tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 24

Passion Ch. 24


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Alexander awoke.

He was chained to a black stone slab, lying spread-eagled on his back, black iron links holding him fast. His member stood at attention, stiff and hard, and he became aware of the cool sensation of metal. Thirteen small round metal studs were fastened upon the underside of his cock, six on either side of his cumtube, running up in rows, where the last ball was affixed to that most-sensitive triangle of flesh.

A band of black leather, studded by silver metal, wrapped around the base of his cock, applying a slight pressure to his obese nuts. He had been collared, it seemed. His dick throbbed, aching to bury itself in something warm and wet. The cool sensations upon his manhood, and the teasing pressure the collar around his balls teased him ruthlessly.

Above him, the sky was fire. There were no clouds, no sun, no sky. Just pale red fire with flickers of pastel orange and blazing yellow. He twisted his head around a bit, seeing that he was apparently within a massive pit with the area of a queendom. It was widest at the top around the lip, and narrowed along nine steps to the bottom layer.

A soft feminine hand began stroking his cock, and he was so heated that he flung a gob of clear, sticky precum out into the air. He heard a salacious sucking slurp as a long succubal tongue snatched his precum out of the air and pulled it into a hungry demonelle mouth, swallowing it greedily.

"Alexander of the Mighty Cock," Lily - Lilith - smiled down at him. She remained in demonic form - her true form - her sensual beauty enticing another pulsing glob of precum, and a subsequent tongue-snatching slurp.

It was not Lily who was tasting him, however. Four more succubi crowded around the slab. "Greetings once more, O Man," the honey-haired, dusky-skinned demonelle from Siobhan's summoning smirked sultrily down at him. Her tongue darted out once more, licking her lips clean.

"You shall address your father as is proper," Lily said sharply.

The moon-haired chocolate-skinned succbus from the summoning spoke then, beholding his lust-trembling body with a desirous twist of her lips. "Mmmmm," she mewled. "Daddy..." A third glob, a third slurp. "Mmmm, that sounds so much more delicious than 'father'," she licked her lips. "So...sinful."

His wrists strained reflexively at the chains, aching to seize a slender waist and plunge within a delicious lover's succulent heat. Lily smiled again, half-smirking, half-fond, all sultry. "Welcome to my demesne, Alexander." She swept her arm about her. "I am the Devil Queen. These are the nine circles of the pit. These are your daughters."

A flash of uncertainty swept across her face for an instant, and then it was gone. Alexander knew not the manner in which these demonelles could be his offspring, but he smiled at Lily. "You are the enchantress of my heart," he said warmly, huskily. His tongue wetted his lower lip. Another flash of emotion, this time one of delight. Her shoulders seemed to shudder slightly, with relieved pleasure, and trickles of dew ran down her inner thighs.

"Never should I have doubted your passion," she murmured, and pressed her soft red lips to his. The touch was electric, and his cock bulged, jetting a hot rope of cum, greedily slurped by four long tongues. They savored each other's mouths, simply tasting, heat and moisture and desire, then Lily pulled back slightly. "If you would still love me, Alexander of the Mighty Cock, then it is your right to join me as prince consort of the pit."

In response, he lifted his head from the slab, mashing her lips to his once more. "Mmmmmh!" Lily moaned, long and low, her slender white throat humming with pleasure. Their demon goddess so elegantly distracted, his four demonic daughters took the opportunity to lick all around his sensitive cockflesh with their obscenely long, slurpingly salacious tongues. He groaned animalistically into Lily's hot wet mouth as the incestuous tongues twirled around the metal studs, teasing him mercilessly.

The studs vibrated every time his cock throbbed, only enhancing the euphoric sensations, much as Lily's mystic clit ring did. Tongues wrapped up and down his shaft, squeezing and milking eagerly. His cock knob was the only bare part of his meat, deepening from a dark red to a passionate purple. The tongue around his cockcrown pressed that thirteenth stud into the most sensitive spot of his manhood, vibrating madly as the wet drool bathed him, unhindered by the mystic studs.

