Party of Three


Disclaimer: Alright, this story is not to be read by anyone under 18 (or in some certain doomed places) 21. If you get caught jacking off by your mother/father/auntie/uncle/Grand Parent. Keep in mind it's not my fault! Please send me constructive criticism to the Contact tab in my profile.

Celebrity: Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt


Eight years had passed since the end of the hit Fox show, Party Of Five. All the cast had moved onto separate projects, some better, some others not so much. It was at roughly the time of Party Of Five's cancellation that I met my current Girlfriend, Lacey Chabert. We started off steady, and that quickly erupted into a full on sexual relationship. Within a couple of weeks we had already moved onto oral and anal.

But I should probably tell you about myself. My name's Bret Jackman, I play rhythm and lead vocals in a Boston tribute band called 'The Shapes'. When Boston's vocalist, Brad Delp, unfortunately passed away we took part in a concert as a tribute to Boston and Mister Delp. However, at the end we were surprised with the knowledge that they had passed on the entire Boston song catalogue for us to market as our own. It was with that knowledge that Lacey let the entire band gang-bang her.

Now tonight, me and the band are playing at the Party Of Five reunion show as music for the evening. As the room started to fill, the band decided to start playing. We were in what looked like an old gymnasium; it had long white banners draped across the ceiling with the cast member's names on them, there were streamers placed across the ceiling to give the room a party feel. We fiddled with our instruments as the MC for the night introduced us to cheers from the audience.

As we tore through our set list, I could see Lacey talking to one of her co-star's Jennifer Love Hewitt. As they talked and danced to the music, Lacey held up her hands to Love and moved them about a foot apart. Love's jaw dropped at the sight as we played on. Love looked to me and winked sexily as Lacey giggled at Love's antics.

Nearly two hours later, we finally finished the set. We said goodnight to the audience as the MC came back on to say that the event was coming to a close. I wiped my head clear from the sweat and walked over to Lacey, planting a kiss on her lips while lightly squeezing her right ass cheek.

"That was a great set Bret. I really enjoyed myself!" Lacey exclaimed as we shared a quick hug.

"Thanks, Lace, hey why did Jennifer wink at me earlier?" I asked as her cast mates made their way out of the door, patting me on the back uttering usual phrases of praise. They also said goodbye to Lacey as Jennifer Love Hewitt turned up.

"Hey Lace, this is your guy then?" Jennifer asked looking me up and down, licking her ruby red lips sexily.

"Yep, this is Bret. And he's just as big as I said too!" Lacey said with a wicked grin. Love nodded her eyes ablaze with passion. Suddenly, Love reached over and squeezed my member through my jeans making me gasp in surprise. I looked to Lacey who smiled sexily. He then leant up on the tip of her toes and whispered in my ear. "How do you fancy fucking Love?" My mouth dropped open at the thought as Love's grasp started to move up and down. Jerking my cock slowly, Love leant up next to my other ear and whispered sexily.

We walked over to the limo supplied to us by Fox and hopped in. Love then scooted up to the window between us and the driver. She spoke softly and made the Driver perk up. He nodded and the visor seemed to operate by itself in scrolling upwards.

"There, now we're alone." Love said with a grin. Scooting back to us, Love then took her place on my lap. The feel of her dress against my lap felt so good, she then hooked her arm around my neck and kissed me on the lips. Moaning at her kiss, I quickly regained my senses and tried to push her away.

"Don't fight it Bret, no one kisses like Love." Lacey said with a smile as she scooted up behind Love. Love then broke the kiss and grinned, leaning over; she planted a long wet kiss on Lacey as well making my cock bulge at the sight.

"Thanks Lacey...You're not so bad yourself." Love said with a giggle as the two hot brunettes shared another long wet kiss. After breaking the passionate kiss, Love sat on my lap and began chatting with Lacey, every so often shaking her hips to drive my cock mad.


When we arrived at mine and Lacey's house, Lacey and Love each got out of the car, allowing me to pull myself up out of the car. The driver nodded his head to me with a sly grin on his face. 'Lucky bastard.' He thought to himself as the two starlets made their way over to the house.

I walked in to find Love and Lacey pressed up against the wall, Love taking advantage of the smaller Lacey. Shoving her tongue down Lacey's throat, Love moaned as Lacey lightly squeezed her ass. "I'll have a sit down then." I announced as the two caught wind I was there. Nodding, the two followed me into the front room where I sat down and unzipped my flies.

