tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 18

Passion Ch. 18


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


As Troy drifted out of dreaming towards wakefulness, the first things he became aware of were sensations. Siobhan's warm body was curled within his arm, one of her legs over his. Erotic fluttering sensations tickled along the length and girth of his shaft. And a feathery lightness was on his face.

He opened his eyes - only to meet the curious gaze of a tiny little pixie perched on his nose. She cheeped at him excitedly, her gossamer wings fluttering as she rubbed her mound on the bridge of his nose; her thatch of pussy hair tickled it pleasantly. Her eyes were wide and green; she couldn't have been taller than his hand was long. Her orange-round boobs, large on her, waggled at him.

"Hello, little one," he greeted her, his lips curving into a smile. She chattered at him in pixie speak, humping his nose, which was already lubricated by her pixie dew. "May I have a kiss?"

She let out a squeak that resembled a delighted laugh, fluttered off his nose, and bent her tiny little lips to his. Then she hopped lightly back onto the dark curls upon his chest, and he was able to lift his head to look down across his body.

Several pixies, in fact, were playing with him, the majority around his cock. Their legs wrapped around his girth at various places as far as they could, humping his shaft madly and pressing their stiffly stemmed boobs into it. Three were kissing and fondling his balls as best they could with their tiny hands.

Now that he was fully awake, his man-meat responded more vigorously to their ministrations, thickening even further with desire, and firming into a hard rod that lifted off his legs. The pixies cheeped happily; he could feel little trickles of pixie juice running down his shaft from beneath their fairy pussies.

The green-eyed pixie who had kissed him hovered off his chest and alit upon the swollen head of his cock, straddling his cum slit with her similarly sized pussy and grinding. Her eyes rolled back in her head, but she still managed to jabber at him and send sultry stares his way. Another pixie wrapped her tiny legs around his cock just beneath the head, and bent down to lick at his cum slit, her tiny tongue spreading around the green-eyed pixie's love juices.

Troy shuddered as a ripple of pleasure washed through him. The pixies picked up on this and cheepered happily at him, and set to work on his cock even more thoroughly, humping and licking and kissing madly, all up and down his huge cock - which now towered nearly straight up - and on the purpling head.

One of his arms was held beneath Siobhan's still-slumbering form, but he held up his other hand, and another little pixie alit upon his finger, humping it crazily. He rubbed his finger back and forth against her puffy little mound in rhythm with her, even as his cock began to pulse.

With each violent twitch of his cock, the pixies giggled and squeaked, their wings fluttering excitedly. Another pixie wrapped her legs just beneath his cockhead, on the opposite end from the other, humping that very sensitive delicate area where the head met the shaft, sending her cream dribbling down his cum tunnel as she joined her opposite number in licking around the green-eyed pixie's juicy cunt, over his cum slit.

Troy's head lolled back, and his eyes began to glaze over as the maddening pleasure overtook him. The constant featherlight humps and tickling moisture and excited fluttering constantly dangled him over the edge of orgasm, but never quite pushed him off. The little pixies knew exactly what they were doing, priming him for a fantastic cum spurt, and teased him mercilessly, chattering gleefully the whole time.

His precum dribbled out of his cum slit beneath the green-eyed pixie's pussy, coating his engorged, deep purple cockhead, and running freely down his shaft. The pixies humping and kissing his man-meat tasted it, lapping it up eagerly, and purred with delight.

The feathery purrs like vibrating silk on his dick finally was too much, and Troy grunted as his load began to shoot up from his massive balls through his throbbing shaft, lobbing out geysers of cum in erratic pulses.

The pixies went wild. The green-eyed pixie, her wet pussy humping his cum slit, received his seed full blast, squirting forcefully into her tiny crack and lathering up her body. The force of his jets knocked her completely off him into the air, and her wings fluttered ecstatically as she opened her little mouth as wide as she could to swallow as much of his cum as she could as the long sticky ropes passed in midair.

Indeed, all the pixies rose off his cock and dived and swooped through the air, catching as many spurts as they could. Their little forms were drenched in his cum as they swallowed as much as they could, the blasts also filling their pixie wombs.

The pixies filled the air with their ecstatic orgasmic squeaking as his cum drove them wild, creaming themselves. They were remarkably eager and quick, deftly catching every lob of his load as it shot through the air, covering their bodies and disappearing inside their hungry little lips and horny pixie pussies.

Before his already copious cumming could slow down in its natural progression, the cream-traced runes upon his dick flared brightly, and new waves of euphoria rolled through Troy as his dick fired thick creamy wads of cum onto the willing pixies, even more rapidly and forcefully than before.

More pixies appeared, fluttering around the top of Siobhan's hill as Troy's cornucopial cum fountain beckoned to them. All dove into his spurts, getting drenched multiple times. They lapped up the leftover cum all over each other's bodies, sucking it off their nipples and licking it out of their most intimate crevices.

