tagBDSMPARTYBOY and His Bitch Wife

PARTYBOY and His Bitch Wife


I'm didn't take the time out to describe myself. I often skip over my features. They are both a gift and a curse. Young girl, very timid, secretive and shy. Early masturbator, enjoyer of porn and as my youth went about, and more and more aggressive, into my teen years. At that same time I found boys to be boring as hell, and always needing to be led. I had a long stint with a woman, 2 years to be exact, and that's where I learned of kink and my love for keeping my partner in a submissive position. In and out of the bedroom. I always had to be the boss, and that ultimately led me to being alone, and totally enjoying the one thing I could always control, myself and my most devoted slaves. Both online and in real life, they make my life very interesting.

As for looks, I have didn't consider myself beautiful until I started to have so many people reply to my postings. Whether man or woman, online or at a convention, I tend to draw a crowd. My hair itself is its own planet. Long and heavy, my dreadlocks are well kept and naturally brown and bronze colored. It has been a decade growing them and coupled with my 5'11 height, them reaching my ass is impressive. My body type is thick and athletic; I work out when I'm not reading and editing, or camming and fucking. My strength adds to my allure. When I am in devil mode I can be spotted in tiny t-shirts that say nifty shit like "Toelickers Needed" or "Worship Me", some kitty platform heels and yoga pants...enough to make even a simple trip to staples very interesting. My thighs are pronounced from my squat routine. Ass is firm, no jiggle. I'd rather it that way.

Twice a month I go for my manicure and pedicure, all funded by my foot slave. He loves my big feet so much, he pays for my sneakers, high heeled boots, and spa maintenance. In return he gets to pick my colors sometimes. Things get much more colorful for him, but that is his experience and therefore his personal business, I don't tell. But back to me. How can I describe my face? I mean who does that accurately? I have full lips, a button nose and eyes that can lazercut diamond. They pull in everyone I lay eyes on. Only a picture of me could do me justice. I think I am attractive, but in an obscure way. I feel like I look like a Dominant should look. It grew on me. I used to try and play it down but I have embraced it and now play it up. So, long hair, long thick legs, brown skin, pretty face and bright smile, all with an irresistible aggressive attitude. That's me in a nutshell.

I love men, but not in the traditional way women love men. of course, I love their anatomy but there's more to it. I love to break men. I love to hear them whimper and cry, when I slow stroke away their perceived notions about orgasm. I sissify them, make them feel the way us girls are supposed to feel. This is my specialty, and I enjoy it just as much as they do. A lot of men secretly want a woman to take control and I have no problem doing that. Afterwards we talk and they tell me their innermost secrets. The parts of the session they enjoy the most and what we can improve on for next time. A lot of what I do is like counseling. Many breakthroughs are made after a slave has spilled his cum and is faced with themselves, minus lust.

To recall my most pleasurable moment in my BDSM life, is to tell about the time I made a slave face his biggest fear: His wife. I will not reveal his name, but we will call him Partyboy. Partyboy came to me thru an internet posting. His request was to muscle worship and wrestle me. After his first SMO session he talked mostly about his wife in our talk. He so dearly wished she would listen to some of the things he was interested in. I jotted down that fact and we went on to do more interesting things. He enjoyed wrestling with me in a blow up kiddie pool. I would pour in a couple bottles of baby oil and challenge him to get me onto my back. If he was to succeed, the reward was a good flogging for embarrassing me, then end with some light assfucking with my strapon. I always used the thinnest cock I could, he would say he didn't want himself to look "too tampered with down there." Partyboy had to be about 58. Regular build, old country boy. Big trucks, Big hats, Big mustache, and no muscle. It would be far and few between when he would earn his fucking. He was too weak.


I would laugh while he struggled and I submit. It was funny to me and a lot of times to be fair I had to let him win. Hearing the crack of my crop against his white ass made me feel empowered. I oftentimes wished it was my boss whose ass was being beaten to a streaky pink and white mess. After I felt he had enough, There was always room for a little more before he got to the pleasure.

"Thwack!!...Thwack!!" The crop bit into his asscheek.

"Ahh yr so powerful Goddess!" Partyboy never screamed, He took his shit like a man.

"I know I am, and you're my property, aren't you?" I ran my crop down his spine, down into his asscrack. watching his back arch, he yearned to finally feel the head of my cock on his asshole.

"pop. pop..pop...pop" I tapped it on his hole and watched it pucker to the touch. He had such a hungry asshole. I beg him to let me train him with thicker cocks but he always refused.

Now he was all in his zone and no longer himself, he was my whore PartyboY and it was time for him to put on his outfit. Tonight I had a sexy black tutu and a latex pig mask for him to don. I had on black jean short shorts, a cupless bra that made my DDs shake and jiggle free, with my long pink cock. Veiny shiny and ready for ass, I watched him get dressed while I dripped lube onto it slowly. His eyes stayed fast on his treat, my eyes stayed fast on mine. I walk up behind him while putting on gloves.

"hey there little piggie. I like that little ass on you. C'mere and let me touch your little boy pussy."

