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Party Pleasures


It was the alcohol that made the difference. Not that Steph really needed an excuse. The way she danced with carefree abandon held her male audience spellbound. Her best friend, Mel, danced with her. Both girls were fully aware of the effect their routine was having on the five men that watching them with hungry intensity.

The office party had been in full swing. Steph and Mel had already drunk more than they probably should have. They were feeling good as they danced together, aware of the appreciative glances from their male colleagues. It came as no real surprise to Steph when she and Mel were asked if they wanted to move to one of the smaller rooms where things would be more private.

Steph agreed readily. The memories of her recent blindfold encounter still burned in her mind and she knew only too well what the culmination of her "private" session would be. Intrigued, Mel was happy to follow along. Mel was aware of her friend's appetites and her reputation but had never seen her in action before.

The room was an extension to the main hall and was sometimes used to accommodate larger parties. As they slipped unnoticed into the room the girls were aware of one of the men locking the door behind them.

Steph and Mel looked around, briefly taking in their surroundings. The room was dimly lit but the music from the main hall was still quite loud. Steph was already aroused by the situation. Alone with five of the biggest hunks in her office. Too bad she'd have to share them with Mel. She began to dance. Her sensuous movements gaining approval from her male onlookers. With only a moment's hesitation Mel joined in.

The girls danced together, putting on a show for those watching them. If Mel had any doubts left as to the outcome of their performance these were quickly dispelled when she saw Steph slowly and very deliberately remove her tight fitting top.

Steph turned towards Mel and smiled. Mel smiled bag, gave her shoulders a barely perceptible shrug then began to undo her blouse. There were wolf-whistles and shouts of encouragement as the blouse fell to the floor. Suddenly Steph was helping her out of her tight jeans. Mel responded by unzipping Steph's skirt, letting it fall to join the other discarded items of clothing on the floor.

Both girls were enjoying themselves as the danced in only their underwear. As they danced they began to get more and more aroused. The same could be said for their audience as they watched the show that was being put on for their benefit. The girls quickly removed their bras and, within moments, were slipping out of their knickers to dance naked in front of their admirers.

Steph was turned on and ready for action. She offered no protest when Mike approached her and led her to where he and two of the others, Carl and Tim, were waiting. She noticed Mel calmly walking to where the other two were sitting.

Steph's three were on her in a flash. She felt herself being lifted on to a table and lay back expectantly. Her body was being caressed all over by three pairs of hands and she squirmed with pleasure. Without warning, her tits were being sucked, a mouth clamped on to each. She turned her head to one side. The third man, Tim, immediately offered his thick cock to her lips. Steph smiled hungrily then licked the end with her tongue. She was rewarded with a gasp and she responded by parting her lips and sucking it into her mouth.

Her position restricted her movement. Tim was aware of this and began to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of Steph's eager mouth. It was only Tim's cock that stopped her from crying out when she felt a tongue begin to lap at her pussy. She could see Mike still concentrating on her tits so it had to be Carl that was eating her.

Her only response was to suck even harder on Tim's cock as it slid between her lips with slow, powerful thrusts. A warm glow was beginning to spread over her as she savoured the attentions she was receiving.

Mel wasted no time. She saw Steph being led away and walked over to where Steve and Rob were sitting. She quickly knelt in front of them and began stroking the very obvious bulges in their trousers. Pausing only to cast a quick glance at Steph, who was already happily getting attended to, she slowly unzipped their trousers, releasing their straining cocks from confinement.

Mel studied the two cocks in front of her. Rob's was slightly longer. Steve's was thicker and more noticeably veined. She stroked them lightly as she made her decision. She turned her head and ran her tongue up the underside of Steve's cock. She flicked the tip with her tongue then took him into her mouth. Mel's hand continued to stoke Rob's cock as her lips slid up and down Steve's shaft.

After a few minutes she changed over. She took Steve's cock deep inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around it. Her other hand slid easily up and down Rob's saliva covered dick. She soon had a rhythm, sucking one cock and stroking the other then alternating back and forth, keeping both men at fever pitch.

Steph was already coming. Carl's tongue lapping her clit and Mike sucking her tits had driven her over the edge. She wanted to cry out but Tim's cock prevented her. Her only available response was to suck even harder. Suddenly, as Steph's orgasm broke over her, she heard Tim groan. Seconds later Tim's cock erupted filling her mouth with his hot cum. Steph gulped it down hungrily but was unable to stop some from trickling from the corner of her mouth over her cheek.

