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Passing Science


About fifty bowed heads sat in neat rows of narrow desks, scribbling away furiously. Complete silence reigned. Tammy reread question two of the test paper for the thirtieth time and still no answer presented itself to her. She looked at her watch nervously, she had ten minutes left. Cold sweat broke out on her palms as she realized that she had not even answered half the questions yet.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud tune. It was a cell phone ringing. Fifty heads flew up and turned into Tammy's direction. She felt herself blushing as she fumbled with her bag beside her seat to silence it. It kept ringing merrily mocking her embarrassment as she kept pressing the wrong buttons. Finally taking out the battery in desperation she mumbled an apology at Mr Burton, who was frowning at her from the front desk.

"Bring it to me," he sighed, "you know the rules, Tamryn." Tammy swore, a little louder than she had meant to, and took her phone to the teacher's desk. Someone sniggered loudly. Just as she sat down again Mr Burton announced that it was time to hand the tests in. Tammy swore again and passed her dismal attempt to the front. The bell declaring the end of the lesson rang. Chairs scraped as students hurried away to break.

Tammy put her pen and pencil away. She hesitated a second before leaving, contemplating whether or not she should go ask the teacher for her phone. She decided against it when she saw his closed countenance and shuffled off after her peers. She was just about to walk through the door towards freedom when she heard Mr Burton calling her back.

"A moment if, if you please, Tamryn." She closed her eyes and balled her fists, then swung around. She went to his desk slowly. He was obviously waiting for the last students to leave his class, so Tammy slumped down on the smaller desk positioned in front of the large teachers' one. She noticed that he had been shuffling through the tests, and on top of the pile was hers. She could identify it from a distance because of all the empty spaces. She swung her legs, waiting in apprehension as the last person left. Silence was back again.

Mr Burton looked up from her paper slowly, lingering for a moment between Tammy's legs. She blushed as she realized that she was displaying her plain white bikini panties. She snapped her legs together and pulled down her blue school skirt. It was well above the prescribed length, and she got warned about it about twice a day by some teacher or goody-two-shoes prefect. Her motto was, if you got it, flaunt it. This was also evident in the way her white cotton blouse was two sizes too small, straining against her firm breasts. The outline of her bra was clearly visible.

She challenged the teacher's gaze with hers. A strange look momentarily fluttered across his face, but it was replaced by a stern stony stare. He motioned with his hand to her test and raised his brow. Then he picked it up as if it was something contaminated and thrust the offensive paper towards her.

"I looked through it, and nothing is correct. It is a solid zero. I didn't think that it was possible," he exclaimed, an icy edge to his voice. Tammy bit her lower lip and said nothing. She had been failing Science since the very first day of final year. Somehow she thought that there were still lots of time to make it up before the last exam at the end of the year, so she never really cared to do anything about it.

Besides, she had more important or fun things to fill her time with, like the Bob. Bob was a metallic purple vibrator she received as present for her eighteenth birthday two months ago from her boyfriend as a joke, him clearly making a very obvious suggestion. She took his hint...

Science was definitely not on the top of her priority list. She felt that the subject was an utter waste of her time. She shrugged.

Mr Burton shook his head sadly and put the paper down again. "I'm afraid that you won't be allowed entry to the exam. This was your last chance. I don't want to see you in my class again either. I have every right to refuse to teach you, and since you are permanently rudely disrupting my class and challenging my authority, I do not want to help you. We will go to the headmaster now, and shall contact your parents to that effect," he stated. All the blood drained from Tammy's face.

"What?" she said in a hoarse whisper. She felt like a bucket of water was just thrown out on her head. She shook her head. It couldn't possibly have understood his words right. Tammy had never really been in serious trouble before. She was, contrary to her marks, quite intelligent. She was, however extremely lazy, and only did something when it was absolutely necessary. This time she failed to comprehend the weight of her actions, or the lack of action.

"No," she implored the teacher, "Mr Burton, please..." She searched her mind for the right words. She had never liked the man. He always touched girls in a way that was not professional. She had noticed him looking at her tits before, while standing behind her desk, telling her off for not doing something. Now, none of this mattered. She threw her dignity to the wind and begged. "I am sorry... I never realized... Is there nothing I can do anymore? I can submit all the assignments I missed by next week..." she ended lamely.

