tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 22

Passion Ch. 22


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Alexander sang his howling song of passion as Bast slobbered wet licks along his man-meat. That same night, she had willingly bound herself to him as familiar, for every sorcerer should have such a companion, and now, scant hours later, she enacted a spell with him. A conjuring that the magicks of his own Wand had summoned forth from his own mind, a desire that the passion of his heart had summoned forth from himself.

Pixies were drawn to Alexander's call, and filled the air with obscene, lusty cheeps as his drool-slicked cock spouted cum. Every glob, as large as a pixie herself, was eagerly swallowed by aching wet pixie pussy, and what they couldn't take splattered their entire miniature forms. Drunk with ecstasy, the pixies fluttered madly, over and around the hilltop.

A rain of Man-cum and pixie cream sprinkled upon their grassy surroundings, fragrance and musk mingling into magicks of passion and lust. Flowers sprouted and blossomed spontaneously where the drops fell. The pixies' wings began glowing softly in the starlight, and so did the gentle rain of love juices. The mossy-soft stone upon which Alexander lay became a bed of silken pink, red, and white petals.

Alexander was by no means versed in eromancy, but the power of his Wand, and of his passion, more than sufficed for incantation and ritual. As the white-furred nekella liberally lathered his cock in thick coatings of her lusty drool, Alexander's cry of delirious delight sprang directly from his heart.

No incantation, this. Merely a single word held in his soul. Carnaleira.

And suddenly, another mouth, hot and dark and wet, engulfed his swollen cockhead, stuffing her own throat with his fat loads of spunk as Bast cheeked his bloated, sweaty balls. A roar mightier yet than those before wrenched itself out of Alexander's chest as he pumped his potent seed into this new, thirsty, horny throat.

For several moments, time stood still. Alexander's mind blanked with sheer rapture. His sight was blind to all except a haze of heated light. A deafening silence filled his ears. He smelt nothing but feminine arousal and his own musk. He was only aware of his balls unloading pulse after pulse into the girl's throat, while the silver sigils traced upon his cock by Siobhan's tongue flared brightly.

And then it was over. Alexander lay gasping on the new bed of blossoms, chest heaving, curls plastered to his forehead. Bast still lavished attention upon his cock, and the new girl's mouth nursed upon his still-swollen knob, swallowing the last drops of his cum, before finally withdrawing. He gasped as his cock was suddenly exposed to the cool air, but Bast quickly succored him, impaling her mouth with his fat length, wrapping it once more in tight wet heat.

The girl crawled up to his side, and at last he got a good look at her, as his head lolled back, exhausted. It was the girl with the hair of many colors, who had taken him from Melody and Marie, who had seemed to appear to him in a dream as Siobhan departed.

Locks of glimmering gold, vivid scarlet, and silky black draped her shoulders, falling in loose tangles about her face as she smiled fondly down upon him with obscenely plump lips; and a single long curl glimmered white like twinkling stars. Her melon-sized boobs seemed as large as her head, and rose and fell softly with her breaths, stemmed by quivering pink nipples.

His breath caught in his throat as he gasped for words, but she understood the question writ large upon his countenance. There was a slight shimmering... and then Alexander was attended by three girls instead of one, in addition to Bast still suckling gently upon his manhood.

All three girls looked exactly like one another, save that they had different hues crowning their heads. Ebony, crimson, and gold; but all shared that lone white lock dangling loosely from their temples. "I am..." They spoke as one, three voices overlapping, then each one spoke her name alone.

"Dream," the black-haired girl, from his dream, murmured sultrily in his ear.

"Desire," the red-haired girl sighed lustily upon his face.

"Destiny," the blonde-haired girl whispered sweetly as she kissed the curls upon his head.

"My destiny?" he wondered, words coming to him at last, albeit in panting breaths.

The blonde girl replied, "I am destiny."

"...and you have made me yours," all three finished. Their voices were exactly alike; only the tones in which they spoke were different.

"Melody...Marie..." he whispered.

"I will take you to them," they replied. Bast reluctantly released Alexander's succulent dick from her throat, a thick string of drool connecting his cockknob to her lips. Raven-haired Dream sank down upon his slick turgid shaft, swallowing his entire throbbing mass within her tight juicy cunny in one long slide. A sensuous groan hummed from her throat. Desire and Destiny curled up to either side, scissoring their sopping wet pussies into his thighs, their fuzzy strips of pussy bush tickling his skin.

