tagRomancePassion After a Long Day

Passion After a Long Day


Paige calls her husband at work to let him know she is going home early from work and that if he needs her to call her at home. Quincy asked her what's wrong and does she want him there. Paige tells him no and that it has just been a stressful day.

Finally at home, sitting in her antique claw foot tub full of hot steaming water and her, she puffs on her hookah. Paige relaxes her stressful day away puffing on the finest smoke. She has her huge windows in the bathroom open enjoying the smell of the rain and the beauty of outside.

Twisting a washcloth, Paige places it over her face and relaxes. As she lounges in the tub Quincy quietly walks through the front door making especially sure the keys don't make a sound. He pops open some wine and pours two glasses. Quincy heads towards the bathroom. He passes through their wardrobe room, he stops and undresses. He can see Paige but she doesn't even notice he is there. Slipping into the water he startles her. She removes the cloth quickly to see who is there. A look of shock on her face at first, the she suddenly smiles seeing him getting into the tub and handing her a glass of wine.

Quincy and Paige both sip their glasses of wine while they listen to the rain as it starts again. Quincy removes the glass from Paige's hand and directs her to sit between his legs. He takes the sponge and begins to wash her, taking his lips and kissing her lightly. Paige relaxes more in-between his legs and arms. Soon Quincy puts down the sponge and begins kissing her shoulders, paying especially close attention to her sweet neck.

Reaching behind her, she grabs his head running her fingers through his hair, making her neck more available to his luscious lips. Paige can feel him growing in the water. Removing her hands from his head she takes Quincy's hands and guides them over her entire body. Paige quickly moves to the other side of the tub guiding Quincy to follow her. With him in-between her legs she wraps them around his waist, not letting him enter her just yet.

She devours his lips running her hands all over him. Quincy keeps trying to enter her and she dodges his movements. Paige wants Quincy badly but wants passion to build. Feeling the passion from Paige's kiss Quincy embraces her returning her kiss with the same amount of passion causing them to slip momentarily under water lip locked. Rising up from the water gasping for air Quincy enters her in one seductive motion. Quincy leans down and takes her nipple in his mouth as he just stays inside her motionless driving her wild.

Paige begs Quincy to get out of the bathtub and take this to the couch in the wardrobe room. He follows behind her as she gets out the bathtub with his rock hard cock. She sits down on the red plush couch and guides his cock in her mouth. Paige sucks his cock taking him completely in her mouth trying to swallow him whole, wrapping her hands around his ass. Enjoying the warmth of her mouth he doesn't want it to end but he must feel the warmth of her wet pussy.

Kissing his wife on her forehead passionately, pulling his dripping cock out of her mouth he lays her back on the couch wrapping his arms around her legs and taking her hard clit in his mouth. He circles her clit with his tongue gently opening his mouth wide taking her entire pussy in his mouth. Slowly closing his mouth he sucks her clit as if it were a little cock hard and erect. Quincy reaches his hands up and begins teasing her nipples as he sticks his tongue in her whole tasting her sweet juices.

Paige begins to breathe heavy and Quincy knows that sound all to well. He begins to make love to her pussy with his mouth as her legs begin to close tighter around his head. As he sticks his tongue deeper inside her slurping up her juices, Paige says in a whisper that she is about to cum. Thrusting her hips ever so fast against his mouth she lets out a groan and cums covering Quincy's face. He drinks every bit of sweet juice that finds its way out of her.

Quincy pulls her down on the couch and glides inside of her. In slow deep motions he finds that each deep movement in and out so intense. He looks down and sees her juices on his rock hard cock. Positioning Paige's legs on his shoulder he is able to go deeper and hear her gasp for breath. She is begging Quincy to go faster and harder but he wants her to beg for it a little while longer and begins playing with her clit. He begins to feel her wet velvet pussy close around his cock. He knows she is about to cum again and he pulls out.

He flips her over and getting her on her hands and knees, spreading her pussy lips he plunges in deep. Torturing Paige with slow long deep strokes, Quincy leans forward and begins playing with her nipples. She can't handle it much longer and begins working her hips and throwing her pussy against his hard cock and squeezing. Quincy lets out a deep moan and starts to fuck her faster and harder while playing with her asshole. Holding on to the edge of the couch, gripping it trying to take all that she can Paige feels him grow. Starting to pick up rhythm he is ready to release, feeling Paige squeeze his cock with her tight warm pussy, moving faster against him, she is about to cum. Paige gushes her juices all over his cock and in the same movement Quincy releases his cream completely inside her. Collapsing on top of her he can feel her legs shake before she lays flat on the bed. Flipping over on their backs looking up, Paige suddenly straddles Quincy and whispers in his ear, let me tie you up.

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