tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 13

Passion Ch. 13


Note: The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice. Enjoy!


Troy drowsed upon the soft white sand as the morning sun climbed higher. Cool ocean waves lapped over him, coming up to his torso before washing away. He imagined what it would be like to make love to Kitty and Kat, his carnaleira, upon this beach, with the brine and sea and sand.

So caught up was his dreaming mind in this that it almost seemed that he felt one of his twin lovers - Kitty? Kat? - pressing against his side, boobs snuggling into him, a warm soft hand gently stroking his cock, the strong intoxicating scent of--brine?

His eyes snapped open so quickly that the maiden whose face was leaning over his gasped. Her boobs were indeed pressed into his side, her hand fondling his dick curiously. "Hi," she said.

"Hello," Troy smiled. "I am Troy."

She smiled back. "I am Ariel." Her eyes were sea-green, and her wet hair - as damp as a naiad's - was bright blue. She did not stop stroking his manhood.

"Mmmm," he said. "That feels good."

Nary a blush tinted her cheeks. "I was hoping so." She smiled saucily down at him and kissed the tip of his nose. As his dick engorged beneath her touch, she pulled back and started rubbing her chest up and down upon it, between her generous boobs. He gasped with delight, and she grinned wickedly. "Now tittyfuck me right, Troy."

He grinned back, and rolled them over, so that he was straddling her tummy, his balls sliding along her skin as he thrust his fat long cock between her full breasts. Her nipples were as blue as her hair and stood at attention. Ariel moaned at the sensations as the head of his dick slimed her face and neck with precum. As he tittyfucked her, the waves continued to lap up beneath her, fanning out her hair each time before receding.

It wasn't long before Ariel was writhing madly beneath him, her oversensitive tits incredibly stimulated by his throbbing hard dick thrusting between them. "Oh Goddess, yes, Troy! Goddess!" She creamed as Troy continued thrusting, ever more frantically as his pulsating cock ached for release.

And then he was squirting his copious cum all over her, her face and her tits, unable to stop, until at last she was nearly covered in his spunk. "Goddess, Troy!" she said again, head lolling back rapturously for a moment.

Troy smiled, and stood up, taking a full look at Ariel's body below her breasts for the first time.

And was shocked.

Her pert ass lay in the white sand, licked by the waves, and a furry patch of her vivid blue hair, glistening with droplets of seawater, sat just above her juicy pink slit.

But below her ass and pussy, where a maiden's legs would sprout, instead turned into a bright blue fishtail.

"You're a mermaid," he murmured, smiling in astonishment.

"Why, so I am," she grinned. "Let me wash off," she added, indicating her cum covered chest and face. With a deft twist of her mertail, she flipped into the water, shimmying then swimming into the brine. She dove down below his sight, before soaring back up above the water in a mighty leap, rivulets of seawater running down her sensuous flesh.

She came to the beach edge again, lounging upon her side. Looking up at Troy, she said, "You'll have to come down here, handsome, I can't quite reach you up there."

He chuckled again, surprise and pleasure still mingling within him, and lay down beside her. She pushed him off his side onto his back and climbed atop him. "When your cum came down over the cliff yestereve, I knew I had to have you." Her long tail beat the sand between his legs as she maneuvered her cunt over his cock.

They both groaned as his shaft penetrated her and popped her cherry. Her pussy was tight and wet, wetter than any other girl's he had come across, even the naiads'. His cock slicked inside easily in one slow thrust.

Ariel began bucking up and down upon his cock with her hips as she lay forward, staring into his eyes and pressing her hard blue nipples into his muscular pecs. Troy wrapped his hands around her perfect buttocks, squeezing gently. His pubic curls ground against her wet azure fur as they fucked.

The mermaid also rubbed her tits and nipples back and forth upon his chest with each thrust of his cock. It was clear her boobs gave her as much pleasure as her clit, and he obliged, grinding his chest back against hers, causing her moans to spike sharply.

She leaned down and kissed him, tasting of sea and brine, and their tongues explored each other's mouths. The end of her tail wrapped three times around his leg, squeezing in time with her pussy as she milked him.

They held that erotic tension for a long time, hovering on the cusp of orgasm for hours, their pleasure heightening. Their cries pierced the air as his purple cock pulsed obscenely within her horny cunt. "Ohhhhh, Troy," Ariel finally said, "please, I want your cum inside me, please, Goddess, now!"

His overstimulated cock was more than ready, and Troy's breathing quickened as he thrust deeply inside - and then he blew his hot load inside the lovely mermaid. She screamed in ecstasy, convulsing atop him as she creamed, rubbing her hard nipples frantically into his chest even as his squirting cock gobbed into her womb.

She mashed her lips into his, caught in the throes of their shared climax, and he kissed her back just as fiercely, continuing to spurt his seed within her virgin pussy. Her total abandon and wild desire offered his cock no respite, and he could not help but continue to squirt and squirt and squirt, his screams matching hers.

