tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 23

Passion Ch. 23


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


When Troy came back to himself, he was grasping the threefold woman by her hips and bucking his pulsating cock madly up into her lush, sloppy pussy as he cummed his last several spurts into her. Dream/Desire/Destiny was shrieking in obscene pleasure, her/their raven, honey, and crimson locks of hair flinging about in sweaty tangles as she thrashed.

His chest heaved with exertion as his last thick load of spunk oozed into the triple girl's womb. Her boobs jiggled and bounced as well, and her fingers, heretofore dug into Troy's chiseled abs, relaxed as she moaned in the afterglow of pleasure.

"The...the dream... ended," Troy panted.

Dream/Desire/Destiny regarded him with a knowing look. "Alas, O Man, it is not I who may return your carnaleira to you." She leaned down, brushing her lips lightly along his, draping his face in curtains of scarlet and ebony and gold. Her mouth hummed into his as she murmured, "But we are drawn in your wake...they shall come to you."

He tasted her hot breath as she shimmered away, her body fading like the Dream she was. Troy propped himself up on his elbow, noticing for the first time that the soft stone circle had become softer petals. Bast crawled up to him, tail swishing high in the air behind her as she favored him with a salacious slurp of his cock. "What is your will, Master of the wand?"

A moaning breath sighed from his lips as Bast layered his titanic dick with a fresh coating of drool. Master of the wand... He remembered the pact of the succubi.

To the one who masters the wand of Man, Lilith shall appear. The thought fired through his limbs, and he stood up. "Bast, I need some of your juice." His white-furred familiar gave him a cocky grin, laying back and spreading her legs to reveal her glistening pink cleft, bordered by damp fur. Her invitation was clear. Troy smiled and knelt, sliding two fingers into her cunt as she arched her back, moaning in obscene pleasure. Her catgirl-pussy clutched tightly at him, and she spasmed, his very touch wrenching a soft shuddering climax from her. Her already soaked cunt drenched his hand as it milked his fingers desperately.

Not taking his fingers out, Troy bent further and pressed a kiss to her hoarsely gasping lips. She panted back into the kiss, tangling her tongue briefly with his. She mewled delightedly as he drew back. "Thank you, love," he smiled. Her only reply was another shuddering purr as he withdrew his well-coated fingers from her sopping wet slit.

With his juicy fingers, he traced simple but elegant symbols upon the blossoms, one sigil per petal. He had no schooling in eromantic lore, but as Bast slurped and guzzled noisily on his pulsing manhood, his eyes hooded, and his fingers twitched of their own accord upon the petals as he groaned, a low, soft, shuddering grumble of sweet delirium. Once inscribed, a petal wafted off his hand in a breeze stirred up by a friendly sylph, till the very air around the master of the Wand and his familiar was a gentle whirlwind of lazily drifting flowers, pink and white and red.

The runes began glowing a soft golden-white, then the whirlwind breezed past the sorcerer and his familiar, outlining a mystic circle of lazily whirling petals before the kneeling Man. As the wind pulled the last flower from his palm, the gentle whirlind picked up, becoming a miniature tempest gusting petals around in a rapid circling torrent. Troy's hair whipped behind him from the backdraft, and his groans of ecstasy as the nekella lavished his cock inside her hot wet mouth grew louder.

A low wailing mingled with Troy's delirious pleasure. At first it was barely distinguishable from the wind, but the volume increased until it was the euphoric screaming of succubi. Troy's hands clenched on Bast's tufted ears as he yelled in orgasm, gushing viscous blasts of jizz into her throat, even as her moaning mouth hummed around his cockmeat and her furry pussy sprayed the grass with her juices.

Thunder accompanied his orgasmic roar, pealing out of a clear sky, followed by rapidly gathering clouds to darken the bright afternoon. The air screamed with Troy's roars, the booming thunder, and the wailing moans of the mystic whirlwind. The golden-white twinkles of the tossed-about petals became deep red glowers.

With a final deafening clap of thunder, Bast swallowed Troy's last jet of cum as a brilliant flash heralded the arrival of a girl within the circle. His half-lidded eyes snapped open as his breath left him in a rough gasp. The hillock had gone eerily silent. The wind still whipped the flower blossoms around the site of summoning, but the ecstatic wails had silenced; and the thunder had ceased.

His eyes fixed on the one he had summoned. As his vision focused, he was swallowed up by dark, gleaming pools that stared out at him from within swirling scarlet-limned petals. A name panted out between his lips."Lily..."

