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Party time


"No hold it." Marie's boyfriend told her.

"You're an ass." She told him. She had been asking him to use the bathroom for over an hour and had to pee so bad she thought her bladder was going to explode inside of her. But she clamped down and waited for him to let her go. She wasn't sure why she enjoyed giving him this kind of control over her any other time he told her not to do something she told him to fuck off and did it anyway even if that included his best friend.

"It's what you get for fucking Brad right in front of me." He said touching her nose to nose and rubbing her hairless head. Marie stuck her tongue out and licked his lips like a mother cat would lick her young.

"He had a hard on, what can I say?" she said shrugging. Gerald grabbed her pussy through her miniskirt and rubbed it roughly. Marie grunted and bit her lip the move made her horny instantly but also threatened to break her valuable bladder containment. She loved it when he was forceful and especially loved it when he raped her.

"Careful I'll start to enjoy this." She whispered. Gerald bit her lower lip and stretched it out with his teeth before letting go and walking away from her.

"Ass." She repeated smiling wickedly. Finding a vacant seat on the couch in the living room she lit a cigarette and looked around for any of her friends.

She wasn't sure how she'd let Gerald talk her into going to this party it totally wasn't her style. Normally she liked to have a small get together with a few of her goth friends either watching movies or playing role playing games but this a full out crazy drinking party which was utterly pointless for her since she didn't drink. Rockers and hipsters bounced around the house drunk off their asses taking off the designer clothes they had spent too much money on. A couple of her friends were here but like her they were a fish out of water and had probably left long ago. Gerald could fit in anywhere and was well liked by anyone so it was no surprise to Marie why he had been invited. The fact that she was getting strange looks even from the party-goers who were drunk off their asses was no surprise to her. They probably thought she had cancer or something.

Waiting for Gerald had consumed the cigarette so she mashed it out and stood up to look around. In a way she hoped he was up stairs fucking one of these sluts silly. It would do them good to know what a real man was like in bed plus it would give her enough time to piss and then drink some more soda to refill her bladder once they got home. Her midsection hurt with every step she took from holding back the hot piss but she was able to hide it. Pain was her best friend and biggest turn on, the wetness she felt in her panties was most likely from her love juice but could also have been a bit of leaking pee.

"I'm going to kill you Gerald I have to pee!" she said to no one jumping up and down. That proved to be a mistake, a long spurt of piss escaped into the thin fabric of her panties.

"Oh shit." She placed one hand over her bladder and stood still re-gaining control over herself.

"What's wrong with you?" some strange guy asked. The girl he was making out with kept kissing on his neck while he looked at Marie.

"I have to pee." She told him. "Cute bitch can I have her when you're done?"

"Fuck you." The girl turned away from her prize for the first time.

"That's the idea sweeteheart." Marie ran her fingers through the girl's long hair and walked away from the couple searching for Gerald. She was starting to get pissed off not being able to find him. Granted it was a big house but he couldn't have gone far in the ten minutes since she had seen him last. Venturing upstairs she wondered if he actually had found some floozy to fuck the shit out of.

"Gerald if you're getting laid I'm going to fuck the first guy I meet." She said to herself opening one door after another. She walked in on two couples going at it, one of them didn't even notice her but the other couple fell to the floor trying to cover up with the blanket.

"Can I join in?" Marie asked.

"Get out of here bitch!" the male screamed at her. Pouting Marie slowly closed the door enjoying the view of the lovers cringing on the floor under the blanket. Walking back down the stairs she felt another spurt of urine escape her bladder. She had to find Gerald and get permission to go soon or she was screwed. Searching the bottom floor again she began to get desperate, walking around was becoming more than she could bear and it showed. Other party goers started to voice genuine concern for her as she wandered the bottom floor.

"I'm alright." She told one rather good-looking guy who asked. A spurt of piss left her when she said that and she noticed that they were becoming more and more frequent. She was in big trouble if she didn't find Gerald fast, she would have no choice but to let her pee flow freely through her panties and onto the ground.

"Hey this place is crowding me let's go outside."

"Sure I know a good place where we can get some privacy too."

