tagGay MaleParty with Wife and Her Lover

Party with Wife and Her Lover


My girlfriend of six months came home all excited. This was a good sign I thought because I was afraid things had been getting a little dull lately. It seemed like she wasn't really into our lovemaking sessions and they were getting fewer and fewer.

"I need your help!" she exclaimed when I asked her why she was so excited. "There is an important business dinner and party Friday. It's very important. I have to go!"

"Ok, ok. We'll go. What's it all about?"

"Well, it's very important. The president of the company will be there, and so will all of the managers. It's very important." She looked so beautiful when she got excited like this. Her cheeks flushed a little putting a rosy glow on her face. Her eyes lit up.

"So what do we wear? What's the proper dress code?" I asked.

"Well, here's the deal. This is kind of complicated but you have to help me out here. Ok?" She batted her sexy eyelids at me, rubbed her hand up and down my arm and smiled seductively. Glancing at her sitting on the couch, I noticed her skirt sneaking up her legs until they rode to mid-thigh. She casually parted her legs to reveal her crotch. Her hand slowly caressed the edge of her panties. The motion was tantalizing and had the desired effect.

"I'm sure I'll do whatever you need," I said melting easily.

"Oh, if you do I'll give you your favorite treat," she said coyly. She knew I would do anything for the pleasure of feasting between her legs.

"Ok. What's up?" I said.

"We've got this situation at work. Remember Paulo?" I shook my head. She almost never talked about anyone at her office, even when I pried.

"Well he's this guy I work with. He's up for a big promotion but he has a rival. He needs our help." She waved me over to the sofa. She directed me to the floor in front of her. Her long legs were right there in front of me, one crossed over the other slowly bobbing up and down. My eyes were drawn immediately to them and their tantalizing sexiness. Watching the dark nylons as they rode up lanky legs and up her luscious thighs I wished I could see at that luscious junction where they met.

Her skirt was short, too short for business attire I thought, but extremely sexy. I glanced up sneaking a peek between her legs, seeking a glimpse at that area that represented my ultimate desire. I could almost see her panties. As usual, whenever I saw or even thought of her pussy, I felt myself harden, my member tightening against the restrictions of my trousers.

"Paulo and I have been working together on different projects. If he gets promoted to regional sales manager, I'll be his first assistant. That means more money for me too." She grabbed my chin in her hand and lifted my head up from her legs so I was forced to look at her face.

"Look at me now. If you're good I'll let you taste some of that later but pay attention now." She spoke like she was talking to a little kid. She patted my cheek, knowing I would do anything to feast there. I had long ago become a virtual slave to the succulent taste of her pussy.

"We've kind of told everyone that we, he and I, are a couple," she said nonchalantly.

"What?" I cried out, realizing what she was admitting. "I mean, what about us? Why?"

"Well, it's important at work for everyone to be married or at least have a significant other. And since Paulo and I are always working together people just assumed that he and I were doing it. So we just played along. You know, joking at first, and then when the boss told us he thought us being together improved our work we decided to tell everyone that we were engaged. It just kind of took off from there."

Forgetting my promises, I stormed out of the room. My anger boiled over as I went into the backroom where we kept the computer. I surfed around while I tried to cool down.

Hearing the cascading sound of the shower, I found myself envisioning her naked body. Barbara is a full-bodied brunette. She is not one of those skinny models you see so much of today. She has an ample chest, not too big, but it is her ass that sets her off. Almost plump, it's an ass to die for. When she struts down the street, everyone turns and watches. I've seen grown men drool when she walks by, some women too. There's nothing I wouldn't do to get near that scrumptious derriere. I love that ass. I love to grab it, squeeze it, and embarrassingly enough, I love to even lick it.

Picturing her nude in the shower, I remembered that gorgeous posterior jutting in the air as I plowed her from behind, my favorite position.

I couldn't take it any longer and I snuck into the bedroom so I could accidentally run into her as she came out of the shower.

She smirked as she saw me pretending to be looking for something in the dresser. A giant towel barely covered her glorious assets.

"Looking for something?" she inquired coquettishly.

"I'm trying to find my shirt," I replied.

