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Party Planner Valentine


Oh my god. Another Valentine's day weekend. I loved my job just hated this weekend. Candy, flowers, candlelight dinners, marriage proposals and of course some hardcore banging sex. Ha-ha that was what everyone got. Not me my job was a party planner for the upper class people. But for holidays and special occasions I helped out my VIP client . I had some very elite rich clients that always would use me to plan the best romantic rendezvous. So when Valentine's day fell on the weekend well it turned into a major holiday for these rich go all out people.

I had received an email from one of my male clients. He wanted me to plan a romantic sexy weekend for him and probably his current flavor of the week. Probably some long legged, blonde, big fake boobed hottie. Paul wasn't per say a player ok sure he was he'd date these fake bitches for a bit have sex with them then he'd get tired of them. The sex of course was probably great. Ok I knew it was. I had eavesdropped on some of his sex sessions while I was setting up a party on more then one occasion. I mean he could really make a woman moan. One of his sessions lasted three hours with a girl and holy fuck I could have swore that girl must have had 20 orgasms. I mean hell I was getting pretty hot just listening to him fucking that fake boobed bitch. Paul had a lot of parties. I was as he called me his one and only party planner. The best of best he would say. If only he knew when he talked to me I was wondering how big that cock of his was when it was hard. I was always thinking what I could do with him.

Now I wouldn't call myself ugly but I was not a model. I was well endowed with big breasts and brown hair. A rather nice ass well at least good for smacking during sex. I wouldn't say fit but pretty well rounded as a whole. I had been lacking in the whole sex department lately probably more so because I was a workaholic. But I got off by watching these rich people living it up at a party that I put together. I was pretty happy doing that. Times like this had its perks. A glance at a handsome sexy client coming out of the shower with just a towel on or the few times he had accidentally slightly rubbed his hand across my breast as he helped me with a box or two. Oh the thrills and excitement that went through my body. Those were the moments that left me to my imagination when I would get home and make my body quiver with a great orgasm from my favorite toy.

But I knew getting the real thing was always going to be a fantasy. Love, lust and all of those things were last on my mind. I was satisfied where I was in my life. But seeing Paul looking oh so sexy in some jeans, no shirt walking around in front of me. Dam he was some eye candy worth watching. I knew that when I left there my client would be happy and my pussy would be wet. The perks of having a super sexy client. I was talking to the chef in the kitchen when Paul came in and asked what shirt I liked best. Well the blue was super great, went with his eyes. Those eyes piercing blue. He pulled it on over that rock hard body leaving it open so his oh so sexy abs were still seen. Oh my the thought of running my tongue down that sexy chest and going all the way down his body. Licking and kissing my way to his oh so prominent bulge in those jeans. I shook my head back into reality. I realized Paul was standing there looking at me with a smile on his face. I had learned to control being embarrassed hell I mean I'd seen him in a towel. But I could feel my cheeks being flushed.

Paul walked away turning once to stare back still smiling. I continued my talk with the chef. Actually trying to figure out who this mystery woman was. Had to be someone very special Paul was putting out all the stops for this one. Roses everywhere. The huge Jacuzzi area was splayed with candles and rose petals. The best wine money could buy and some very fancy scrumptious food. I'd say this girl was going to have some amazing orgasms tonight and throughout this weekend.

Paul was pretty predictable he would wine them, dine them and then spoil them with an in house masseuse that would get her all rubbed down nice and good. Which then led to chocolate covered strawberries hand fed to her in the Jacuzzi. But again predictable but very well orchestrated to make a woman wet beyond control. It prepared them for two nights and three days of the best sex they would ever have.

I was putting the last minute touches on the bedroom and the bathroom when Paul walked out of the closet with nothing on this time. He sort of was shocked but also smiled at me. I apologized and went to leave when he asked which Cologne did I like best. Oh my heart melted. He wore the sexiest Cologne I had ever smelt. I thought boy I'd really like to smell the aroma of his sweat running down his chest as he was fucking me like crazy. I stuttered which one and walked out. Wow I was so wet at that moment. I was itching to get out of there and go home to my favorite toy to finish myself off a few times at this rate.

I was at the end of my job and his mystery bimbo hadn't arrived yet. I started saying good bye to the florist and the chef. They would all leave. And Paul would take over as host and server when his lovely lady arrived. After they left I went to find Paul to make sure the place was up to his standards. We met up in the hallway and did our walk around. He was rather strange this evening which made me think this woman must be really special, he was even kind of nervous. Asking strange questions that were not his ordinary worries. Do you like these. How do you think this feels, as he rubbed a soft cashmere towel on my cheek. Which by now again were flushed. I could feel my nipples getting harder and my head getting dizzy. How could I really be getting this hot over a guy that was about to seduce some model that had no brains. But it was pretty hot. We walked back to the front foyer and there was a knock on the door which made me believe that was my queue to leave. He asked me to answer it.

