tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 12

Passion Ch. 12


Note: The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

Also, the previous chapter got a much lower voting score than all the others. I welcome POLITE and CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on this. Thanks for reading!


So it was that Troy continued to spend his days and nights fucking virgin girls. Many a girl came into the forest from throughout the queendoms, seeking out this legendary unicorn. Wherever she was in the enchanted wood, he found her and filled her with ecstasy and cum all night long, but in the morning he was always gone, and she could never find him again.

Jolene swore she would be different. She would capture the unicorn and keep him for her own. With the gifts she had been given, she would succeed where all other horny virgins had failed.

Go to the forest and wait, her benefactress had told her. He will come to you, taking your maidenhood but giving a thousandfold in return. Use these as I have instructed, and he shall be tamed unto you.

So it was, one evening when Goddess' hair streaked the sky with twilight, Troy came upon a lovely girl lounging upon her back in the tall grass. Her hair had both red and gold locks, fanning about her head in the grass. Her perky boobs were pear-shaped with delicately beautiful nipples. Her eyes, shifting from blue to green and back, were fixed seductively upon him; and her legs, lithe and long with golden and belled anklets, were welcomingly spread to reveal her pussy, which was lined with fur matching her hair.

Jolene favored Troy with a sultry smile, though her own breath quickened with desire as she beheld his strong face, powerful musculature, and massive pole. She licked her lips as he approached her. He bent down and sniffed her pussy, sensing her virginity. She sighed rapturously as his nose pressed slightly between her pussy lips.

Then his tongue began lapping at her cunt, and she cried out with pleasure. His skillful tongue slithered deep into her cleft, massaged every corner until she was dripping moisture, and twirled around her hard clit. She buried her hands in his hair, pushing his face further into her horny cunt as he ate her out.

Jolene exploded, cream squirtiing out of her maidenhood all over Troy's face. With a feral smile of triumph, Troy crawled up her body, leaning down to kiss her - she tasted her own sweet juices - as the head of his cock teased her puffy slit. She licked his face clean of her cream and wrapped her legs about his waist as he slid his cock into her, popping her cherry. The bells on her anklets jingled with the motion of his thrusts, forming a salacious harmony with her ecstatic moans and his lusty grunts.

Jolene bucked up to match him, as full of savage desire as he, and even as she creamed a second time, so did he burst within her. Their screams pierced the purpling night, her tits heaving into his muscular, blue-pelted chest.

Yet they were not satiated, and Jolene demanded more, kissing him fiercely and squeezing his cock possessively within her slick tight cunt. He obliged, ramrodding her once more, her ankle bells ringing out as they fucked throughout the night.

Three maenads soon found them as they fucked. One sat on Jolene's face, her pussy dripping wine-cream into her mouth, inciting yet more drunken lust from her as she flicked out her tongue to eat out the delightedly shivering nymph, who in turn joined her lips to Troy's as he continued to thrust in and out of Jolene.

The other maenads ground their bodies into Troy's back, ass, and sides, moaning as his flesh sent electric thrills through them. Vines heavy with fat grapes grew spontaneously out of the ground around them, and the maenad grapes burst in staccato patterns, showering them with pussy wine.

The maenad's cries of orgasm were high and shrill, and Jolene, drunk on their pussy wine and Troy's thick piston, matched their screams.

It was a few hours before dawn when Jolene finally fell asleep, her ravished womb full of cum. The maenads had run off, disappointed that they weren't going to get Troy's cock that night. Troy started to pull out of her and get up, as he always did - but her legs, still wrapped about him, held him fast. Try as he might, he couldn't break their grip.

For where her ankles crossed around his waist, there the enchanted anklets touched and stuck firmly to each other.

His struggles only thrust his excited dick, still ensconsced within her pussy, in and out of her again, till he was was blind with lust once more and fucked her sleeping form, no longer caring that he couldn't get away. As he cummed in her again, Jolene woke up as her stimulated pussy creamed, and after crying out, smiled delightedly to see that the magicked anklets had worked.

