The joy of a new love. They had only been together for a few months, Don and Tracey. The last 2 of which, they were living together. Their chemistry was incredible, though it was unknown if this chemistry carried on outside the bed. Neither one had ever experienced such sexual compatibility before. Maybe they were wrong for each other, neither one knew. Who really cares when the sex is so hot? When the times they weren't naked, they got along just fine? Enjoy it while it lasts, they both figured. Worry about the future in the future.

Don worshipped her body. It was perfect. About 5'5, 130 pounds, shoulder length auburn hair. Her smooth, tanned skin accentuated her long legs. Her D-cup breasts were firm, and she loved to show them off. Today, for example, Tracey wore a short, low cut red sundress.

They had made love twice that day already. The first time was when he woke up naked beside her, and he proceeded to kiss and caress and lick every inch of her beautiful body for nearly a half hour. By the time he slid inside her, both were so hot they were ready to combust. Afterwards, they had showered, and it was her turn to explore him.

Now they were out shopping, and having a lot of fun together. After about an hour, though, their thoughts began to stray.

Don was in great shape. About 5'11, 190 pounds with short brown hair, he was gorgeous. Just the look of him made her wet constantly. This was no exception. He was well hung - about 7 inches in length - and quite thick. She had always had a high sex drive, but this man made it uncontrollable. Even though he had fucked her twice just a couple of short hours ago, being this close to him sent that familiar tingling feeling through her pussy. She no longer cared to stay at the mall.

They were walking past the mall exit, heading for another store when she stopped him. She was holding his hand, and she brought her face up to his. He kissed her softly, lips smacking. He kissed her again, then again, sucking her upper lip into his mouth.

Don had been spending the better part of the last hour trying to keep his dick soft. This woman turned him on like never before. Seeing her long, sexy legs, ending in two beautiful feet (she was wearing black sandals). Her apparent cleavage drew his gaze as well. Her beautiful smile made it even more difficult to keep his mind on other things. But all that battling was for nothing, since she had him fully hard with that one kiss.

He had a tent in his jeans, and she could feel it against her stomach as she snuck a tongue into his mouth.

"Let's go home, Don." she whispered, looking at him with her steel blue eyes, "I desperately need you inside me again." She pulled him by the hand out the door of the mall. It seemed to him like everyone could see the massive bulge in his jeans, but he was too overcome with desire to worry about that. The two practically ran to the car, and hopped inside.

He turned to her, and she was on him. Her mouth was all over his, her tongue darting far into his mouth as he slipped a hand around her waist. Their kissing was sloppy, urgent, as if trying to bottle their desires into that one kiss.

He slid his hand up her body over her sundress, slowly, briefly caressing her breast. He cupped her cheek with his hand, holding her head steady as he kissed her with all his love.

Tracey gently grabbed that hand and slowly, erotically, brought it back down her body. She placed it on her soft, smooth leg just at the bottom of her dress, still kissing him. By this time, both of them were breathing laboriously, forgetting that they were in a parking lot. He squeezed her soft thigh, gently, before she slowly slid his hand up further between her legs. She forced his hand up to her crotch before letting it go.

He could feel tremendous heat emenating through her silk panties, and he could tell immediately that she was very wet. He could clearly fell her swollen pussy lips through the moist material. Tracey had turned in her seat, slightly, and her legs parted a little more for him.

His fingers gently nudged her panties to one side. His cock twitched a little when he felt just how wet she really was! "Mmmmmph..." she moaned into his mouth as he lightly ran two finger up and down the sopping wetness of her slit. 'smack, smack, smack, smack' their lips kissed loudly over and over.

He dipped his middle finger into her steamy hole. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, breaking the kiss temporarily before kissing him again. He slid his finger all the way inside, and it's hot wetness gripped him tightly. He began to slide his finger in and out of her, and she began to whimper. Lightening bolts of pleasure shot throughout her body, initiating from her crotch.

His thumb began to nudge her clit, causing her to gasp in his mouth each time. He squeezed a second finger into her tightness.