At last, the silver light swirling in sinuous lines around his cock relented, and he panted, shuddering with the aftershock of intense, continual orgasm. Pixies lay on the grass all around him, sticky and sated. A few still fluttered weakly in the air, dazed with pleasure.

"Well done, O my wand." Siobhan's sultry voice floated into his ear as his breath returned to him in slow gasps. He turned slightly glazed eyes on her, before her lovely, deceivingly angelic face came into focus.

He smirked teasingly. "I am pleased to have served well... for whatever purpose it was."

The sorceress laughed, a brief but rich sound. "The pixies were attracted to your... performance last night, as I knew they would be. They crave Man-cum. And I desire their cream."

Troy arched a smiling eyebrow. "Pixie cream?"

"Aye. It can be used as a potent philter in my rituals."

He smiled at her invitingly. "I desire your cream, my lady."

A flash of lust rippled across Siobhan's eyes, but she replied, "First, I must recover the fruits of your labor." Uncurling out of the crook of his arm, she turned to face his gently pulsing manhood, laying firm and thick against his leg. She ran a finger through the pixie juice coating his cock and tasted it on her lips. "Perfect," she said, pleased.

Siobhan positioned herself for her task, and began taking quick, brief licks across the surface of his shaft, lapping up the pixie juice spilt upon his dick. Her knees were braced against his side, and her tattooed pussy lips - puffy from her nighttime dreams of him - beckoned invitingly, hovering over his chin.

Troy moaned softly as Siobhan went about her pleasure, then placed his hands on her waist and pulled her down to his mouth, slipping his tongue out to take a long wet lick up her feminine crack. She started in surprised, but lapsed into erotic shivers.

She was already slick, and as his tongue parted her most intimate pair of lips, more creamy dew spilt onto his mouth and chin like myrrh. He pressed soft feathery kisses to her moist slit even as she finished licking the pixie cream off his cock - and instead got lost in worshipping his enormous manhood with her mouth.

Her wrapped her lips tightly like a vise around his swollen cockhead, sucking vigorously, her fingers dancing lightly up and down his shaft and upon his fat nuts. Troy pressed his lips to Siobhan's pussy, slithering his tongue within her juicy pussy; at the same time, Siobhan's blow job wrung a low shuddering moan - like the purr of a contented lion - out of him, so that his mouth and tongue hummed inside her pussy. Siobhan's ecstatic cry was muffled by the succulent cockmeat in her mouth, and nectar spilled from her cunt as she reflexively clamped her mouth around his cockhead in a single fantastic suckle.

Troy winced in sharp pleasure, and then he burst, his load shooting up from his balls through his pulsing shaft out through the purple glans to jet into Siobhan's throat, lathering her tongue with his seed, even as her climax convulsed her pussy around his face.

Although both of their mouths were muffled by each other's intimates, nevertheless their euphoric moans carried all around the hillside.

Even as their cumming slowed, Siobhan's back remained arched. Her lips clutched his cockhead, like her mouth was hugging him closely, tightly, needily. Every last drop of his cum pooled on her tongue before she swallowed, lost in him.

He grinned. He prodded her pussy with his tongue, letting the tip slip just between her soaked crack in a long lick up its length. The sorceress shuddered violently - her lips wrenching out a last powerful spurt of cum into her throat - and seemed to drift back to reality. Her toes curled in the grass. Her body grew limp, collapsing upon his, totally spent. Trickles of glistening sweat rolled off her body onto his.

She nuzzled his balls and the base of his dick with her face, even as Troy relished the wet fragrance of her delicious cunt. He kissed her shiny clit, peeking out between her savory lips, and Siobhan sighed blissfully.

He didn't know how long they lay there, sweat and juices and sated love mingling. Neither did she, he suspected, but at last she seemed to recover, and rolled off him, sitting up.

He smiled at her, and for once, she smiled back, not sultry and smokily, but happily. Her face alight, she leaned in to his face and pecked his lips. He tasted pixie dew upon her lips, its flavor light and sweet. She drew back mere inches, their noses almost astride one another, and whispered, "You are a remarkable Man, Troy."

He nuzzled her nose with his. "And you are a remarkable enchantress, my lady."

Her laugh was throaty and genuine. "I am the only enchantress you know, belike," she teased, a bit of the seductive siren creeping back into her voice.

"Not so," Troy replied. His thoughts drifted to a mystical maiden whose dark eyes captured his heart. Meanwhile Siobhan looked around the hillside, smiling as she saw all the pixies lolling on the grass, sated and still smeared in Troy's Man-cum. He followed her gaze, and asked, "What do you intend, my lady?"

She looked at him, and her green eyes glimmered with hidden purpose and forbidden longing. "Tonight, my wand, we summon a succubus."

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