tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 08

Passion Ch. 08


Troy walked to the pasture of the neka, getting a good look at them for the first time.

They were indeed catgirls, with furry fleece sheathing their skin, and cat's ears. Their fleece and hair - there were thicker tufts around their pussies and manes atop their heads - came in three colors: soft pink, pastel blue, or bright purple. They had furry catlike tails. Their boobs varied in size from relatively small but round to large melons.

He vaulted the vine-worked fence into the pasture, and the neka, who had been laying in the sun, preening, looked at him curiously, gathering around him. His cock stiffened to attention, and the neka gazed at it lustfully. One bold, blue-fleeced neka pressed up against him, rubbing her furry side against his girth, and purred.

Troy shuddered with pleasure, and the skin over his dick grew even tauter than it had been with Rebecca. The purring reminded him of his lovely Kitty.

The blue-fleeced neka licked his navel, and licked up his chest at various random places, before standing up fully, wrapping furred arms about his neck, and licking his lips. "Mrroooowww," she purred. "Fuck me."

He pushed her gently to the ground - her arms stayed wrapped about him - and leant onto her, her lightly furred boobs pressing against the thick curls of his chest. His dick slid into her wet pussy, which almost slurped him in as he took her maidenhood. She purred as he entered her with slow strokes, and licked his face, his nose, and his chin - but especially his lips.

Inspired, Troy responded in kind, licking her lips, and their tongues lapped at each other in neka fashion. Her purring became faster, louder, and more frantic as his thrusts quickened, and she creamed, her purrs becaming a loud feline shriek.

As her orgasming pussy tightened and spasmed about his dick, Troy blew his load inside her fertile feline cunt, and their cries mingled.

"Mrrow," she purred contentedly. "Fuck me again."

He smiled. "Later, lovely one. All of you must whelp."

She released him reluctantly, and a pink-furred neka leapt upon him, tackling him to the ground, her tail waving in the air. She placed her furry hands upon his chest, and impaled herself on his cock, popping her cherry with ease. "Mrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooowwwwwwwww," she purred in a long, low moan as his shaft was buried to the hilt inside her.

The sudden taking of his cock was too much for Troy, and his cum gobbed thickly into her pussy. The throbbing of his cock, and the heat of his load excited the pink neka so much that she creamed instantly, and her purring joined his screams.

When their cumming slowed down, she said breathlessly, "I hope we'rrre not alrrrready done."

"Well," Troy laughed, "I cummed before you did, so to be sure you're pregnant, we better fuck again."

She purred delightedly. "To be surrrre." She began bouncing up and down his thick pole, as his broad hands grabbed her furry waist.

"Oooohhhhhh," he groaned as she rode him, purring. So much like Kitty! He thrust fiercely up into the neka's cunt with savage lust, and she cried out with surprised ecstasy, her boobs jiggling enticingly. Her mouth was parted in a round 'O' as she purred and moaned.

She soon creamed again, and her purrs were so hot Troy cummed right after, filling her horny cunt with his cum.

And so Troy spent the days fucking the neka, and the nights sleeping with them in his arms and sprawled across his body in the pasture.

He fucked and cummed in pussy after pussy, and when he was done, the neka would lay back on the grass, exhausted but sated, with a creampie twat leaking cream. Often the lushness of their glistening wet pussies tempted him back into their arms sooner than necessary. As their chorus of purrs rose, so too did Troy's lust as he fondly remembered his luscious carnaleira Kitty.

Rachel and her sisters gazed on them lustfully throughout the day, fingering themselves and sometimes eating each other out as they watched the lucky neka being ramrodded by Troy's piston.

One day the fourth sister, Zilphah returned from her journey to the city. She was blonde, like Leah, but unlike her other three sisters, she had golden fuzz framing her pussy like her mother Rebecca.

As she entered the pavilion, Zilphah saw her sisters facing the fenced-in pasture, legs splayed, stroking themselves. "Girls!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing, and can I join in?"

Her sisters started, so absorbed had they been in watching Troy fuck the neka. "Zilphah!" raven-haired Bilhah greeted her. "Have we got a treat for you!"

Zilphah looked out towards the pasture, at first just seeing the neka, before espying the man fucking them - and fucking them so masterfully that euphoric purrs filled the pavilion. She felt a heat rise in her belly as she asked, more breathlessly than she intended, "Who is that?"

"He's our new stud," Leah told her.

"His bride price for me!" Rachel gushed.

"And how many times have you fucked him?" Zilphah asked.

"Zilphah!" Rachel said, shocked.

"I know you haven't," Zilphah said. "You can't give him your cherry till your bride price is paid. I meant you two," she finished, looking at Leah and Bilhah, who flushed scarlet.

"We haven't," Bilhah said, her boobs heaving at the lusty thought.

Zilphah laughed. "Why not? That Man is hot!"

"He's the stud," Leah said. "For the neka."

Rachel was following the conversation with interest, and hid a smile as she saw the determined look on Zilphah's face. Her nipples hardened as she imagined her Man fucking her sisters.

That night, Troy lay in the pasture grass as he always did. A blue neka was curled against his right side, a purple one against his left side. Another blue one lay perpendicular to him across his stomach and the two on his side, and a pink neka slept upon his legs. Their soft, fleeced skin enticed his flesh as their tits rose and fell in slumber, and his cock, while not fully hard, stayed nice and firm as he watched the sky.

The full moon was setting, gradually plunging the land into true darkness. He followed its descent, and wondered if the moon was looking down on him, and if Kitty and Kat were also watching it this night.

A dark silhouette crept over him - he couldn't make out which neka it was - and said, "Fuck me, Neka Stud."

He grinned. Despite completely exhausting all the neka during the day, there were always a few every night who couldn't wait for more. His cock stiffened and began to throb, and he said, "I'm all yours."

"Gooood," the unseen girl drawled happily. She lowered herself upon his meaty rod, and his thick head breached her slick folds, popping her cherry. He was too sleepy and too horny to notice and remember that he'd taken all the neka's virginities already.

Troy thrust up, and his balls slapped gently against her vulva as she moaned. His arms were trapped beneath the two neka to his side, and his lover was sandwiched between the two neka sprawled over him, but he felt the thick fleece around her labia meshing with his dark pubic curls. "Mmmm," he moaned dreamily.

"Ohhh, yes, yes, Troy!" Her cries sharpened as his dick continued to pulse and throb obscenely within her tight depths, and she creamed so wetly that his dick suddenly began to slide in and out much quicker with the increased lubrication. The sudden tightness, easy thrusting, and dew sent him over the edge, and he roared in pleasure as his cum shot up from his balls through his swollen manhood to spurt deep into the unseen neka's horny wet cunt.

He cummed and cummed, her lushly lubricated cunt so tight and hot, and she moaned nonstop as he filled her to the brim with his seed...

The next morning, Troy stirred as the dawn peeked over the horizon, spilling soft pastels across the land. He smiled, and looked to see the sleeping neka in whom his dick was still ensconced--

And was startled to see a busty blonde girl that resembled Rachel. Leah? he thought, before realizing it wasn't her. This must be the fourth sister, "Zilphah!" he exclaimed.

The exclamation woke her up, and she opened her eyes to see Troy looking at her with surprise. She blushed sheepishly.

It was then that Rachel came out of the pavilion and saw. Her eyes widened as she saw her horny sister taking all of Troy's shaft within her.

She laughed merrily.

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