tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 21

Passion Ch. 21


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


In slumber, Alexander drifted along gleaming silver-white mist. Golden light shone, clearly but not overwhelming. A girl lay in the mist beside him, propped up on one elbow, lightly stroking his abs. As her stiff-stemmed melons pressed into his side, he recognized her.

The mysterious girl with the echoing voice who had swept him away from Melody & Marie!

"Who are you?" he asked. She did not reply except to smile. She continued stroking his muscular abs. He realized that she wasn't exactly the same as before. Instead of hair four different colors, she was predominantly raven-haired, save for a single lock of glistening moon-white hanging over her brow, which partially obscured her eyes.

He reached up to stroke that single silvery-white lock, which bounced as he let it go. Then his fingers traced her cheek. "Where are Melody and Marie?" he asked. "Where are my carnaleira?"

She smiled at him again, this mysterious dream girl, and put her hand upon his which cupped her cheek. Again she did not reply. Her pussy was slick against his thigh.

The silvery mist, tinged with golden light, fell upon his eyes, and the girl - both her touch and her sight - began fading. Siobhan's parting words murmured along a misty wind...

And then Alexander awoke.

The stars had all come out, but the first star of twilight glimmered more brightly, a benediction upon him. A purr hissed nearby, and for a moment, he thought the dream girl had answered his wish.

He sat up, and saw instead a nekella - one of the furry cat girls. This was not one he knew, however. Her sleek feline coat, rather than pastels, was snowy white. Her tail was rather bushy, softly swaying in the air behind her as she daintily crawled on hands and knees to him. Her eyes were the blue-green of the sea, and her nipples and fur-lined cunny were invitingly pink.

She purred again, sending tingles along Alexander's flesh, and precum dribbling out of his rising man meat. She said not a word, and he returned her silence in kind. She crawled around him, her back arching as she rubbed along his back and shoulders. Goosebumps prickled his skin at the soft, tickling fur. Then she crawled over his legs and bent to sniff his cock, which stood rock hard in the air.

A lithe pink tongue darted out to lap his shaft once, and Alexander shivered, precum slicking his shaft as it dribbled down from his cockknob. She bent further and lapped along his bloated balls, gently teasing his sensitive cumsacks with her teeth. Then she licked up his shaft in an agonizingly slow path traced by his thick purple cockveins, pulsing as thick as a finger.

Shivers and murmurs rippled through his body as the white-fleeced catgirl's tongue licked along his shaft, slowly and salaciously. When she reached the sensitive nub beneath his cockcrown, she nuzzled a cool nose into and kissed it, before her tongue slid out once more to lick it firmly.

A loud moaning yell erupted out of him, two quick geysering spurts of cum flinging out of his cock up into the air. The cat girl did not let up, tracing all around his cockknob with her skillful tongue, before licking his cumslit, which gladly anointed her lusty mouth with more precum and oozing remnants of viscous spunk. His trembling hand lay upon her head, and she nuzzled her ears into it, purring, and purring even more as a shot of jizz flew into her throat at the sound.

She licked her lips, then opened her mouth, lowering to engulf him. Her hot breath washed past him in a dark wet heat of desire. His cock twitched spastically, aching for her throat, and then her mouth closed around his flared helmet, those glossy pillowed lips stretched into glistening pink lines around his girth.

"MMMMMMM!" Alexander's head lolled back in ecstasy as an obscene moan grumbled through his thick chest. Her lips clamped around his cockcrown as she began to suckle him, nursing his cockknob with vigor, and curling her tongue along it within her mouth. With every frantic, almost violent suck, she enticed a thick gush of his hot seed from him into her eagerly swallowing throat. But she went lower, more and more of his massive rod disappearing between plump eager lips, sucking all the way.

His cockhead hit her throat, and she moaned sharply with lust. His hands fisted, one in the grass, the other in the thick fur atop her head, as she worked her throat muscles deliberately and skillfully around his sensitive helmet. But she kept sinking herself down, impaling her throat upon him as more of his manhood squeezed into her mouth.

Her drool flowed freely out of her lips down his veiny shaft as she lewdly slurped upon him. Her throat was hot and tight and wet: all the hotter for the hot blasts of trapped air lodged in her throat, bathing his flared cockhead; all the tighter for her eager swallows; all the wetter for the drool coating his shaft as she guzzled.

Her buttocks rose further and further into the air as she sank down upon him, her tail writhing hypnotically before his lust-glazed eyes. At last, her dribbling mouth closed around the base of his cock, drool running down his obese balls and pooling the grass as she completely engulfed him in the hot grip of her succulent throat.

Her moans were muffled by the slab of man meat in her mouth, but his filled the morning air. Her softly furred ass was fully in the air, and her legs wrapped behind her around his shoulders for support as she slurped and suckled. Her pussy lay bared before his face, and it was sopping wet; the fur around that most intimate pair of lips was heavy and damp with her juices. Alexander bent forward slightly, licking that beckoning cleft.

As soon as his mouth touched her moist cunt, she screamed aloud in obscene rapture as she climaxed. Her yell was muffled but thrummed nonetheless up her throat along his fuckpole as her mouth and throat clamped reflexively down on his cock in a desperate clutch. Her pussy practically exploded, spraying sweet feline juices all over his face and neck. Her delicious reaction stole away his breath in a harsh gasp as her orgasmic throes pulled him over the edge of ecstasy with her.

