tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 19

Passion Ch. 19


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Troy plunged into the succulent wet heat of Siobhan's cunt, burying his nose within her tight lips, which massaged his face with her pulsating pussy, in time with her accelerating heartbeat. She tasted of pixie cream now, her imbibing of the magickal elixir flavoring her own juices, and Troy relished it, slicking his face with it as his tongue slithered within Siobhan's depths, to join his nose.

The sorceress was whimpering in sublime ecstasy, her hands fisting in Troy's lush dark curls, pushing his face deeper into her femininity, an unspoken demand that he gladly obliged. His lips kissed her pussy lips, and with his tongue he frenched it, making out with her pussy and nuzzling it as he would nuzzle her nose.

Troy feasted slowly and lingeringly, a connoisseur savoring the most delicious of meals, slowly bringing Siobhan's pleasure and need to a fever pitch. The sigils tattooed on her labia glowed an ever brighter blue in response, and sweet pixie cream flowed onto his face, trickling down his chin onto the grass beneath. He didn't let up, slowly exploring every crevice of her hot moist darkness, as the sorceress' whimpers became fervent moans.

Her knuckles whitened as her grip clenched in his hair, and her hips bucked into his face as Troy's loving tongue dangled her on the precipice of climax. Finally, the tantalizing pleasure was too much, and every muscle in her body seized up for an instant - then she began thrashing madly in orgasm as magickal pixie cream squirted out of her pussy, drenching Troy's face even more, if that were possible. Her spasming cunt clutched desperately upon his nose and tongue, and her engorged clit rubbed frantically along the bridge of his nose.

Siobhan's mouth worked in silent gasps, her voice too hoarse and her breath too short for a true scream. Her eyes tensed shut, but if they could be seen, would be rolled back in her head, and her scarlet topknot flung wildly about as she tossed her head this way and that.

Troy did not let up, continuing to entice still more liquid delight from her womanhood with relentless licks, and at last a scream of maniac euphoria tore its way out of Siobhan's throat, piercing the air with its shrill music.

After long minutes, Siobhan's overstimulated pussy at last began to calm, but her soaked pussy continued to drip copiously, even as her cunt still clenched and unclenched reflexively on Troy's face. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her breath came in short gasping moans, as her eyes snapped open in drunken pleasure, widened with amazed passion.

The sunset which had painted the sky when Troy had begun his passionate ministrations was gone, replaced by stars spangling a purpled sky. He continued to lick and caress her pussy as Siobhan slowly relaxed.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," she purred. Troy's cock twitched violently at the sound, so much like his Kitty, but Siobhan barely noticed. "That... was splendid, Troy." He finally pulled back from her sopping wet mound to smile at her. His face gleamed with her slickness.

"You are splendid, my lady," Troy returned. Siobhan might have blushed, but it was hard to tell, given the flush of afterglow already coloring her cheeks.

"And now, my Wand, for the next stage." She took Troy and led him by the hand, her puffy pussy leaking juices down her legs in steady trickles. Her stride was a trifle unsteady, her flesh still quivering. He followed her gestures and lay in the center of the paradoxically-soft stone circle, flat on his back. His arms were stretched to either side of him, his legs slightly apart with his cock laying between.

As she had done before, Siobhan ground on his wrists and ankles, anointing them with her overflowing juices - which tonight drenched his entire hands and lower arms, as well as a good portion of his feet and lower legs. Then she dipped her finger into the pixie wetness of her cunt - shuddering with an aftershock of pleasure - and traced mystic sigils upon the rim of the stone circle.

She made a sign with her hands, and the juices on Troy's wrist and ankles, and that traced upon the stone, flared brightly into magickal light. The glow reflected as a twinkle in the sorceress' eyes as she stepped delicately into the circle and knelt astride Troy's hips. His cock rose obligingly to meet her, as Troy shivered with anticipation.

Siobhan hovered over his pulsing cockhead for the barest of moments... Then, in a flash so quick he barely saw it, she sheathed him to the hilt within her. Her pussy was so succulent and dewy that his massive log slid right in.