And you can rape me? Sounds like fun. Marie thought to herself. She followed him outside and felt more pee escape through her panties. Dribbles of urine were running down her legs by now and she was certain she was going to loose control at any second. The strange guy led her to a part of the house that was not only private but extremely dark, there was no one anywhere near them so if she made a ruckus she wouldn't be heard by anyone, the perfect place to be taken against her will. Smiling she pulled out a cigarette and greeted her potential captor.

"I'm Marie." She held out a hand for him to shake as some more pee escaped into her panties. She was able to clamp it off after a second but she having a much harder time holding back her urine.

"I'm Jason." He said shaking her hand. She offered him a smoke and when he declined she lit up exhaling the smoke in a long breath.

"So to what do I owe the honors?" Marie asked him, she remained standing while he sat down on the ground.

"Nothing, just wanted an excuse to get out of there and you didn't look like you were having any fun so I thought I'd invite you." He responded looking around them.

"Well you're right about that, my boyfriend is M.I.A. and I don't really know anybody else there so it got real boring real quick." She pressed her thighs together feeling the extremely slow dribble of piss start to increase down her legs.

"Are you ok?" Jason asked. Deciding she could no longer hold back her torrent of hot piss Marie placed her cigarette in her mouth and pulled her panties off from under her skirt then lifted it, spread her legs, took a deep breath on her cigarette and peed on the ground in front of Jason. Marie opened her mouth and held her breath so that the smoke from her cigarette floated freely from her forming a small cloud around her head.

"I am now." She said when she was done with the smoke. Her piss made a loud splattering sound when it hit the dirt-covered ground making a large puddle of mud in seconds.

"Wow you've been holding that for a while." Jason told her watching her pee intently.

"Yeah it's a game I like to play with myself. One of these days my bladder is going to rupture inside me before I can piss it out." Marie held her half-smoked cigarette in her urine stream to put it out, her pee slowed for a second then resumed once she straighten up again. The puddle was now as wide as her stance and rivulets of her piss were flowing in all directions. She pissed for a long time wondering when she would ever stop.

"That's a lot of god damn piss." Jason told her standing up.

"Yeah I've been holding it for a long time as you already noticed." Her bladder finally emptied and the last few droplets of pee fell to the ground, when she had finally finished she dropped her miniskirt.

"Finally." She sighed but Jason was pulling out his long hard cock and taking off his jeans. "What are you doing? I told you I have a boyfriend."

"Did I tell you that I don't care?" he asked stepping out of his pants. He removed his shirt and Marie gaped at him admiring his toned body and long dick pointing directly at her. He stroked it taking a few steps towards her, she took a few steps back as he closed in but he reached out and pulled her close to him. Marie's pussy immediately became wet when she realized he was going to fuck her whether she wanted it or not.

"I told you I have a boyfriend." She said pushing him backwards, it wasn't hard enough to release his grip on her arms and he simply pulled her back up to him. "Stop, let me go!"

"I told you I don't care about your fucking boyfriend and quit squirming." Marie struggled feebly in his grip. She could broken free of him easily but she wanted to be taken right where she stood, if her boyfriend wouldn't do it then why not let herself be raped by some stranger?

"Dammit let me go! I don't want to with you!" Jason pulled her tube top down exposing her tits, the chill night air brushed her nipples which immediately stood erect. Then, wrapping his arms around her he held her tightly to him and tried to kiss her on the mouth. Marie swung her head back and forth trying to avoid his kiss only to be slapped on the cheek hard.

"Quit fighting!" he demanded and tried to kiss her again. Again, Marie avoided him and again he slapped her much harder this time and followed it up with another slap on the other side of her face before slamming her into the wall behind her holding her hands high above her head.

"What are you going to do huh? Scream? Go ahead you think anyone is going to hear you out here? Why do you think I brought you here you stupid bitch?" Marie's body went limp under his forcefulness and she gave in to his third attempt to kiss her. Although she was enjoying every second of his attack she kept a wary watch on his actions in case he tried to do something that would actually injure her or kill her. She made sure she put up enough of a fight that he believed she didn't want him but gave in soon enough that he wouldn't do anything stupid.