All of them bent their heads to kiss him, draping his head with red, black, and honey locks, and three star-white curls. Their lips were plump, and he sucked on them, one at a time, as Dream slowly rode him. Release came almost immediately, as all four lovers shuddered in a shared climax that did not cease. Alexander's tongue mated with Destiny's as Dream and Desire panted their hot, moaning breaths upon him; Destiny and Desire kissed and sucked his neck while he made out with Dream; and Desire sucked on his tongue as Dream and Destiny kissed all over his face and throat with soft moist lips.

At last, with the final cumshots of an umpteenth load spurting into her pussy, Dream broke off her latest kiss with her lover. "One more dream..." she murmured. Alexander gasped as aftershocks of pleasure ran through him. Destiny and Desire licked his ears with a salacious tenderness, and Dream, raven-haired Dream, pulled away from his face, sitting up. She and her sisters began to fade, shimmering away like fog in the morning sun.

Destiny's voice floated to him, "For as long as a dream lasts." And then they were gone.

A morning sun breathed her gentle light upon him. A briny scent filled his nostrils. It came to him that he was floating. He was still upon his new bed of blossoms, but it was floating in the midst of a foaming blue-green sea of gently lapping waves. White sea foam as fluffy as clouds lay around his bed like a hedge, and water and foam licked at his body beneath him where they pressed through the flower petals from below.

But the first thing, the very first thing, he noticed, was a scent that drowned even the sea's brine. His eyes widened even as his eyelids fluttered. His nostrils flared, drinking deep as he breathed in liquid light. His head lolled back. Alexander was utterly intoxicated by the sensual passion of it. More than a fragrance, it was... a presence. Two presences.

He was not alone.

Melody & Marie lay on the petals and foam, slumbering sweetly, cutely curled up into one another. His carnaleira. His heart soared, and he propped himself up on his elbow, feeling weak yet terrifically strong all at once. For a moment, he could do naught but watch them, as a warm glow suffused him.

Each girl's face was near the other's pussy. They had licked each other to sleep, and their legs still rubbed together in sleep, as though still desirous - or perhaps, though they yet slept, they sensed their carnaleira's presence. They were almost exactly the same as he remembered. Angelic faces, dimpled and blushing rosily. Full, plump pink lips. Golden drapes of silky hair. Boobs like succulent oranges, stemmed like apples with small pink nipples that hardened even as he looked at them.

Almost exactly the same. Melody & Marie were both round with child. Their plump tummies rose and fell with each breath, and he was hypnotized by them. Even as he watched, milk began to trickle out one of Marie's now-rigid pink nipples. Their faces were flushing, their breathing coming ever so slightly shorter. Their bodies knew he was there.

Flushed with joy, Alexander rolled over behind Marie and snuggled up, arms wrapping around her to rest on her pregnant tummy. She moaned softly, slender legs rubbing together more urgently as her lover's muscular body pressed up into her. He lightly stroked a new braided tassel of golden locks falling from her temple, and Melody had one too. His carnaleira signaled to the world their betrothal to Alexander, and his heart kept filling with happiness until it burst out of his chest in a breathy gasp.

Both girls twitched, hearing his familiar voice. He could see Melody's bald, puffy pussy over Marie's head, and it was glistening as juices dribbled from it. He took one of his hands from Marie's child-swollen tummy to stroke that tiny pink nubbin that peeked shyly out of Melody's cleft.

And Melody purred at his touch. Alexander's cock sprang up to steely massiveness in a flash, slapping lightly into Marie from behind, as Melody's cunt clamped down on the tip of his finger. She half-screamed, half-moaned, climaxing, as her pussy practically exploded pregnant juices onto Marie's face, clutching at his finger the whole time.

Both of his lovers shuddered awake, Melody's eyes flying open from her sudden creaming, and Marie as her porcelain face was drenched with sweet sauce. "Alexander..." was the first word sighing rapturously from Melody's panting lips, even before she saw him. She knew his touch, his presence. And then her eyes focused--

"Alexander!" The cry erupted joyously from both twins' lovely throats at once, Melody seeing him and Marie feeling him.

"Melody...Marie..." Alexander almost sobbed with breathless joy.