"Oh? Which shirt is that?" She turned smiling and sat at her vanity.

"Listen. Maybe I was too hasty before. I don't truly understand your situation at work, but if you need my help, well, I guess I can help you out." Somehow, once again, she had turned the situation around and I was the one apologizing.

"Thanks honey. And since you're being so good I'm going to let you have one of your favorite treats tonight."

My mouth watered. She lifted the towel away from her waist so that her gorgeous womanhood glistened before me, revealing its lusty beauty. The dark hairs surrounding this area of her power accented and highlighted its deliciousness. I stared with raw lust, my tongue automatically wetting my lips in eager anticipation.

She knew my favorite part of lovemaking was feasting at her shrine, cherishing that particular duty with a devotion of absolute love. She recognized it was necessary for me to please her first before I even thought about penetrating her. I had long ago become accustomed to licking her there, savoring the taste, glorifying in the honor of serving her. so when offered the opportunity I jumped at the chance, or in this case, fell to my knees at the chance. As I crawled forward my tongue extended in worship as I tasted her lips, relishing the flavor.

I spent a good half hour teasing and tasting her. Licking her softly, sucking her gently, probing her with my tongue, I brought her to two delicious climaxes before she pushed me away.

"That's enough. I don't want to spoil you or you'll be wanting that every day." She swiveled back to her mirror.

"Every day. That sounds good to me." I rubbed my crotch and got up to go make dinner, thinking about how, despite not getting off, I was the one who really received the pleasure.

Later that night I waited until she fell into a deep slumber. Listening to the sounds of her slow breathing I wanted to make sure she was sleeping. Lately, the only way I have been able to get off was by rubbing against her magnificent ass as she slept. I loved the softness of her silky panties as they coated her voluptuous rear end. Grinding against her as she lay on her side, I would achieve my satisfaction and come all over her panties. Envisioning myself feasting on her glorious pussy, I squirted all over. I cleaned up as best I could before falling to sleep myself.

The next evening I asked her more about the party.

"Why don't you and Paulo just go by yourselves? Why do you need me?" She grinned widely as if proud that I suggested this alternative.

"That's very nice of you, but we need you."

"Why? For what?"

"I'm in charge of the drinks. We need you to bartend."

"Oh," I answered as if that explained everything.

That night as we settled into bed, she pulled her panties off and handed them to me.

"Here," she said as she held them in front of me. My penis started growing.

"What are those for?" I asked nervously.

"I'm tired of waking up with all that sticky and crusty stuff all over them."

"I don't know what you mean." I responded anxiously.

"Yes you do. You get off every night by rubbing against my panty-clad ripe ass. I don't mind your perverted little antics. It's the gooey mess in the morning that I object to." My face revealed my embarrassment and I couldn't argue with her.

"So instead of me wearing the mess, you get to." She wiped the panties over my reddened face. "You wear them while rubbing and shoot inside them. And one more thing; keep them on all night. I want you to experience the feel of all that gook in the morning." She waited as I slipped them on. She couldn't help chuckling over how aroused I was when I slipped them over my cock.

As we lay in bed and I waited, she finally spoke.

"You don't have to wait until I'm sleeping. Obviously I know all about your little quirks."

My excitement was overwhelming as I felt the smooth, silky texture of her panties and the plush, softness of her big ass. I knew I couldn't last long when she sent me over the edge.

"What do you fantasize about while you rub your little thing? Do you think about me fucking some hot stud? I bet you imagine me and Paulo getting it on at the office, don't you, you little pervert? Do you visualize him sticking his big, fat cock in my ass?" With a loud groan I erupted in a powerful orgasm. As I fell asleep I could hear her chuckling.

On Friday, the night of the party, I went upstairs to get ready. Barbara was sitting at her vanity applying her makeup. On the bed were a couple of boxes.

"What's in those?" I asked as I unbuttoned my shirt.

"Oh, that's your outfit," she said nonchalantly.

"Outfit? What outfit?"

"Didn't I tell you? You have to dress a certain way when you bartend."

"What way?" I opened the boxes. The first thing I came to was a white shirt with puffy sleeves and frilly ruffles running down the middle, covering the buttons. It was very feminine in appearance.

