Party Time


Well, what started as a "double date" looked like it was going to turn into a gang bang, with Kim and Kassidy on the receiving end. Kim had already been fucked by one of the three men from the club, and there were seven more now that they had reached their destination. They were out of the city by quite a little bit, and there were ten large black men, and Jeremy had just told them "She was all theirs."

The men on the porch whooped and hollered when they saw Jeremy and the little blonde bitch. As he held her arm and ushered her toward the porch the light shined on her, showing the men that her face and hair was already covered with cum. He pushed her to her knees in front of a large fat man, and told her to pull out his cock and suck it. The passenger side door opened and a man they called Ken stepped out, his cock swaying in the open and he pulled Kassidy with him. Again the men hollered and whooped and when she approached the light they saw that she looked like the girl kneeling before Ken fishing his cock out and one of them said, "Damn looks like we got twin whores here. Twin white sluts. I won't even know who I'm fucking before we let them go home Monday."

Kim had Ken's cock in her hand and put her lips to it and began to suck. Kassidy watched and Jeremy took her hand and told her to get on her knees and help her sister, they had plenty of cocks for them to work on over the next two days. Kim thought to herself, this isn't going to be that bad, plenty of cock to suck, and she looked forward to having numerous partners again. She loved the feeling that night at the Hilton, and this was twice the number of men. She wanted to show them they couldn't beat her. She'd let anybody that wanted fuck her for the next two days, and make them remember it. She had to talk with Kassidy and tell her the game plan. The fat guy she was sucking started to cum in her mouth and she swallowed as he squirted his cum over her tongue.

She looked over and saw that Kassidy had just taken the man she was sitting next to in the car into her mouth and was sucking his cock. The driver was standing close to her and looked over at Kim. He smiled and walked over and held his cock to her lips, Kim opened and started sucking his cock as she held his hips with her hands. He began to fuck her in the mouth, his balls slapping against her chin, she moaned as she had an orgasm. She was in heaven.

Kassidy felt the guy pull from her mouth and push her down so she was on all fours. He positioned himself behind her and she moaned with passion as she felt his cock push her cunt open and ease into her. His cock stretched her pussy as she felt him slip into her, she threw her head back and arched her back, and he held still. "God your pussy is tight, slut" he said as she looked back at him. He grabbed a handful of her hair and asked if she thought she could take all of his cock. She again looked back and said "Bet your ass I can, fuck me goddamnit." This seemed to piss the man off because he pulled back and rammed his cock deep into her body. His balls slapped against her clit and she screamed in pain. He began pistoning in and out of her pussy as fast as he could, the pain was intense, but she took it and he fucked her with all his might.

He hollered to her "That enough cock you fucking whore, you little white slut you like that fucking black cock buried in your pussy?"

Her eyes glazed over and she begged, "Fuck me harder with your black cock, is that the best you can do?"

A skinny man walked up to her and told her to suck his cock. She opened her mouth and the man fucking her pushed her onto the black cock in front of her. It was a sudden move and the skinny man's cock slid down her throat as the man in her pussy went balls deep. It seemed like they wanted to meet in the middle of her body, and they began a rhythm of double fucking her. One in her mouth and another in her cunt, and she loved the feeling.

Kim looked over and watched as Kassidy was getting fucked, and she looked around to the rest of the men to see clothes had been thrown aside and there were hard cocks all around. She felt hands on her hips urging her to put her ass in the air, and she knew she was about to be fucked, when she felt the driver empty his balls into her mouth. She swallowed and cleaned the cum from his cock. She felt a cock touch her ass and knew someone was going to plug her ass. She looked around to see a dirty looking black man with stringy hair pushing his hips against her, another hand grabbed her chin and pushed his cock into her mouth, and she began sucking again.

Kassidy felt the man in her mouth begin to swell and the cum burst forward into her waiting mouth, she swallowed and he pulled his cock free, she looked back and the passenger was still fucking her hard. She was no longer in pain, but he sure did have staying power. She burst into another orgasm as he pulled his cock free. She wondered why he had pulled out until she felt his press his cock against her ass hole. She worried that he would tear her but as he started to push forward she pushed back and he entered her with just a little pain. She felt his cock slide into her ass and pushed back against him. Her ass felt tight against his huge cock and he told her "That's it take it you little slut, your ass is so tight around my cock. I love the feeling of the little white ass of yours stretching to take me." He was right, she felt her ass open as far as it could as his cock filled her. Tears were streaming down her face as he pushed until he could push no more, she had every inch of him inside her again. She shook her head again and looked up to see another cock in her face. The man in her ass told her to suck the cock in her face and he began to fuck her, and fuck her hard again. She asked him "Come on stud fuck me." Her ass hole hurt but she didn't care. She and Kim were going to get out of this on top, and she started sucking the cock in her mouth.