When he finished kissing her he released her hands and began massaging her tits occasionally licking her nipples. One hand moved between her legs underneath the skirt and started to tease her clit. He hoped her recent piss would hide the fact that her pussy was wet from her love juices.

"Whatever you do please don't hurt me." She begged.

"Just do as you're told darling and I won't." he said in between sucking on her perky tits. She kept her face stone cold hiding the passion that was brewing inside of her from his teasing. He was rough and often pinched her clit painfully or bit her nipples hard stretching them with his teeth. Marie whimpered and cried out in pain as he did so making him believe that she was actually suffering.

Soon he kneeled in front of her and started lapping up her pussy with his tongue. Marie squirmed as his tongue ran circles around her clit and occasionally penetrated her depths. He pushed on her legs forcing her to spread them apart so that he could gain easier access and insert one finger. Marie moaned mournfully as he finger fucked her writhing in mock misery, in truth her orgasm was building rapidly and she wasn't sure how long she'd be able to hold back. If she came while he was eating her out the game would be up, her pussy would spray hot pussy juice all over her face like a firehose. Fortunately he had enough of eating her and stopped getting right down to business.

"Get on all fours." He ordered pointing at the ground. Reluctantly, Marie began to kneel on the ground. Jason got tired of waiting and shoved her forcefully onto her hands and knees. Marie grunted and allowed her chest to fall to the ground as if she had lost her balance leaving her bare ass sticking straight up in the air. Jason pulled off the skirt and kneeled behind her sticking the head of his hard cock against the opening of her hot sex.

"Tell me you want it bitch." Marie didn't reply closing her eyes. Jason slapped her ass as hard as he could. Marie lurched away from the slap screaming in pain.

"OW! Stop it!" she rolled onto her side using her hands to cover her ass from further assault but Jason was as strong as he looked and rolled her back onto her stomach. Again and again he slapped her ass with his hands as hard as he possibly could, Marie fought rolling this way and that screaming at the top of her lungs with each strike of his palms. Finally he lifted her ass back into the air and ordered her again.

"Yes, yes I want it please give it to me." She said bursting into mock tears. Pain was her best friend and greatest sexual turn-on, the spanking he had just given her had taken her over the edge and given her a violent orgasm but his cock teasing her pussy lips was quickly bringing her horniness back to a boil.

"There see? That wasn't so bad was it, you stupid cunt? I eat bitches like you for breakfast you think you can take me on think again." He started to push his cock into her sopping wet pussy, Marie's sobs didn't skip a beat and she did her best to keep them going for dramatic effect. Once he was all the way inside Jason took a hold of her hips with both hands and slowly pulled himself out and in taking his time. Marie rolled herself so that her tits were flat against the ground and her arms were spread apart bracing herself for the hard fucking she knew was to come. The sensations of his cock sliding into and out of her made it impossible to keep up the crying act and she gradually stopped steeling her facial expressions for the ride.

Marie did her best to keep her face stolid and show no emotion as Jason raped her from behind. Even when he inserted one finger into her asshole, which she normally hated, she didn't so much as blink. His strokes became harder and faster gaining momentum and taking her desire back to a fever pitch almost instantly. His hands held on tightly to her hips his fingertips digging into the already sensitive skin, the flesh of her ass felt like it was on fire only driving her even further into lust. Her eyes closed and her short raspy breaths escaping through her pursed lips she felt herself about to come again, struggling to hold back and maintain the illusion that she wasn't enjoying his rough sex. Fortunately, Jason pulled out just in time and flipped her over onto her back.

Again feebly offering resistance to his advances Marie help up her arms trying to push him back only to have them slapped away and held down at her sides. Without guidance he entered her wet pussy and began fucking her again. Grunting she turned her head to one side and started moaning as if in pain to his hips pounding into her body. By now he was furiously fucking her and she could tell even he was on the brink, if she could hold on for only a little while longer she could come when he did. Fortunately he pulled out when he did and shot his load onto her belly, releasing her own explosive orgasm. Her pussy squirted long strings of pussy juice onto his cock and she screamed with each bucking thrust of her body, all too soon her passion subsided and she lay on her back on the ground smiling like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar. Her rapist kneeled in front of her his jaw agape.