Marie turned her head up and back to mash her cream-slicked lips with Alexander's, and it was like kissing both her, and Melody's pussy, at once. She eagerly pulled his tongue into her mouth and suckled. Melody scrambled around to join them, her tummy and boobs pressing sensuously into Melody's as she lapped at their faces, joining the erotic three-way kiss. Tongues and lips and saliva mingled together. Marie parted her legs, allowing Alexander's rock hard manhood to slide in-between them, coming up to be massaged by both girls' succulent bellies and milk-swollen tits.

All three lovers moaned simultaneously. Melody instinctively rolled her body along his cockmeat, even as Marie ground her hips on the base of his cock. His eyes rolled back even as he pressed thrumming, moaning kisses to their mouths. He bucked his hips up, jerking his cock off between pregnant tummies and beautiful boobs. Marie's downy pussy flowed with juices, dripping down the base of his cock, even as Melody's dewy cleft pressed into his bloated balls with salacious slickness.

Their bodies were like water, rippling and flowing with an easy enthusiasm as gentleness lapped upon their insistent desires. Their hearts overflowed as much as the twins' pussies did with cream or Alexander's cock with precum. Sex, sweat, musk, salt water, and sweet fragrance permeated the air and slicked their flushed forms.

Marie pushed back against Alexander's torso with her small round buttocks, then heaved herself forward and up. Melody's soft, delicate hands gripped Alexander's massive, silver-traced erection, unable to wrap around its entire girth but working to slide his love tool into Marie's horny pussy.

Alexander and Marie arched their backs simultaneously with each other as her sopping wet, pregnant pussy engulfed his titanic meat. Screams of rapture split their throats and the air, and Melody shuddered with a climax of her own as she heard and felt the passion of Alexander fucking her sister. Instantly, their minds and bodies sharing the same will, Marie bucked back into him even as he thrust into her. Wet, lewd smacks joined the lapping of the waves as she fucked herself on his incredible cockmeat.

Melody wrapped her slender arms around Marie's neck, leaning past her to press a passionate kiss to Alexander's lips, which he returned in kind, moaning into her succulent mouth as he made wild love to Marie. Melody grinded her soaked, dripping pussy on his bloated cumsacks, slicking the prickled, sensitive skin with wet, erotic rhythms. Marie's obscene screams filled the air, unmuffled by a kiss as she crested wave after wave of ecstasy.

In a final terrific climax, Marie's pussy clamped down on Alexander's fat cock, and Melody thrashed as she poured forth her nectar onto his balls. A grunt strangled Alexander's throat, and he burst within his pregnant lover, unloading glob after glob of hot seed into her pregnant pussy. Marie's downy cunt slurped his cum eagerly, needily, hungrily, not letting a single drop escape.

Their senses gradually returned to them. The world seemed painted in brighter colors than before, and a warmth suffused them. Marie sobbed in pleasure as an aftershock rippled through her. Melody cupped Alexander's cheek with a hand. "Alexander..." she said tenderly, in that sweet purr, and he closed his eyes. The song of her voice floated around him, the feel of the twins' bodies hummed in his, the gentle waves murmured under him in wet laps, and the scent of fragrance and brine filled every pore.

The girls shifted, Marie turning around, and Melody climbing over them to Alexander's other side. Half-sitting, half-lying, on a bed of blossoms and sea foam, they snuggled into Alexander, as his arms wrapped around their soft, smooth shoulders.

"Where have you been, carnaleir?" Marie whispered into his ear. Her sultry not-quite-alto and hot breath hummed upon his cheek.

Alexander thought of the three wyrd girls, and answered, "Destiny took me far away, and at my behest has returned me."

"Sowing your oats like a stud drunken with summer wine in the meantime?" Melody teased.

He cocked his eyebrow at her, turning his head to face her as Marie giggled softly into his throat. "Whilst you played with Marie. Did you ever miss me?"

The kittenish girl smirked, "Eventually."

Marie burst out laughing, and Alexander and Melody joined in. He pressed his fingers gently to Melody's gorgeously swollen tummy and ribs, cocked a crooked smile, and tickled her. Melody squealed with delight, writhing and gasping. Marie leapt to her sister's defense and tickled Alexander's chiseled abs. A surprised laugh erupted from his throat, and his pause gave Melody a chance to recover and join her sister.

