tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 10

Passion Ch. 10


Please note: The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" (rather than "come/came/coming") is a deliberate stylistic choice.


So Alexander dwelt at the ranch with his brides. He continued to stud the nekella, while also giving the four sisters their conjugal rights. He also wandered the edge of the nearby enchanted wood, reuniting with joyous nymphs eager to fuck him. His cock was always covered in and smelling of feminine cream.

One day it happened that Rachel was watching Alexander as he fucked nekella in the pasture, her heart swelling with love as he jackhammered a horny blue-fleeced catgirl writhing and purring madly beneath him.

"He won't be here always," Rebecca's voice came from behind her. Rachel turned to face her mother, seeing that moisture also dripped down her leg as she glanced at Alexander's studwork. Rachel's query was plain on her face, and Rebecca continued, "His passion is too great to be contained by us, or by the whole of the land. He is from beyond forever."

Rachel sighed. She was her mother's daughter, and though she had not Rebecca's sight, she too had intuited this. "I will always love him," she said.

"And he will always love you," Rebecca replied. "But his heart is larger than the world. He loves every girl he meets as though she were the only one. You were given to him, but he was not given to you; he belongs to all."

They returned to watching Alexander's masterful fucking. In silence they drank him in, their nipples hard, juices slithering down their legs.

The blue nekella was purring so loudly, that Alexander felt as though Melody's moaning was all around him, and he burst within her furry pussy, cumming copiously into her as the nekella cried aloud, his shaft pistoning her as frantically as she bucked beneath him.

Finally, both were sated, and they lay there, chests heaving, his cock squishing slightly in her creampie cunt. The other nekella had also been satiated, lying on their backs or stomachs, puffy pink creampies dripping onto the grass.

He licked the blue nekella's lips, and she licked back, before he lowered his head to suck on a pink nipple surrounded by pastel fleece. The nekella purred contentedly as her wet nipple hardened once more, and he soothed her to sleep in that manner.

As her soft boobs rose and fell beneath his chest, Alexander heard the call of the enchanted wood drifting through the air. The faint sound of gurgling creeks, swaying trees, and soft breezes that only he could hear. Smiling, he licked the sleeping nekella a final time before standing up and following the call to the forest.

Oddly enough, however, no nymph met him at the edge of the wood. The forest seemed almost hushed... enchanted. Enchanted beyond its usual magic. He wandered through the wood, through a section that he had never seen before but which felt intimately familiar.

He came upon a clear pool, with five girls sitting in it, the clear water coming up to their slender waists. They were tall and willowy - though not quite as tall as he - with ripe round tits studded with tiny nipples. They had pointed ears, and yellow cat's eyes. Each had a different color of wild long hair - royal purple, flaming red, peach orange, sunshine yellow, and leafy emerald green. And each held a crystal flute filled with a rich purple wine out of which they sipped.

Their eyes were fixed on him, as though they'd been expecting him.

He heard the purple-haired one speak, though her lips did not move, and she made no sound.

--Welcome, Alexander, Man of my wood--

He instinctively knew he was in the presence of the eldritch queen of the enchanted forest, and knelt. "My lady," he murmured, even as the skin of his dick stretched taut as he gazed upon their sexy bodies.

--Drink summerwine with us, Alexander. Teach my handmaidens the pleasures of a Man--

He stepped into the pool and sat in the water, which had a slightly silvery sheen to it, and a handmaiden offered him her flute. Nodding in thanks, he raised the crystal to his lips and drank.

The summerwine was like nothing he'd ever tasted. It was light and airy, it was sunshine and wind and brine. It was Lily's dark eyes, Cinnamon's innocent spicy kisses, nekella purring. It was the intoxicating presence of his carnaleira Melody and Marie.

His dick stiffened into its staggering length, and became so thick and hard and taut that his entire shaft and balls became a deep, throbbing, obscene purple. Precum leaked out of the tip and ran down his dick in rivulets. His entire body seemed to throb, his muscles pulsing, his breath short, his throat dry with desire.

His eyes glazing over with sheer unadulterated lust, he grabbed a willing handmaiden and impaled her maidenhead with his rock hard girth. She cried out with sudden ecstasy as he filled her with his entire length and thickness. In one long thrust, his purple balls slapped against her hairless pussy, and he spurted a flood of cum into her with a lusty roar.

But he was far from done, and thrust ever more savagely, the fey handmaiden screaming with pleasure as he cummed in her again and again. Her boobs ground against his muscular chest with each thrust, and she clasped her arms about him, hands traveling all along his back and ass.

Time melted away, and he was fucking the second handmaiden, who rode him in the water as his obscenely pulsating purple cock ramrodded her virgin pussy. He cummed in her and did not stop cumming this time, but squirting and squirting and squirting, his lust insatiable as she shouted herself hoarse.

He wasn't aware of the transition, but suddenly he had fucked all the handmaidens, and the fey queen herself held out her arms and spread her virgin legs. His thick trunk, still dark purple with ferocious desire, thrust into her pussy as he bucked on top of her, the queen writhing beneath him, her screams echoing with her moans in his mind.

He fucked and fucked, cummed and cummed and cummed again, the queen, her handmaidens, over and over. He barely noticed when the moon shone on the silvery water, or when the sun spread its light upon the pool.

After an ageless time, new fey women were there, and he popped their cherries and fucked them, cumming bucketloads into their maiden cunts. He barely noticed that their hair - colored like the queen and the handmaidens - also had dark streaks in them. His deep purple cock pounded pussies and squirted into wombs.

Finally he was fucking a hot fey woman, with a violet mane interspersed with dark blue locks. He'd taken her cherry sometime before but barely remembered it, only knowing that his need had to be satiated. Their cries were obscene lust, and his mind blanked as he cummed floods within her...

When next he became aware, he was alone. His thick trunk dangled in the water, its silvery sheen made a pearly opaque by the moonlight.

The first thing he noticed was that his obscene lust had been sated, though as always his eternal passion kept him continuously mildly horny. The second was that the stars in the sky were somewhat different.

He opened his mouth, and a lustful roar filled the forest. He didn't notice till a long time later, but his ears were pointed, his eyes like a cat's, and the hair all over his body and head was a dark glistening blue. The pubic curls on his chest, armpits, and groin had become soft pelts of silky blue fur. He didn't realize that one hundred years had passed, that for a century he had madly fucked fey girls nonstop.

His mind was wild, wanting only to cavort.

Alexander stood up out of the pool, water spilling and dripping from his nude, muscular form, and he ran with a fierce joy through the woods.

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