tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 15

Passion Ch. 15


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


When Alexander's wild climax ebbed, he became aware that he was floating beneath the waves. The rays of the sun pierced the surface high above, stabbing the sea with diagonal pillars of light. White cum swirled around the depths around him, progeny of his recent ecstasy.

It was then that he realized that his legs had been replaced by a mertail twice as long as his normal height. A deep, bold red, it glittered brightly as a virgin's cherry in the sun sparkling through the ocean. It sprouted from his thighs, beneath his gargantuan balls, and he found he could use it instinctively, twisting and diving in a joyous pattern.

He became aware of luminous eyes, shimmering like coral and pearl, around him, then the girls who possessed them. Some were mermaids, with tails - and matching hair and nipples - of rainbow sheens. Golds and purples, emeralds and silvers, quartzes and turquoises, gleaming through the gently rippling water between them.

The rest were nereids - sea nymphs. Their smooth flesh varied from pale greens to pastel pinks and even a few light blues and violets.

All were eyeing him meaningfully, girl-juice flowing in steady trickles from their slits. A few adventurous mermaids lapped up the cum floating around them in sinuous twisting ropes, and moaned as their eyes rolled back into their heads.

The girls of the ocean floated closer to him desirously, but one mermaid reached him first. Her tail was glittering gold, as were her small pert nipples and locks of hair as long as the length of her entire body - mertail and all - splayed in the water around them.

She spoke, and he found he could understand her perfectly, the water giving her voice a musical ripple. "O Man of the sea, let us greet each other in the fashion of our kind, giving of our moisture unto the sea that blesses us." She wrapped her slender arms about his shoulders and rubbed her pussy along his throbbing pole. The thick strip of golden thatch just above her slit tickled his meat, and he moaned at the erotic sensations, as the water flowed sensuously around his body.

Alexander grasped her round buttocks as other mermaids and nereids began to nuzzle into his flesh, leaving slimy trails of pussy cream along his muscular skin and crimson tail. The golden mermaid, with a deft twist of her tail, impaled herself on his meaty rod. He groaned loudly - and his voice too was made musical by the watery ripples, a baritone of lust.

The golden mermaid wasted no time but rode him madly, her tail twisting and turning as she bucked up and down upon him far faster than any but a mermaid could. He found he could match his thrusts to hers, the tip of his tail spinning sinuously. With each twist of his tail, the other sea girls moved with him, rubbing erotically on his sensitive mertail with their supple bodies.

A chorus of watery music floated around them as Alexander and his newfound lovers moaned and cried out. The golden mermaid was fucking him madly, and he pounded her in kind, until they were so frantic with need and desire and ecstasy that they spun and twirled and thrashed madly in the water as they fucked, throwing off the other girls as their tails intertwined.

Never before had Alexander been brought to such a need, a fever of insatiable lust - never before, but for the summerwine of the fey. Their pants were melodic percussion as her cunt lips slapped into his engorged nuts, in a rhythm that seemed to match a hummingbird's. His cock's every throb made it leap madly within the mermaid's pulsating pussy.

It seemed hours, but truly it was only several moments before they exploded together. Alexander cummed his creamy spunk into his new lover's pussy with the force of a thunderbolt, sending electric thrills up her tail and spine as her womanly myrrh squirted from her pussy, coating Alexander's balls and tail, and spraying into the water from where they joined.

Her head lolled back as his face buried itself into her shoulder, nuzzling her neck. Her boobs heaving, she managed to say, "My name... is Earryn."

"Well met, Earryn," he replied, kissing her neck. "I am Alexander."

She smiled, a lovely golden brow rising. "I know. We have watched you on the beach every morning."

The other mermaids and nereids floated lazily around them, having creamed multiple times as they had pressed into Alexander and watched him fuck Earryn as they fingered themselves and each other. Now exhausted, they panted out their names as well.

Alexander kissed his way up golden Earryn's neck and jaw, before looking into her eyes. "Where is Ariel?"

"She has gone to the sea queen's court," she answered, "in the depths."

"Thank you, lovely Earryn," he replied, and kissed her, stroking her lips with his tongue. Her pouty mouth parted to allow him within, and their tongues melded in passionate embrace.

When he withdrew, he bowed to the other girls of the sea, and dove.

No matter how deep he went, the water remained clear, and sunlight still filtered down. Many a nereid and mermaid asked his favor, but he told one and all: "Once I reach the sea queen's court." A growing train of sea girls followed him, fingering themselves as they watched Alexander's muscles ripple, his tail beat, and his dangling cock trailing upwards along his tail as he continued to dive. His trail of occasionally leaking cum was eagerly lapped up by his followers.