"Ohhh God..." she broke the kiss again, "let's go home now, I need you in me now!" she breathed. He slipped his fingers out of her and she felt a pang of despair. She needed him back in their! How was she going to make it? Don started the car, and sped out of the parking lot faster than he had ever done before.

Tracey leaned forward and was kissing his neck, her hand expertly rubbing his hard cock over his jeans. Now HE didn't think he'd make it!

Mischieviously, she undid his button and pulled down his fly. She bent down to his lap as her hand pulled out his massive hard on. 7 inches of him sticking straight in the air. He was so thick! Seeing it didn't help her condition any, as waves of desire surged through her pussy. She kissed the mushroom head of his penis, and he gasped. Not bothering to tease, she slipped his cock right in her mouth, sliding her lips most of the way down immediately.

"Ohhhh..." he moaned, his one hand remained on the steering wheel as his other held the back of her head. His fingers slid into her hair as she began to bob her head up and down on his lap. She was so good at that! They were so good together! They were like one, each one in tune with the other's feelings and needs.

Her lips glided expertly up and down his shaft, sucking hard and slurping loudly. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' he loved listening to her suck his cock. How long a drive was it again? He felt amazing, he nearly forgot what he was doing. A five minute drive, thank goodness. Seemed like it was taking forever! His lust, his love, his desire for her was more intense than anyone can comprehend. He felt like he could fuck this goddess over and over again until he died.

He was humping his hips up off the seat a little, driving his cock further into her mouth. Tracey didn't mind, though. She was a pro. She could nearly take his entire dick, and didn't mind if he banged her throat a little. She loved him, and loved to make him want her.

One hundred years later, he pulled into the parking lot. Sensing they had stopped, Tracey pulled his organ out of her mouth with a 'slurp'. She looked up at him, smiling. His mouth was on hers, his tongue forcing its way inside. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and she began to stroke him as they exchanged tongues. His hands grabbed her breasts over her sundress, caressing them, squeezing them as he humped her hand. They were gasping for breath, kissing so hard. She broke the kiss.

"I need you to fuck me, Don." she whispered, "let's go inside, please? Hurry!" Her hand released his dick and she got out of the car, hurriedly. He forced his cock back into his underwear, but was unable to pull up the zipper. He did manage to squeeze the button closed, so he left it that, scrambling out of the car.

Their apartment was small, and their section of the hall only had 3 other apartments share it - 6 doors in all if you include the 2 exits and their own apartment.

Tracey was waiting for him at the door, chest heaving. She didn't have her keys. His lips were on hers again, and he pressed her roughly against the door. She was conscious of his huge bulge pressed against her stomach as she eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth, her arms going around his neck. Her sexy leg went around his, and she ran her foot up and down his jeans, still wearing her sandals.

Without breaking the kiss, he reached into his pocket and managed to grab his keys. Heart pounding, eyes closed, he stuck the key in the vicinity of the doorknob. He hit it blindly, completely missing the lock, the impact knocking the keys from his hand.

He shot his tongue even farther into her mouth as his keys fell to the floor. Instead of bending to grab the keys, Don instead grabbed the leg that was half around him, raising it higher. He slid his hand up the outside of her smooth leg, his touch sending thrills up her body.

He caressed her smooth ass, his hands sliding into the side of her panties and squeezing the naked skin. Breathing heavily into her mouth, he slid his fingers down the crack of her ass, reaching underneath her. He felt the moist heat from her slit, and he was able to dip a finger partway inside her.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed, softly. Pure electricity ran through her body. She needed to fucked so badly. Her hand slid down his chest, reaching down to his crotch. Upon feeling his bulge, she realized that she couldn't stop. Her hands seemed to automatically undo the button that was all that was holding his jeans together. They snapped wide open, his hard cock peeking above his boxers. Her hand instantly grabbed his manhood and began to squeeze and stroke him as they continued to make out in the hallway.

Now it was his turn to moan into her mouth. He slipped his finger out of her, and slid his hand around to the front, reaching up between her sexy thighs. Forcing her panties to the side, he began to rub her naked wet slit with even more urgency.