His kisses were short sharp pants into Lily's lips, but she tangled her long tongue with his, sucking eagerly on his tongue even as his lips kept breaking apart. The goddess - for goddess she was, even if cast out and cursed by Goddess - floated into the air, great wings flapping lazily. Her lips remained locked to Alexander's as she hovered over the slab and lowered her body onto him.

As her ripe melon tits pressed needily into his chest, her bald, red-lipped pussy dripped hot dew upon his cockhead. A strangled grunt lodged in his throat, and he gobbed out a spurt of cum, splattering Lily's cunny as his daughters' tongues squeezed his shaft. She moaned, all obscene sensuality and sultry lust, and lowered her femininity to his cock knob.

Her nether lips spread wide as they slurped in Alexander's rod. Her clit ring thrummed erotically into his man-meat as his cockhead sank into her hot, tight silk. The groan caught in his throat and exploded out in a rush of hot air onto Lily's face, and he cummed hard, squirting thick ropes of seed into his enchantress.

She convulsed in ecstasy, as her knees buckled and she fell upon him, skewering herself on his fat pole. Her already tight cleft clenched even tighter as it sucked in his tongue-wrapped dick. He screamed with primal delight as both Lily's pussy and the four demonic tongues within her pussy clenched and squeezed on his pole in irregular spasms, lathering him in thick drool and hot juices.

Lily bucked and thrashed atop him, and the four succubi shivered in pleasure, lewd creamy lust spilling out of their cunts as they tasted the force of Alexander's Man-cum squirting madly into the demon queen's silken vise. Shuddering with the force of her orgasm, Lily buried her head into Alexander's shoulder, inhaling the musk and sweat of his curly mane, as Alexander's head lolled back, his mouth parted in a soundless scream of rapture.

His eyes were glazed over with lust as he spurted his liquid heat into Lily's pussy, but he became half-aware of more succubi surrounding them, one standing at the end of the slab behind his head. As his half-hooded eyes stared up past her generous mounds of coral-stemmed titflesh into her lustful, smirking face, she held a golden goblet to his lips. "Drink...Daddy," she winked at the last word, her long tongue flickering out salaciously.

As Alexander's last gobs of cum pulsed into Lily's womb, she had the presence of mind to murmur, "You must...fuck all of the daughters you...have sired upon me...to invoke the rites of prince consort..." She broke off, sobbing in joy as an aftershock of pleasure seemed to rip its way from her pussy to the top of her head.

He opened his panting mouth, and this new demonelle - a succubus daughter he had not yet met, along with hundreds of others - poured the concoction into his throat--

Sunshine warmed him and slowly dried the sweat on his flesh. Soft grass was his bed, and a brilliantly redheaded vixen who smelt of spice stirred in his arms. His nostrils flared as they inhaled a cinnamon scent--

He lay upon a warm sandy beach, wind whipping the scent of brine through the air as cool waves lapped up beneath his body. Three girls were draped on him, two on either side, one in each arm, the third on top, her head nestled into his chest. There was a low sweet purring, and he lifted up the third's one chin--

Lily's dark pools drank him in, and he was falling into all-consuming passion...

Summerwine. He recognized the flavor, and his cock bulged and swelled to even more impressive size within Lily's womanhood. He spurted a gigantic torrent of jizz, with such a force that Lily was literally pushed off and into the air. Her wings fluttered, bearing her aloft as Alexander splashed his hot seed onto her creamy-skinned body, slathering her in thick coatings of his cum.

His cock engorged further, and kept engorging. His balls, cock knob, and entire shaft turned a deep, throbbing purple. The metal studs along his cock tingled relentlessly, and the leather band collaring the base of his cock stretched, still teasingly clenched around him.

His hips strained upwards, the center of his body leaving the slab as he desperately, mindlessly sought to bury himself into a wet, willing womanhood. The dusky-skinned, honey-haired succubus obliged him, climbing astride him as he pumped his viscous spunk onto her with hot creamy force, and sinking down upon him.

