tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 04

Passion Ch. 04


Fair One was tending the shoots of her not-yet-manifested daughters, when Troy came behind her, wrapping his arms about her waist. She giggled lustily and leaned back into him, feeling his massive pole stiffening beneath her vulva. "Take me, my lord," she demanded, and he gladly obliged, reaching up to knead her boobs as his dick thrust gently upward into her dewy cleft.

"Oh!" she cried delightedly, as she always did, as his hard rod penetrated her soft pink cleft. Her juice began dribbling out of her pussy, and she wrapped an arm behind her around Troy's head, turning her face so their lips could meet as he thrust deep within her.

Their breath came short as they moaned into each other's mouths, their hot tongues clasping each other as his hands continued to gently squeeze her tits and toy with her nipples.

Hot with desire, her nectar flowed freely, gushing out onto the grass beneath their feet and dripping down her legs. Milk flowed too, as he tweaked her hard, sensitive nipples, and she groaned with pleasure.

The flesh of Troy's cock within her pussy grew ever tauter as his lust grew from the sound and feel of her passion, before it burst, a torrent of cum shooting into her. Their lips never separated as they cummed together, only moans escaping their coupled tongues.

When their quickie was over, they relaxed, kissing each other tenderly before withdrawing. Troy's arms still wrapped around her waist and she leaned back into him, and they rocked gently together, as though dancing.

It was then that they noticed a third presence in their clearing.

A lovely girl stood apart from them, staring openmouthed. She'd obviously been watching them. The nipples of her lush boobs stood at attention, and her hairless pussy was puffy from the heat of the sight she'd witnessed. Her hair was strangely colored, gleaming, like the sheen of sunlight sparkling on water. She was soaking wet, all over her body, water running down her smooth skin in rivulets, giving her flesh a slight pearlescence, yet it never dried. Her hair likewise was damp and lay in thick lengths across her back, over her shoulders, and wrapped around a well-rounded breast. Her wide eyes were liquid, shimmering from deep ocean blue to mossy green and back.

"Tethys!" Fair One cried delightedly, and rushed to the girl, and they embraced fiercely. Troy's cock throbbed as he watched the two lovely maidens embrace, their pussies and boobs rubbing sensually against each other.

"Sprite," the girl - Tethys - greeted her, but her eyes kept straying to Troy.

Fair One's face shone. "I am a sprite no longer. Look!"

Tethys seemed to notice the dryad's fully grown tree for the first time. "That's wonderful! But how?"

The dryad gestured to Troy. "His mighty dick impregnated me with life and vitality. See our daughters!"

Tethys' eyes were round with wonderment, and her full chest heaved and jiggled as she kept staring at Troy, her eyes fastening upon his meaty trunk. "But," she said to the sprite, "what is your name?"

"I am as he named me: Fair One."

Tethys embraced Fair One once more in congratulations, though by the way her gaze still fixed on Troy as she rubbed against Fair One's flesh far more sensually than was warranted, he knew who she really wanted to be embracing.

He walked over as the girls pulled apart. "Hello, Tethys."

Breathless, she replied, "Hello, Man."

"Tethys," the sprite introduced them, "this is Troy, my lord and my lover. Troy, Tethys is my twin sister and my best friend. She is a naiad, a water nymph, whose pool in the grotto below waters my tree." She brightened as a thought struck her. "You should see it! It's beautiful."

"Just as she herself is," Troy said. Fair One smiled, and Tethys blushed pink.

"Go on," the dryad sprite urged them, "I need to tend our daughters." She tilted her head back for a goodbye kiss, and as he obliged, she ran a hand up his dick possessively, before patting his ass.

He held out an arm gallantly to Tethys, who breathlessly accepted it. Her damp hand dripped moisture onto his arm as they walked out of the clearing and downward around the bend that would lead to the naiad's grotto.

"How long have you know my sprite?" he asked her.

"All our lives," she replied. "We call each other 'twins' because we were born on the same day.

I love twins, Troy thought, thinking of his kitten, his Kat. Tethys brushed up against him more often than was necessary, and he relished the sensation of her dewy skin upon his flank.

They quickly reached the grotto, where smooth rock was often covered by verdant moss, and sunlight peeked through cracks in the ceiling, illuminating the place with shafts of golden brilliance that sparkled off the gurgling spring within - the same twinkling sheen that colored Tethys' damp flowing hair.

"It's lovely," Troy told her. He was not looking at the grotto. Tethys blushed, the pink in her cheeks the harbinger of her desire.

"Would you..." She hesitated, then plunged boldly onward, "would you like to bathe in my pool?"

He raised her hand to his lips. "I would be honored."