"God!" he said between kisses, "you're so wet!"

"I know," she mumbled as he kissed her, "I want you to fuck me so badly."

What happened from there was pure animal instinct, and could not be helped by either of them. They were on the wrong side of the door to privacy. His jeans had slipped down to his knees, and her frantic stroking had pushed his boxers down somewhat as well.

He lifted her leg up even higher, her dress was forced up to her waist on that one side. His thumb kept her panties at one side and he pressed himself harder against her, making her release her grip on his manhood.

Kissing hungrily, breathing heavily, he bent his knees, touching the head of his exposed cock against her naked, wet slit. She was so wet, she sucked the first two inches of him inside her tremendous warmth.

"Mmmmmph..." she moaned into his mouth, his cock stretching her vagina wide.

He drove himself upward, forcing all seven inches of him to sheathed inside her. "Ohhhh..." she gasped, kissing him again. He felt so incredible inside her! He reached so deep. Thrills shot up her spine and this time would not go away. She felt like she would cum soon.

Right there in the hallway, just inches from their apartment, Don began to fuck Tracey against the door. From where they were, two of the three other apartments could see their door through the peephole. Were they looking?

The two lovers were unaware of anything else going on in the world. He was inside her, it felt like heaven, that was all they knew. Pulling back halfway, he thrusted up into the helpless girl again. "UNH!" she moaned as he broke the kiss. He kissed over her cheek to the side of her neck. She could feel his breath on her skin as he began to slide in and out of her.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohh! Unh! Ohh!" she moaned softly, orgasm rising. He gently nipped at her ear, still sliding his long pole in and out of the depths of her needy pussy. His hand had lost its grip on her panties, and they had slid back across her pussy a little. Fortunately they were silk and did nothing to hurt the sensation he was feeling. He just continued fucking her up against the door.

He had a tight grip on her bare ass, holding her leg high in the air as he pistoned in and out of her. Her foot was flailing behind his thrusting ass, her other foot was on its toes, barely touching the carpet as he pretty much held her up in the air.

The sensation she was feeling, of having such a big cock glide in and out of her slick, hungry vagina was just to much. She tried to stifle her moans but they just became too loud. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! ... OHHHHH!" she let out a long cry, cumming violently. Her heart was pounding, her body became flushed, the inner walls of her pussy convulsed around him as the orgasm took over. She was gasping for breath, a helpless ragdoll as Don slid up into her over and over.

The door was shaking against its frame as he fucked her even harder, kissing at her neck. She was breathing and moaning in his ear, he went so deep!

"Ohhh I love you so much!" she cried softly, finally recovering a little.

"I love you, too Tracey!" he gasped, "You are so fucking hot!"

"I'm cumming!" he cried, still slamming up into her.

"Ohh God cum inside me hunny!" she moaned. Neither cared who saw. Neither cared who heard. Their lust was all encompassing. He frantically screwed her hard against the door, his grip on her ass cheek would have been painful had her body allowed any feelings outside of her pussy to escape. 'boom..boom..boom..boom' the door was really rocking against its frame as their fucking reached a crescendo.

Don jammed his penis all the way inside Tracey's eager vagina and held it there. He moaned, cock jerking wildly inside her.

A huge, thick stream of cum flew out the end of his penis and into her womb. Another load of semen fired inside her as he pressed against her right there in the public hallway.

He grinded himself against her, shaking as he continued to ejaculate withing her depths. His searching lips found hers and they kissed passionately, breathlessly as the severity of his orgasm died down.

The last of his cum trickled out of his dick and into her pussy as they came to their senses. He pulled his softening member out of her and they broke apart. Grabbing his jeans and keys off the floor, he half pulled up his jeans as he fumbled for the lock.

"Holy shit!" he said, just becoming aware of where they were and what they did. He opened the door and they rushed in, laughing. He shut the door and held her, kissing her.

"You are amazing." he said between kisses. "I love you!"

*If you liked the passion in this story, read any one of my 'Stacey' stories - they come from the same influence and are written with the same passion. By far my hottest. And please vote! :)*


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