By and by he reached the royal court of the sea queen. A great palace lay on the undersea floor, with towers of gold and marble and coral. It was as large as a city, and its highest pinnacles were lost in the ocean above them. Coral, in all colors of the rainbow, grew around and upon it, shimmering in the rippling sunlight. The palace itself seemed to glow gently, so gently in fact it was hard to tell if it was in fact glowing.

The sea queen's court was held in a wide courtyard stemmed with white pillars carved into the form of voluptuous angels. As Alexander dove in, he saw the sea queen lounging along a bed of soft blue-green kelp. She was a nereid, rather than a mermaid, with lavender skin and purplish-blue hair so dark it was almost black. Her nipples were the color of pearl, her boobs full and round. A slender tiara crowned her, with a shell upon her forehead. Pearl studs pierced her ears and belly button.

Her eyes were locked on Alexander, as if she'd been watching his approach for a long time. She shifted, her legs rubbing against each other as her tiny pink nubbin peeked out.

"O Queen of the Sea," Alexander began, but she forestalled him with a raised hand.

"Hail, O Man of the sea," she said, and her voice was a sultry alto. "Let us greet each other in the manner of the ocean and the goddess who was birthed from it."

"Goddess?" he asked, but she put a finger to his lips, having floated over to him. She pulled his head down to her plump breast.

"Suckle," she commanded, and he obeyed, wrapping his lips around her pearlescent nipple. She shuddered, and he swirled his tongue around it within his mouth. Her head lolled back as her hands twisted of their own accord in his long dark hair. He placed his hands on her waist, and cupped her small ass as he brought her waves of pleasure with his mouth. His fingers reached between her ass cheeks to run along her feminine crack even as he continued to suckle.

He moaned into the sea queen's nipple in sharp surprise, as the warm full lips of golden Earryn wrapped around his giant glans and began blowing him.

The sea queen needily pressed her boobs into his face, and wrapped her lavender legs around his torso, coating his muscular abs with her pussy's ambrosia. Alexander's hands went down from her buttocks to fondle Earryn's golden hair, as she engulfed his thick stalk. Her vigorous sucking quickly enticed hard throbs from him. His constant moans into the sea queen's nipple brought her over the edge, and she creamed, thrashing and bucking her pussy into his torso.

Her wild writhing, even as Earryn's lips expertly gave him a blow job, pushed him over the brink as well, and he squirted his copious jizz into her throat with such force that Earryn groaned in happy surprise. He emptied himself into her as she purred, and the sea queen writhed.

When they had calmed, Earryn withdrew her lips, allowing once more the sensuous flow of water to entice his dick, and kissed the tip before swimming away to join the other girls. The sea queen finally found her voice. "I am Deirdre, O Man of the sea. And you are Alexander."

"Ariel?" he asked, but she shook her head.

"First, ye must make good your promise to your entourage."

His lips quirked into a crooked smile that sent shivers through her. "I have not yet buried myself within you, Deirdre."

Her eyes widened in surprise, but she smiled broadly. She unwrapped her legs from about his torso and turned around, her small lavender ass beckoning at him. He placed his hands upon her waist, and his turgid member pressed into her ass crack, leaving slimy precum there.

Deirdre pressed her butt back into him, urging him on, and his engorged head pushed apart her cheeks, and dove into her tight slick asshole. Instantly she cried aloud with such pleasure that he almost thought she had already climaxed. In one long slow thrust, he strained his thick tool into her asshole until at last his balls pressed into her buttocks. Deirdre had not stopped moaning, a long continual moan of sheer ecstasy.

Alexander began thrusting, but ever so slowly, for she was so tight it was hard to slide back and forth. He grunted with pleasure at her asshole's grip of his cock. He could feel his individual veins throbbing inside, so tight it was. He reached his broad hands around her to grasp her tits.

He panted and groaned, as did Deirdre, as he managed to start thrusting a little faster. He groped her lush boobs, and slid his hands down her tummy to finger her pussy. Her little pink clit was too small for his fingers to tweak, so he massaged it with his thumb, even as the fingers of his other hand slid into her twat.

Deirdre was mindless with sheer animal lust as her asshole, pussy, and nubbin were all stimulated at once by the passion of a Man. She bucked madly in his embrace, wildly, without any sense of rhythm but her own spikes of pleasure.

Her frantic writhing and her tight, pulsing asshole were too much for him, and he unloaded his cum within her depths, exploding his jizz in thick squirts. The heat of his load within her drove Deirdre over the precipice as well, and his hands were coated with her juices as she screamed.