She wrapped her arms about his neck. "Take me home," she commanded, and he stood up, picking her up with him. She nodded in the direction of her pavilion, and he loped through the forest as she rode his cock, her ankleted legs still binding him. With each stride his cock thrust up into her, and they both cummed multiple times as they traveled.

They soon left the enchanted forest, passing through hills and grasslands and alongside rivers, before they reached Jolene's home. Three trees arched over her home, forming a canopy, their trunks carved and fluted so that the whistling winds made music through them. The ground beneath her pavilion was carpeted with eternally soft leaves. Small hedges between the trees were sculpted into the forms of dancing nymphs.

"Do you like it?" Jolene asked him, almost shyly. Troy licked her lips approvingly and lowered them to the floor to fuck again. As his tool pistoned her soaking wet pussy, his lips fastened about a hard pink nipple and sucked as she shivered and moaned. As his dick hammered and pulsed within her twat, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling his face further into her boobs, and buried her own face into his musky blue curls.

She exploded three times before he at last cummed inside her yet again, their screams announcing to the world the taming of the unicorn.

So it was that Troy dwelt with Jolene in her pavilion. Though she did not need them any longer, she still wore her anklets, for hearing the melody of the bells aroused Troy. Pregnant from the first night, Jolene's tummy soon began to swell, yet she only got hornier, her pussy constantly soaked, her nipples ever hard and lactating.

So Troy fucked her, pressing his abs against her cute tummy and sliming his muscular chest with her milky nipples as they kissed and bucked and thrust.

Gradually Troy's fey nature faded away. His eyes returned to cocoa pools, his deep blue pelts to darkest chocolate curls, his wild mind to clarity.

Yet his passion, as it always had been, remained untamed.

On the seventh day of the seventh month Troy had been with her, Jolene sighed as they held each other after making love. "What is it, Jolene?" he asked astutely, fondling a lactating nipple.

"Every enchantress has a price," she said.

"Enchantress?" he murmured as he kissed her neck.

"Mmm," she said. "The one who gifted me with my magicked anklets. I thought she would ask me to part with you after a set time, but she did not." She sighed again. "She did not have to. She knew that I would know your passion. And know that I cannot claim it alone."

She searched his eyes. "I release you, Troy. But please, if it is your will, kiss me one more time."

He smiled fondly down at her. "It has always been my will." His lips met hers, and she replied hungrily, desperately, their tongues entwining. He thrust his cock back into her dripping cunt, and she rolled him over so that she was on top, bucking atop his dick as her enlargened boobs and tummy bounced.

He groaned as her slick tight pussy milked him, enveloping his dick in tight wet silk. His hands traveled all over her body - her perfect ass, waist, swollen tummy, dripping breasts. She shivered delightedly at his sensual touch.

Their excitement rose, hovering on the cusp as he thrust and she rode and they fondled each other. When they could hold back no longer, she began bouncing even more frantically and his cum shot out of his cock into her pussy as she creamed, writhing wildly atop his convulsing body.

At last they calmed, and she lay atop him, feeling him breathe as he held her. "What was the enchantress' price?" he asked.

She chuckled ruefully. "Instead of telling me to release you, she bade me direct you to the oceanside cliff at what time I should choose to release you."

"The oceanside cliff?" he wondered.

"She waits there for you," Jolene answered.

So it was that Troy kissed her and his unborn daughter goodbye, and journeyed through more wild lands, fucking and being fucked, popping cherries and fathering daughters, until he came to the cliff overlooking the ocean and the white sand beach that straddled it. Brine and woman-scent perfumed the air.

A fluffy cloud hid the moon at the witching hour, when he arrived. In the dim light of the twinkling stars, he approached the edge of the cliff, where he beheld a short feminine figure waiting for him, her back turned to him, long hair streaming behind her in the sea winds.

"My lady," he addressed her. She turned around, and at that moment, the moon revealed itself once more, beaming full and bright upon Lily of the Dark Eyes.

"Lily!" he exclaimed.