"UNNGGHHHHH!" His mouth opened in a yell that echoed for leagues around and was filled with her squirting cream, as he unloaded blast after blast inside the white nekella's thirsty, willing throat.

Thought and time vanished, replaced by the sheer heat of their abandon. His spurting geysers seemed to time with her juicy squirts in arrhythmic pulses. There was nothing but dark and wet and hot; the world was narrowed to these sensations...

When at last he came to, Alexander was lying flat on his back in the dewy grass. The white cat girl slumbered atop him, creamy pussy just below his chin, his thick cock still lodged fully in her throat. Wet blasts of desirous warmth washed over his meaty piston with every breathy snore mewling out her nose. The moon was fully above the lip of the world now, silver light slowly mingling with the deep dark blue above to create the nighttime sky.

He sighed blissfully, as the winds rustled past. A sylph bent to kiss him as she passed, and some of the cat girl's cream upon his face smeared her lips. Gently, he grasped the furry waist of the nekella and pulled her off his dick. He had to work at it a little bit, so massive was his dick, so tight was her throat, but with an obscene 'pop', his cockhead came free of her mouth. The trapped air baptized him - he shuddered pleasurably - and her lips sucked his cockcrown one last time, as though reluctant to give up their prize.

Still slumbering, she curled up atop him, tail wrapping around herself as she nestled into his chest, purring softly and still drooling a bit upon his muscular torso. His cock twitched and his heart fluttered as he listened to her mewling purrs and thought of his carnaleira.

The sylph returned from her play through the forest, her winds tickling his skin as she materialized, sky-blue eyes framed by black curls gazing down at him. "I brought friends," she giggled.

And so she had. More sylphs fluttered around them, materializing. Their cool midnight winds tingled along his skin, much to their delight. "You like my breeze?" one teased, tossing silver locks.

"I love your breezes," Alexander smiled. She blushed, those pale sylph cheeks coloring, and the first sylph kissed him again. He ran his tongue lovingly along her bottom lip, tasting her natural sweetness and the nekella's liquid love, but she pulled back, giggling. "Come on!" she beckoned her companions.

The silver-locked one kissed him, softly, a brushing of lips upon lips. Their mouths slowly molded into one another's as they inhaled his musk and her fragrance. The first sylph looked curiously at the cat girl still curled upon his chest as she and the other sylphs gathered around his cock - still turgid from the melodious purrs of the nekella - taking eager, darting licks with small, soft tongues.

And there on the hilltop, in the stone circle as soft as moss, the sylphs made love to Alexander as the nekella napped upon his chiseled chest. Their love was sweet and playful. First they enticed him with their hot wet mouths to blow thick creamy cum upon them, and that was followed by cherries popping pleasurably, Alexander's thick slab of veiny cockmeat sinking into wet virgin pussies, and tender moldings of lips all throughout.

At last the sylphs flew off with laughs of tired elation. Their sated pussies were dripping their cream and his cum, and as they soared in flight, their winds scattered about the fertile Man-cum wherever they blew.

Then, and only then, did the white-furred nekella girl stir, stretching with a yawning purr that had Alexander's cock twitching. She licked his chin, then flipped around, so that she lay on his torso on her back. Her silky-furred cheek nuzzled into Alexander's as she nestled her head in the crook of his shoulder, and together they looked up at the now-distant sylphs, and then the stars.

After a moment or two of silence, Alexander asked, "How long have you been awake?

The cat girl laughed, a mewling hum of amusement. "For quite some time. But it is a wondrous thing to behold the play of a Man with nymphs. How did you know?"

It was his turn to laugh. "Your 'sleeping' body quivered, and new moisture dribbled freely upon my stomach." A crooked smile came to his face at the thought. The cat girl laughed again. After another moment, Alexander asked, "Who are you, my freshly fucked feline?"

She purred again, and answered, "I am Bast, a handmaiden of Isis. Only we rare nekella, blessed with snowy fur, are chosen for the honor. My mistress has sent me as a token of her favor." Alexander thought briefly of the other handmaidens he'd encountered thus far. The lust-drunk maenads of the wine goddess Ishtar, the passionate Valkyrie of the love goddess Freya. And now, of course, the white catgirl of all nekella's patroness.

"The honor is mine," Alexander murmured, and leaned his head to the side to rest on hers. Bast made no reply but to reach down with her delicate hand, pulling up his meaty, semi-rigid trunk to squeeze the obese cockhead into her virgin pussy. Alexander grunted lustily as her tight pink lips clamped down around his cockcrown, and she popped her cherry with an aroused sigh.

Slowly, gently, lovingly they fucked, cheeks nuzzled, watching the stars twinkling down at them. Her pussy was incredibly sopping wet, and easily accepted his pole despite the tightness of her lovetunnel. In a slow, rhythmic harmony, his dick slid in and out, pulsating in time with the horny clenches of her cunt. Bast groaned nonstop, constantly cresting the waves of climax, shuddering uncontrollably in ecstasy.

Siobhan's words, which had earlier penetrated his dreams, returned to him, and he pondered them, letting them float upon the gently rolling waves of pleasure. His Wand was his own. He was the master of the Wand, to work whatever sorceries he would with it.

Whatever sorceries he would...

The thought came so suddenly to his mind that he cried out, howling with overwhelming passion as his cock, sunk deeply into Bast's soaked twat, unleashed thick geysers of searing cum in succulent spurts of creamy love.

And the thought drowned out all sensation beyond his throbbing, cumming cock... and Bast's delighted purring...

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