My hand is in between his legs now, he is warm and bending out to show me his goodies. His head facing forward, letting me do what I want while holding his dick and balls away. He is SHE now, and she is a big whore for me. He is clean shaven on the inside, so his asshole is pretty and ready for lube. I rub my thumb while dripping lube in there too. He's so sexy in his tutu I stand him in front of me. I run my hand over his ass and up his sides. Around to his nipples and pinch them both. My cock rubbing against his ass and into his crack, it's so long its head is facing the floor while he sways right to left, enjoying the feel of it against his skin. I'm a bit taller than Partyboy so I never wear heels. I whisper in his ear hot and fast

"Fuck me slut. Show daddy how you wanna fuck."

My sloppy lubed cockhead is now right on that tiny fuckhole. I pull his hips and I back against the wall. Liftoff, I hold my cock while he backs up little jumps at first. I can hear a little puckering sound while he holds his tiny soft cock and balls away. The Mask keeps him from talking much but i can hear his little sissy moans, they sound nothing like his real voice. He is farther down on this 12 inch, making circles with his hips, letting it come out completely then backing up right back onto it. I reward the slutty behavior with sharp slaps to his ass.


"fuck me bitch!" I grab the back of his neck, guiding him to go down farther on this slippery cock. Nice and slow, so many strokes to his hungry hole, he was now so hard and that tiny cock stood at attention, bobbing while he rode a formidable dick. His moans were uncontrollable now and he started to beg me to allow him to cum.

"Unhhhh daddy, it's so good I'm so hot inside."

"Daddy I'm gonna lose it."

"Permission to cum, Goddess?"

I continued to guide Partyboy up and down on my strapon, and with some nipple pinching, he came in a warm gooey rainfall onto the floor. After 15 more minutes of me pounding his brains out while he cried into the pillow, we were done. He was one of my more enjoyable sessions, because he was never afraid to take himself to the limit, never late, always dressed up for me, and tipped like a fucking oil baron. While we talked, He finally broke it to me.

"Meanie Darlin, I really wish we could share this with my wife."

I was all ears, I just stared at him while he continued,

"She hates my cock, Meanie. We haven't fucked in years. Closest I can get to her pussy is when she lets me eat her pussy. I usually cum fast, she's still so beautiful to me. I cum while eating her pussy and never ever fuck. She likes me to kiss her feet and beg her to let me eat her, but I want her to fuck me, Meanie. I want you to teach her."

Needless to say, I was taken off guard. I thought he was going to say something, hell, anything else but that. Women tend to make things more complicated. I knew this was going to be something that wouldn't happen easy, and I also didn't want to compromise my way of life by revealing too much to a woman who could turn out to be vengeful, or have a vendetta.

"Partyboy, I dunno. This could turn out to be bad for the both of us. What if she gets pissed and wants a divorce when she finds out you've been seeing me?"

He just looked all blank and stupid like guys do when they don't know what to do. Whether 18 or 58, it does not change.

"What if she tries to turn me in to the police after hearing that you pay me to fuck you four times a month? What if she refuses to come see me fuck her husband?"

He stood up and buttoned his pants. "You know what, Meanie? You got a point. I'm going to break things to her and make it worth her while. She will come. She will listen. But it will be on you to teach her how to handle me. Remember, she already dominates me properly, I just want her to sissify me and dress and fuck me-with you."

"With Me?" I look up at him and take the stack of twenties he handed to me.

"Yes, I never want her to fuck me alone, I want the both of you. Humiliating me, taking turns smothering me with your asses, me sucking two cocks at once, you two taking turns in my ass." His eyes glared "Don't worry, just be ready to make the arrangements and bring the toys when its time." He grabbed his coat and cowboy hat and I walked him to the door. I pat his ass as he walked out. As I locked the door I thought of all the cool things me and another woman could do to my crossdressing sissy faggot slave, but a part of me truly didn't want to share the things we did behind closed doors. He fulfilled all the kink I wanted and did all the things I liked. It had taken good 8 months to break Partyboy in and I didn't know for sure if taking things to that level would be good. Plus, what if his wife was a bitch?

I took to cleaning my toys and putting everything back into their proper place, in my kink trunk. My phone rang, but I didn't bother to pick it up. I let the machine take the message. I was taking off my harness when I heard my bosses raspy voice coming through the phone. He was reminding me of a piece I needed to have edited and on his desk by Monday. Thank goodness I let that bitch ring, I thought to myself. Sometimes it seemed my boss had no fucking life and he was hell bent on making sure anyone who worked for him didn't have one either. He was notorious for taking actual timelines and cutting them in half, or finding things wrong when you did finish something early. I sometimes sat in my cubicle thinking of what his kink could possibly be. He was most definitely a control freak.

After cleaning away all evidence of tonights' session and getting all the clothing into the wash, I ordered Dominoes online and dug back into Mondays work. 35 Minutes later, a pimple faced 30 year old delivered my pizza. I sat back in my chair and read emails while munching into the hot double cheese pizza. Most of the emails were the usual, fantasy scenarios from slaves begging to be scheduled for the week, My spa confirmations, and bank statements. I read through them and got back to work, my boss was going to be impressed with what I did. I finished in a few hours, and while completing that I had moved on from feeling anxious about meeting Partyboys wife to actually thinking of a script to follow. I wanted to do something nasty and that involved fucking, but I didn't want it to mirror any of the things me and him did alone. I started to search the web for toys, supplies, and most importantly, a wicked mask for me. This was going to be fun.

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Excuse me

Excuse me while I go clean myself. Enjoyed too much

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