"He's eager." Love noted as the two actresses watched me strip off. I unbuckled my pant's top button and then pulled my member out to daylight. "Big too. Just like you said Lace." Love said with a smile, as I started to jerk my cock, Love then spoke up. "Let us..."

Love and Lacey then sank to their knees and crawled towards me. Leaning over my lap, Love took hold of my nut sac and lightly rolled it in her hand. She then leaned in and flicked her tongue against my nuts making me moan. Lacey smiled and took hold of my cock; she then flicked her tongue against my head and started her own oral assault.

Sitting on the couch, my head leaning up towards the sky, Love sexily assaulted my balls. Sucking on my left testicle, Love's mouth felt heavenly attacking my ball. As this unfolded Lacey wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and started to bob slowly taking a few inches in at a time. As Love's lips detached from my sac, she extended her sultry tongue and lightly, but rapidly flicked it. Sending pleasure coursing through my body, trying to keep my attention, Lacey drew her head off of my cock and wrapped her soft, sexy hands around my cock and started to jerk it madly.

"Let's get closer Lacey..." Love whispered sexily as I groaned at the action in my crotch. Lacey nodded, but before she moved, she gave my cock a parting gift of a long lick up and down the right side before spitting her wet saliva on my dick's head.

Climbing up off of their knees, the girls climbed onto the extravagant couch, Love on my right, Lacey on my left. The pair got onto their knees and resumed the position, this time Love took my member into her mouth and started to bob up and down on the head taking several inches in at a time.

Lacey put her hand on Love's head and playfully moved it up and down, aiding in her sucking my cock. Lacey then moved her free hand down to my balls; she cupped my sac in her hand and rolled it around playfully. Lacey then moved her hand away from Love's head to steady herself. Love moved her head up off of my cock and scooted up towards me.

As Love moved towards me, I took her right breast in my hand and softly started to suck on her nipple making Love moan in retaliation. I moved my hands down from the top of the couch and let them run over Love's juicy ass. It felt so much better since the dress she was in from the lap dance came off. My hands playfully squeezed Love's juicy ass and then pulled them apart. As her cheeks were apart, I slipped a finger into her asshole making Love's eyes widen at the shock invasion.

Lacey giggled at Love's reaction and said sexily. "Shove you tongue in there Bret!" Moving my mouth away from Love's nipples, I looked to Lacey and then to Love who nodded her head frantically. Shrugging, I nodded as well.

"Alright Love, turn around and let me see your ass."

Love smiled and turned around on her knees, she knelt over the couch's back and extended her rump in a Doggy-Style type position. I moved both my hands up to her lovely, soft ass cheeks and lightly pulled them apart. Looking at Love's ass hole, I moved my head forward and extended my tongue. Placing it at the 'bottom' of her ass crack I slowly dragged it upwards making Love throw her head back to giggle and moan loudly at the sensation. Dragging my tongue back down, I took another long lick upwards and made Love moan even louder.

As I ran my tongue up and down Love's asshole, Love moaned loudly and looked over her shoulder to watch me going to town on her asshole. "Oh god...Lick my ass...God yeah!" Love moaned, I moved my head away from her cheeks and let my tongue stay attached to her tight ass. Keeping my tongue in touch with her ass, I started to twist my head to in turn, twist my tongue driving Love wild with passion.

I then moved my tongue down to her pussy's lips and started to lightly flick my tongue against her cunt making her talk dirty to me. "Fuck yeah, eat my pussy..." I flicked my tongue against it a few more times before going to the 'bottom' of her pussy's lips and dragging my tongue all the way back to her ass hole. "God...Back to that baby..." Love moaned again as I licked her ass. I then moved my tongue away from her ass and lightly bit on her right cheek making her jump at the sensation. I then went back to eating her asshole while rubbing her ass cheeks. I took one long lick from her pussy to her ass hole, I let my tongue drift over to her ass cheek again where I planted a kiss on it. I moved my head back from her ass and then slapped it lightly, making Love moan in surprise.

"You know Love, Lacey's ass tastes great." I said with a sly smile as we locked eyes, sweat forming on the tip of my brow. Love grinned and looked over to Lacey who nodded sexily.

"I bet it does...Bret why don't you get undressed. I want to see Lacey's ass!" I nodded and stood up, I stepped away from the couch and undid my jeans. Sliding my boxer shorts off next, I simply pulled my shirt over my head to leave me completely naked.

As this was going on, Love and gone back to her kneeling position, Lacey got up off of her knees and moved over to the middle of the couch. Sharing a soft, wet kiss Love and Lacey giggled before Love made Lacey bend over the couch's back similar to how she had for me.