Alexander shivered with laughter and lust as his carnaleira combined their ticklish assault on him, and he tickled them back mercilessly. All three were gasping with passion and delight as they laughed and tickled, basking in the warm glow of glorious love.

"Oh, Alexander," Marie panted. "I've missed you." Melody seconded that by entwining her fingers with his, "For five moons we've longed for your touch."

Alexander blinked. Five moons...? It had been more than a century for him. It made a strange sort of sense, seeing that his twin lovers couldn't have been heavy with child for that long, but twas a wyrd thing indeed.

Melody lightly kneaded his semi-turgid cock lightly with her free hand, purring softly as his deep purple cockveins pulsed into her palm. "Silver eromancy," she concluded. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips. "We learned much of creamy magicks to summon you for our deflowering."

He smiled his crooked smile, eyes crinkling with happiness as fondness melted across his face. "Do you like it?" he teased.

Melody considered with a kittenish smile. "I do. But it seems like there might be something else that suits you more," she leaned in to kiss him once more.

Alexander returned her kiss softly, a deep, gentle, moist melding of their lips. Marie kissed and sucked on his throat in the same sensuous, loving rhythm. Her hand joined Melody's in massaging his cock. Low, soft moans hummed in the three throats as they commingled love and saliva, there on the floating blossoms and rolling waves.

"Make love to us," Marie demanded, her fluid voice a sultry, soft insistence. "We will not sleep in your arms, for once we did, and you were taken."

Their desires as one, Marie straddled his face whilst Melody mounted his cock. He moaned lewdly into Marie's sopping cunny as his titanic cock sank into Melody's lush, dewy folds. The twins leaned into each other, rubbing cutely pregnant tummies and leaky, milk-swollen boobs into one another as they pressed their plump pink lips to each other's, making out passionately as they rode their Man-lover.

Alexander reached up his broad hands to fondle their succulent, milky titflesh, rolling them about in his palms as their stiffened pink nubs poked into him and anointed his hands with cold, sweet milk. Melody moaned at his touch as she rose and fell upon his thick meat. Her stuffed belly rolled about as she bounced, kneading his cock in an incredibly tight, erotic massage.

His lips quivered with moaned pleasure into Marie's puffy pussy lips as she drenched him with her dew. Their pussies were incredibly tight, fantastically hot, and so wet they poured juices upon him. Marie's pussy clutched desperately at his tongue and nose; all he could smell was her intoxicatingly moist sweetness, and all he could taste was ambrosia.

Melody's pussy gobbled at his cock, spasming uncontrollably around him as she thrashed. Her swollen boobs and belly bounced and tossed, rolling all around his balls-deep shaft in quivering, clenching spasms. Alexander shivered and writhed in pleasure, head lolling about in-between Marie's wet thighs as his pleasure thrummed along his tongue into her dripping cunt.

The briny air filled with the scents of sex, sweat, musk, and juice, all wet desire and hot passion and delirious fragrance. His cum-bloated nutsacks slapped wetly into Melody's pussy with lewd smacks that sent shudders of utter delight through them. Marie's pussy smacked gently into his face as she grinded her downy, puffy cleft upon him. Their bodies and limbs slapped the rolling waves in the insatiable frenzy of their fucking.

Marie put her hands on his sides, bracing herself as she moaned in her twin sister's hot mouth. Melody's tongue tangled with hers as she frantically bucked atop Alexander, the mewling shouts of her ecstasy muffled into agonizingly sweet moans. She purred, and it was like his titanic cock was wrapped tightly in a warm, wet, silken vibrator.

He howled into Marie's pussy as sloshing cum burst free of his balls, raced up his shaft in rapid, bulging pulses, and spurted into Melody's horny cunt with the force of the same thunderbolt that simultaneously shot up all their spines. His pregnant twin carnaleira shrieked as they creamed, their beautiful bodies spasming uncontrollably in sensual joy. Milk squirted out of their horny, stiff nipples, drenching Alexander's hands and each other's succulent tits, dripping down along their plump tummies onto his muscular torso.

The very world seemed to echo their ecstatic passion. Waves rolled elatedly beneath them and around them as nereids moaned lustily. Blossoms exploded joyously into existence, showering from clouds of fluffy cotton in a rain of flowers, petals drifting onto the sea, as soaring sylphs screamed in pleasure.

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