tagRomancePassion By Candlelight

Passion By Candlelight


It's been a long day at work. The day seemed to creep by. All because you couldn't wait for 9:00pm to finally arrive. As you drive to my apartment, you pull out the note you found at your front door, and read it for the fourth time.

I'll be anxiously awaiting your
Arrival tonight at 9:00pm. Only
Things needed are your willingness,
your imagination, your sexy body, and
lots of energy.
With all my love,

You hold the folded note to your nose and take in the fragrance of my perfume. It's the same fragrance you smell on the pillow after I've gotten out of bed…the same fragrance you smell on your body after holding me for hours on end…the same fragrance you smell when you're alone and thinking of me.

You've finally arrived. When you reach the walkway to my apartment, you're surprised to find tealight candles along the banister. You smile and knock at the door. The door opens but you don't see me, and then you step inside. Candles are lit all around the room. Rose petals are scattered on the floor in a path to the bedroom. You can hear soft classical music mixed with ocean waves coming from the bedroom. As the door begins to close you find me standing there dressed in a long white gown made of the smoothest, softest material. You immediately reach for me, take me in your arms and begin to moan with pleasure as your lips capture mine in a deep, luscious kiss. Your hands begin to explore my body and come to rest on my breast. In your hand, you feel my nipple swell to a peak. As I pull away, I say, "It may have started here but this is only the beginning."

Taking you by the hand, I lead you to the bedroom. There you see more candles lit and find more rose petals sprinkled on the bed, and the door closes behind you. With my attention totally focused on you, I begin to undress you. One piece at a time, your clothes begin to fall to the floor until you are standing in front of me completely naked. Once again you take me into your arms as you begin to kiss the edge of my ear and your slide the tip of your tongue into my ear. Lightly, you trace my ear with your tongue on down to my neck as my head falls back. My knees begin to feel weak and my breath quickens. Still, even further, your kisses trail down until you've bared my breast. Capturing my hardened nipple into your mouth, you begin to gently suck and nibble on my nipple while you pinch the other between your fingers. I can feel your excitement and your need for more. Running my fingers through your hair, holding your head closer to me. With a raspy, desirous voice, I tell you, "Baby, I want you to make love to me on a bed of roses," and you slowly lay me down on the bed.

The feel of your body against my gown is a very exciting feeling for both of us. I can feel the hardness of your dick rubbing against my thigh. With my arms wrapped around you, I pull you closer to me and your head drops to my breast again…right where you left off. "I want you to touch me. Please baby…. Touch me and feel the fire that's burning inside of me." Slowly your hand begins to run down my body…further…until you're holding my pussy in your hand with a gentle squeeze. Then your fingers begin to explore further…across my hardened clit. In a soft circular motion, your fingers are rubbing my clit. Your stop sucking my nipple and look into my eyes. There you see fire, passion, longing and love. "Is that what you want baby?" and I reply, "Further down" and your fingers slowly go further. You can't believe the wetness and your dick gets even harder as you press against my thigh. You lower your lips to mine with a hard probing kiss as your finger slides inside of me. "Ummmmmmmmm." My hips rise to the pressure of your hand. As you slide your finger out, I pull your hand to my mouth and begin licking and sucking my juices from your finger.

Then I push you to your back and lean over you…kissing the tip of your nose, licking the corner of your mouth with the tip of my tongue, nibbling on your earlobe and the tingle of my warm breath in your ear is driving your crazy. Ten I move further down to take your hardened nipple into my mouth. Your body is in a frenzy from wanting me to touch you…to firmly hold your dick in my hand, but I resist. As my mouth travels further down your body, across your stomach, I stop to delve my tongue into your belly button, and then further down. I run my fingers through the hair above your dick and down to your inner thighs.

Up further, I begin to massage your balls in my hand. I look back at you to find your eyes closed and head tilted back in anticipation of what's to come. Then I say to you, "Baby, I want you to watch me as I take your big beautiful dick into my mouth" and your eyes open. I wrap my hand around the base of your dick and begin to squeeze…at the same time you begin to moan, "Ohhhhhhhhh." I run my wet tongue around the head and then over it and down the underside of your shaft. As my tongue begins to come back up and reach the head, I take you into my mouth … completely. Your relief is so great, I can feel it run through your body as I begin to suck your dick. I love the sounds coming from deep within you. Your pleasure is mine also.

With smooth motions, your dick is sliding in and out of my mouth as my tongue circles your dick on each stroke. My fingertips are massaging your balls. Then I replace my fingers with my tongue and take one of your balls into my mouth as I begin stroking your dick with my hand. You can feel the vibration of moans on your balls. I spread your legs wider. I take your dick back into my mouth as I slide a wet finger across your ass. Can you feel the excitement? I crawl between your legs.

"Hold your legs back, baby." You do as I ask and I spread your cheeks to run my tongue from your balls…further down…until you feel the tip run across your ass. With quickening flicks of my tongue, I tease you even more as I grab your dick in my hand to stroke it a few times. I can feel the cum on the head of your dick. After a few more moments of torture, you lower your legs. Reaching for me, you say, "I've got to have you baby….now. I want to feel your hot, wet pussy wrapped around my dick before I explode."

With you standing at the foot of the bed, I get on my hands and knees. Holding your dick in your hand, you find the opening. Your hands on each side of my hips, you bury your dick all the way inside of me, holding me, grinding our bodies together. And in a flash! I cum. It's the most wonderful feeling! As I start to relax, you begin moving in and out of my wet pussy. Your thrusts begin to get harder and faster. "Oh baby…I'm cumming." With every ounce of energy, your dick begins to jump as you shoot your hot cum inside of me….holding me tighter and closer to you. And we remain that way for a moment, until you've given all that you have.

You are completely void of energy, your knees are weak and you slowly slide your dick out. Then you lay back on the bed.

Crawling into the bed, I snuggle next to you with my fanny resting against you as I lay in your arms. You whisper sweet terms of endearment into my ear between light kisses. And as we lay there together, I can't imagine any other place in the world I'd rather be than here with you.

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