Mr Burton leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers together on his desk. He met her pleading eyes, and then he surveyed her whole body. Tammy shifted uncomfortably and became aware of how alone she was with him. They were on the third floor; the other classrooms would all be deserted. The school grounds were quite far off. She knew nobody was ever here during breaks, she often came up here to sneak a smoke. She didn't like the way he was looking at her. She crossed her arms across her chest.

He abruptly stood up. He was a very tall man in his early thirties. He coached the first rugby team, so he was quite well built. His dark suntanned skin complimented his raven hair. Tammy was startled by his fast movement. She became very uneasy, her instincts told her to leave right now. She ignored it, however, knowing that she had to resolve the matter between her and the teacher.

"And how," he said walking around behind her, "will I know that you would be could on your promise? How would I know that you have learned?" Tammy twisted her head to follow his movement. She opened her mouth, but could think of nothing to say so she closed it again.

"I think we could resolve this between ourselves," he stated, echoing her earlier thought. Tammy felt that she should be relieved, but she didn't trust the closeness of his proximity. He was standing right behind her, Tammy could almost feel his breath on her neck.

"What do you mean, sir?" she asked suspiciously. He chuckled and took another step towards her and put his hands on her shoulders. Tammy stiffened but did not move away.

"You would just have to be taught how to submit to authority, Tammy. You are a smart girl, I know, so maybe you will learn quickly. We will see." Tammy tried to decrypt his word so she did not anticipate his next action. He pushed her forward off the desk. Tammy stumbled but managed to stay upright by leaning against the big teacher's desk. Within seconds he was behind her again and he pressed her chest flat against his desk, with her face right in her test paper.

"Will you be a good girl and stay down? It's up to you, Tammy. Do you want to pass?" he asked in her ear, leaning over her body. She felt him pressing against her ass with his pelvic area. She was breathing heavily but she wasn't struggling, contemplating her next move. She gulped down the saliva that had formed in her mouth and nodded slowly.

"Say it," he demanded. "Yes sir," she mumbled. He disentangled himself from her. "Reach over and grasp the other edge of the desk," he said. Tammy could almost hear the grin in his triumphant voice. She complied. He went walked to the front of the desk and sat down in his chair. Tammy turned her head to look at him, but only succeeded in looking straight into his crotch where a distinct bulge was visible.

"This is what is going to happen" he stated in a matter-of-fact voice. "You are going to spread your pretty long legs for me. Then I am going to lift your skirt over that tight little ass of yours. I will punish you for your conduct in this class, you will never again act like that again. Before this break is over you will be very sore, and the reminder will probably be there for the rest of this week. Tomorrow during break you will report to my class again, and you will be allowed a retest. If you should pass it, I will allow you exam entry. If you should fail it again, I will punish you again, more severely. This will continue until you should pass the test. After I finished punishing you, each time you will thank me orally for giving you the opportunity. Do you understand?"

Tammy listened to him in silence, disbelieving the situation she was in. It was entirely unreal, and for some unfathomable reason she was getting moist between her legs. She did not know what it was that turned her on more: the huge bulge in his pants, the idea of displaying her ass to him or sucking him off. She blinked and told herself this was wrong. She could get him fired for this. Then a naughty voice in her head asked her if she really wanted to. Isn't this what she fantasized about at night with only Bob for company? She licked her lips. "I understand, sir."

"Good," he announced, getting up again. He circled around to her once more. She felt his shoe tapping between the inside of her lower legs. It took her a bit to realize what he wanted, but eventually she spread her legs. She shut down all the thoughts in her head and concentrated on the present situation. She held her breath as she felt his hands lightly against her legs, just below the hem of her skirt. He took his time lifting it, sliding his hand over her supple young skin. He traced the outline of her panties as he passed it. Finally her skirt was bunched up around her middle. He had tucked the hem into the waistband. For a moment longer he caressed her ass, rubbing it to enhance the circulation.

