tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPasserby Gets Lucky at Rest Area

Passerby Gets Lucky at Rest Area


One night my wife was giving me a blowjob while we sat in our car in the parking lot of a rest area. She had removed her top and bra exposing her lovely 38DD tits. My jeans were down around my ankles and my stiff cock was warmly enveloped in her sucking mouth. I was rock hard and she had been slowly sucking on me for about ten minutes.

A car pulled into the space next to us and a man got out and walked past our windshield on his way to the restrooms. I watched him walk by and enter the restroom and I watched him walk back. My wife never lost a stroke and when he got to where he could see into our car his face lit up and he slowed down. When we didn't stop what we were doing, he came alongside my driver's window and stared at her gobbling my cock with her big tits hanging. She stopped long enough to look up at him with her spit and slobber dripping from her chin then returned to sucking on my cock.

He began rubbing his cock through his jeans while watching and before long; he had hauled his cock out into the open and began pulling on it. Swelling to its full size as he jerked on it, the end of it began oozing pre-cum as he watched my wife deep throating my cock.

She was looking up at his cock as she sucked on mine, so I decided to grab his cock and jerk it for him. It was hard, thick, and long and he didn't object when I took it firmly in my hand and began to jerk it. My wife began sucking even harder and faster as I jerked. His eyes were glazing over from pleasure. She quit sucking my dick and jerked on it instead. That seemed to do it for the stranger.

Without warning his big dick began shooting long ropes of cum through the window and onto my bare chest. My wife quickly ran her hands through his cum and used it on my rock hard cock. He was still shooting his hot cum all over me and my wife when I sprayed my hot, creamy cum all over my chest and the action of my wife's jerking even made some if it go through the window and land on him and his cock, which I was still slowly massaging. She eagerly began slurping it up from my chest and cock.

His cock began to harden in my hand again as he watched her clean my jizz from my dick, so I had my wife sit on my cock and jerk him off through the window. She grabbed his cock and within five minutes she had him shooting another volley of big ropes of cream.

This time his cum was landing on her big tits, running down over her nipples and dripping on my stomach as she rode my cock. I began to cum and shot my hot load deep inside her wet, juicy, hot pussy as she rubbed his cum all over her tits.

A car pulled in and was coming toward us so the man quickly put his cock back into his pants and headed for his car. My wife just sat on my shrinking cock watching the car, my cum oozing out of her filled pussy and all over my balls. We were both disappointed when the occupant got out and went into the restrooms, returning shortly to his car and driving away.

She had been grinding her pussy on my cock while we waited for another car or truck. This was making my cock begin to harden and grow inside her cum sloppy pussy. I had a big tit in each hand and I was worrying her nipples something awful. She was quietly moaning as she ground down and around on my growing cock. When she said she wished someone else would drive in, I felt my dick twitch in anticipation of the next event.

She was now riding up and down on my again rock hard cock when another vehicle entered the rest area. The car continued down the parking lot toward our car with his headlights shining right in our window, lighting the two of us up. Her big tits were clearly visible in the lights, bouncing up and down as she rode me. The car pulled into the space right next to us and parked. She kept right on riding my pole without losing a beat as she watched the driver next to us.

He sat there for a couple minutes looking over at our car and my naked wife bouncing up and down on my dick. Then he got out and walked to the bathrooms. We wondered if he would leave like the last one or if he would return to his car and watch us. My wife turned around on my lap so that she could face me and have me suck on her nipples and was pounding up and down on my cock like there was no tomorrow.

The man came out of the bathroom and stood there for a minute looking around the area. After a moment, he continued on toward his parked vehicle. When he was about twenty feet away and could clearly see us, he unzipped his pants and worked his dick out through the opening, and continued toward us. My wife asked me excitedly if I had seen that and I told her I had. I could feel her pussy juices flow over my penetrating dick as she began to be overtaken by her orgasm.

She was bucking wildly on my cock in the throes of a body shaking orgasm as the man stopped at our open window and stroked his growing cock. As soon as her orgasm subsided enough for her to see clearly, she reached over and took his 7 hard inches of swollen cock into her hand and began to stroke his boner for him. I watched as she stroked him, making his cock rock hard in her pumping fist, and continuing to bounce on my dick.

Just as I was feeling my cum welling up in my loins, her stroking fist brought her stranger's cock to full cum shooting attention. His first shot smacked loudly on her cheek and the remaining ropes of hot, creamy man sauce exploded from his dick head to splattered in huge deposits on her tits and nipples. She took his cock and rubbed its cum covered head all over her big, hard, cum covered nipples, spreading his slippery, creamy cum.

Meanwhile, the sight of this man's ropes of cum splattering on my wife's big tits was more than I could stand and I unloaded one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever shot, deep into her fucking pussy. The cum sloppy sloshing sound from my dick pounding into her cum filled hole grew louder and sloppier as my deposit rocketed deep inside her. I could feel my sperm mixed with hers running out of her pussy along my shaft and dribbling off of my nuts onto the seat beneath my balls.

Now that we all three had been satisfied, she quit stroking this guys cock and began to smear his cum all over her big titties with her hands. My own juices were still running down my cock, which was now shrinking inside her hot cum filled cunt.

He thanked my wife for the show and handjob and stuffing his spent dick back into his pants, made his way around the car to his car and drove away. What an incredibly sexy night at the rest area.

Maybe we will entertain you one night along the Interstate at the rest area.

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