to say something as David drove his cock into her tight, wet pussy. She squealed as he buried his cock tot he root inside her pussy, making her forget what she was trying to say. David started slowly easing out of her then ramming hard and fast deep inside her. She moaned each time he bottomed out in her. David picked up the pace as Jessie began to push back against his cock.

David heard a loud slap as a hand landed on Jessie's ass cheek. Susan had reached over and slapped her cousin. Rob, seeing that his wife was getting her snatch filled with another man's cock, stood up and buried his cock in Susan. David was pounding Jessie hard and deep as she moaned loudly. Susan began to moan as well as Rob began to pound her pussy as well. David was going faster and faster as Jessie pushed hard back against him.

Jessie let out a loud moan and then a scream of pleasure before collapsing on the couch, dripping wet as David continued to pound into her. A few moments later Jessie was squirming again as David kept driving his cock into her pussy. He had fantasized for a long time how she would feel with his cock inside her, now her knew and he wanted it to last.

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