"Troy of the Mighty Cock--" she began, but then he had wrapped her in his arms, kissing her deeply. Surprised but intoxicated by his passion, she responded, her pale boobs pressing into his chest, her ankle-length black silk hair blowing about them, her white skin like satin against his. Her smooth pussy slicked his leg as the dew of her desire for him dripped out.

At last he released her. "Mighty indeed," she said, breathlessly. Her dark eyes, luminous in the full moonlight, widened.

The grass atop the cliff around them had sprouted a field of snow-white lilies.

Her round tits heaved with emotion. "You remember," she said.

He gave her a crooked smile as he cupped her ass. "I know you, but I know not how or why."

"For you, it has not yet happened," Lily said.

Troy pressed another, briefer, kiss to her warm moist lips. "So you are the enchantress?"

"Aye," she said. "The fey unicorn you were would have fucked aught but a virgin, which by your cock I am not."

He knelt to suckle a hard pink nipple stemming her globular tit, and fondled the other with his broad hand. Lily turned her porcelain face up to the moon, sighing with euphoria. "Summerwine is a wondrous elixir, is it not? I am the first who made it, you know." She closed her eyes, panting, as he ran a finger delicately along her moist slit. "From maenad grapes and maiden berries, from the pussy cream of the seven celestials, I made it. Twas a poor substitute for you after your departure, but all I had."

Troy had trailed kisses down her tummy to her cunt and started licking. Lily shivered, stimulated by his presence and her emotion, and her womanhood flowered with her juices as she cummed.

He licked every crevice, swallowing her moisture, before standing up, his stiff cock standing at attention. "Your juice is summerwine to me."

She grasped his cock with her deft white hands and stroked him. "Indeed, the juices of my own pussy were used in the summerwine."

Lily bent down to engulf his massive member within her mouth, which somehow managed to take it all, so her soft wet lips kissed the pubic curls at the base of his dick. Troy groaned with ferocious desire as she suckled him vigorously, sensuously, lustily. Her tongue seemed to be licking up and down his entire shaft within her mouth, and her throat worked around his swollen head.

With her hands she fondled his balls as he slid his fingers through her silky black hair, which whipped about them in the ocean winds. It was the most amazing blow job he'd ever had, and he couldn't restrain himself, spurting hot jizz into the back of her throat, which she swallowed lustily. Even as he kept cumming, she kept sucking and swallowing.

When he was finally spent, she withdrew, but then took a long slow lick up the length of his cock, compelling another spurt of cum, which shot over the cliff behind her and out into the sea below. Grinning impishly, she kissed the tip.

Troy lifted her up, and she gazed at him with those eldritch eyes. Though luminous mirrors in the moonlight, yet they were dark and seductive beneath, a juxtaposition of forbidden fruit and a bride's cherry.

But as much as he was held by her eyes, Lily was captured still more by his. Not looking away, she pulled him down into the lilies atop her, and he entered her.

They fucked slowly, sensually, staring into one another's eyes the whole time, never looking away. She caressed his face with one hand as he fondled her boobs with his. When they cummed, it was sweet and loving and intoxicating, their eyes never leaving each other throughout. They cried aloud but never broke their gaze. Writhing and convulsing frantically, he pistoning his squirting cock even as she bucked up, still they locked eyes.

Until at last they were spent, emptied of seed and cream. Simultaneously, their necks craned towards each other, meeting in a kiss, their eyes finally letting go as they closed in their kissing.

When their faces broke apart, she cupped his cheek with a soft hand. "I love you, Troy of the Mighty Cock. But I would never wish for you not to leave me. Such is your nature, your passion, that when you are happy, the world is happy. I am happy. And your passion is for all girls, from Goddess on down to those cursed by Her." Her dark eyes caught a twinkle of moonlight and swallowed it up within their depths. "Go. Another maiden awaits you on the beach."

Troy kissed her again, gently, holding it for several long moments. "Till we meet again, Lily of the Dark Eyes." Standing up, he pulled Lily to her feet as well, and turned to go down the path to the beach below.

Once, he looked back. Lily was framed by the setting full moon, her black silk hair almost seeming to float about her in the sea breezes. The next time he looked back, she was gone.

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