Tammy was disappointed when he stopped, she enjoyed his gentle attention. She bit on her lip again as she chided herself inwardly. She was such a slut. While lost in her reverie the teacher delivered the first sharp slap to her ass. It was not very hard, but it caught her by surprise. She cried out and made to stand up. He pushed her harshly back down, stooping over her.

"Where do you think you are going," he growled in her ear. She gasped and gripped the edge of the desk tighter. She gathered her wits and said in a shaky voice, "I'm sorry. That was one, sir. Thank you." "I think the severity of the situation is not yet clear in your mind," he said, standing up. With a swift movement he yanked her panties down to her ankles.

Tammy was shocked, and closed her legs, mumbling in protest. The teacher ignored her and forced her legs open again with his knee, as far as the garment around her ankles allowed. While she was still pleading with him he laid another stroke into her, cutting off her words. She bucked her hips back slightly, but didn't make any noise this time. The sound of the smack reverberated around the classroom. Tammy felt a burning sensation spread across her ass then fade away. The burning in her cheeks did not fade, however. Her embarrassing display coupled with what she knew was wet panties on the floor between her feet excited her even more.

"Two, thank you, sir," she said slowly and evenly, trying to regain her dignity. The next smack was on her right buttock, followed by the left after she counted it. He kept alternating her ass cheeks, sometimes striking her on her upper thighs. After the seventh smack Tammy felt herself jut out her hips to meet each stroke of his hand. Her whole backside felt warm, each stroke stinging and then fading. After the eleventh smack the sting stopped fading, and before she was ready again the next stroke fell.

She started crying out slightly and gasping loudly before she could manage to count. She bit on her lower lip and dug her nails into the underside of the desk. The intensity of each stroke seemed to increase. The pain was beginning to become unbearable. She started twisting slightly, trying to get away from his hands, only managing to grind into the desk. She moaned, both from pleasure and pain.

"Ugh," she exclaimed, breathing loudly, "twenty-six, thank you, sir." He hit her again barely allowing her to finish the sentence. Tammy legs buckled out from under her from the force of the smack. She tried to roll over, to get away, but sensing this he gripped her shoulders tightly keeping her in place. She struggled a moment longer, no longer having coherent enough thought to realize that he was much stronger than she was. When this fact finally seeped through her mind she began to cry quietly and went limp.

"I'm waiting, Tammy," he said sternly, still holding on to her. She stifled a sob and breathed loudly through her mouth. She sniffed but still gave the teacher no answer. His hands left her shoulders and followed the curve of her sides to her hips. He found the button at the side of her skirt and with a deft movement of his right thumb he undid it. Tammy turned her head, looking at him in shock. It was not like the skirt hid anything anymore, but she knew the moment it was gone every ounce of her dignity would go with it. The zipper was tucked between his thumb and index finger. He answered her stare by unzipping her skirt with a deliberate motion. He tugged at the hem. Tammy felt the skirt slide out from under her body. A second later she heard the soft flutter of material as it fell to the floor.

"I'm waiting, Tammy," he repeated again. She had momentarily stopped crying but with renewed tears she opened her mouth to answer him. "Please... No more..." she begged in a voice that was no more than a whisper. He raised her body from the table so she rested her upper body on her elbows. He reached around her underneath her arms, cupping her breasts as he did so, until his fingers were on the topmost button of her blouse. Tammy's breath caught in her throat as she finally realized his intention.

"Thirty one, sir, thank you," she said quickly. His fingers stopped in their task and he chuckled appreciatively. He stood back and told her to resume her position. Tammy sunk down on the desk and focussed all her attention on not thinking about how she must look, displayed like this. She tried to ready herself for the next strike, but she kept squirming and jumping slightly when she thought he was moving. She knew he was looking at her tense body, at her glowing ass cheeks, and her visible pouting sex lips. She knew he was aware of her excitement. If he could not see how wet she was he must have smelled her.

She felt utterly and completely ashamed of herself. Not only was she behaving like a whore, humping her hips ever so slightly into the desk, she also started to realize that she had actually accomplished this situation by her own actions. She had provoked her teacher into doing this to her, if not by her rude behaviour in class then in the sluttish way she always flashed him for a tease. She finally got what she deserved.