Tim withdrew his cock only to have it immediately replaced by Mike's. As Steph happily accepted his offering she felt herself being pulled down the table until her bottom was at the edge. Tim's hands were now caressing her tits. His long fingers squeezed them as his tongue licked her nipples. Carl removed his mouth from Steph's pussy and seconds later she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her entrance.

Carl slid his cock into Steph's soaking cunt with one powerful thrust. Despite having Mike's cock in her mouth Steph still managed a gasp as Carl thrust into her. Carl fucked her with long hard strokes. Every thrust of his cock forced more of Mike's into her mouth.

Mel sat astride Steve's face as sucked on Rob's cock. Her lips gliding easily up and down his length while Steve lapped at her pussy. A familiar tingling sensation was already beginning to spread over her.

Mel fondled her tits, squeezing and caressing them as she rode Steve's face. Rob grabbed her hair forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. Mel felt herself reaching the point of no return. The fire in her womb spread through her. Rob's cock slipped from her mouth as she came, moaning and trembling all over.

As her orgasm took her she slid herself down Steve's body until her pussy was pressing against the tip of his cock. Mel sighed with pleasure as, with one thrust of her hips, she slowly impaled herself on him. She quickly found a rhythm. Her wet pussy gliding up and down his length.

Once again she took Rob into her mouth. Rocking back and forth she took each cock in turn. Forward, Rob's cock pressed deeper into her mouth, back, and Steve's cock buried itself to the hilt in her pussy.

On the other side of the room things were getting hotter. Mike had deposited his load in Steph's mouth. As his cum dribbled down her chin she allowed herself to be lowered to the floor. Tim was below her. His cock, now fully recovered, slipped easily into her cunt. Carl moved in front and Steph wasted no time in copying Mel. Two cocks, one at each end, slid in and out of her willing mouth and cunt.

Mike moved behind her. The scene before him, his friends fucking ant being sucked by Steph quickly restored his erection. Slowly, he inserted one then two fingers into Steph's arse. Steph wanted to cry out but Carl's cock in her mouth prevented her. His fingers slid in and out as her pussy rode up and down Tim's prick.

Mike removed his fingers and Steph felt a sudden empty sensation. This quickly vanished as she felt him push his cock inch by inch into her back passage. Once again Steph knew the sensation of being filled simultaneously by three cocks. It sent her over the edge. Her body shaking violently as she came, she sucked hard on Carl's cock as, with alternating thrusts, Mike and Tim rammed theirs into her arse and cunt.

Steve had moved behind Mel. His cock pistoned into her cunt. Mel licked and sucked Rob's cock, Steve's thrusts forcing more of it into her mouth.

Mel's pussy was on fire. She stroked her throbbing clit with her free hand. The sensations overwhelmed her. Her heart pounded. Her pussy and womb began to contract. Her body shook as her climax took her. Mel thrust her hips back, her cunt swallowing Steve's cock as she met his thrust. The contractions in her pussy gripped Steve like a vice. She relaxed her mouth and sucked Rob's cock deep into the back of her throat.

Mel's orgasm continued to shake her. She felt Rob's cock twitch in her mouth. His breathing was hoarse. His balls swelled. Rob pulled his cock back until only the very tip was still in Mel's mouth. Mel pumped her fingers up and down his shaft. Her only warning was a low groan as Rob's cock began emptying its load into her mouth. She swallowed greedily, determined not to waste a drop, as jet after jet of hot cum pooled in her mouth.

With her lips still firmly wrapped around Rob's cock, she expertly sucked the last few drops from its tip. She became aware again of Steve. His breathing was heavy, his balls slapped against her as he drove his cock in and out of her. He grabbed her hips, pulling her on to him and with one final thrust released his seed deep inside her. Mel sighed contentedly as his cum splashed against her cervix. Letting him slip slowly out of her cunt she turned and sucked him clean, savouring the mix of her juices and his cum.

Temporarily exhausted they sat back and watched for a while as Steph was taken by all three of her admirers.

Steph's body was aflame. She sucked eagerly on Carl's cock, her lips sliding up and down his slick shaft, as Mike and Tim fucked her from behind. She rode Tim's cock with slow thrusts of her hips as Mike slid his in and out of her arse.

Carl grabbed Steph's head and began to fuck her mouth in earnest. His cock disappearing between her lips as he thrust into her mouth. Steadying herself with one hand, Steph squeezed his balls with the other. They were heavy and obviously full of cum.

