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Passing Notes


This is a true story and Sam is not her real name. To all those evil opinionated Anonymous commentators this took place in a time that STDs were closely monitored by the Military, and this life style has nothing to do with my cock size or having homosexual tendencies. This life style was a total turn on, and unless you have never experienced it, my opinion is you are missing out on a great experience.


The other night my wife and I were reminiscing about her dating days. Sam told me a story that I found rather cute, in the fashion of passing notes in school.

My wife had already been dating a number of years, we were living in Germany in a Military housing complex of apartment buildings. The building were placed where the entrances were facing each other separated by a street and parking slots. Each apartment had a balcony on the front of the building off the living room, in the back of our building, there was a playground where our children could play. There were large windows that opened out allowing for us to see our children or just watch others playing.

As was the custom, when there was nice weather, we would barbecue on the balcony many of the men would be washing their cars and socializing in general. It was very family orientated atmosphere, after a long week of work, it was always nice to unwind outside in the nice weather. Often it was the women on the balcony, and the men with their cars.

Music would be playing, the women chatting, the guys washing their cars, the barbecue smoke would be thick and since it was usually during warmer weather, some of the women would be sunning themselves, of course all of the guys would be looking at the women, trying not to appear to be too obvious. My wife was one of those wives that would wear more reveling clothing during warmer weather, of course the women were scoping out the guys too.

It was on one of those days that my wife noticed a good looking black guy washing his car. He was only wearing shorts, an old pair of tennis shoes and his chest was bare,. He lived in the same building as we did, so his car was not parked far from our balcony, Sam told me that she found him attractive as she watched him from the balcony. I asked her if she was interested in him and she said, "Yes".

"So what are you going o do about it?"

"Well I suppose I could see if he is interested."

As she watched him it did not go unnoticed, as he was watching her too. A couple of times he would come over to the balcony and talk to her, as our apartment was on the ground floor, they could easily talk and see each other. It was not considered to be out of place for other wives and husbands to talk to each other, it was a very friendly atmosphere.

This went on for a week or two. As the weather was quite warm and sunny. As Sam was formulating her plan, she would look to see if he was outside and would change into a pair of loose legged shorts and a tight white halter that did nothing to conceal the fact she was braless. One day I watched her as she sat on the balcony as he came over to chat. As soon as he got up close enough she opened her legs and bent forward. I knew that could see up her shorts, and see her bare pussy and her nipples were plain to see. Sam was really playing it up good.

One day he was in back at the playground, playing ball with some friends and Sam noticed him through the back window, the playground was more private as not many people hung out there, preferring the front of the building. She opened the window and leaned out to watch him, he noticed Sam was looking as their eyes met. She smiled and just watched him play ball.

Sam was thinking in her head as Sam watched, "It now or never, I have to convince him that I want to go out with him. How can I let him know I want to go out with him without coming right out and asking him?" Then Sam got and idea and turned back inside and took a small piece of paper and wrote her phone number on it. Sam folded it up making a small square and walked back over to the window.

He was still outside and Sam again leaned out the window and as Sam made eye contact with him Sam dropped the paper to the ground. Then turned back inside from the window and sat at the dining table and watched as he nonchalantly walked over and picked up the piece of paper.

Sam then thought, "Well I have made the first step, I hope he calls!" Soon he left and went back to his apartment. My wife didn't have to wait long for his call. Sam talked to him and asked him if he would like to get together, Sam let him know she found him attractive and wondered if he would like to get to know her better. Sam told him she was going to be at the club on post that night and if he wanted, he could meet her there and maybe have a drink and do some dancing. He said sure, and said he would try to get away.

Later Sam told me what she had done and hoped to meet him at the club that night and went to get ready, she came into the living room before leaving and showed off what she was wearing that night, she was wearing a nice black dress that flared out starting at the waist, and was cut out in the front showing her ample cleavage. She lifted the lower part of her dress reveling her black nylons, garter and panties. She usually never wore a bra, telling me it was just one less thing to take off. She was wearing a nice pair of black heals, Sam looked and smelled hot.

I walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight, wishing her good luck in her hunt. I returned to the couch and watched some TV for a while. I then went and took a bath and went into the bedroom to wait for my wife. I dosed off and sometime around 1 am she came home. I heard the door open and heard her kick off her heals. She then came straight to the bedroom, came up to the bed touched my shoulder and asked if I was awake.

As she walked into the room, I was already awake and could smell her as she approached, it was a mixture of Opium, sweat, and a hint of something else. I have smelled these odors many times before, it really turns me on, because I know she has been out having a good time as I recognized that "Hint of something else" smell as the smell of sex, a mixture of sweat, pussy juice and sperm.

