tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 03

Passion Ch. 03


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight.

Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself.

All characters are 18+.


Alexander walked through the forest, his meaty trunk hanging down in magnificent length. Dawn's light began to break through the trees, pastel sunlight rippling across his musculature.

He came across a sapling, alone among all the mighty trees, and paused to regard it.

A pair of eyes regarded him out of the fading shadows. Alexander caught a glimpse of lushly curved flesh, and called, "Come out, fair one."

Almost timidly at first, the figure took a few hesitant steps toward him, then darted out of the foliage to stand a few meters away.

She was short, around 4 feet tall, but her figure was womanly and curved, her boobs ripe and round as oranges. Her hair was chocolate wrapped around her shoulders, with lush green leaves caught within. A bristly tuft of chocolate hair sprouted just above her pussy. "What is your name?" she asked.

"Alexander," he replied, and he noticed that her breathing was quickening at she continued to look at him. "What is yours?"

She shook her head. "I am a sprite; my tree is too young for me to have a name." She gestured to the sapling. "Not even a century old."

"You are beautiful, Sprite," he told her. She blushed, her cheeks heated. Without warning, she leapt forth and wrapped her lips around his stiffening length. He moaned in sharp surprise.

The sprite cupped his balls, fondling them as she engulfed more and more of his cock between her moist lips. Alexander was moaning nonstop as she bobbed her head up and down upon his manhood, her boobs bobbing in time.

The sprite sucked and slurped, conducting an erotic symphony with his dick as the wand, and his cum rocketed out of his dick, shooting into the back of her throat. She moaned around his length, and began to swallow, and kept swallowing, even as she kept sucking and bobbing, as he continued to squirt his hot load into her mouth.

When he was spent, she drew her mouth off his girth, which was slicked with her saliva, a pearly sheen in the morning light. "You have given your seed to my throat," she said. "I am yours."

Alexander blinked. "What?"

"I am dryad," the sprite said. "It is given to my kind to fall in love once, and forever. When it happens, it happens instantly. My heart is yours. My tree is yours. My body is yours."

The trees came alive with movement as more girls - dryads - danced and cartwheeled into the clearing. They were beautiful, luscious creatures. Their skin tones varied from willow bark pale to mahogany brown. Their long hair was brown as an oak, brilliant red or fiery orange as autumn leaves, with leaves of all kinds and in the colors of any season in their tresses. Their tits were shaped like fruits - apples, oranges, melons, pears. Their pussies were hairless, or bushy, or dusted, and all were fresh, pink, and inviting.

"The sprite, our sister," they sang, "she has found her love. Let us all partake of her joy."

"Partake?" Alexander looked at the sprite, even as his cock was rock hard in the dryads' presence.

She smiled. "Yes. It is the dryad way, when one of our number gives her heart."

The dryads surrounded him, hands touching him everywhere. His back, his torso, his legs, his face, his hair, his ass, his cock - especially his cock. They were fascinated with it, and their pussies began to gleam wetly as they touched him.

They pushed him gently to the ground. A lightly tanned dryad with silver hair and apple boobs lowered her pussy insistently into his face, and he began licking as she moaned. A dark chocolate-skinned dryad with equally dark hair and an apple bottom ass, mounted his cock, and gasped in pleasure as it popped her cherry.

Two other dryads sat over his hands, and he probed their womanhoods with his fingers, which quickly shone with moisture as he penetrated their horny pussies. More damp cunts ground against his sides and chest and stomach and toes. A pair of dryads licked his balls as they bobbed against the dark one's pussy. A red-haired vixen with orange leaves in her hair ground her slick vulva against the top of his head, matting his hair.

The dryads constantly switched places, and he licked multiple pussies, and popped the cherries of every single one, making them cum even as his cock cummed gobs into them. His body was bathed in pussy juice, dripping down his skin.

The dryads especially liked being penetrated by his turgid shaft, and each rode him multiple times, the redhead vixen, silverhaired siren and darkskinned seductress most of all.

And then they cleared a space around his cock, though they continued to grind every other part of his body. Into the gap came the sprite, her pink nipples hard with anticipation. "My lord," she said, and slowly lowered herself until the fat head of his meaty pole pushed between the folds of her dewy cleft. She gasped in delight at the sensation as his dick swelled her insides, and his moaning - from the other dryads constantly brushing against him - sharpened.

She rhythmically squeezed and relaxed her pussy around his engorged head, stroking the sensitive skin with her vagina until he could barely stand it. As the head swelled and throbbed within her, the myrrh of her lust flowed from her cunt enticingly down his length, pooling in his pubic curls.

She braced herself, placing her hands upon his belly as she slowly lowered herself further upon his massive edifice. Alexander groaned into the pussy of the redheaded vixen he was eating out, and the vibration of his moaning lips was too much for the redhead, her bushy pussy flowering in a cornucopia of cream.

He lapped up her deliciously thick cream as his dick pulsed within the slick depths of the sprite's pussy, and the sprite lowered herself all the way, taking in his entire length and girth, which swelled her pussy obscenely with lust and popped her sweet cherry as she shivered ecstatically. She lifted herself up a bit, before coming back down, rising and falling, slowly at first, then picking up the pace till she was bucking frantically. He gasped into another dryad's pussy as he sucked the juicy clit, and a gob of cum squirted deep within her, filling her womb with the heat of his seed.