Kim was getting fucked in the mouth and ass also, and she loved it. She ground her ass against the man behind her and tried to swallow the cock in her mouth. She finally realized just how cold it was out here and wondered when they would take them into the house. The man in her mouth began to cum and she sucked him like she was a vacuum cleaner. The man in her ass pulled out and pushed himself into her cunt and continued fucking her. Another man moved into place to push into her mouth and she opened and began to suck another cock. She had her 4th orgasm since meeting the three men at the bar and it was a mind blower. She trembled and shook as she felt the man behind her empty into her pussy.

Kassidy heard the passenger tell her "I'm about to fill your hot ass, you fucking slut. No, I'm going to make your slut sister suck your shit off my cock as I blow my load down her throat", with that he pulled from her ass and walked over and pushed the guy in front of Kim out of the way "Open up you fucking whore, and suck my cock that I just pulled from your sister's ass"

Kim opened her mouth and felt her lips stretch as she felt the head of his cock come to rest on her tongue. She tasted his cock and her sister's pussy and ass hole at the same time. He grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth further and further until he began to unload in her throat. He pulled back a bit and continued to unleash his cum in her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but some trickled out of her mouth and down her chin. She never had seen any one cum as much as he was dumping in her mouth, and she coughed and the cum spewed through her nose and her eyes teared. He held her hair and kept his cock in her mouth as she gagged. He laughed and pulled her off his cock and showed her to the men watching, "Guess the whore can't take a real man's cock" He let her go and the man she had been sucking brought his cock back to her mouth and shoved it in. There was cum in her hair, covering her face, running from her nose and dripping from her cunt, but she still wanted more. There was a line behind Kassidy waiting for their turn to fuck her ass. She too was covered with cum and getting ready for more. Kim thought to herself that they must have been there for a couple of hours already and somebody grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. The same was done to Kassidy and they were led inside. The house reeked of marijuana and beer and they were thrown on a mattress on the floor. Two of the men climbed between their legs and pushed their cocks into the sisters bodies and began fucking them. The men were talking, drinking beer, smoking pot and fucking the hell of the two women.

Kassidy looked over at her sister and Kim leaned over and kissed her. The men hollered when they saw this and began to fuck them even harder Another fat guy kneeled down next to Kim's head and offered her his cock, she took it into her mouth and started sucking as Kassidy said to the guy fucking her. "Fuck me you black stud, I love looking at all the black cocks around me, I hope you can fuck me good enough before I have to leave." With that, another man kneeled at her head and filled her mouth with cock. The fat guy in Kim's mouth finished first and pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his cum over her face. It got in her eyes and it hurt, but she took her finger and wiped it away and let the guys watch as she licked the cum from her finger. Kim looked to here left and watched as a man was pissing, he shook it a couple of time and then came to her and kneeled as he put it to her lips. She opened her mouth and tasted the salty taste of fresh piss as she began to suck his cock.

Kassidy looked up and saw a man with a full beard and god awful teeth smiled at her as she felt the man in her pussy begin to spray the insides of her cunt with his sperm. As quickly as he came, he got up and the man with the bad teeth got between her legs and shoved his cock into her, she moaned as he began to fuck her, but the passenger in the car came over and put his massive cock to her lips and told her, "Get me ready again, this time I'm going to fuck you good you little white whore, you'll beg me to stop before I'm done with you." Kassidy took his cock head into her mouth and began to suck him, and he immediately began to harden in her mouth stretching her lips wide. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her throat, and she gagged. She felt her throat open and the head slid into it. Her throat burned as he pushed farther in. She was only able to take about 9 inches of this monster before he pulled back, pushed the guy from between her legs and told her to roll over. She did as she was told and she arched her back as he pushed the head of his cock against her ass. She felt him pop inside and he pushed hard as his cock buried until his balls slapped against her pussy. He began to slowly fuck her ass as he asked, "Do you like that black cock in your ass you little whore?"

Kassidy didn't say anything she just pushed back against him.

The man slapped her little ass, and asked her again, "Do you like that black cock in your ass you little whore?"

Again no response and the man slapped her ass harder and she pushed back against him. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and asked again, "Do you like that black cock in you ass you little whore?"