I asked her if she had a good time and did her new friend met her at the club? She said she did meet him at the club and she said she had a good time and that he was a really nice guy. I asked her, "How good a time did you have?"

She told me to find out for myself which means, she was ready to play our little game. She stood there beside the bed and pulled the dress over her head, shook her hair and put her hands on her hips. The sight of her standing there, a big grin on her face, her large breast, dark nipples hard and sticking out, looking further down, her black garter, panties and nylons completed the picture. She never fails to get my heart beating faster when I see her dressed this way. She looks so hot, sexy and I know I am in for a great night of sex.

She continues to stand there as I reach out and touch her nylon covered leg, running my hand up and down passing from the nylon to the bare section, I love this feeling, I feel the coolness of the nylon and the heat of her the bare skin of her inner thigh close to her pussy. As my hand approaches her panty covered pussy, her skin gets hotter and slightly moist. I know as soon as I touch the crotch of her panties, will I find them soaked with the reason for that "Hint of something?"

I ran my hand up her inner thigh and reached her panties, they were soaked, I slipped my hand under the material covering her pussy and slipped a finger in her wet hole, I commented, "I guess you did have a good time!"

Sam replied, "Yes, I did, do you like?"

"Of course I do, I love feeling your wet panties, and I love the reason that they are like that."

Then she asked me if I would like to see why her panties were so wet? I just nodded and she laid down on the bed next to me and told me to take her panties off. I turned and slipped my fingers under the elastic of her panties and pulled them off.

She spread her legs and presented her pussy for me to look at, her swollen pussy lips were slightly open, and her hole was visibly wet. She then asked me what I was thinking when I looked at her pussy?

I told her I was imagining his black cock fucking her white pussy, and filling her full of his sperm.

She asked me, "Do you like knowing that your wife was out fucking a black man tonight, and knowing he filled me full of his sperm?"

I replied, "Yes I do, did you enjoy it?"

She told me she did, but they never made it into the club, they went right to his car and did it there. Sam said it was a bit cramped but she fucked him anyway. Sam did say they made plans to meet the next day at our house so they could be more comfortable, and have more time to fuck.

Then she said, "Enough talk, are you ready to fuck me now?"

I replied that, "I thought you'd never ask!"

She pushed me on to my back, my cock was sticking straight up, hard as a rock, she looked down at it and said, "I guess you are."

She straddled me and sat down on my cock, working it between her wet pussy lips, sliding up and down coating it with their juices. She asked me if it was wet enough, and I told her it was. She then raised up and took my cock in her hand and positioned it at the entrance of her hole and asked, "Are you ready?" I told her I was.

She proceed to push downwards, and my cock just slipped right in to the hilt, Her pussy was so warm, wet and open, it felt so erotic, feeling her well fucked pussy wrapped around my cock, just knowing she had been fucking an other man just a short while ago, that his sperm filled my wife's pussy.

It didn't take very long for my cock to fill her with my sperm, she loves that feeling of me filling her with my sperm, mixing with her lovers. In a little while, after cuddling and touching, we made love one more time before falling asleep.

As we woke up the next morning, she urged me to hurry and leave, as her new lover was going to come for a visit. I showered and dressed for duty and left shortly after.

She called me just before he was due to arrive and asked me in a teasing manner, "How are you feeling right now, you know that in a short time I will be fucking his black cock?. "Does that turn you on?" "I am going to have him sit in the arm chair and I am going to mount his cock and fuck him until he cums, then I will bend over the back of the chair and let him fuck me again!" "Is that OK with you baby?"

I told her that she is so bad, that my cock is hard as a rock thinking about what she is about to do, that I better not get up from my desk, as the ladies in the office may notice my fatigues would be tenting, she giggled and told me I had better not. Then she reminded me not to forget to come home for "Lunch."

After she hung up, I couldn't get her off my mind, lunch time couldn't come fast enough. I could hardly wait to go home and get some of her well fucked pussy, I knew it would be full of his sperm and she would be waiting for me to fuck her.

I love my special lunches, I often come home at lunch time to find her waiting for me to feed her some more protein, she is insatiable, she really love to have her pussy filled with sperm, she loves to have her lovers come by in the morning and fuck her, then waiting for me to come home and fill her pussy again. Sometimes she has a different afternoon visitor and I will be rewarded again with her sloppy pussy.

Well that day it didn't happen but, sometimes she gets so horny after meeting a new guy, she will have him leave for lunch only to have him come back for an afternoon of fucking. But it doesn't always happen, most soldiers can't get that much time off, so if she is still in need, she will call one of her other friends to come by for a "Fill up."

Life was good with my slut wife, I was getting more pussy than ever before and her naughty ways were so erotic and exciting, she loved to please me and fulfill my fantasy, besides she really loved fucking other men too, so she got what she wanted and so did I.

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