There in the doorway stood a delivery man. He dropped about twenty bags all from fancy shops around town lingerie stores, dress shops, shoe shops all those fancy places those high end women shopped. He asked me to sign I looked back at Paul he nodded to go ahead. Paul looked at me and said check them out tell me what you think.

As I opened the bags I seen beautiful lingerie silky and lacy. Of course pink and reds everywhere. Another package contained a sexy pair of red high heels . a dress bag hung up by the door I unzipped it. I laid my eyes on the most gorgeous black dress I'd ever seen. I was actually losing my sexual attraction and I was becoming a little jealous. This woman was getting the million dollar treatment was this the one that had actually stolen Paul's heart. Was this the woman that would see him naked every night the woman that would get his body on hers for the rest of their lives. One lucky bitch for sure this time.

I went to grab my coat to leave when Paul grabbed my arm. He asked where I was going. I preceded to tell him everything was in order for his date to arrive. He smiled and said well she's been here the whole time. I looked around wondering where she was hiding then he looked at me nodded his head at me. I laughed oh my god he was talking about me. No way I was just being crazy.

He held my hand in his and said he had always admired me. Loved my wit, my humor, my independence. He had not realized until recently that he didn't need to look for the perfect woman because she had been right in front of him the whole time. I knew I was definitely blushing now. I was speechless.

He took my hand and he directed me to the bedroom. He brought all the shopping packages in and said he wanted to see me dressed in something he couldn't wait to get off of me. Wow I was shocked stunned and totally thrown off guard. How did this sexy God of a man decide to choose me. I wasn't a model I wasn't a blonde bimbo. I couldn't grasp any of this. Then I looked in the mirror. I was beautiful I guess. I was smart. I was pretty independent. I giggled a little and thought I was getting fucked tonight by one hell of a sexy man. I started tearing through the bags and got myself all dressed up. I felt like a princess at a ball.

When I walked out Paul's piercing blue eyes ran up and down my body. He came over and kissed my cheek. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear that I was going to rock his world.

We ate and had some wine. I opted to skip the massage the only hands I wanted on my body were Paul's. We went to the Jacuzzi and laughed and joked and snuggled together. Perfectness at its best. A moment I could freeze in time. He slowly reached over and kissed my wanting lips. He told me he never had the courage to ask me out. He thought I was to good for him. I laughed and explained to him how I was secretly admiring him all the time. We talked and laughed for quite sometime. He got me a towel and gently wrapped it around me. Holding me tight and kissing my neck.

He told me I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. I kissed him and said I have been waiting for this for a long time. He smiled at me. We walked to the bedroom. I seen all the Rose petals and the candles all lite. I walked over and dropped my towel on the bed. I walked around a little nervous yet excited. I was where I had fantasized being so many times. I had pictures myself in this bed making sweet love to this man. How did my fantasy turn into a reality. I don't know that answer but tonight I was going to fulfill every bit of that fantasy. Paul had laid on the bed and was patting it with his hand. His smile just melted me. I looked and realized he had already taken his shirt off. Oh yes that chest my tongue was going to be running down.

I sat on the bed next to him. Here I was feeling all nervous. When just hours ago I was ready to go home and pleasure myself with my toy. Now I was just as wet or maybe more wanting his gorgeous lips on mine. He kissed me slowly and deeply. I could feel myself just melting into those amazing lips. His arms around me. His chest pressed against me. He laid back and pulled me next to him. Never letting our lips part. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed so passionately. I hadn't felt this hot or wanted for along time. I was so ready to have Paul make love to me any and every way he wanted. He slowly took off the top to my bathing suit. I did not resist. He kissed my ear, my neck, my shoulder then lightly ran his lips across my breast. It sent a shiver down my body right to my waiting pussy. I knew It wouldn't long before I had my first orgasm with the way my body was electrified by his touch.