Lily of the Dark Eyes stood within the maelstrom of flowers. The wind tossed about the long black strands of her silken hair, and the crimson glow of the inscribed petals gave her porcelain white skin a slight pinkish hue. She was the vision of loveliness she'd always been, sensually enchanting, bewitchingly beautiful.

"Only you have ever called me Lily," she told him quietly, her voice a sultry soprano. The world was hushed. Bast's throat glucked greedily around his dick. And Troy simply gazed at his dark-eyed lover. Lily bit her lip - a surprisingly cute expression on such a seductive enchantress - and then, before his very eyes, transformed.

Lily - Lilith - remained her porcelain-skinned, melon-titted self, but her long black hair, which had always seemed to writhe of its own accord, actually did so, floating and twisting in the air. Her silken mane was limned by a faint light, distinguishing it from the gleaming ash-black feathers of six great wings.

Her nails lengthened, protruding an inch past her slender fingertips, and they, along with her plump mouth, stiffened nipples, puffy feminine cleft, and wetly glistening clit, darkened from their coral pink hue to a brilliant bloodred. That nubbin was pierced with a silver stud, which thrummed mystically for the Deville's eternal pleasure. Her nipples leaked milk, clamped and tugged by tassels from the black iron and gold-set ruby-encrusted collar that adorned her pale white neck. She shuddered slightly, but visibly, as the constant teasing of her body dangled her on the precipice of ecstasy.

Two ramlike horns spiraled their way out the sides of her head, and two small short horns sprouted from her temples. A long leathery tail grew from her ass, twisting and waving around, and a long pink tongue flicked from her mouth, slithering salaciously.

She spoke anew, and her voice neared an alto, pregnant with dark sensuality. "Would you still love me, Troy of the Mighty Cock?"

Troy looked into her eyes. They were dark pools still, wells of sensuality, liquid depths stirred by passion for him. Then one corner of his mouth quirked. He stood up, his long thick sausage pulling free of Bast's throat with a squelchy plop, gleaming with the lather of the white-furred catgirl's drool. Bast mewled, and Troy stepped forward, entering the whirlwind of petals to join Lily.

Despite the pride and awe of her form, her dark eyes were surprisingly vulnerable. He lifted her chin, and tenderly stroked her face. Her hand came up to cover his, and he kissed her, melding their lips and tongues and saliva, sharing the dark wet heat of their mouths. His arms wrapped around her, and she pulled him to the ground atop her.

His engorged fucktool sank into the enchanting demon queen's cleft, and her nether lips slurped him up eagerly. Their lips never parted, but they feasted on each other's mouths. Lily's nails raked lightly on his back as his muscled chest slicked sweatily along her generous, milky boobs. Her pierced clit vibrated along his cock as her pussy swallowed up his entire girth, and his throat hummed with pleasure.

Lily pulled the hand on his cheek down to her well-ripened tits, and he obligingly squeezed, kneading her succulent titflesh in his palm. Milk flowed from her pebbly nipples, bathing his hand. As he slid his log in and out of her luscious pussy, she wrapped her lithe legs around his waist, impelling him into her as she pulled his face into her neck.

His nostrils filled with the scent of a succubus in heat, and he suckled on his dark-eyed lover's throat, his moaning lips purring into her. "Ohhngh! Unngh! YES!" the Deville groaned lewdly. Her heels drummed on his back as he began pounding her, piledriving her cunny with fast, slurping thrusts. His obese ballsacks smacked salaciously into her each he time seated himself fully within her, and her lovetunnel clutched eagerly on his dick, reluctant to release even part of him, even for a thrust.

White lilies sprouted around them, within the circle, and the whirling blossoms became lily petals, as Lily's cervix caught Troy's cockcrown, locking his engorged knob into place in her womb. "NNNGGHNNNGHH!" she screamed in unholy rapture. Her spastic pussy clenched and milked his cockmeat in frantic orgasm, her juices spilling out onto the lilied grass. Sweet creamy milk spurted out of her swollen boobs with the force of her climax.

His grunt of lewd satisfaction caught in his throat, and his spunk-load burst free of his large, sweaty nuts, shooting up his trunk in pulsing bulges, and gushing into Lily's fertile, receptive womb. Lily's shrieks went up an octave as he filled her womanhood with his seed, and his, though no less loud, were muffled by her neck.

Her wings flapped and beat the ground beneath them, lifting them up in the throes of their shared cumming, and then there was no ground. They were falling...falling, surrounded by falling lilies.

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