Still his dick swelled and bulged, and the sprite continued to ride him, screaming aloud as her juices burst from within her.

His whole body shivered, a wave of passion rippling across his muscles and pulsing up the length of his cock, and he cummed full force into the sprite's lush virgin pussy. She cried out in pleasure as she felt his liquid fire shooting into her depths, and cummed again.

At last all were spent. The dryads were curled up on the ground all around him, sleeping the exhausted slumber of sated lust. A few were snuggled up against various parts of his body. Sprite drowsed atop his thick meat, rocking slowly back and forth even as she slept, an erotic lullaby that slowly built up Alexander's desire to feverish levels as her pussy tightened and relaxed and bobbed slowly upon his dick.

Every now and then his passion would be too much, and he would squirt a few gobs into her womb, and the sprite would moan in her sleep. Enjoying the sublime erotic sensations, Alexander relaxed, staring up at the blue sky, the sun peeking through the leafy canopies.

"Hi!" a bright voice chirped as a girl's face appeared over his head.

"Hello," Alexander returned. She was standing behind his head peering down at him. A brilliant redhead, even more fiery than the dryad with orange leaves in her hair, her crimson waves spilt down her back. Her pussy was bare and hairless; her boobs ripe and round as small oranges, her ass as round and perfect as Melody and Marie's.

"I've never seen you before," she said. "Are you a dryad?"

He chuckled. "No, I am not. I am Alexander."

"I'm Cinnamon," she said, and indeed a spicy sweet scent wafted down to him. "Is that your cock inside her?" she wondered, looking at where the sleeping Sprite still rocked on his pole. She knelt down and climbed over him to get a better look, bringing her lush womanly cunt directly over his face.

"Yes," Alexander replied, and flicked his tongue out, licking lightly between her labia.

Cinnamon giggled and said, "Stop, that tickles," but lowered her pussy further to his face, and he obligingly feasted on her willing cleft, licking with long strokes and darting his tongue inside to brush her nubbin. Moisture seeped out of her pussy, sweet dew with a faint trace of cinnamon scent, and it filled his nostrils with longing and desire.

"Cinnamon!" a woman's voice called from somewhere within the forest.

Cinnamon started upwards, robbing Alexander of his sweet tender paradise, and said regretfully, "I have to go, Alexander. Will I ever see you again?"

"I promise," he told her.

A crooked smile appeared on her delicate face, and she said impishly, "I'll have to tickle you next time." Daringly, she bent down to peck his lips - a moment of warmth and moisture and burgeoning love - before darting off into the woods, leaving the faint taste of cinnamon on his lips.

He licked his lips longingly, tasting her, and passion for the beautiful girl roared within him. He grabbed the sprite's slender waist and bucked up savagely into her, his turgid dick swelling even further. The sensation awoke Sprite, and she grinned at him, bobbing faster and rougher upon him.

Alexander cummed almost instantly, still tasting Cinnamon's lips and pussy upon his tongue, and torrents gushed into Sprite's warm, wet, willing pussy. She gasped as his hot load spurted deep into her, filling her womb, and cummed too, shouting aloud.

She leaned down, pressing her firm tits against his hard pecs, and kissed him eagerly as his cum continued to pour forth, mixing with hers, her tongue seeking his. As they frenched, still Alexander continued to blow his load into the sprite's thirsty pussy, full of overwhelming lust.

Sprite was writhing in ecstasy upon him, frenching him madly as she squirmed atop his dick. His cum seemed neverending, yet her womb sucked it all in greedily as her own ambrosia spilt. Her small pink nipples dampened his chest with milk, lubricating her breasts as well so their bodies slid across each other sensually.

It was a long while before they were sated, but sated they were, and relaxed, Sprite laying upon him, pussy still holding his dick possessively. "I love you, my lord Alexander," she said, staring down into his eyes with warmth. "I am yours."

"And I love you. Your love honors me, fair one." She sighed rapturously, and nestled atop him, her nipples still smearing his chest with milk.

"You're lactating," he said wonderingly.

Sprite gestured around them with her head. "See those shoots?" Indeed, a multitude - dozens if not hundreds - of new growths had shot up out of the ground, varying from a foot to three feet in height. "Those are our daughters, sprites of the wood."

"So many," he said, amazed.

She smiled down at him. "I am dryad. We are quite fertile. Still, this is much, much more than a dryad has ever produced. Truly your seed is strong."

Alexander looked beyond her. "Your sapling...!" he murmured.

Sprite turned her head to look, and it was her turn to be amazed. "My tree!" she exclaimed. "It's full-grown!" Marvelling, she gazed into his eyes. "Your love is powerful, my lord."

"Our love is powerful," and he kissed her.

The other dryads had stirred, and sang and danced in celebration as they saw the tree, and the sprite laying lovingly atop Alexander's body. "Choose you a name, sister," they called.

The former sprite cocked her head for a moment, chocolate hair spilling past her ears to brush his cheek, then smiled, looking at Alexander as she answered her fellow dryads. "I am as he called me. 'Fair one'," she sighed happily.

"Fair One," the dryads sang, and Alexander kissed her lips.

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