The gentle waves lapping upon them formed an erotic counterpoint to their frantic writhing, until at last they were sated. Troy lay limply upon the sand, Ariel collapsed upon him. His dick still leaked cum into her amazingly wet pussy.

"Mmmm," the mermaid murmured to him, her head resting on his chest, "I am going to stop swearing by Goddess, and swear by you instead." He chuckled.

"Let us do that again," he suggested seductively.

"Oh, Troy, I wish I could," Ariel said regretfully, "but I am merkind. We cannot remain above the waves for long."

He kissed the top of her head, tasting the salt upon her sapphire locks. "Tomorrow."

She smiled up at him. "Tomorrow." Her pussy squeezed his cock once more in farewell, and then in a mighty leap she flipped off him and back into the ocean.

So every morning Troy came to the beach and Ariel came out of the ocean, and there upon the shore where they were kissed by the waves, they made wild passionate love. The mermaid could only stay for a few hours, and he could not follow her into the sea, so every day they parted.

During the days and nights, he wandered the land near the beach, fucking the local maidens and nymphs, all the while thinking of his mermaid lover. The maidens' bellies began to swell, and dryad trees burst out of the ground so numerously that a new forest soon looked out onto the beach.

His lovers quickly realized that he always went to the beach in the mornings and followed him to see him and Ariel writhing in each other's arms. They stayed and fingered themselves while watching, turned out by watching Troy's masterful fucking. Likewise various mermaids and nereids of the sea came above water curiously and soon became hot and horny while watching.

So every morning, a chorus of moans surrounded the mermaid and her man, forming a musical accompaniment to their growing love.

One day, Ariel convulsed ecstatically beneath Troy as he thrust his tool in and out of her soaked pussy in long slow thrusts and suckled a sapphire nipple so hard that it felt to her as if it would shatter. His hand groped and fondled her other sensitive boob, and she was cumming nonstop. Her cunt spasmed around his throbbing dick, and he lost control, blowing a massive load of hot jizz deep into her pussy while he continued to suck her wet nipple.

Her nipple had a strange, wonderful flavor. It was sweet and light, but salty as well in that it was covered in the sheen of seawater that dampened her skin. He kept sucking, flicking the tip of his tongue at it even as he cummed inside the mermaid, his moans muffled by her tit.

At last he was emptied, but he continued to draw out Ariel's pleasure by sucking and stroking her boobs. She wrapped her hands euphorically around his neck as he licked and kissed her large round tits. "Oh, Troy," she moaned. "If only... there were a way... we could be together always..."

Troy did not reply, but came up to press a gentle kiss to her lips. Locked together for several moments, they finally drew away, smiling at each other. "We will find a way."

A wet hand came up to stroke his face, while her other fondled his ass. "Good. I like you so much I want to keep you." They chuckled softly.

He ran his fingers through her long blue hair. "I love you, Ariel."

The mermaid grinned impishly at him. "I have already figured that out. I'm not sure if you have figured out that I love you, so I guess I'll have to keep sending you signals." Her eyelashes batted naughtily.

He laughed, and started thrusting his cock into her creamy pussy once more. "Mmmmm, Troy," she moaned. "Can you feel it yet? How much I love you?"

He looked into her eyes, holding them with his passionate gaze. "I felt it from the time I first tittyfucked you." They kissed, and did not stop making out while they fucked again.

When Ariel had returned to the sea for the day, Troy stood for a little while, staring out at the undulating sea. One of the local girls, tummy swollen with her pregnancy, took the opportunity to come kneel before him and take his girth into her mouth. He cried out sharply with surprise and pleasure as she began blowing him.

Her long brown hair blew about in the sea breeze, her engorged boobs jiggled as she sucked, and cream started leaking out of her pussy as she moaned into his dick. With one hand she stroked up and down his shaft as she suckled the swollen head vigorously, and with the other she fondled his large round nuts.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Troy shouted hoarsely as he blasted gobs of hot sticky cum into her throat. She moaned with pleasure as she swallowed it all. When the last of his cum had squirted down her throat, she withdrew her mouth and waggled her eyebrows naughtily at him.

He chuckled. "Thank you, Ulale."

Ulale smiled as she stood up and pecked his cheek. "No, Troy, thank you." She took his hand and rubbed it briefly between her puffy slit. It came away damp with her juices. She waggled her eyebrows at him again, and sauntered off.

He grinned after her. Ulale had spunk, just like Ariel.

And Ariel's wish during their lovemaking had inspired him. Lily was an enchantress... might there be others, who could grant their wish?


Troy blinked. Ulale had tossed the name over her shoulder. "What, lovely?"

She threw a grin back at him as she continued walking off. "Siobhan can help you..."

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