Party Time


Catherine Taylor got out of her car and walked from the car park of Leland Accountants where she was a partner in the firm. It was almost Christmas and the forty-two year old was not looking forward to it. Not that she had anything against the festival itself. Ordinarily she loved it but it had been six months since her forty-four year old husband, Stephen, to whom she had been married for fifteen years, suddenly announced he was leaving and moving in with twenty-nine year old Diane Fellows, who had been his secretary. Despite the fact that they both worked for the same firm, Catherine and Stephen worked in different areas of the building, an arrangement that suited them both because they wouldn't have to speak or see each other.

Catherine was still a handsome woman. She was quite tall, almost six feet, in fact. Her breasts were large and curvy and she had a superbly slim figure. Her blonde hair was long and tied in a tight bun. Although it was just nine in the morning it was very dull, and heavy cloud hung over the town of Penton, Middlesex.

As she walked along the corridor to her office Catherine saw the two main gossips of the firm, Mary Forbes and Paula Ronan nattering together as usual. These two women had given Catherine a torrid time. They never missed an opportunity to taunt her about the break up of her marriage. They often made cruel jokes about it, especially in front of other staff members. It was bad enough that while Catherine was the faithful wife her husband was bedding the young trollop but what hurt her most was the fact that these two had known long before Stephen dropped his bomb shell. They were laughing behind her back and enjoying it.

Mary was to married Peter Forbes and Paula was married to David Ronan. Both men were senior partners in the firm and their wives worked as accountants.

When Catherine reached her office her nineteen year old secretary, Sarah Matthews, greeted her. "Good Morning, Miss Taylor." Catherine had insisted on keeping her maiden name at work. Under the circumstances now it seemed appropriate.

Sarah handed Catherine a list. "These are your messages and I left the Babylon Crystal file on your desk for this afternoon's meeting."

"Thank you Sarah," responded Catherine with a smile. Once in her office, Catherine sat in her large leather chair and slowly began to work her way through the papers. Half way through the papers Catherine paused. She remembered when she was nineteen. How, just like Sarah, she joined the firm in an effort to work her way up. She remembered too how, because she wouldn't "play ball" with some of the partners, she was made do all the menial jobs in the firm. She was also lumbered with a cranky boss who made her life hell, when she was his secretary. Initially when Sarah was dumped on her Catherine resented it very much but as the months went by she began to appreciate just how valuable an asset she really was. Not just professionally but when she was in turmoil Sarah showed her great kindness and understanding.

Later that morning Catherine made her way to the kitchen to make her customary coffee. As she got to the door she could hear too familiar voices inside.

"Are you kidding? We couldn't invite that dried up old cow along. Besides, Di will be coming and you know what that means."

Catherine recognised Mary's voice. She knew too that Mary was referring to the girls evening out they planned after work on Friday. It was only for the gang of three, Mary, Paula and Diane. They usually ended up in the Broadchester Hotel and then a nightclub afterwards.

Catherine gave a cough as she went in and the two women were silent, wondering how much Catherine had heard. She remained silent, made her coffee and returned to her office.


On Friday, the last before the holiday, there was a gentle knock on Catherine's door.

"Come in."

"It was Sarah. "I'm sorry, Miss Taylor, but it's half past two and you said I could leave early to do some Christmas shopping, that's if you don't need me?"

"Already?" replied Catherine. "Yes I did. Please come in Sarah and close the door."

Sara did so.

Catherine picked up an envelope and handed it to her secretary.

Sarah opened it and saw the amount on the cheque. "Thank you, Miss Taylor, but I already got my bonus."

"I know you did dear. I put you through a lot this year and you did it all without complaining and efficiently. I do appreciate that. When you come back after the holiday we'll discuss how to get your accounting studies up and running . Ok?"

"Oh thank Miss Taylor. Thank you," said Sarah joyously almost with tears in her eyes. "Mer-, I mean..."

Catherine smiled. "Merry Christmas Sarah, treat yourself and enjoy."

Sarah nodded with a smile and left.

As Catherine was about to leave the building she could see Mary, Paula and Diane gathered at the front door. There was an icy atmosphere as she passed them and headed for her car. Mary was the leader of course. The other two just followed. Catherine knew what was wrong with them. Both husbands, as well as Stephen were off gallivanting in Scotland and the women wanted to follow suit.