"You enjoyed that?" he asked.

"Oh please you don't actually think you did anything I didn't want you to did you?" she smirked.

"You fucking bitch!" he reached forward to punch her in the face, Marie easily blocked the punch, rolled onto her side and kicked him square in the jaw.

Jason fell down from the force of the blow and Marie pounced on him while he was still dazed. Rolling him onto his stomach she wrenched his arm behind his back and pinned him down. Jason screamed in pain this time and Marie laughed holding his arm in the position that hurt him the most.

"Stop! Stop! You're going to break my fucking arm!" he shouted. Marie let go.

"Oh please you can't honestly tell me that you didn't like that." She giggled bouncing up and down on his back. "I love pain, I love being taken against my will and smacked around and strangled I love all of it."

"You're fucking psycho." He whimpered not trying to fight her.

"Me? Psycho?" Marie asked holding her hand on her chest as if shocked by his accusation.

"Get off me bitch." He commanded. Marie stood gathering her skirt and soaking panties.

"You're no fun." She told him pouting. Jason looked at her like he wanted to try and punch her again but thought better of it and started putting his clothes back on. Marie pulled her tube top back up and pulled on her skirt.

"Thanks for the hot sex at least sorry I pissed in front of you." She turned and walked away without waiting for his response. It took some time but she made it back to the party and finally found her boyfriend Gerald in a bedroom lying next to some cute Asian girl under the blankets. She pulled the blanket over her naked body trying to hide herself from view.

"There you are." Marie told Gerald. She jumped into the bed next to the Asian girl trapping her between Marie and Gerald.

"Marie, this is Manko. Manko, my girlfriend Marie."

"Hi nice to meet you, you're hot." Marie held out her hand for Manko to shake.

"Um, yeah hi." Manko looked back and forth between them obviously confused but she shook Marie's hand. "Pleasure." She added sitting up and holding the blanket over her modest tits. Marie playfully yanked off the blanket and then pulled her tube top down exposing her own ample bosom.

"Don't hide yourself here it's all good." She said laying down. Manko continued to sit up no longer trying to hide her nudity.

"You two are weird." Manko laughed.

"Still got to piss?" Gerald asked Marie. Her body had been so full of fluid that even though she pissed a bucket earlier she had to pee again although not as bad.

"Actually I sprung a leak in front of some guy named Jason earlier but I have to pee again already."

"So pee." Manko said. "Just let loose on the blankets I'll wash them later."

"You like watching people piss?" Marie asked Manko smiling. Marie leaned back more and raised her hips using her legs to hold herself up.

"I love it, in fact wait a second." Manko moved over between Marie's legs so that when Marie started pissing it hit her right in the belly. "I'm drunk off my ass too."

"I guess you're letting me piss all over you." Marie's urine finally sprung from her and she pushed to make as high an arc as she could. The force of her pee hitting Manko in the chest made it splash spraying her legs.

"I do not believe what I am watching." Gerald announced while Marie pissed onto Manko's body.

Manko laughed and leaned her head back to keep the urine spray from splashing her in the face. Marie pushed on her bladder trying to push out as much pee as she could, although she had never done anything like this before she was enjoying it immensely. When her piss finally ran out she wasn't sure who was more disappointed, her or Manko.

"That was fun I love you." Marie told Manko.

"Thanks." Manko replied.

"So can I keep her?" Gerald asked. The two women gathered up the soaking bedding and placed it in the hamper.

"I thought you'd never ask." Marie tapped Manko on the shoulder and looked her body up and down. She was well built with rippling muscles that betrayed her workout schedule, her ass was tight and her legs were long and she actually was taller than Marie was but had a much smaller cup size.

"I say yes she's hot, kinky and a good lay right?" Marie asked him. He nodded.

"Thanks for treating me like a sex doll." Manko giggled.

"It's settled you're now our official sex doll." Marie hugged her emphatically.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm in deep trouble." Manko asked smiling.

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