Lust overtook him. He fucked and fucked and fucked again. He unloaded his neverending fountains of spunk into succubus after succubus, all somehow his daughters. In those brief moments between one sated succubus exhaustedly dismounting and another eager one taking her place, a huge thick geyser of cum jetted a dozen spans into the air, brightly lit by the silver runes traced in juice and sorcery upon his cock.

Cum and cream slathered his balls and thighs and hips, sliding thickly along the black stone slab, and pouring off onto the ground below. His arms ached against his bonds, eager to clutch warm flesh. He was mindlessly passionate, an ever-fountaining cum pump for the demonelles.

After a time that seemed timeless, his straining limbs burst free of his bonds. With a mighty roar of delirium, he seized the waist of a slender, pale-skinned succubus with fiery red hair, who was riding him, and jammed her fully upon his massive rod. She screamed an even higher note of ecstasy as he held her in place, spurting his spunk into her as she thrashed in helpless, obscene delight.

The pale, flame-haired girl's eyes flashed a bright red glow, and her scream was cut off by soundless gasps of pleasure as the potency of his seed wrought an oracle within her. In moaning a cant, her thoughts prophesied audibly to him.

Maidens four shall mark the tide
Crimson locks by Lilith's side
Blood, dusk, love from fire
Then return to worlds higher

And then it was over. His still-stiff cock pulsed lightly within the pale oracle's pussy, oozing cum into her as she collapsed onto his broad, muscular chest. Her tongue lolled out, drooling lightly onto him with aftershocks of overfilled pleasure. His limbs, though free, splayed about on the slab, exhausted.

Lily's face appeared over him. "Welcome to your demesne, consort," she smirked sultrily. A long lewd tongue slithered out of her lovely lips to flick the wet tip against his mouth. In response, he fed her his tongue, curling his slightly rougher, large masculine tongue up around hers, tangling and twisting in a heated, obscene display between their mouths.

It took him some moments to realize that his tongue was much, much longer than it had been. Indeed, many changes had been wrought upon his flesh. His mane of curls was a flaming red-orange, his eyes yellow slits, his flesh red as dusk. Large ram's horns, that put any demonelle's to shame, curled from the sides of his head.

And his cock! As large as it had been before, it was now of truly massive stature. As it plopped free of the pale succubus' creamy cunt, it stood tall and hard, thrusting up into the hazy air with a meaty shaft so thick around that a girl would be hard pressed to encircle it completely in two hands. Lewd cock veins bulged obscenely in a lewd tapestry up his manhood, thick around as a thumb. His cock knob had engorged to the size of an apple, his balls bloated to cantaloupes.

Lily moaned, her tongue vibrating along his even as he took in the changes, and his cock twitched violently, shooting a single, long rope of thick cum several spans into the air. Alexander swung his legs off the stone slab, sitting up to pull Lily into his lap. She wrapped her creamy-skinned form around his massive meat, knees crossing where her legs encircled his girth as she milked him. She rubbed her sopping wet pussy, thrumming clit stud and all, into his cum tube, and wrapped her arms around the flared cock crown.

Pressing her face into his dark indigo cock knob, she smeared herself with his rich cum and precum as she shimmied up and down on his magnificent manhood. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her cries came in breathy, gasping half-screams as her humming nubbin rubbed needily into his cockflesh.

Alexander groaned with a primal, guttural passion, and seized Lily's slender white waist, wrenching a yell of delight from her. He began to lift her up and down on his incredible shaft, as she offered her entire body to her consort's pleasure. His dick lurched, almost violently, tossing Lily this way and that as his cock studs, and her clit piercing, vibrated with agonizing pleasure.

He gushed thick cum immediately, drenching Lily's pale face in showers of his load. The force of it was such that even more blasted around her head - caking in her hair in the process - to spawn a fresh fountain of musky Man-cum. His roar of passion filled the pits of the exiled goddess as they drank of each other's lust, cumming and creaming and fucking with all the frenzy lust-demons could muster...

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