At the hotel Mary ordered the first round of drinks. After about an hour or so a bored Mary looked at the others. "God, it's so dull here. Let's go up to the club. Who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky."

"Mary!" cried Diane.

"Oh loosen up, Di. It's party time. Come on," and all three made their way to Beverly's Night Club, just as Catherine had foreseen.

In the club and after having one more drink Mary and the others went out on the floor and danced. As the night wore on three handsome young men, neatly dressed, came over and danced with them.

"Hi. I'm Ian," shouted the first one.

"Mary," she responded.

After an hour or so, Ian spoke up. "We have to go."

"Already? You've only just got here," shouted Mary.

"Well, we have a party to get to."

"Oh," responded Mary, clearly disappointed.

"Of course, if you want to come along?"

"Of course we'd like to."

"Mary!" Diane exclaimed.

"Oh come on Di. Where's your sense of adventure?"

Outside, Ian hailed a mini bus taxi and all six filed in. Ian instructed the driver and after a short drive they arrived at a terraced two storey house and from the sounds the party was well under way.

Ian knocked at the door and another young man in his early twenties opened the door.

"Hi Jake. These are our friends, Mary, Paula and Diane."

"You're all very welcome," said the young man politely and ushered them in.

Ian turned to Mary. "Let me take your coat. Drink?"

"Please," responded Mary as she handed him her striped business suit jacket. After dancing for a while Mary sat down. She looked over at the girls. She could see they were enjoying themselves as they chatted with the other young men. Ian brought her another drink and she accepted it gratefully.

After a while a slow tune began to play. "Oh I love this tune," said Ian. "Let's dance to it."

Despite that fact that Ian was several years younger, Mary found him sexy and attractive. Being married didn't stop her noticing that. 'Anyway, if my husband is having a good time, why shouldn't I?' she thought.

After a few moments Mary began to feel strange. Her vision was getting blurred and she slumped on Ian's shoulder. "Are you ok?"

Mary could hear but not see Ian. "I just feel a bit dizzy, that's all."

"Oh you're just a bit warm," responded Ian.

"Stop it," cried Mary weakly as she felt her white sleeveless blouse being slowly opened. Her plea was to no avail as each button was slowly opened. Just as the last button was opened Mary felt the zipper of the striped business skirt being pulled and the loosened garment slid to the floor. When her blouse had been removed her full black slip was revealed. There was a sudden strain on the garment as it was literally ripped from her body.

"Wow, look at this," came a voice as her sexy red lace, low cut bra was exposed. Her matching knickers were encased in her sheer black tights.

"Please..." begged Mary, weaker than before. Like her other pleas it fell on deaf ears as the rest of her clothes were removed.

She then felt herself been carried and eventually being deposited onto a bed. Her long beautifully smooth legs were prised apart and Mary could feel a huge hard cock being forced into her vagina. At the same time her huge naked breasts were being licked and sucked. Despite her ordeal Mary couldn't help but moan.

"Oooh," she sighed as the gentle licking and sucking of her breasts continued. Meanwhile, the intrusion into her pussy began to feel pleasurable as the young man's cock began to pound, gradually building up speed with each stroke. Despite the fact she was being forced, Mary's body began to react positively and move at each stroke, eventually they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

As this wonderful, if unwanted ,sensation continued Mary felt something being forced onto her mouth. It was a bare pussy.

"Start licking bitch. Did you think you were going to fuck my boyfriend without fucking me?"

Mary could hear the collective sound of female laughter. Fearing she would suffocate, she obediently began to lick the young woman's vagina. At last, as the pounding of her pussy ceaselessly continued, Mary could feel her love juices starting to gather and she and the young man orgasmed together as the young man's cum and her juices collided, causing an enormous climatic sensation for them both. The young woman also orgasmed, releasing a sigh of relief and joy.

"You are good bitch," laughed the young woman. "Ok. Who's next," and the whole experience repeated itself over and over. After what seemed like hours it all stopped. Exhausted, Mary was relieved and was glad of the respite but it wasn't for long as she was thrown over on her front. Suddenly another huge cock forced its way between her arse cheeks and began to pump her mercilessly. It only stopped briefly as she felt the burning sensation of hot cum exploded inside her and like a swift changing of the guard, it started again. Eventually though, as her strength deserted her, Mary Forbes passed out and everything suddenly became black.