Both their backs arched into a long rippling sigh, half moan, half gasp. Troy thrust his hips upward, but his fat balls were already lathered by her pussy lips and could go no further. Siobhan favored him with a sultry smile and began to slowly rise and fall upon his mountainous meat.

She rode him slowly, tantalizingly, tenderly, relentlessly. Scarcely had one of Troy's moans ended before the next began, his pleasure enticed by the sorceress' hot wet pussy, until it seemed as he was loosing a single nonstop groan, only marked by rising and falling pitch.

For her part, Siobhan was scarcely aware of what she was doing, so lost was she in the liquid lust Troy inspired in her. Euphoria rolled across her as a wave, and as a wave she rose and fell upon his massive, throbbing-veined dick. Her eyes were half-closed, in a trance of sex and sweat.

Her creaming began almost immediately, but it was a slower, calmer, more drawn out climax than that of scant minutes ago. Her pleasure came out of her throat in a hum, and her juices flowed cornucopially. Her pussy clenched and unclenched in irregular spasms around his cock. At the crest of her rise, her lips would clutch tightly around the crown of his cockhead like a slippery silken vise, and at the trough of her fall her wet satin heat would squeeze his entire shaft madly, and at unpredictable intervals between.

Troy exploded inside her with the force of a falling star. Cum blasted Siobhan's insides with lustful abandon, lathering her womb with his seed. Siobhan's steady cumming suddenly fired up as she felt his thick squirts pouring into her. Her eyes snapped open as life and heat filled her. Her slow rising and falling became frantic bucking, her lowering pussy meeting his upward thrusts with wet slaps.

Troy felt the silvery sigils traced upon his dick tingle, and his cumming became a neverending fountain. His back arched, his head lolled back, his eyes rolled in his head.

The sorceress' eyes flared with a vivid blue glow, the power of Troy's Man-cum energizing her body and her magicks, her pleasure and his lust. She was too far gone to recite incantations of summoning, but the power of Troy's seed and passion was enough, and more than enough, and the pixie sigils focused the power into a clarion call that sounded across planes and realms known and unknown.

Siobhan's hair began to whip in an unseen, unfelt wind, and she slowly rose off Troy's spurting dick, until her levitating pussy released his cockhead. His pulsing dick covered her inner thighs with blasts of cum, even as she continued to float higher, and then drift off to the side, out of the magickal summoning circle.

Troy whimpered, his cock robbed of its dark wet cradle, but continued to cum relentlessly. The moon-gleaming runes of his dick pulsed with every jet he released into the air. He suddenly felt a sort of... phantom sensation upon his dick. As though a ghostly woman, half there and half not, held his rod ensconced within her own slick heat. Every other squirt of cum disappeared into nothingness instead of blasting unhindered across the hill.

And then the succubus was there, solid supple flesh. Her hair was a deep auburn, flowing around two small but spiralling horns sprouting from her temples to fall well past her shoulders. Her mouth, open in the surprised ecstasy of feeling a Man's cumming cock within her virgin pussy, revealed pearly white teeth, and canines slightly sharper than a human's. A thin obsidian collar set with jade stones wrapped her neck, and two cords stretched from fastenings on the collar to small, tasselled clamps pinching her stiff puffy nipples. With every bounce of her generous boobs - very nearly the size of her head - the clamps teased and yanked her sensitive nubbins, and they leaked milk in rivulets down her breasts and torso.

A soft delicate tail growing out of her tailbone beat the ground to either side of his legs, and between his legs, and even upon his legs sometimes too.

The succubus' pussy was among the hottest and tightest he'd ever had, and nearly as wet as Siobhan's was, and Troy yelled in ecstatic delight as he pumped his cock inside the pleasure-maddened demonelle. His wrist reflexively strained against the magickal glowing-cream bonds, aching to wrap around his succulent new lover's waist and boobs. For her part, the succubus had her hands braced upon his muscular abs as she thrashed.

Outside the circle, Siobhan lolled in the grass, her pussy still leaking steadily, as she watched the scene with glowing blue eyes. The spell had worked!