Love looked at Lacey's quite big ass and lightly slapped it making Lacey jump. Love giggled and then gently pulled her ass cheeks apart, looking at Lacey's ass hole Love flicked her tongue against it making Lacey shudder with anticipation. Rubbing her soft hands up and down Lacey's ass, Love lightly slapped it again making Lacey jump again. Love then ran her hand up and down Lacey's ass crack making Lacey moan at Love's soft touch. With her free hand, Love moved it up Lacey's body and cupped one of her large breasts, making Lacey coo.

Love abruptly stopped playing with Lacey and looked at me with a determined look. "Enough of this foreplay shit. Let's fuck now!" Lacey looked over her shoulder and nodded. She moved herself back over so she was next to Love, embracing her in a hug. From where I stood, I had a perfect view of the two brunette vixen's tits being smashed together.

Love and Lacey looked into each others eyes and shared another kiss, as they broke the looked towards me and Lacey spoke in a soft yet sexy voice. "How do you want us Bret?"

Weighing over my options I looked at the two and had an idea. "Lacey, you lie down on the couch and Love I want you to lie on top of her."

The girls nodded and Lacey, gently pulled Love down onto the couch with her, still embraced in the hug. Lacey kissed Love lightly as I stepped onto the couch behind the two hot brunettes. I took my dick in hand and looked at the two pussies lined up on top of each other. Deciding to fuck Love first, I moved my hips upwards and pushed my cock into her softy pussy.

As my cock entered her, Love broke the kiss between her and Lacey and moaned loudly. I smiled and took hold of her hips, lightly pulling back my hips I pushed my cock back into her cunt making Love moan again. Running my hands up and down Love's amazingly soft, silky thighs I started to increase the tempo of my fucking.

I pulled Love up from her Love-Hug with Lacey and got her into a Doggy-Style position. Lacey let out a low mew of disappointment, but took to sucking on Love's neck to keep herself busy. As I slammed my hips back into Love's Cunt, Love threw her head back, sending her luxurious hair sailing backwards and landing on her back. Love started to pant frantically as Lacey moved her head down to Love's large tits and had started to suck on her tits.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Love grunted as she put her left arm up on the couch's back to steady herself. "Lacey, don't you stop sucking my tits!" Love again ordered as sweat started to form on Love's head. Leaning forward, I planted a kiss on Love's lips. Opening my mouth, I slipped my tongue into her mouth where the two organs batted against each other playfully. I regretfully broke the kiss and even more regrettably pulled out of Love's cunt to push my member into Lacey's sopping wet cunt.

Lacey grunted at my intrusion but was soon welcoming the thrusts. Lacey wrapped her arms around Love's neck and pulled her in for a long wet kiss, making Love moan in the kiss. Putting my hands on Lacey's hips I started to add my thrusts by pulling her back to meet my thrusting hips. Lacey let out a loud moan as Love lay on top of her, Lacey's tits being crushed by Love's large melons.

Looking at Love's large ass I playfully slapped it, making Love yelp in surprise. Love looked over her shoulder and grinned wickedly. I returned the grin and blew her a kiss. As Love went back to Lacey, I slid a finger into Love's ass and gently probed around making Love's eye's widen. I slowly slid the finger in and out, making Love moan sexily. I stopped with the finger play and put my hands back on Lacey's smooth hips and started to slam in and out of her. I slowly started to withdraw my dick so literally just the head was left in her cunt. I then slammed my hips forward, impaling Lacey with my full fourteen inches. I repeated this for a few more strokes before I decided to change the position. "Hey, Lace. Want to move this up to the bedroom?"

"Uhhh...Uhhh...Sounds...Uhhh...Like...Uhhh God! Sounds like a plan!"

Love nodded and hopped off of my girlfriend and bounced down the hallway to where our bedroom was. I reluctantly pulled out of Lacey's cunt and helped her up off of the bed. We walked down to the bedroom where we saw Love lying on the bed, looking like a Goddess. Lying on her back, propped up by her elbows Love patted the bed next to me and spoke softly. "Bret. You here please." Love said, winking sexily.

Lacey lightly patted me on my ass and semi-pushed me towards Love. I hopped onto the silky sheets and moved up to Love. Looking in the vixen's eyes, she pulled me in for a long wet kiss making my cock throb at her lips very touch. Love opened her mouth and let her tongue find mine, letting them wrestle sexily.

