tagErotic CouplingsPassing Storm

Passing Storm


Daniel had been eager to fulfill my fantasies, no matter what I wanted, and he didn't hesitate as I related my newest one to him and we made plans for the next weekend. We drove up to the mountains and loaded our gear on our backs and headed off towards the summit on the trail. It was getting near dark as we neared the summit and we decided to set up camp there, working to put the tent up I heard Daniel say, "Perfect," and smiled as I looked up to see the storm clouds closing in. He had the tent set up and we spread a blanket out on a gentle slope away from the tent and lay down on our backs to watch the storm clouds increase.

We lay there and he gently brushed his hand against my tit and my nipple popped up to greet him, he did the same with the other one and then massaged them through my shirt. Darkness was near, but the growing clouds superceded it as it grew darker and Daniel lit the lantern next to him. He grabbed my shirt at it's hem and pulled it up over my head softly taking my auburn curls with it as it went and my tits met the cooling air. He took my nipples in his mouth one at a time and suckled them as his hand moved over my shorts to my waiting thighs.

He stroked my thighs and moved his way to my crotch, where he ran his hand up and down over my heated mound. His finger found my button and released it and unzipped me and he sat beside me and slid my shorts down over my trembling thighs and off, then he traced my hot slit with his fingers through it's outline in my panties. I began to get dizzy as he moved up and down with his fingers and then he grabbed the waistband of my panties and they soon joined my shorts as the cooling breeze from the coming storm rushed over my exposed pussy.

He knelt between my legs and I felt his lips as they brushed my pubic hair and made contact with my now wet pussy and I shuddered with excitement. He began to slowly devour my snatch with his tongue and lips and I rubbed my tits to complete the ecstasy as my energy built inside of me. As I came he thrust his tongue into me with such force, that I was immediately thrown into another orgasm that was a continuation of the first and my squeals echoed through the valley below.

Daniel then stood up and I saw him look around at the sky and then smile and he pulled his shirt off and his shorts and I saw the bulge at his crotch, wanting Daniel's hard cock in me. He removed his shorts and it came into view, standing massively from his black curls and pointing towards the approaching storm. He knelt and I pulled his cock into my mouth and sucked ever so softly on it, taking more with each breath and he kept watching the sky as his large cock plowed in and out of my mouth.

He moaned at the feelings my mouth was offering his swollen member and then withdrew as the first raindrops hit our naked flesh and lay on his back beckoning me to mount him. I had always wanted to fuck in the rain and he was giving me my fantasy, as Daniel always gave me whatever I wanted, that's why I loved him so much. I straddled his legs and positioned myself over his throbbing cock and began to lower myself onto him, but he reached out and grabbed my waist after only the head of his massive cock had penetrated me and stopped me.

I pushed down hard to impale myself, but he resisted, knowing that until the rain poured down on us, I would only get the teasing of his mushroomed head inside me. He twitched his beautiful cockhead inside of me and it felt great as I begged him to let it all in, "Not yet," was all he would say. Then the bigger drops started and soon, it was like the sky had opened up and we were drenched and he released his hands from my hips and I rode him with all I had.

The rain was cold, but it felt good on me as I rode his cock and he sucked on my overactive nipples. I came fiercely as the rain poured over me and Daniel's cock was buried inside of me, the rain running down my back and flooding between my ass cheeks and over Daniel's balls. My clit felt like a miniature cock as it rubbed it's protective hood and my pussy feels like it's on fire and I begged Daniel to put out the fire. I felt his cock grow and my pussy grasped it as it spewed it's hot liquid into my pussy and we both screamed together as we came, filling the valley with the sounds of our passion.

I eased forward onto Daniel and lay there with the rain beating on my back and kissed him passionately enjoying my fantasy come true. We got up, grabbed the lantern and walked to the nearby stream and lay in the water and cleaned off as the rain continued to come down.

Daniel reached around my waist and pulled me to him, kissing my lips as my wet, auburn hair fell over my face and I could feel his cock growing again as it pushed against my crotch and he led me over to a huge boulder in the stream and bent me over it face first and entered me from behind. His cock felt so good driving into me and the feeling of my hard nipples dragging over the boulder as he fucked me and the rain pouring over us, set me off again and I screamed at the passion I was experiencing. He kept plowing into me as my pussy grabbed his cock and tried to milk his cum out of him and as he came, I screamed out in another orgasm, feeling the rain hit my open mouth as I threw my head back in ecstasy.

Daniel rubbed my ass cheeks as his cock finished squirting and began to ooze his final drops in my hot cunt, 'this man is so awesome,' I thought to myself. We cleaned up again and sat cuddling in the rain until it was over and then we sat in the cool night air and we made love again, not quite as good as in the passing storm, but it's always good with Daniel.

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