She moved back, filling her cunt and arse with Tim and Mike's cocks. All the while her mouth kept a steady suction on Carl. Delirious as she was she heard Carl groan. She drew her mouth back until only the very tip of his cock was between her lips. Her hand released its pressure on his balls and began to rapidly stroke his shaft. Carl's cock twitched, Steph heard him cry out a wail of release and suddenly his cock was pumping its load into her mouth. Carl came in a flood and Steph, blow-job maestro that she was, couldn't prevent his cum from spilling from her mouth, down her chi and on to her tits. She sucked him dry as Mike and Tim continued to fuck her from behind.

Spent, Carl's cock slipped from her mouth. Steph was finally free to give vent to the feelings that were wracking her body. She cried out as Mike and Tim continued their relentless pounding oh her arse and cunt. She gripped their cocks inside her body as she moved with them. Her fingers, now free, sought out her clit and she began to stoke it, reaching back occasionally to feel Tim's cock as it slid into her pussy.

In seconds Steph was coming again. The sensations from her throbbing clit engulfed her, wearing her out, draining her of any but the most primal ability to respond to the fucking she was receiving.

Tim came first. Without warning his cock unleashed its load deep inside her. Steph, her body still shaking, was only able to murmur softly in response. As Tim slid out of her she felt suddenly empty.

Mike grabbed her hips and pulled her on to him. His cock sawed in and out of her arse his balls slapping her pussy with every thrust. And then finally it was over. Mike shot his load deep into her bowel and collapsed beside her. Steph stretched out, deeply satisfied, to watch Mel in action with Rob and Steve.

Mel watched on in fascination. Absently stroking Steve and Rob's cocks as she watched her friend being expertly fucked by three men at once. The effect of her hands and the scene in front of them was already bringing them back to life. Mel looked on in fascination as Carl's cock exploded in Steph's mouth. She saw his cum dribble down her friend's chin and became aware of her own state of arousal again. The effect on Rob and Steve was equally pronounced, both were now fully erect.

Mel turned to Steve, who had been absently playing with her tits, kissed him then dropped her head to his lap. Her tongue licked all over his shaft before opening her lips and engulfing his cock with her mouth.

Rob had been stroking Mel's clit as they watched Steph. As Mel turned her attention on Steve, feasting on his tool, Rob positioned himself behind her. Guiding Mel into position he parted her legs slightly. Grabbing her hips, with a single thrust, he penetrated her to the hilt.

Steve's hands squeezed Mel's tits as her mouth worked on his cock. Her tongue swirled round its head as her lips slid up and down.

Mel's fingers pressed on her clit as Rob powered into her cunt from behind with long, hard thrusts. She felt his cock pull out of her and shuddered in anticipation of what was to come next.

Rob's cock pressed against her other entrance. Mel kept a steady pressure on her clit as inch by inch Rob slowly slid his cock into the tight confines of her arse. As his cock began to slide in and out it pushed Mel into another orgasm. She came with her mouth still tightly locked on Steve's swollen member. Her only available release was to suck even harder.

Steve could take no more. Grabbing Mel's head he thrust as much of his cock as would fit into her mouth and then erupted. Jet after jet of hot cum shot down Mel's throat. Steve came so hard that Mel almost choked. His release caused her own climax to rise higher. Mel thrust her hips back to meet Rob's cock as he stroked it in and out of her arse. With her mouth now empty she free to give voice to the orgasm that held her in its grasp.

Mel felt Rob's balls slap against her tender pussy as he relentlessly fucked her arse. Its tightness coupled with the intense stimulation of the situation had him at boiling point. With almost no warning at all he pulled his cock from her arse and moved in front of her. Pumping his cock with one hand he released his load all over Mel's face and tits.

After a few moments Carl, Mike and Tim, who had been wanking furiously as they watched Mel in action with Rob and Steve, released their loads. Tim and Mike sprayed theirs over Steph's face, neck and tits. Carl had moved over in front of Mel who opened her mouth wide to accept his offering.

It took very little encouragement to get the girls to lick the cum of each other. Both were quite turned on as the cleaned the cum from each others' bodies with their tongues. The men urged them on, hoping for more of a show. Despite the protests, Steph and Mel, their sex charged bodies aroused but exhausted, reluctantly declined.

Finally they all agreed that the action was over for that night. They got dressed. The music was still blaring as they slipped, unnoticed back into the main hall. The guys disappeared into the crowd, the girls made their way to the bar. Tired, a little sore but extremely satisfied, Steph and Mel smiled as they relaxed back into the softly upholstered chairs and sipped their drinks.

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