As we kissed on the bed, Lacey slowly slid up from the bottom of the bed to find my cock standing high. Lacey grinned and opened her mouth. Wrapping her slutty lips around my cock, Lacey started to suck off both Lacey's and Love's wetness. Putting her hand at the base, Lacey took in several inches and bobbed her head up and down. Her hand slowly moved up and down, semi-jerking, semi-sucking my cock. With her free hand, Lacey ran her hand up and down Love's long sexy legs. Coming within an inch of her pussy but teasing her and sliding back down.

Love pulled herself up to a kneeling position, letting both me and Lacey scoot up the bed. Lacey pulled my dick out of her mouth and scooted up with me. As we settled in, Lacey licked up and down the right side of my member while her hand jerked my base. The hand that was feeling Love's leg had now gone down to my balls, rolling them around at her will.

Love moaned at my kissing and slowly broke the kiss leaving a trail of spit between the two of us. I put my right hand behind her back and moved her towards me, letting her large tits come into my view. Sucking on her right nipple, Love moaned and started to play with her large left tit. I quickly swapped to her left one, as I sucked on it. Love stood up put her hands on the wall, lightly spreading her legs I could see her wet cunt, begging to be eaten.

I smiled and put my hands on her thighs, moving my head in between her thighs I started to feast on her wet cunt. Flicking my tongue against her pussy, Love moaned at my touch. Taking her right hand off of the wall, Love put it on my head and pushed my face deeper into her cunt. My tongue started to probe deeper in her pussy, brushing my tongue against her clit I made Love jump at the touch.

Pulling my head slightly away from Love's pussy, I spat on her cunt and quickly licked it up making Love jump. "Oh fuck...You can eat pussy!" Love grunted as my tongue moved in and out of her sweet love-pot.

As I hungrily ate away at Love's pussy, Lacey smiled and pulled her head off of my member. She lovingly licked the top of my cock and spat on the head, she then rubbed in the spit with her thumb and forefinger before looking at me eat Love's pussy. "He sure can!" She said happily before she unveiled her party trick and started to get a foot of my cock in her warm, heavenly mouth.

While Lacey bobbed her head up and down on my cock, determined to get all of it in her mouth, Love changed her position. She stepped over my face and squatted down, letting my carry on eating her.

I put my hands on Love's thighs and ran them up and down, feeling all of her soft, although now sweaty skin. Pushing my tongue in deeper, I started to swirl it around making Love's hips start to buck slowly. "Fuck...Cumming! AHHHHHHHH!" Love let out a loud scream as her hips started to convulse with her orgasm. I held onto her hips as best I could but with her wild orgasm coming Love lost her balance and fell forward.

Lacey caught Love and grinned as Love held onto her for dear life while she came on my face. "Here honey...Suck some dick, that'll sort you right out." Lacey said soothingly while I continued to eat away at her pussy. I ran my hands up and down Love's soft fleshy cheeks while Lacey happily fed her my cock. Love wrapped her lips around my cock and started to suck intently, the older of the two, Love obviously had some practice at cock-sucking and managed to match Lacey's party trick of a foot and then some more.

Lacey gently held my balls in her hand and lightly squeezed them, making me moan through Love's cunt. Love smoothly bobbed her head up and down on my dick before taking in just my head. Love then wrapped her hands around my cock and started to rapidly jerk my staff while her tongue whipped up a fury on my cock's head. Love did several more rapid jerks before putting both her hands either side of my body and rapidly bobbing her head up and down on my dick.

Pulling up from my head, Love playfully jerked my cock and leant over it. She then spat on my dick's head and pulled herself up so she was sitting on my face. Lacey then resumed cock-sucking duties, licking up Love's spit and swallowing more of my cock.

Cleared from the daze of her orgasm, Love looked over at me and smiled, putting her hands on the wall Love climbed off of me. I took this opportunity to sit up and watch Lacey give me head. Love then wrapped her soft arms around my chest and sat behind me, pressing her large tits up against my back. Love lightly kissed me on the ear and spoke softly to me. "Look at Lacey suck your dick...She's a little whore isn't she? She used to just be your whore...But tonight she's mine and yours...We'll have to share that sexy bitch..."

Lacey's lips were a smile as she smoothly bobbed up and down on my rod, taking in roughly ten inches. Love then unwrapped her arms and crawled around from behind me, Lacey started to slowly decrease in her bobbing. Love then wrapped her hand around my member and started to jerk my cock. Lacey looked up at me and smiled. I wiped some sweat away and pulled her up to kiss me. Lacey wrapped her arms around my neck and opened her mouth to tongue kiss me. I pulled her close as our tongues started to bat against each other.

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