But before she could do anything, another ethereal form shimmered into half-existence astride Troy's face. He could almost-smell, almost-taste feminine arousal, and then there was another succubus sitting on his face, her cunt mashed into his lips as he eagerly ran greedy salacious licks along it. Her tail wrapped around his coiling biceps several times, squeezing in time with her spasms.

Siobhan's eyes widened. Two succubi with a single summoning? That couldn't be possible. Had it ever been done before?

But then more shimmering phantoms appeared and solidified before her amazed eyes. A third succubus' horny twat fought for space above Troy's face, and he ate them both out as the two demonelles sitting on his face moaned into each other's kisses, tassel-clamped boobs rubbing sensuously together. Another succubus appeared astride Troy's hips, just above where the first one was still riding his cock; her pussy left wet trails beneath his belly button as it clutched on emptiness. The first succubus' tummy rubbed against the pert ass of this fourth one with each buck, and so stimulated, she whimpered as she wrapped arms instinctively around Troy's neck, nuzzling and sucking a hickey upon it.

The demonelles' cries were husky and sultry, loud and wanton. They whooped and screamed with abandon, drawing the eyes of every pixie and nymph who dared peek up at the sorcerous goings-on upon the hill.

Siobhan gestured, and the glow of silver sigils upon Troy's dick ceased. Yet he continued to cum, milked by the succubi, and it was a while yet before all of them decided they were sated.

Succubi being what they were, they demanded more, and began grinding and fucking and licking and kissing once more - to which Troy was far from averse - so Siobhan cried, "Daughters of Lilith!"

Her cry rang out with all the power of the spell that had summoned the four succubi here, and they ceased their sensuous motions, pouting with obscenely full lips. All had collars and be-tasselled nipple clamps, but the hues of their skin and hair varied widly. The auburn-headed one had pale creamy skin. Another had dusky red skin with honey-wheat locks and eyes as green as Siobhan's, whilst the other two both had chocolate skin, one with black hair and the other with moonlit white. Their tits ranged in size from the auburn-headed's melons to the white-haired one's oranges. All were short, with narrow hips; all had tails and horns.

The red-skinned, honey-haired one looked up from where she had nibbled a hickey into Troy's neck and addressed Siobhan in a throaty almost-whisper. "What would ye have of us, sorceress?"

Siobhan inhaled deeply. "Secrets of eromancy and lore I would know."

The succubus responded, "Secrets of eromancy and lore ye already know, sorceresssss." She drew out the last consonants with a hiss.

Siobhan raised her chin defiantly. Her emerald eyes caught a flash of moonlight, sparkling briefly. "I would have conference with your mistress."

Surprise rippled through the four succubi. They were silent for long moments - the auburn-headed one continued to squeeze Troy's still firm cock with her pussy, milking every last drop, and the two chocolate-skinned ones continued to grind their cunt lips into Troy's willing face - and finally the dusky-skinned one answered, "Tis a mighty request ye ask, sorceress."

"And I have given a mighty offering in kind," Siobhan replied.

The dusky one chortled huskily, even her dry chuckles sultry. "Indeed ye have, sorceress. Indeed ye have. Never have the daughters of Lilith feasted on a Man's love." She reached a hand behind her to grasp the base of Troy's cock, beneath the grip of the auburn-haired demonelle's pussy. "Perhaps we shall just take him, yes?" She grinned wickedly at Siobhan.

"You are bound by the circle of invocation," Siobhan defied her.

The demonelle's eyes flashed an angry crimson for a split second, then her lips curved into an amused smile. "We shall offer thee a lore and a pact, sorceress."

"And in exchange?"

"In exchange," the dusky succubus said, "we desire our way with this Man, for as long as we shall desire."

"You may not drag him back to your hell," Siobhan said sharply.

"And so we shall not, sorceress. All shall be within this circle."

"It is agreed," Siobhan said, trusting her mystic intuition.

"Then come ye into our circle, sorceress, and I shall reveal the lore of seeing."

Siobhan took a reflexive step forward, enticed by the pure lust in the succubus' voice and face, but stopped herself. She knew better than to enter the circle with the demonelles. The dusky succubus smiled, amused. "Show me," Siobhan commanded.