Tethys led him by the hand to the pool, and they waded in, and sat back within it, the water coming up to their chests. The water was refreshing and cool, and Troy watched in fascination as gentle ripples lapped up against her pink nipples, which hardened beneath his gaze as she became aware of his attention.

"Let me show you what my pool can do," she offered. She murmured something to the water, and it began bubbling and gurgling potently. The bubbles floated along his body along the way to the surface, teasing and caressing him. He groaned involuntarily as some floated up the length of his trunk, itself buoyed up by the water.

The bubbles grew in intensity, and Troy found himself being lifted up, his whole body being buoyed as the bubbles tickled along every inch of his skin. Tethys licked her lips as she watched the sensual desire washing across his face. She floated through the bubbling water over to him, and bobbed down upon his girth.

They both moaned as her pussy touched the head of his cock. She lowered herself through the water, and the swollen head breached the folds of her virgin cunt. "Oh!" she gasped in rapture as she felt his girth pushing her delicate lips apart.

Troy seized her waist, and gently lowered her onto his buoyed body, his dick burying itself within her soaking cleft. Her cherry popped easily, and Tethys cried out in ecstasy as his dick was freed to fill her up with his whole length. In and out he slid, his dick lubricated by the water of the pool and the dew of her pussy.

Tethys was moaning nonstop, bobbing in desperate desire. Her boobs jiggled, half-under the water, half-above. Troy cupped her smooth round ass, and she groaned ever louder.

The bubbles grew ever more intense as Tethys' desire grew, and at last it crescendoed as she climaxed, screaming his name. Thick white cream seeped out of her pussy to join the clear water of the pool. Troy thrust all the harder, extending her orgasm, and she bucked wildly upon him in the water, which was all but opaque, so fierce was the bubbling.

Her pussy slid wetly down his length and then up, and back down, in a continuous rhythm, and her sweet flesh was too much for him to bear. He gasped as his cornucopia flowered within her, thick gobs of cum spurting heat and life into her belly.

Her orgasm, on the cusp of ending, picked up again sharply as she felt his seed squirting deep within her, and she cried out with him. "Troy!" Her scream of ecstasy echoed throughout the grotto.

When their cumming finally ceased, the bubbles calmed down, though they still gurgled gently, still buoying them, and Tethys leaned down upon Troy, resting her head upon his chest, her boobs pressing against his half-submerged torso. He sighed at the sensation of her firm tits and hard nipples, and wrapped his arms about her.

"I wish..." Tethys said, "I only wish you loved me, as you love Fair One."

"I do love you," Troy replied.

Amazed, Tethys looked up at him. "Then run away with me," she begged. "We can go to the cities, the queendoms of woman, and I will surrender my flesh to you to do as you will."

Troy smiled, and kissed her slick damp hair gently. "Your place is in this enchanted wood," he told her, "in the trees and beside your pools. With your friend, your twin." Tethys was quiet, her breath hot against his skin. "I love my sprite as much as I love you, my naiad, for I love every maiden with all my heart."

He thrust encouragingly into her cunt, and her pussy tightened reflexively around it, wringing another spurt of his seed into her virginal depths. "Oh, Troy," she said contentedly, "what a Man you are. Feel me," she murmured, and pressed her chest and belly heavily upon his torso. Troy felt a slight rounding of her belly. "I am pregnant."

"I am honored that you would bear offspring of mine," he said, cupping her round ass.

"A daughter," Tethys said. "A naiad, with the blood of Man within her."

"And as lovely as her mother," Troy said, pressing his lips to hers. She moaned in his mouth as she squirmed atop his girth, still horny, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She slid up and down his massive length, her ass bobbing in the water as she pressed her lips and tits into him.

He groaned, overcome, as the flesh of his dick throbbed and threatened to burst within her. Wrapping his arms about her, he held her tightly against him as they made out, fucking. Slowly, sensually, she rhythmically bobbed herself upon his cock, the cream within her pussy covering it as she lowered, only to be replaced by the lapping of water and tickling of bubbles as she lifted up, and back again.

Troy cried out, "Ohhhhhhhh, Tethys," his entire body stimulated beyond reason by her flesh and the flow of the water and tickling of the bubbles, his mind blanked except for blind lust. His dick bulged obscenely within her tight, eternally wet pussy, and blasted cum within her, spurting deeply into her womanhood.

Tethys' cream joined his, her moans into his mouth just as strong as she mercilessly frenched him, and her pussy was full of his cum and her cream as they climaxed.

Hours later, the lovers left the grotto and returned to Fair One's tree, hand in wet hand. Tethys glowed, her face radiant with the flush of a water nymph freshly fucked.

Fair One looked at them knowingly. "I knew you would like him," she told Tethys.

Tethys' expression became one of surprise. But Troy smiled.

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