Alexander held her tightly as they calmed, first himself and then her. He nuzzled her neck from behind, and she leaned her head back invitingly for a kiss. He obliged and pressed his lips to hers.

Then he withdrew, turning in the water to face his entourage. A crooked smile and his throbbing purple cock - already coated with pussy juice - beckoned to them.

He was swarmed with horny girls, and fucked pussy after pussy, eating out other cunts at the same time, tasting countless flavors of cream, but each one laced with a hint of salt. He cummed and cummed and cummed again, filling up tight assholes and wet pussies and thirsty throats.

Once all were sated and properly greeted, he floated over to Deirdre, who was once again lounging on her kelp bed, idly fingering herself. Chest still heaving from his fuckfest, he panted, "Ariel?"

"She was here," the sea queen replied. "She sought a boon from the sea, and returned to the beach."

"From the sea?" he wondered, floating down beside her.

"Aye." She traced a finger along his muscular pecs, twirling the hairs. "I am not a queen of the sea, as much as I am its keeper, its priestess. The sea, wild and glorious and gentle and passionate, birthed Aphrodite, goddess of the sea. Passion, the very passion of forever, runs through her veins."

Her arm swept out to encompass the palace. "She built this for the passion-god, a pleasure pavilion floating upon the sea. But when the Lady Goddess Almighty cast the Deville out of heaven, that succubus fell through the sea and sunk this place. And Aphrodite, our untamed sea goddess, departed. It is said that she resides beyond the stars, awaiting the coming of the passion-god."

An image floated to Alexander's mind, of a woman as lovely as Melody and Marie, long golden hair the length of her body blowing about her in the winds as she stood upon the sea foam. The phantasm's eyes seemed to lock on his, and he was struck by the blue of them--

Then the image was replaced by Ariel and Deirdre, coupling in the water of the courtyard, each's lips eating out the other's pussy. Deirdre's eyes changed from their luminous pearlescence into shimmering blue--

"What boon did she ask?"

"I know not," Deirdre said, stroking his cock. "I was the sea, and only the sea knows."

"Thank you, Deirdre," Alexander nodded to her, kissing her lips briefly. He turned with a twist of his tail, preparing to dart up through the ocean, but Deirdre grasped his arm with a pale lavender hand. He pivoted to look back at her.

"I too... would ask a boon, of you, Alexander."

"Name it," he answered.

"I would bear thy child," she said, and cast her eyes down almost shyly. "If it pleases you."

Tenderly, he lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "It pleases me," he murmured, smiling crookedly. Deirdre wrapped her arms about him, and they floated away from the kelp bed, sunlight dappling their flesh as the water caressed them sensually.

Alexander lay back in the water, floating as the sea queen settled atop his dick. They both gasped as he penetrated her warm folds. He placed his hands around her lavender waist, and held her shivering form steady as she impaled herself fully upon his massive cock, taking within her his succulent manhood.

They both panted euphorically, fully ensconced as he was within her pussy, and Deirdre moaned, "Grant me your seed, Alexander!" Her pussy rippled and contracted around his dick, milking him as he cried out. The water began swirling around them, forming miniature whirlpools that fondled his skin sensually, flowing across his muscles, whipping his and Deirdre' hair wildly. Two tiny whirlpools teased her hard pearly nipples mercilessly as her cunt massaged his dick.

Alexander grunted with passion and lust and desire. "...Deirdre..." And he gushed forth his liquid heat into her pussy, shooting into her womb and filling it with thick creamy cum.

"Oh, yes, Alexander, yes!" Deirdre screamed, creaming herself. "Give me your Man-cum!"

She half-leaned, half-fell onto him, and they held each other tightly, spasming with ecstasy as he emptied his balls into her.

Even after his throbbing finally paused, and her pussy contractions slowed, they clung to each other. He held her gently, until she fell asleep, and then continued to hold her for a while after that.

Eventually he disengaged, pulling his cock from her twat and unwrapping his arms. She lay floating in the water, sleeping the slumber of the sated and happy.

Then Alexander shot up from the depths of the ocean, towards the surface, towards the beach, where Ariel awaited, as she came to be with him every day.

Thoughts of Ariel filled his mind: he imagined his scarlet tail entwined with her sapphire one, twisting and writhing in the water together as they made love, his cock pounding her glistening pussy, lips mashed together in the fever of passion...

His fat meat was throbbing and deep purple, and burst, fountaining gusts of his cum even as he darted upwards. In the throes of his passion, his musk wafted powerfully through the water, and the girls of the ocean were drawn to the sinuous ropes of cum he left in his wake.

The sun grew brighter, and still his cock throbbed, dark violet, gushing out geysers of jizz more and more powerfully.

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