"Wake up. Do you hear me? Wake up."

Mary slowly began to wake up. The first thing she noticed was her shoulder being shaken. As her eyes cleared she was astonished to see a young woman in her twenties dressed in a nun's habit.

"Who the hell are you?"

The young woman cracked a bamboo cane on the desk. "Don't you dare take that tone with me, Miss Forbes. This isn't the first time you've ended up in my office."

"I don't know..."

Mary felt a hand gripping her shoulder. She looked up and saw another young woman also dressed in a nun's habit. "Silence," she said with authority. It was only then that Mary realised she herself was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform consisting of white blouse, red jumper and tie, short grey skirt and white ankle socks.

"Alright bring them in."

The young woman behind Mary left and a few seconds later she returned, dragging two young men in similar school uniforms.

"Well gentlemen, what's your story?"

One of the youths spoke up in a tone of mock meekness. "Well Mother Superior, she offered to have sex with us if we paid her..."

"You're crazy. I've never set eyes on you two before."

"Silence!" yelled the young woman as she once again she cracked her cane on the desk.

"You two can go."

The young men left.

"The evidence is quite clear Miss Forbes. You have again and again violated the rules of this school and warnings have not had any effect. Get over that chair."

"Go to hell," screamed Mary in response.

Suddenly the young woman behind her grabbed Mary and swung her around and held her tightly over the chair. Mary's knickers were pulled down and she screamed in pain as her naked flesh felt the cane striking. "Whack! Whack! Whack." Then she felt a sting in her arse and once again she was enveloped in total darkness.


At the same time that the drugs had started to take effect on Mary, Paula had also become very weak and her vision blurred.

"Oh dear. You've had too much to drink," came a female voice. Paula could hear giggling as she was led away. She was unsure of where she was but she could feel her business suit jacket being removed. "Please stop. I'm a married woman," she pleaded weakly.

"Oh we're all girls here," came a sarcastic reply along with a chorus of female laughter.

Paula tried to raise her arms, hoping in some way to stop this humiliation but she was held fast. Besides, the drug had made her weak and as her blouse and skirt were discarded she was unable to move. Her flesh coloured tights and black knickers were lowered in one fell swoop. When her black lace bra was removed some of the girls sighed.

"Wow, look at those tits."

"Her pussy looks good too."

There were more roars of laughter as Paula finally realised where she was as she was pushed forward and jets of steamy water lashed down her nakedness. The sensation made Paula scream at first but her body adjusted to the shock.

"Please," she begged.

"Hey, she's gagging for it."

Once again there was a chorus of female laughter. Paula could feel hands gripping her naked hips. Suddenly she felt something probe her pussy lips. It was a tongue. Gently it made its way through her lips and began to lash her clit.

"Mmm," muttered the young woman as she continued her tongue action.

Despite herself Paula moaned. "Oh my God," she repeated over and over.

"Hey, she likes it," laughed the young woman standing behind her soaping Paula's magnificent breasts.

"Hey girls, leave something for us," came a young man's voice.

The wonderful sensations Paula felt suddenly stopped.

"You're more than welcome to her. She's not bad at all," laughed one of the girls.

Paula was kissed by one of the young men, who slowly drove his hard cock deep inside her vagina and began to pump. Another young man stood behind her and inserted his cock into her arse and plundered it with pleasure. As the jets of hot water cascaded upon them, all three settled into a unified and sexually satisfying rhythm.

Paula screamed, not with joy but pain as the young men pounded her body. The young women laughed as they left them to it. Eventually all three orgasmed together. It came as a welcome relief to Paula but, as with Mary, it was short lived and the sequence began again, ending only when she passed out, totally exhausted.


"Guard, wake the prisoner."

As Paula's vision slowly cleared she was astonished to three young people in their twenties, sitting at a desk in front of her. They were dressed in replica Royal Navy uniforms. There were two male and one female.

Paula was sitting in a chair, also dressed in a replica Royal Navy uniform. "What the hell?..."