"You are no longer required to count," he said. His words registered in her mind only after three quick successive strokes fell on her. She cried out loudly and couldn't stop the tears from becoming real sobs of anguish. She started to beg as he continued this new rampant onslaught on her completely vulnerable ass cheeks. When her voice became a continued plea of "please, no... please, no... please, no..." he stopped.

Tammy fell silent and wallowed in the feelings of pain, humiliation and vulnerability, crying it out. When she was finally silent she felt a soft gentle touch on her shoulder. It startled her and she tensed, but as the hand continued to caress her hair, her neck, her cheeks she relaxed. She even felt herself press her tear stained face into his almost loving touch.

Suddenly she felt relieved, like a huge burden was lifted from her. She felt as if everything was as it should be and that this was exactly right, even though her logical mind still yelled at her that this is possibly even illegal, not just wrong. She sighed in contentment.

He gently pulled on her shoulder, motioning for her to get up. She complied. He went to sit in his chair and he beckoned for her to come to him. She looked at him with big wet eyes and then tripped over her panties. She became aware of her semi-nudity once again, and blushed. She kicked her skirt and panties off and crossed pulled her shirt down as far as it would go. He looked at her with a raised brow. She walked to him slowly, dropping her gaze to the floor. He manoeuvred his chair to face her.

"Kneel, Tammy," he said softly, but firmly. She did so, feeling her bruised buttocks press into the heels of her black baby-dolls. She grimaced. Her hands were still clutched around the bottom of her shirt, her head still down.

He placed a finger under her chin lifting her head slightly so he could place a butterfly kiss on her forehead. The gesture melted every bad feeling she ever felt toward the teacher, replacing it with almost reverence and awe, but definitely with respect. She looked up at him quickly, searching his face for the answers to the confusion she was feeling inside. He simply smiled. His fingers fluttered to his belt, his button then to his zip, undoing all these in a flash.

"Have you learned, Tammy," he asked, catching her sudden devoted longing glance to his swollen crotch. She simply nodded. She looked up at him and saw him frowning slightly, so she added, "Yes, sir." He reached forward and entangled his hand in her hair, pushing her face into him, leaning back in his chair. He left her to find his cock in his pants. She hesitantly took it out and brought her mouth to it, tentatively sticking out her tongue and swirling it around the head. Encouraged by his moan she took him into her mouth completely and started sucking.

He was mildly surprised to find her no novice to the art. She lightly flicked her tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock, finding all the right places very quickly. She bobbed her head up in down as she took him in and out of her mouth, pouting her mouth in a perfect O, hollowing her cheeks as she sucked him. As his pleasure grew, her enthusiasm for the task grew. She took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, gagging slightly. Sensing her weakness he suddenly pushed her head all the way down, forcing her to take her into her throat. He thrust into her with forceful strokes. Her eyes began to tear again and she was making gagging sounds as he fucked her face, but she tried to handle the new pace. He groaned. It was a deep guttural sound which almost startled Tammy. His cock twisted and spasmed in her mouth, followed by the musky sweet flavour of cum. He released her head. She gulped in the air, swallowing the cum with it. They sat for a while, both breathing heavily.

After they were both somewhat collected he zipped himself up. He kissed her forehead again. The moment Tammy was trying to savour was interrupted by the shrill sound of the school bell. She jumped up in panic, finding her skirt and panties. She dressed in hyper-speed. When she finished the distant sound of chattering voices coming closer could be heard. She blushed furiously again. The teacher had been watching her little show with amusement. Tammy collected her sling bag from the floor, and finally having nothing left to do she met his eyes again. She laughed when she saw the smile playing on the corners of his mouth.

"Remember your test tomorrow, Tammy. Don't disappoint me again," he said, dismissing her. She opened her mouth, decided against words and turned to leave. Again, just on the threshold of the door, she was called back. She mimicked her movement of before, swinging around. He was holding out her phone to her. She went to him, but just as she wanted to take it he closed his hand over it.

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