"What the...?" The next item was a pair of black short, shorts with black lace sewn at the bottoms. It looked to be way too small for my frame. Sheer, black nylons and a pair of low high heels were in the next box. Panties and a chemise were part of the mix in another carton. I fondled the material of the panties as I tried to figure out what was going on.

"Barbara? What is all this?" I asked nervously.

"You see, last year one of the bartender hit on the bosses wife, so this time he insisted that all of the help must be gay," she explained.

"Gay? What are talking about? I'm not gay," I said still feeling the softness of the material.

"Of course you're not, but you still have to wear this stuff," she said as a matter of fact.

"I don't think I can." I continued fondling the silky material.

"Sure you can. Let's practice." She began unbuttoning my shirt. My cock became very aroused. She had not touched me in this way for a long time. That sensuality along with the added novelty of the clothes seemed to excite me beyond normal.

"If you wear these maybe later on tonight, you can have another one of your favorite treats," she said as she removed my pants.

My cock hung up in all of its glory, what there was of it. I knew I wasn't the biggest guy on the block, hell I wasn't even the biggest guy at a grade school, but what there was of me was standing there in all its glory. I dressed quickly, eager to feel the panties, experience the nylons on my legs and finally get to her promise and my ultimate goal—sticking my servile tongue up her big, gorgeous ass. She didn't let me do that very often but it was a real treat when she did.

Posing in front of her, dressed in that frilly outfit, I felt like some ridiculous sissy. She slicked my hair down and made my whole appearance seem like I was some sort of fluff boy. She added a touch of rouge to my cheeks and put on a little clear lipstick on my lips. Kissing my own lips I felt the unfamiliar yet highly exciting moisture. Highlighting my eyes just a tad, I checked myself out in the mirror. I felt utterly ludicrous, totally absurd and completely laughable but I didn't look too bad. I couldn't deny that I was very turned on.

"Remember to act really gay or the boss will know and I'll get fired," she said as she drove us to the party.

"How am I supposed to act? I don't know how to be gay." My nervousness was beginning to become very apparent.

"It's easy. Bat your eyes at the good looking hunks, swish around showing off your cute little butt, touch and flirt with the guys. You know, act like I do."

We met Paulo at the door and Barbara rushed into his arms and they kissed passionately like they were old lovers.

"Remember, it's not real. We have to pretend we're a couple," she whispered to me as he reached around her and squeezed her tightly. Their lips met again and it looked to me like his tongue entered her mouth. Her cheeks puffed a little like she was welcoming it. Her throat constricted like they were exchanging fluids.

"Do you have to be so convincing?" I whined as we entered. I was following behind them as they held hands.

"It's important to our future, sweetie." She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "If you're really good tonight, if you're very convincing and we pull this off, I'll let you spend a half hour back there." She laughed as she saw my reaction. I blushed and nodded. She knew I couldn't resist the temptation. I lived to kiss her there.

She got me situated behind the bar as soon as we entered. It was difficult serving drinks and trying to keep an eye on her and Paulo. I didn't like him. He was so macho, too macho for my beloved. Tall, with a broad, muscular frame, he towered over me and I felt small around him and a little intimidated. He was probably bigger everywhere compared to me and I didn't like that a bit. As he held her hand or placed his arm around her waist I realized they made a very attractive couple but I still didn't appreciate the fact they were posing as a couple. She belonged to me.

During a slow and sensual dance I watched as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They held each other tightly. His large hands were grasping and squeezing the ripe globes of her gorgeous ass. This made me mad and at the same time got me highly excited. They seemed to be engaged in an obvious dry fuck as they rubbed and pushed together like a couple of lust driven teenagers. They kissed again, their lips locked together as their tongues darted back and forth. Between the humiliation of being treated this way right in front of me and the erotic display I was watching, I was highly aroused. I was becoming very uncomfortable in my tight little pants.

Barbara finally disengaged from his clasp and came over to see me.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" I asked jealously.

"Not as much as you seem to be," she answered as she nodded at the bulge in my pants. "Did we cause that? You seem to get very excited watching me with another man. I hope I'll feel the same watching you." Her brows arched. "Watching you with another man." She laughed as she walked away at my obvious embarrassment.