Kassidy screamed "Yes, I love your black cock buried in my ass hole. Fuck me hard please."

The man smiled, and slapped her ass even harder than before, "That's a girl. I'm going to fuck you for the next hour or two and when I get done your ass will never be the same."

Jeremy looked around and everyone had taken a seat to watch. He pulled Kim to him and told her to get between his legs and suck his cock while he watched her sister get fucked. He knew that what the man had said was true, he could fuck for an hour or two and this little girl was going to be fucked like she would never be fucked again.

Kassidy looked over her shoulder and smiled at the man in her ass and he kept a steady pace as he began to fuck her ass. She was nearing another orgasm and it felt as if she had been fucked silly, but she was ready for this mother fucker, and she pushed back against him as he fucked her. She arched her back enjoying the feel of his cock in her ass and she looked around the room to see that everyone was watching her, except Kim who had a mouth full of Jeremy's cock. Jeremy grabbed Kim's hair and turned her head to see her sister being fucked in the ass. Kim smiled at Kassidy with the cock still in her mouth.

Kassidy's eyes were glazed over and she looked like she was in a trance, she saw Kim looking at her but was unaware of much else. Her ass was beginning to burn from the fucking she was getting, but her head went down and she closed her eyes and tried to dismiss the pain.

Kim slowly sucked Jeremy's cock and he seemed to be happy with her, so she reached up and began to massage his big balls. Jeremy scooted his ass closer to the edge of the chair and told Kim to finger his ass while she sucked him. She wet her finger and tried to insert it in his ass, then put it back in her mouth and wetted again, this time she inserted it in his ass and took his cock back into her mouth and slowly sucked him as she wiggled her finger in his ass. Jeremy moaned and told her what she was doing felt good, just take her time and enjoy herself while her sister was getting fucked.

She knew her sister must be getting sore, she had only been fucked by six or seven different guys in the ass tonight and she was sore. Her lips were swollen from sucking cocks and they were numb, but she liked that feeling. Kassidy had been being fucked for thirty minutes and she felt Jeremy grow bigger in her mouth and then she tasted his cum as he filled her mouth again and she eagerly sucked all she could from him. He tasted so good she would suck him all night if he wanted her too. She continued to suckle him and she loved the way his balls felt in her hand. Her finger was still in his asshole. He pulled her head off his cock and told her "You better go comfort your sister, she still has some work ahead of her."

Kim crawled over to Kassidy and held her head as she whispered in her ear, "Are you okay Kass?"

Kassidy just mumbled, "Uh huh."

Kim looked at the man fucking her sister and he laughed "She will beg me to stop, before it's over." He began fucking her harder and Kim bent down and kissed Kass on the cheek. All she could smell not only on her, but on Kass was cum, lots of cum. She went to Kassidy's ass and began to lick the cock sliding in and out of her sister's ass. She looked and saw how red the area around the cock was beet red, but well open. He had stretched Kassidy's ass hole so he slid in and out fairly easily. She made sure she wet the man, and he pushed her away. "Get the fuck away, she's on her own. No help from you, you fucking slut." Kim fell on her back, and crawled back to Kassidy's face, and whispered "Tell him to stop."

Kassidy shook her head, raise it shook her hair and asked, "Is that it, come on fuck me stud, I need some cock."

Kim smiled and whispered "Get em girl"

For the next hour it went like that, until the man finally pushed deep into Kassidy's ass and emptied his balls. He pulled his softening cock from her ass and cum poured out. Her asshole didn't return to normal, just left a gaping hole where his cock used to be. She was so sore she couldn't stand it, but she asked "Is that it, my black stud? Is that all I get?"

The man got pissed and slapped her face, and then Jeremy stood and punched him in the mouth.

"Leave her alone, she took it the best I've ever seen and she beat you."

It was 5:00 in the morning, and Kassidy and Kim were worn out, but wondered what the day would bring. She looked around and saw Kim sucking two cocks and another one was fucking her pussy. Jeremy told them to finish, he was going to take the girls home, they had performed very well and they deserved the break.

The two cocks in Kim's mouth began to spurt and she licked all she could up, then she felt the cock in her pussy cover her insides again, and she knew she would be going home.

Jeremy told them to get dressed if they could find their clothes and come with him. He told the driver to take him back to the college and led the girls to the car. Kassidy had trouble walking and Kim helped her, and they got in the backseat, one on each side of Jeremy for the trip back to campus.

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