tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 06

Passion Ch. 06


So it was that Troy dwelt for a time among the nymphs of the enchanted wood, spending his days and nights loving and being loved by them, fucking and being fucked. Nymphs overflowing with the passion he gave them, trees burst into ever more vigorous life, creeks gurgled delightedly, and the wind made music through the wood.

But the nymphs knew they could not keep Troy forever. He had a passion to fulfill... and his twin carnaleira to find.

It was Tethys and the naiad with the belilied hair in whom he first confided.

They lay in a creek, canopied by peaceful trees, shallow water rushing over their bodies. Troy lay on top of the water-lilied nymph - her name was Amalthea - fucking her slowly as they moaned, enjoying the sublime erotic sensations as his dick slid slowly in and out as her tight, eternally wet pussy milked him. Her sun-sheened hair splayed out in the water, drifting.

Next to them in the creek lay Tethys, and he gave attention to her as well, kissing her as he and Amalthea fucked, and fingering her or toying with her erect nipples.

A steady flow of cream was pulled downstream from the naiads' pussies. The music of the gurgling creek, the swaying trees, and the singing wind was serene and erotic.

While Tethys and Troy kissed, the perceptive Amalthea managed to gasp out between moans, "Troy, you... ohhhhh... you seem to yearn... mmmmm... for someone. Someone special."

Hearing this, Tethys paused kissing, staring into his eyes as he reveled in the fresh heat of her breath upon his face. "Troy?" Her query lapsed into a moan as he circled her nubbin with a finger.

"Yes," he sighed, and licked Tethys' moist lips. "My carnaleira. Twins."

Tethys' eyes were filled with compassion as well as desire, and she kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth as he continued to throb and thrust within Amalthea's tight hillock.

Amalthea, her arms clasped about his back, squeezed him in an erotic hug, and said understandingly, "Carnaleira. Your first."

The tight ring of muscles in her vagina pulsed and spasmed as she creamed, and gobs of his cum squirted into her. The water just below her pussy was briefly thick with cream, before the current pulled it downstream, trailing behind the neverending stream of her juices.

As Amalthea's breathing slowed, she added, "Carnaleira, in the old tongue, didn't just mean your first. It meant your first, your last, your always."

Thinking of Kitty and Kat, and the passion and love they shared, he gushed more cum into Amalthea's thirsty cunt, and she cried aloud with pleasure, along with Tethys, who creamed as his finger continued to rub her overstimulated clit.

"Yes," he managed, "Kitty and Kat... my first, last, and always."

Tethys mouth had broken away from his as she had creamed, and before she joined with him again, she said, "And you are our carnaleira, Troy. Every nymph's. Our first, last, and always."

"Always," Amalthea and Troy agreed in unison, and smiled at each other.

He pulled his swollen cock out of her pussy, revealing her creampie twat, filled with all the cum he had squirted into her, and switched to Tethys, thrusting his meaty pole into her warm, willing pussy. Tethys had been hungry with need for his manhood so long, she creamed immediately, her cries filling the air.

He then began kissing Amalthea and fondling her breasts as he had Tethys.

"Tell us," Tethys gasped out as she came down from her high, and Troy understood she was asking about his carnaleira.

"Gorgeous. Divine. Passionate," he said, his cock slowly thrusting. "Their scent intoxicated me even as mine intoxicates you."

Amalthea's lips curved into a smile beneath his, and she murmured, almost inaudibly as her voice was muffled by his kiss, "Your scent intoxicates everyone, Troy..."

Tethys though was thinking, as much as she could while waves of pleasure rolled through her body.

After a moment, she whispered into the air, "Boreanne," and the wind carried the word.

Shortly the air nymph floated to them, just as Troy cummed inside a wildly writhing Tethys, his seed overflowing within her and spilling into her already impregnated womb.

Smiling hungrily, Boreanne lay down in the creek above the naiads, splaying her legs, so that her horny pussy was right in front of Troy's face. He obliged, licking her labia while he continued to fuck Tethys and finger Amalthea.

"Boreanne," Tethys addressed her in a half-moan, and told her about Troy's carnaleira. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she finished.

"Yes!" Boreanne agreed.

She closed her eyes as Troy lapped up her juices, and the breeze she had brought picked up a little, but began swirling in new scents, wafting from all over the wood. Thick heady fragrances flared in his nostrils, and he gasped, reminded of the twin girls' intoxicating scents, and began cumming nonstop into Tethys' pussy.

Torrents gobbed into her, filling up her womb and her pussy, and flowing out into the stream, as Troy was overcome with an almost tangible reminder of the carnaleira he loved. His musk thickened the air further as he frantically pistoned the naiad's pussy, and upon the scent of it, all three nymphs began creaming as well.

The foursome's cries pierced the air for a long time.

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