"Guard, silence the prisoner,"

Suddenly, Paula felt an electric shock that immobilised her.

The young man in the centre then spoke. "Ensign Ronan, this Court Martial finds you guilty of the charge of soliciting while on board one of her Majesty's warships. It is the sentence of this court that you receive one hundred lashes and dishonourable discharge from her Majesty's forces, said sentence to be carried immediately. Remove the prisoner."

Paula was held by two young women, also in replica uniforms. As they led her away she tried to make a break for it, only to receive an even nastier electric shock. Unable to move, she was dragged into another room. Suddenly she could feel her clothes being violently ripped from her body. Once her jacket was removed, both her blouse and skirt were literally ripped apart, as were her bra, knickers and tights. Her hands were forced upwards and she was locked into shackles that were secured to a wall.

Paula screamed as she felt the paddle strike the cheeks of her arse. Two young women, clad in skimpy leather outfits stood at either side and they administered the "punishment" between them. Paula was relieved when, at last, it was over. Her arse was sore. The last thing she remembered was a gentle prick there before all went black.


Like her colleagues, Diane had been dancing when she suddenly felt weak and disorientated. She fell forwards into the arms of the young man she had been dancing with. Unlike Mary and Paula however, the drug was not quite as strong and she could see everything, even her assailants. It would be much later that she would realise that this was deliberate. Nonetheless, Diane found she was too weak to break free. She was made to stand up and a group of six well dressed young men stood around her in a circle.

"Please, don't do this," begged Diane, with tears in her eyes.

The only response she got was an electric shock.

"Ahh!" she whined in discomfort.

"Not another word dear or the pain will be even worse," said the young man facing her. He slowly began to unbutton Diane's blouse. At the same time the zipper of her striped skirt was slowly pulled down. However the young man behind her only allowed the garment slip to the floor when the last button of her blouse was undone and her blouse fell open to reveal her very sexy blue lace, low cut bra.

"Wow. I bet that's not standard issue."

They all laughed in unison.

"Please..." There was another, stronger electric shock. "Aaah!"

"Now sweetheart, don't force me to do that again." The young man bent down and pulled her black tights and matching blue knickers down.

The young man nodded to one of the young women and she appliied cream to Diane's pussy. She began to shave away Diane's pubic hair. Diane wanted to protest but she remembered the pain she had from the electric shock and she reluctantly remained silent. Finally she was brought to another bedroom and pushed onto it and her hands were tied to the bed posts. The young man who had spoken to her was now naked. He gently mounted her and inserting his huge cock he began to pump. His pace accelerated with each stroke and Diane's body began to react to it as she settled into a unified rhythm.

"Uuugh," groaned as the clearly experienced young man continued his pumping action. He prolonged it to maximise the pleasure for them both and when they orgasmed they released a deep sigh of sexual satisfaction. The remaining young men also fucked Diane in succession but none were as pleasurable as the first young man. As the last expelled his load inside her she sighed for pure relief. It was however, short lived. When she was released from her bonds Diane was forced to her knees. She was terrified as she felt the cold steel of a knife blade under her chin.

"Now Miss Fellows, this is the deal."

Diane looked at the young man. 'How does he know who I am? I simply mentioned my first name.'

The young man continued. "For you and your friends to leave here unharmed you will do exactly as you're told. You will make all my friends happy and you will enjoy the sex. Is that clear?"

Diane nodded anxiously.

"Good." He nodded to the two young men holding her and Diane eased slightly upwards, just enough for another young man to slide underneath. He gripped Diane's bare hips and forced his huge dick into her arse; he pushed in and out. As soon as they were satisfied that there was a rhythm developed one of the other young men forced his cock into Diane's mouth with instructions to suck or else. At the same time she was forced to hand fuck two others.

What Diane didn't know was that she was being filmed at every conceivable angle while apparently enjoying this enforced orgy. Each time cum exploded in her mouth she was forced to swallow. The constant burning in her arse made that area very sore. Some of the young men simply rubbed their cocks between Diane's breasts and rubbed the resulting cum all over them. Finally, as the last young men orgasmed, Diane collapsed in sheer exhaustion, relieved that her ordeal was apparently over and she fell into a slumber.

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