He ran his fingers down my chest just barely touching my hard nipple. His touch so sensual. Slowly moving it down my stomach ever so slightly running his fingertips over my flesh. I was amazed how much this was turning me on. I laid so still barely trying to breathe trying to feel ever little shock I was getting from his touch. He than began to move his lips down my body running his tongue over my stomach. I felt like I was going to burst when his tongue touched my thigh. Then he moved between my legs his hand moving with him. Ever so gently running across my wanting pussy. I tried to lay very still but as soon as he removed my bottoms his hand touched me. I shivered with anticipation of his next touch. He kissed my thigh moving higher and higher until he lightly touched my clit with his hot tongue. I felt a jolt of electricity go through me knowing I would be having an orgasm any minute now with him doing that. Again just a tease from that tongue but I jerked. He placed his hand on my stomach as I squirmed around when he went full force on my clit. Twisting and turning that hot wet tongue of his all over my growing orgasm button. I couldn't stop squirming as he went faster and faster. Bringing me closer and closer to exploding.

Then it hit me. I cried out in pleasure begging him not to stop. Wanting to cum over and over. He licked all my hot wetness from my pussy. Bringing himself back up to kiss me hard making me taste myself. Making my tongue entwined with his. My juices all over his soft lips. He laid on the bed and I got to play now. As I was kissing him I slowly moved on top of him running my hands over that gorgeous chest. Licking his nipples which I could see he was enjoying. He didn't hesitate to grab my hair and guide my mouth to his other nipple. I teased it with my tongue. Making him moan. I wanted to have his perfect cock in my mouth. I licked my way down his chest feeling the ripples of his body with my tongue. He had yet to remove his trunks so I knelt down in front of him and slowly took them off. His perfect hard cock sprang out in front of me I wanted to put it in my mouth to feel him but I didn't I teased it with my tongue. Licking the tip running my tongue up ad down his hardness. Making it nice and wet. Then I slowly slid my mouth over it. Letting him feel every inch of him sliding in. My hot mouth taking his hard cock deep. His legs stiffened and he moaned out loud. I continued to tease the tip as it was in my mouth.

Slowly bringing my hot wet mouth back up his cock. I went down on it again letting it go deep in my throat. I felt his hand grab my hair and push with me. He wanted to make me gag on that cock. I did and instantly felt my pussy gush hot wetness. I teased him more and more with my mouth. Knowing that when that cock was nice and super hard he was going to be fucking me with it. A few more times of this and he grabbed me up kissed me hard and laid me on the bed. I was shivering with the thought that I was going to get fucked nice and hard by the sexiest man alive. He got on top of me and kissed me slowly pushing the tip of his cock against my wetness. He moaned again. He said he loved my wet pussy. He loved how it was so hot. His sexy mouth kissed me as he pushed his cock in me slowly and it filled me up. I couldn't help but cry out as he pushed his cock all the way in and kissed me hard. He began pumping but in an upward motion which was so fucking amazing. Like he knew exactly what spot he needed to hit. I felt a twinge of pleasure with every single stroke. It was like mini orgasms that were going to lead up to a big one. He pushed deeper and harder into me. He took his arms and pulled my legs up under them.

This was new and one of the most amazing feelings I had ever felt. He pushed my legs up close to my chest and slowly went as deep as he could and wow it was an instant orgasm. I felt it slam through my body over and over as he continued to pound my wet pussy. I couldn't hold back my self from screaming out for him to fuck me and make me cum again. I was having another amazing orgasm. He let my legs down and flipped me over had me hold on to the foot of the bed. He got behind me and drove his cock deep in me. I could feel every inch of him going in and out. He grabbed my hair and pulled. He told me he was going to fuck me hard and he was going to cum in my hot pussy and that is what he did. He starting pumping that perfect cock in me over and over. I could feel another orgasm coming on and his thrusts got harder and faster. I knew he was going to cum soon. I couldn't stop myself as he buried his cock one last time deep in me and we both came at the same time. We collapsed on the bed. His sweaty body on mine. I could smell him and it was the best smell ever. His sweat mixing with mine. His sex mixing with mine. Perfect oh so perfect.

I laid there on the bed staring at Paul. I started this day hating this weekend. Now I'm looking at the man I may spend the rest of my life with. Definitely the man that just made me have the most amazing orgasms ever. I couldn't imagine that this is what love felt like or what it felt like to make love with someone that gave so much to please me.

Of course that was just the first of many times Paul would make my Valentine's day perfect. Valentine's day one year later Paul proposed to me. It wasn't a fancy laid out spread it was an ordinary night pizza and a beer in front of our television when Paul sweetly got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I of course accepted and we made love on the floor just as passionate and even better then the first time.

Now I look back and I think I have been married to Paul ten years. Ten years of ups and down. Tears and laughter but always full of passion and love. Valentine's day turned into being my favorite time of the year.

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