As one, the succubi flowed - their movements supple and quick, like a river - into new positions. The white-haired chocolate-skinned succubus rubbed her puffy, wine-dark lips fully over Troy's face, and the auburn one and the other chocolate one sat on his arms - their pussies leaking and slowly grinding on them - and took one each of the white-locked demonelle's puffy nipples between their obscenely full lips, suckling vigorously.

The dusky succubus stayed where she was, but slid down Troy's torso and raised her hips to allow his cock to enter her wet virginity, groaning throatily. Troy's loud moan of ecstasy was muffled by the cunt of the succubus who sat enthroned upon his face.

"Observe, sorceress," the dusky one purred. She broke off into a scream that surprised even her as Troy's cock jerked within her pussy at the sound and sensation of the purr. So much like Kitty. A single thick jet of cum spurted into her pussy, and the demonelle gasped, taking several moments to recover. Her previously demonically perfect hair fell in loose sweaty strands about her face.

After a moment, she continued. "Three kisses upon the seer - once upon a nipple, twice upon a nipple, thrice upon the nether lips." The white-haired chocolate succubus was moaning erratically as Troy ate her out, and the other two demonelles suckled upon her breasts. Then she began chanting out words in a strange tongue. With each syllable, her eyes turned red and shimmered ever brighter. Each word - if word it was - was punctuated by her gasping moans, and it was unclear whether or not the words were spoken in time with her cries, or vice versa.

Then the succubus broke off, thrashing madly as she creamed. Her delirious scream echoed off the hill, and her eyes were brightly glowing red orbs. Troy and her two suckling sisters did not let up, drawing out her climax. The dusky succubus watched, that same half-amused smile on her face, as she vigorously - almost violently - milked Troy's cock.

Then all of a sudden it was over, and the red eyes returned to their normal vivid blue. The seer collapsed weakly, falling limply back on Troy's torso, her wet pussy leaving a creamy trail across his face and neck.

Siobhan's eyes were gleaming hungrily. "And the pact?"

The dusky one's eyes were closed in concentration as she rolled her hips in little circles atop Troy. "To the one who masters the wand of Man, Lilith shall appear."

"I have mastered the wand of this Man," Siobhan declared indignantly.

As one, the eyes of the succubi turned to fix on her. Slight glimmers of scarlet floated across their eyes. "Have you?" the dusky one asked slyly.

Then the succubi, their bargain fulfilled, turned to the claiming of their price. The red-skinned one pulled off Troy's cock with a slick pop, and then all four of the demonelles gathered around his manhood, laying on their tummies as they took salacious licks along his fat balls and huge meat. His back arched against the magickal-cream restraints as the succubi worshipped his cock.

Two tongues, inhumanly long, wrapped multiple times up and down some of his long girth. The one tongue wrapped around the crown and went lower, whilst its owner, the white-locked demonelle, sucked on the head, her lips pressed around her own tongue. The tongues squeezed and curled wetly around Troy's shaft, and unrelenting cries of sharp ecstasy tore from his throat.

The other two succubi licked and sucked the base of his shaft and his succulent balls, taking each fully within their mouths and rolling them around with their tongues. They were unashamedly worshipping his cock, and let him know it. Their lips and mouths moaned around him, and juices slithered out of their reflexively clutching pussies.

Geysers of cum burst out of him so suddenly even he was surprised, and the white-haired succubus whose mouth suckled his head loosed a muffled squeal of complete ecstasy as his Man-cum filled her throat. Even a succubus couldn't swallow such a torrent completely, and the rest leaked out between her vigorously suckling lips, running in rivulets down the wrapped tongues. The two which had worshipped his balls took turns licking the tongues clean, the tongues quivering with the pleasure of tasting him even as they milked him.

They took turns suckling him, each swallowing a load of his liquid fire as he yelled and thrashed, completely at their erotic mercy.

As dawn, the curtain of Goddess' hair, spread across the sky, the succubi faded away. The dusky-skinned, honey-haired one, licked the tip of of his cock even as she faded, smirking at him in farewell.

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