The evening went along all right and I kept busy filling everyone's orders. One guy kept hanging around seeming to delight in my outfit. I tried to ignore him but soon Barbara was insisting I convince everyone that I was interested in him.

"Play up to him," she demanded.

"What do you mean?" I whispered.

"Act like you're interested. The boss has been watching and I don't think he's convinced you're queer yet. Let him seduce you, play along."

It was bad enough that she was talking like this but it was worse because she was saying these things in front of Paulo. He watched me carefully as she told me how to act. I didn't much care for the fact that he was pushed up against her from the behind sort of rubbing against her big butt. His hand seemed to be working its way up her short skirt from behind and playing with her pussy. She became sort of flushed and very short of breath as he blatantly finger fucked her.

As the night wore into the wee hours, the party thinned out. Soon there were only a few couples left. I kept looking for Barbara and Paulo but they weren't around anywhere. Reluctantly cleaning up, I decided to go look for them. Before I was able to find them, Barbara's boss walked up to me. He was a tall man with a big chest and a full head of hair. His handsome face glowed behind his piercing eyes.

"I'm so glad you came. My name is Robert but you can call me Bob," he said shaking my hand in a very masculine way almost crushing mine. "It's nice to have your kind do this and not have to worry about the bartenders going after all of our single secretaries."

I was a bit confused because I thought Barbara told me that he was worried about his wife but maybe I misunderstood her.

"Can I get your help in the kitchen for a few minutes?" Bob asked, giving me a little wink.

Nodding but perplexed, I followed him into the back. Barbara wandered out of the side hall where I assumed the bedrooms were. Her hair was tousled and her lipstick smeared as though she had been engaged in some extra curricular activities.

"Looks like Barbara and Paulo are having fun. They just can't seem to get enough of each other, always sneaking off during work for a quickie. I even caught them doing it in the copy room once." He chuckled over the memory while I fumed at being the cuckold. So they had been having an affair! Maybe that's why our lovemaking sessions were so seldom any more. What did she see in him anyway? He was just some Adonis with a big cock and no brain.

Bob said he needed my assistance putting away the dishes and while setting them on the top shelves I tried to think how I should confront Barbara.

Standing on my tiptoes I felt the tight pants snug up firmly against my rear end, thinking I enjoyed the sensation. Suddenly that was not the only thing I felt against my butt.

Barbara's boss was pressing up against my crack with his hips, his engorged cock rubbing into the crevice like it belonged there. His hand snuck up around my front, finding the gap on the top of my shirt and pinching a very receptive nipple, making it grow and tingle. With his breath hot on my neck I tried to push him away but all I accomplished was pressing him harder into my ass.

"There, there. Take it easy. We're going to have a little fun and get back at Barbara. Come here," he demanded as he pulled me into a small room off of the kitchen.

Locking the door, he turned to face me. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out a huge, bulging cock.

"A quick blow job and then we'll go to the bedroom and to a proper fuck. Come here, you little faggot." He roughly pushed my head down, forcing me to my knees in front of him. Rubbing the tip of his large piece against my lips he became insistent.

"Open up. You'll like it. Everybody does, even Barbara."

Angered, I tried to respond but as my mouth opened to tell him off, the big thing inserted itself, taking advantage of the opening. Forced to form a large oval shape around the huge tool, my invaded mouth reluctantly allowed the manly thing in. Wrapping my cheeks around the large instrument, I sucked it like I do Barbara's big toe sometimes. Dazed and confused, I felt the wicked penis work its way in and out, driving itself to a state of high arousal.

Not knowing what to do with my hands I grabbed him around the hips like I do Barbara when I eat her out. He grabbed one of my hands and directed it to his balls. Fondling them like I assumed he wanted I was rewarded with a loud moan. His hands clasped my head, yanking on my hair as he coordinated my movements with his cock as he drove it into my eager mouth like it was a giant piston.

He must have been very excited because he erupted quickly and the sperm shot deep into the back of my mouth and down my throat, almost gagging me. Swallowing as fast as I could, I tasted the salty, creamy fluid as it poured out of his pulsating cock.

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